One More Time: Yes, President Trump Is Qualified To Be President, And The Electorate Decides Who Is FIT To Be President


Ann Althouse does a nice fisking job with a New York Times column by Gail Collins called “Let’s Fret the Night Together/The Biden campaign and the world it’s playing out in are making us all nervous wrecks.”

I saw it in my print Times, and wasn’t going to waste time with it: it’s another smug media bubble scream about how horrible the President is (just like they decided before he was sworn in) and how essential it is to elect a sexual harassing dementia case to replace him and restore honor to the office. Isn’t it amazing how so many people keep saying this as if it isn’t completely hypocritical and actually makes sense? That’s what hate and bias does to you.

A genuine friend on Facebook recently went on a rant about how “unfit”President Trump is. I’m also amazed that people keep saying this as if the fact that the people who didn’t vote for him think he’s unfit should matter at all. So vote against him in November then! The victory of a candidate you thought was “unfit” means you lost the argument, and you don’t get a chance to deal with that supposed lack of fitness until the next election. Democrats never accepted that, despite the fact that it is the way our system has always worked. They, like my friend, convinced themselves that they have a unique right, indeed a mission, to remove an elected President before an election, or, failing that, to make it impossible to govern, because their assessment of what constitutes fitness is the unquestionable right one.

Assholes. This is the beating, rotten heart of the totalitarian impulse that has divided the nation and now threatens our strength as a nation and liberty as a people.I am sick of hearing, reading about and watching it, but it is important to realize what it is. My friend is too marinated in a biased and emotional peer group to see the phenomenon for what it is.

Never mind Trump: an ideology and political party that believes it has to break a system because it doesn’t give them the power they crave are definitely unfit to hold that power. An unfit President is infinitely preferable. It will be a test of our system to make the right choice.

In the Collins piece, she says the President “isn’t qualified to be head of a local block association.” As an ethicist, I won’t argue against the proposition that President Trump is “unfit”—he doesn’t believe in ethics, and that alone renders him unfit for leadership in my assessment. (I did, after all, spend all of 2015 and 2016 making that case in dozens of posts.) However, President Trump is beyond question qualified to be President, because being President for nearly four years is the best qualification for the job anyone could have. It’s a unique job, and nothing prepares an individual for it sufficiently. Some Presidents have come to the job with as much relevant experience as one could possibly have,  and still proven completely inept, like James Buchanan and George H. W. Bush. Others have become President with no relevant experience whatsoever, and shown immediate skill, even brilliance, at doing the job. Abraham Lincoln is the epitome of this model.  The point is, however, that being President is the best qualification for the Presidency. (Trump also ran for the Presidency with more applicable executive and leadership experience than many past Presidential candidates, notably Barack Obama,) What Collins fatuously asserts is a tell, the biased complaint of someone who never has acknowledged that Donald Trump is a legitimate President.

That’s why I paid little attention to the column, though Althouse made some astute observations. She notes, for example, that Collins omits the riots and violence while listing what has her depressed, a convenient omission for a progressive. I especially welcome her slap at Collins’ complaining about the Electoral College: “an old topic and something that has absolutely zero to do with the list of things that “are making us all nervous wrecks.” It’s more of a retreat into a fantasy world. It’s like bellyaching that women have the vote. Or musing about the superiority of a “philosopher king.”

An this should leave a mark:

“Collins says she’d like Biden to challenge Trump to a push-up competition again. It would be “an excellent reminder that whenever the president tries to depict Biden as old and doddering, we’re talking about a physically fit 77-year-old whose age is being attacked by an out-of-shape 74-year-old.” Hey, Gail, the worry with Biden isn’t about physical strength. It’s about the brain….Body-shaming is out of touch with America. …Oh, and isn’t there something Hitler-y about this demand for physical fitness?”

We’ve all noticed, haven’t we, how the kind and sensitive progressives readily abandon their principles to attack the President, and feel justified in employing arguments that they would condemn if leveled against one of their own. How physically fit was FDR? Ike? JFK? Hillary?


26 thoughts on “One More Time: Yes, President Trump Is Qualified To Be President, And The Electorate Decides Who Is FIT To Be President

  1. We’ve all noticed, haven’t we, how the kind and sensitive progressives readily abandon their principles to attack people they believe to be not sufficiently progressive, and feel justified in employing arguments and epithets they would condemn if leveled against one of their own.

    You know, like, oh, say, “gargle a bushel of dicks” and “cocksucker.”

    • Wasn’t COPsuckers?

      But I take your point; career Lefties like valky (whom I’m surprised still eats with that mouth) have a low tolerance for those who don’t measure up to their self-anointed level of enlightenment.

      You know, a monumentally self-deluded “impatience of genius” kinda thingey…

      • Career lefties have a very low level of patience for those who they have given full enlightenment to who fail to “get it.” If you refuse to “get it” they declare you an enemy and move on, because they don’t have time to repeat themselves to the incorrigible. That said, career lefties have no corner on foul mouths, I’ve uttered my share of both foul and hateful language, my thought being once someone shows himself to be an enemy, all bets are off.

        • Yes, but Steve, lefties are supposed to be superior and go high when conservatives go low. Such conduct is clearly beneath them and only appears in deplorables. (Psst. It’s the monumental hypocrisy!)

        • Fair point, but I’ve only read two EA references to a “quantity” or “collective” of dicks, with an attendant recommendation for their…er…consumption, incuriously both times from the same commenter.

          Makes one wonder what the X-Chromosomal Unit equivalent might be.

  2. Jack said:
    A genuine friend on Facebook recently went on a rant about how “unfit”President Trump is. I’m also amazed that people keep saying this as if the fact that the people who didn’t vote for him think he’s unfit should matter at all. So vote against him in November then!

    Isn’t it interesting that nowhere in the US Constitution does it say anything about “fitness?” As far as our founding document is concerned, all that is required for “fitness” where the President is concerned is sufficient age and being born a US citizen. That’s it. The test is easy to pass, and that is by design.

    That’s because, just as you say, the American people who vote the President into office are the sole arbiters of his fitness to serve beyond the meager Constitutional requirements. After he’s there, there are other potential pitfalls that may undo their judgment, but failing the operation of one of those, the verdict of Americans is the final say on “fitness for office.” So your friend is not just mistaken, he’s either ignorant or mentally and/or emotionally compromised.

    In the Collins piece, she says the President “isn’t qualified to be head of a local block association.”

    As to what the qualifications for local block associations are, I can’t say. What I can say is that Trump meets every single qualification for President of the United States. They are right there in black and white.

    I am sorry that Collins can’t demand some other hoops for Trump to jump through that might filter him out, but alas, our Founders had more wisdom in their racially-insensitive little fingers than the Woke Collins and Stephens have put together, multiplied by ten. After all, 0+0*10 still equals zero, and judging by their comments, the best marks for wisdom they deserve is zero.

  3. It’s truly amazing how college educated white people of a certain age have grown to deem themselves the praetorian guard of the United States as they have determined it should be. They brook no opposition. The weird thing is, it’s not just federal government employees who think they run the government rather the politicians elected every two or four years by the general population. It’s all the pretty well off, somewhat educated white people who think they know better than their inferiors. They are the true elites. They are the ones who want “us” to have “a conversation” so they can enforce their view of reality upon all the unenlightened. They don’t want a two party system. They want Democratic Party hegemony because they are right and everyone else is wrong. I think this dates back to the ’60s when these people were young. And here I thought my generation had grown up. They’ve just gotten older. It’s embarrassing.

    • Yes, the Democrats haven’t changed much. They view themselves as an aristocracy that should rule the ‘lesser’ people in the country. They view themselves as more sophisticated than the Republican masses and their boorish candidate. The Democrats are complaining that the president is inexperienced, not a statesman, unfit for office, and has a speaking style that only appeals to the uneducated. They are stating that unless the country votes Democrat, there will be violence across the US and Democratic states will secede from the union. They complain that the president only won the electoral college, not the popular vote and that he is dividing the country. We need to vote Democrat for unity. Oh wait, that was Abraham Lincoln they were complaining about. Silly me. It is hard to keep them straight when the Democrats use the same old arguments and have the same old attitudes. They haven’t changed in much in the last 160 years.

  4. It says how weak your position is if, even when everything in the news is pointing your way, you still want and crave a guarantee that everything will turn out your way. It says it’s even weaker if you are willing to do all kinds of unfair things to get that guarantee.

    I am getting older myself now, and I wonder if I’ll make it that far, but I can’t help but think that down the line, when we have the distance of history, at least some academics will ask what happened here. I also think at least some of them will conclude that this was one of several times that the United States fell short of its principles, together with slavery and the Red Scare.

    The thing is, all the liberal academics will say we fell short by electing a populist fraud who couldn’t do anything right, who crashed the economy, split the races, and condemned hundreds of thousands of Americans to death by a mismanaged pandemic that he should have seen coming. The conservative academics will say we fell short by turning against an elected president before he was even sworn in, making it impossible for him to do the job, then condemning him for not doing the job that we wouldn’t let him do.

    Franklin Pierce was in the job at the wrong time. James Buchanan was simply not up to the task. Woodrow Wilson worked to the point of collapse. LBJ had more on his plate than most could handle. Nixon got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. George W. Bush overreached. Obama arguably hid the fact he wasn’t up to the job very well. Trump faced some major challenges, but didn’t handle them as well as he could have because he faced an opposition and a media that opposed him, undermined him, and attacked him at every turn. Even Truman, who left office hated, and Nixon, whose administration collapsed in disgrace, didn’t get this level of hatred, blame, and vitriol.

    • Steve, I don’t think Trump has done a bad job. No more Paris Environmental Shakedown. No more Iran enabling deal, fewer federal regulations handicapping business, low interest rates, healthy stock market, super low unemployment an high economic optimism, lots of residential and commercial construction, peace breaking out between Israel and its enemies, low oil prices benefiting the U.S. and punishing Russia and Iran, all this despite an over reaction to a disease that hastens the death of the seriously sick and elderly.

      I think you’ve bought into the “everything’s terrible” mantra of the left. Which is a standard issue trumped up (pardon the pun) justification for revolution, by the way.

      I think Trump has been miraculously successful by any metric and despite the unprecedented full court press he’s been subjected to by Jack’s UAC.


        • At this point, I think anyone who’s been paying attention (and I think there are lots of voters out there who have been) would say, “So what?” I really believe the Left and the media have overplayed their hand to an extent that they are largely ignored. For example, who cares what’s in Bob Woodward’s book? Basically no one.

        • Remember when the stock market was soaring at all time highs? What was the mantra? The top 1% of the country amass all the wealth and strap workers with low wages, unsafe working conditions, and exploitation.


      • I read in the news about Trump’s ‘flailing’ unorganized and pointless Middle East peace initiative has only gotten 2 Arab countries to normalize relations with Israel. Oh, and Serbia and Kosovo have normalized relations, too. Other than that…

        This is nothing compared to the fact that Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize.

        • Don’t criticize the Nobel Peace Prize. St. Barack deserved it. After all, he succeeded after experiencing such hardships as being born and living in Hawaii, then Indonesia. After that, he had to brave the racial onslaughts of Ivy League universities to get an education and a law degree. After that, he went to Chicago, only to be fundamentally changed when he witnessed – FIRST HAND! – the oppression on the south side of Chicago, which impelled him to pursue the dreams of his father and run for public office. After having lunch in Bill Ayers’ house, he met up with paragons of unity as Rev. Wright and Fr. Pfleger, who taught him the finer arts on door knocking and organizing to achieve such great things for Illinois. Those difficult experiences gave him singular focus to aspire to the of DC, first as a Senator and later as the President. So, yes, the Noble Peace Prize was earned through grit, determination, and sacrifice.


        • Yeah, under previous administrations Israel was rolling out peace deals with one Arab nation after another. Oh wait, that was like 40 years ago the last time it happened.

          Here’s another indicator — the deal with the U.A.E. happened a month or so ago and nothing has happened to them yet. No terrorist attacks or bombings, no earthquakes, plagues of locusts, nada. That could change, of course, but it is sure encouraging.

          I would not have thought that, in my lifetime, we’d see Israel be able to make peace with any Arab nations.

  5. The following is in the original piece and I have no words:
    > I almost didn’t graduate from college with my class at Marquette because my Ethics of Journalism teacher wanted to give me an incomplete.

  6. “Never mind Trump: an ideology and political party that believes it has to break a system because it doesn’t give them the power they crave are definitely unfit to hold that power. ”

    That reminded me of the passage in 1984 that I consider to be the dark heart of the novel:

    “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”

    ― George Orwell, 1984

      • I keep meaning to write a mini-thesis related to that historical repetition. Something about “the inherent incompatibility of democracy with the human condition.”

        Or maybe more directly to the point, “Natural authoritarianism, unnatural democracy.” How can people be so deluded as to expect their society to govern itself with sustainable democracy, when all the “feeding institutions” – the “feedlots” of the society’s leadership (beginning with the most basic “family unit”) – unavoidably nurture “alpha bull” authoritarians who ultimately, inevitably fail (or refuse) to “represent” or act on behalf of their constituents to those constituents’ benefit?

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