Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias! But Why Is Fox Almost The Only News Source Reporting This Story?

This seems such egregious negligence by the mainstream media that it’s almost defiant.

Records from the Justice Department show that at least several dozen phones belonging to members of Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation team were wiped of information. The reasons are supposedly forgotten passcodes,  screen damage, loss of the devices and other explanations, including intentional deletion. All of this occurred before the Justice Department inspector general’s office could review the devices and, obviously, the information they contained.

Hey, what’s newsworthy about that? When I first read about this  days ago, I assumed it would be a major scandal. The mainstream media didn’t even treat it as news. Leaving the reporting to Fox, the story is now pigeonholed as a right wing conspiracy theory. But it’s not a theory! Destroying evidence is a crime, and a lot of evidence related to the investigation was destroyed. Why? Shouldn’t all legitimate news sources be asking why?

Yesterday Republican Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga) demanded Apple CEO Tim Cook provide information on the iPhone’s feature that wipes phone data after a certain number of failed passcode entry attempts.  Collins wrote that he believed the “information will be helpful to many Members of Congress and the American public” who are concerned that members of Mueller’s team “may have intentionally wiped their government-issued iPhones, illegally destroying government records in the process.”

Ya think? Documents show that Mueller deputy Andrew Weissmann “accidentally wiped” his phone twice after entering the wrong passcode too many times in March 2018. Lawyer James Quarles’ phone “wiped itself” without his intervention. Sure. Attorney Greg Andres’ phone was also wiped due to a forgotten passcode; Mueller deputies Kyle Freeny and Rush Atkinson were also wiped <cough> accidentally<cough>  after they entered the wrong passcodes. It takes ten wrong entries to do this. The phone belonging to FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who exchanged questionable tweets about the President with paramour Peter Strzok, was restored to factory settings when the inspector general’s office received it. Other officials, so far unknown because their names were redacted in the documents, claim to have unintentionally restored their phone to its factory settings.

“It would be truly shocking if the attorneys chosen to investigate the President of the United States—arguably the Democrats’ ‘best and brightest’ lawyers—could manage to inadvertently wipe their government-issued iPhones because they spent hours entering an incorrect passcode to a phone they had used for over a year,” Senator Collins wrote.

That would be a trenchant point if a Democrat wrote it, or if it was in a Times op-ed piece by  truth-seekers like Charles Blow, David Leonhardt, or one of the other good, trustworthy, anti-Trump commentators.  Collins is a Republican, though, so responsible journalism dictates that he’s just mouthing a contrived partisan talking point.

We understand.


Source: Fox News

23 thoughts on “Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias! But Why Is Fox Almost The Only News Source Reporting This Story?

  1. There’s no D.C. swamp. There are simply earnest, dutiful government employees who’s only interest is in protecting themselves, er, the constitution and the American way of life from anyone who would dare to harm the country.

    A Trump deranged friend told me the other day that Sally Yates “is a wonderful mother.” This guy’s a retired environmental law partner at a major firm in a major city. These swamp people really do think they run the country.

    • My understanding is that the term *swamp* is not a new one to describe Washington and US government. The term seems to be used these days rather superficially but without a trenchant definition. What does the term actually mean and what does it refer to?

      That question determines how far one will go, or how far one can go, in defining *corruption*. But what determines one’s resolve in relation to that investigation? Since *the foxes* cannot be trusted to carry out an investigation of their fox-doings the implication is that to accurately see and describe this corruption a position of non-interest is required. This implies that one would have to be outside of the System, and non-complicit with it, to be able to *see it* accurately. This is a curious problem since, as it regularly comes up on these pages, the issue of Media Bias implies ‘collusion’.

      So then, the reporters and journalists, employed by major news corporation that are owned by other, even larger, corporations with direct *interest* in the present systemic functioning of the business culture with its *revolving door* between large business and government, can hardly be expected to shine a light into the corrupt scene. They will always focus on something minor, something somewhat controversial, but by their very commitments could hardly be expected to get to the *heart*.

      If this is so it point to the problem that only those outside of the System, with no demonstrable interests, could tell the truth. And this points back to what seems to be a *reality* and that is that the System itself must by its own commitments obscure what it does, or what it is doing.

      Now, off to the side and out there on the fringes in the *alternative media* and among researchers who do not have a formal interest in the various Structures, and yet do have an *interest* as it were to their audiences who support them, there always seems to be a far more detailed description of the profundity of corruption. As one example I would submit the entire Covid-19 Pandemic as one sort of node or unit within a perceived system of machinations which are, by their nature, both obscured and obscuring. What in essence is pointed to? In essence the collusion between vast economic interests and the government in directing all the affairs related to Covid-19 in such a way that it dove-tails with government and corporate interests. If you listen to the (alternative) reports these involve all the developing mechanisms of social control and monitoring. The very stuff that is spoken of — exposed as it were — about Communist China and the terrifying things *they* do, but then when the fuller story is told it is not *China* that is complicit here but rather governmental powers and the corresponding private corporations who have devised and are devising structures of control that are completely and absolutely unprecedented. They have no comparison.

      So, when we refer (superficially) to The Swamp aren’t we sort of pretending that we see something, and understand something, about government corruption? Yet when the *real issue* is examined — again from a certain distance — the actual picture is far more serious and far more dangerous.

      So therefore — here I submit my own specific opinion — we are shown images on our TVs (our TeleScreens if one wanted to inflect it a bit toward the Orwellian) which show lower-level social conflicts between enraged and irrational mobs. Is this not Spectacle? Is this not in certain senses a diversion from the *real* machinations going on behind the scenes, concurrently, but which is yet *obscured*? And if these spectacular scenes with which we are presented are *successful* in diverting us from actually *seeing* with any degree of accuracy, is the function of these Media Systems not evidenced to us?

      Therefore it seems to me that the first order of statement that we must make, which is both a radical perception yet in no sense a new one, is that we are being manipulated. Meaning, that we live and carry on within systems whose essential function is to manipulate and, to one degree or another, keep us mired in partial and incomplete perspectives.

      Yet, yet, as it happens it is people and groups that are outside of the collusion within these specific systems who turn their gaze and their research to the dynamics of power and control and try to shine a light on them. This involves *dissident seeing* and those who do this are non-friendly to the Systems and the complicit themselves, and for this reason are shunned, vilified and pushed to the side.

  2. 1. Is there any way to interpret this except as a conspiracy by Mueller’s people to cover up . . . something? But what? What could they have been doing that they are so eager to hide? Or are they just taking the position that nothing a special prosecutor does should be subject to outside audit?

    2. I can’t imagine that so many people would have wiped their phones if they thought they would someday be prosecuted for obstruction of justice or something similar. Why are they so sure they’re safe? Are they just sure that Trump or going to lose the election?

    • Well, they’re lawyers. Is it easy to get away with something like this as long as no one can prove it DIDN’T happen the way they said? Is something highly improbable (like the dog eating a kids’ homework) a good enough defense in court if no one can prove the dog didn’t eat it?

  3. I will not accept the excuse it was accidental. The issue of wiping data off Apple phones was front and cent5er some years when the FBI tried to get Apple to assist them in accessing the San Bernadino terrorist shooter’s phones.

    I fail to understand why obstruction of justice is a rationale to remove a Republican president through impeachment but when it happens in the process of attempting to remove the president obstruction is just peachy. So, this proves we have a two tiered justice system one for democrats and one everyone that disagrees with them.

    • Seems like ages ago, but I recall that the Obama-era IRS was unable to provide information about the targeting scandal due to seven different hard drives inexplicably crashing. That wacky government tech. And here I am still using a perfectly good iPhone 5.

  4. Once upon a time Melania Trump was excoriated by left wing media for wearing Timberland Boots. What a fashion dunce.

    Today, the media is in awe over Kamala Harris showing she’s in charge and ready to work by…wearing Timberland Boots.

    • They also busted shoes, no pun intended about her wearing sneakers when accompnaying the president to the areas affected by the hurricane in 2017.

      It’s a middle school value, that something that is cool when it is done by something one you like, is unforgivable when it is done by someone you don’t like.

      Other values:

      Your value is determined by your size, strength, and skill at sports (if male) or your appearance (if female).

      Any skill that does not fall within those areas is worthless and a target for abuse.

      If you have your eye on a girl, she belongs to you, as long as you can keep others away by force.

      A snarky answer is always better than a straight one.

      Sarcasm is better than serious discussion, and a snappy comeback is worth more than facts.

      If someone is different, then it is all right, even required, to make fun of him.

      If you don’t like someone, you don’t avoid him or stay away from him, you pursue him and make his life as miserable as you can.

      People’s buttons are there to be pushed. If someone lets you know he doesn’t like something, that’s your cue to work him on that as hard and as often as you can.

      It’s perfectly all right to play mean pranks on someone you don’t like, and there’s no limit to how far they can go.

      If someone you don’t like has an embarrassing or hurtful secret and you should find it out, it’s perfectly all right to spread it all over the place, so everyone knows it.

      Any argument can be taken to the level of a fistfight, even stupid stuff like whether the Islanders or the Rangers are the better hockey team, if someone says the wrong thing or says it the wrong way.

      If someone disrespects you, you are within your rights to assault him and attempt to injure or kill him. This is usually signaled by a shove to the chest.

      The preferred method of fighting is usually punches directed to the facial area. Dirty tactics such as a strike to the groin or the eyes are frowned on, and cause to inflict permanent or painful injury.

      If someone loses a fight, make certain everyone else knows it.

      No one is allowed to involve an adult in a dispute. If you do, then that is grounds for a severe beating.

      Every gym class is an opportunity to give somebody you don’t like a wedgie, and you shouldn’t pass up a perfectly good opportunity.

    • Nothing new, MW.

      To wit:

      (bolds/caps mine throughout): Philadelphia Inquirer fashion writer Elizabeth Wellington’s observance of Melania Trump’s 2016 Republican Convention white outfit:

      “(Mrs. Trump’s dress was a) scary statement (conveying the subliminal message) that in the GOP, white is always right. (Mrs. Trump’s) all-white ensemble displayed the kind of foreignness that is accepted by her husband’s political party.”

      Funniest thing; fast forward a mere two weeks; Wellington on HRC’s choice of white outfit for accepting the Democratic nomination.

      “(W)hite is a hue that’s both soft and strong […] Clinton’s white pantsuit is telling us she has arrived. THIS IS SURREAL. THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE.”

      Begging the question; how freakin’ stupid do these pundits think their Lefty audiences are?

  5. Wipe it? You mean like with a cloth? 😀 It isn’t negligence, Jack, it’s deliberate burying of news that would be unfavorable to their chosen side. The media never lets something unfavorable see the light of day, nor do they let a chance pass to take a dig at the side they don’t favor, like when Paul O’Neill died taking the announcement as an opportunity to announce that his predictions had been shown to be right, what could that Texas-twanging, immoral idiot have been thinking?

    • “Unfavorable?” Really?

      I doubt we’ll see anyone on the Left upset about this even if MSNBC and CNN pick it up and run with it. They aren’t trying to hide it so much as they realize it won’t add one iota to their bottom line, or to their narrative. It wouldn’t shock me if Nancy Pelosi or someone on the Left cheered the deletion of data as a rational defense of the “sausage making” in an investigation that should’ve found Trump guilty of treason.

      If anyone still gives a hoot about the unethical sham of the Mueller investigation (one that everyone with a functioning brain knew was a sham TWO YEARS ago at minimum), I have to wonder how high their outrage meter goes. Mine pegged out months ago. There is no “up” from infinity. I now believe that Donald Trump was right about the whole thing all along, even at his most outrageous.

      Speaking for myself, if they discovered a hidden cache of documents that proved Mueller was out to get Trump from day one and knew all along this was nothing more than a Leftist wet dream, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised or outraged. We all know it was a sham. The level of “sham,” at this point, is pretty irrelevant to me. I assume the very worst.

      So this new revelation had zero impact on me. I noted it as a fact, but it’s like finding the charred remains of yet another treasured item in the smoking ruins of your burned-down home — after a while, it’s just another piece of charcoal. Frankly, if I were MSNBC, CBS, CNN et. al., I probably wouldn’t cover it either. Once you’re all-in for one side, you might as well stick to your guns and ignore anything problematic for your objective, or uninteresting to your audience. And this news is so 2019.

      After all, it’s not as if they actually report the news, or anything. They just package up a bunch of items into a narrative they want, wrap it in a pretty blonde or brunette bow, and spoon-feed it to their audience, who can’t wait to watch their ads and gobble it up.

        • My point exactly.

          From the viewpoint of MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC etcetera, as well as their audience, Trump is guilty of whatever crime Mueller could’ve concocted if he’d found the pink unicorn of “collusion with Russia” instead of finding that it was, in fact, a Leftist conspiracy theory. The fact that it took three years and $30 million to investigate what they knew was false at least 18 months into the investigation is exactly why I can’t get any more outraged about it, at least in a measurable way.

          The Left is engaging in an exercise of religious faith, and the media outlets know it. Hence, reporting it will have no measurable benefit to them — the right and center won’t suddenly consider them trustworthy, and some of their core audience will abandon them for not supporting their closely-held beliefs.

    • ALETHEIA was the personified spirit (daimona) of truth and sincerity. Her opposite number were Dolos (Trickery), Apate (Deception) and the Pseudologoi (Lies).

      . . . It isn’t negligence, Jack, it’s deliberate burying of news that would be unfavorable to their chosen side. The media never lets something unfavorable see the light of day . . .

      If this is true — and it would be hard to refute it — I suggest that it points to something far more serious. What is that? Before one can define that one would have to define what Media Systems in fact do. They shine a light on something. They channel focus. But they also structure and then determine perception. You can only perceive in relation to *what is presented* and *what is seen*. There is such a thing as *reading between the lines* but then that implies a particular sort of observer and one who has access to information or perspective that pre-informs her or his perception.

      So I would ask the larger question: If smallish things are obscured, and if we accept that this goes on, the implication is that any sort or class of larger things are also being obscured.

      I keep returning to Heidegger’s essay on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Because those who observe the projected images on the walls of that cavern genuinely believe that they are in a perceptual state of *unhiddenness* (aletheia in Greek, normally translated as ‘truth’, actually is composed of two words ‘a’ (no or not) and ‘lethaia’ hidden).

      [Aletheia is variously translated as “unclosedness”, “unconcealedness”, “disclosure” or “truth”. The literal meaning of the word ἀ–λήθεια is “the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident.” It also means factuality or reality.]

      They do not believe that the *world* they see is a false and projected world. Quite the opposite. The entire meaning is that they really do believe it to be *real*. In The Republic, of course, the essential concerns are fundamentally political. But they very much indeed extend far beyond the mere poltical into all important issues. Therefore, these questions and problems are not irrelevant to our own consideration of political and social realities.

      Steve Witherspoon has often spoken about the *dumbing down of America* and this must be spoken of here. Because what Plato is talking about in relation the the Allegory of the Cave is the paideia (The education provided to a child and to a citizen) that is needed In order to act responsibly as a citizen. It stands to reason that in an adverse political environment that ‘truth’ will be suppressed. This is definitely true in tyrannies. Not only does *dumbing down* involve subjecting citizens to inferior quality of material (perspective, understanding, view) it refers as well to the corruption and undermining of an individuals capacity to understand the situation she or he is in. The actual *human instrument* is affected.

      So let us connect this now to the really, REALLY important things. What are they? And what is *it*? Well, the actual state of the human soul would be the most important. The systems that close in around us, then, represent the force that binds us and does not free us. The Game that is being played then is ultimately one played for the soul of man.

      That has to be the primary starting point really. I mean, when we are examining the implication of systems that function like *projectors* that project false-images into our minds and control what and how we see.

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