Noonish Ethics Quickies, 9/23/2020: Still More Weird Tales Of The Trump Deranged!

1. Senator Murkowski has the integrity of a shack made of cream cheese. She thought she could get cheap virtue signaling points by announcing that she would refuse to vote to confirm President Trump’s nomination to fill the SCOTUS vacancy, but now that it looks like her stand will be futile, she says she might vote to confirm after all. Throughout her nepotism-built career, Murkowski has repeatedly demonstrated that if you don’t like what she advocates, wait a minute. She’s untrustworthy, and the fact that Alaskans keep re-electing someone like her strongly suggests that they just don’t give a damn.

2.  A good friend just wrote on Facebook that 200,000 Americans would still be alive if Donald Trump wasn’t President. He really wrote this, and there was no joke attached. He cannot possibly believe that. What was he doing? Sucking up to his many Trump Deranged friends? Having a stroke? I was temped to respond, but decided to let it go. The post was embarrassing: even the average Trump Deranged citizen who now has the IQ of a winter squash could tell THAT claim is nonsense.

The social media narrative, echoed by the news media and Democrats, that somehow the deaths from the pandemic in the U.S. would be fewer, or far fewer, if only President Trump had “followed the science” and done something different that no one can quite identify, is , in my assessment, signature significance for either a fool or a liar. Every other day I mark a shift in the “scientific” consensus or some new theory, because the health community still doesn’t understand what it is dealing with.  The New York Times, simultaneously with pushing the “blood on his hands” Big Lie (that’s #9, if you’ve lost count), regularly includes items that contradict the narrative. On August 24, for example, it noted in a column in the Business Section–nicely buried!— that the CDC didn’t advocate wearing masks until April, after saying in January that wearing masks wasn’t necessary.

If Americans allow this ongoing and self-evident lie to influence their vote in November, they are as incompetent as the idiots, if there were any, who voted against Hillary Clinton because they believed that she was operating a child sex trafficking operation out of a D.C. pizza joint.

3. Speaking of people who should just shut the hell up, we have gay activist and young -woman- who- knows- no- more- about- government- culture-and- politics -than- the-  -average- person- you- could- hit -with- a- rock- if- you -threw- it- into- a- crowd Brynn Tannehill. She’s  also Trump Deranged, irresponsible, wildly biased, and yet a commenter here with a respectable intellect sent me her ravings on Twitter as if they were worth worth my, or anyone’s, time.  Well, they are worth my time to repeat than so I can say she’s full of crap. She tweeted,

Trump is absolutely going to dispute the election, he’s going to play dirty in ways we can’t even imagine to stay in power. This is absolutely inevitable. The Senate will back him. And maybe the Supreme Court.  At around 11 pm November 3rd, networks are going to begin calling it for Biden, or it’s going to become obvious that of the ballots remaining to be counted, Biden will win (blue shift). Trump will declare victory, and do everything to prevent the remaining ballots from being counted, including and up to having federal agents seize and destroy them before courts can intervene. What can SCOTUS do to force them to be counted if they’re already gone?  Regardless, there’s going to be protests, and Trump is already angling for martial law. It’s going to make the summer look tame. People are going to be angry. Regardless, SCOTUS is going to pick a winner. Given what Romney just did, it just made it a lot more likely that it’s Trump, even though it will be obvious to most observers that it was actually Biden if all the votes were counted. It’s probably not even gong to be close: I’m looking at Biden +7 today, and based on the 2018 election results, I think it’s at least that if not more. It won’t matter, however. Trump and his cronies will find a way. Remember, none of them can be prosecuted for federal crimes

This is in the same category as someone screaming that a zombie apocalypse is imminent, yet poor, gullible souls are confused and misled by this stuff. The woman knows nothing, less than nothing, about the nation, our laws, elections, politics and Presidents. (Her use of a midterm election to assess a Presidential election is just the most obvious marker of her ignorance.) Spewing poison like this is an abuse of free speech, and contemptible is too mild a word for it, even if she believes it, which she might. I do know about those topics, and yet I would never make a sweeping prediction like that, saying that something so extreme would ‘absolutely” happen; nobody intelligent would. That’s self-rebutting rhetoric.

4. And then there’s poor Larry Tribe…Professor Tribe, once himself a legitimate candidate for being nominated to the Supreme Court,  has been proclaiming his age and Trump Derangement reduction in IQ for quite a while now. Nicely combing the last two items, the once-respected Harvard icon tweeted on the anniversary of 9/11:

“Tomorrow — 9/11/20 — is the 19th anniversary of the worst day in memory, a day on which 3,000 innocent Americans died needlessly.But Donald J. Trump is directly responsible for at least FORTY TIMES that many avoidable deaths from Covid-19. “Donald J. Trump is directly responsible for at least FORTY TIMES that many avoidable deaths from Covid-19. It’s the biggest crime of our lives.”

Ignoring for the nonce the fact that a lawyer and law professor should not misuse the word “crime” that way—even if he was right, it wouldn’t be a crime—the contention is ridiculous. 120,000 of the Wuhan virus deaths would have not occurred had the President magically discerned the correct way to deal with the pandemic? Tribe later said he was basing his statement on “studies,” but if one is incapable of realizing that a study coming to such a silly conclusion isn’t worth reading, one really should keep one’s uninformed, hysterical opinions to oneself. Of course, among this years other embarrassing tweets that have wounded Tribes’ once impeccable reputation, he called the American strike ordered by Trump against Iranian General Qassem Soleimani a “murder,” and compared Trump’s July 4 Salute to America celebration to Tiananmen Square.

But I’m sure Brynn Tannehill hangs on his every word.

32 thoughts on “Noonish Ethics Quickies, 9/23/2020: Still More Weird Tales Of The Trump Deranged!

  1. #3: Gotta love her claim of things she “can’t even imagine” being followed by the bizarre ungrounded fantasy of the rest of her tweet.

  2. The 200,000 figure comes directly from Biden. He was quoted as saying there would have been no covid-19 deaths if Trump had just done his job. He then said he was not making this up and to look at the data.

  3. Brynn Tennehill wrote:

    I’m looking at Biden +7 today, and based on the 2018 election results, I think it’s at least that if not more. It won’t matter, however. Trump and his cronies will find a way. Remember, none of them can be prosecuted for federal crimes

    Oh… Oh! I have a question, Brynn .

    Did nothing politically significant happen between 2018 and today? I can’t remember, but it seems like maybe a couple of things that could affect elections happened somewhere in there. I know I’m old and my memory isn’t what it used to be, so help me out… Anything happen since 2018 I should know about?

    Lawrence Tribe averred:

    “Donald J. Trump is directly responsible for at least FORTY TIMES that many avoidable deaths from Covid-19. It’s the biggest crime of our lives.”

    Okay, given that Trump did things like shut down international traffic between the epicenter of the virus (China) and the USA before anyone else wanted to do that, and since the state governors largely took direct control of management of the virus in their states as provided for by our Constitution, I’m just wondering how all that blame falls on the President.

    Maybe I’m being pedantic, but there’s an awful lot more than just wiggle room between “the buck stops here” and “directly responsible.” Also, when did declarative statements of the demonstrably false replace reasoned arguments? Somehow, I always expected more of lawyers, who are supposedly trained to practice “…reason free from passion.”

    Also, I learned from watching Legally Blonde that crimes require, you know, mens rea and other Latin-speak stuff. And relevant evidence, too! “Studies” just doesn’t seem like evidence to me.

    Didn’t they teach you anything in law school, or have you just joined Joe Biden in the ranks of the age-afflicted?

  4. (3) Based on the last Presidential election, Trump is up by about 4% over Biden (he was down ~12% to Hillary Clinton in October 2016 and still won). So, what happens if the results come in on Nov 3 and Trump wins a landslide? With the ‘Popular Vote Compact’ States then giving him their electors, he will be unanimously elected by the electoral college. However, the media begins to claim that the mail-in ballots counted after election day show that Biden actually won. The media unanimously claims Biden won. Trump and the government claim that Trump won. Biden sues and the Supreme Court rules that there is no evidence of these ‘missing ballots’ that the press and Biden are talking about. However, it is a partisan vote in the court, so the press and Biden claim that it is fraud and the election is stolen. Every day, the press touts that ‘Biden is President’. ‘Whistleblowers’ from Democratic state governments claim that the vote totals were changed by the Trump administration. ‘Anonymous sources’ from within the executive branch are reported to claim that Trump changed the vote totals. Democratic governors and mayors urge their citizens to ‘protest’. What happens then? With the press and the courts so politicized, there is no one left anyone can trust. This was exactly what certain foreign forces have been trying to do for some time.

    No, I don’t think that is going to happen. However, the thought that the press could just lie about an election result is not out of the realm of possibility. We have allowed to press to judge the outcome of our elections for so long, what would happen if they call it wrong and refuse to correct themselves? How many people actually pay attention to when the electoral college actually votes? Who can we trust for actual information about election results?

    OK, who trusts these polls? Trump is bringing in tens of thousands to his rallies. I saw it reported that Biden had 0 people at his Warren rally (he probably had a few?) and less than 12 at his Florida ‘Despacito Special’ rally in Miami. How can he be ahead by 8 points with no supporters? It does seem that the polls are using college alumni data, so are these really the U Cal Berkeley and OSU alumni polls?

  5. Three million people die in this country every year. A lot of those, easily the majority are people who were waiting at the station as opposed to people who got hit by the bus out of the blue. So how many of the supposed 200,000 are additional deaths, outside the 3,000,000 baked into the cake?

  6. I think I heard Steven Crowder point out on his podcast: original estimates put the death toll at 2 million people, so you could argue that the President’s decisions are responsible for saving 90% of those potential victims. Tounge firmly in cheek, but it’s at least as valid a point as “200,000 would still be alive if not Trump.”

  7. Asked by a reporter whether he would “commit here today for a peaceful transfer of all power after the election,” noting the violence that has arisen in some cities, Mr. Trump demurred. “We’re going to have to see what happens,” he said. “You know that I’ve been complaining very strongly about the ballots, and the ballots are a disaster.”

    “We want to get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There will be a continuation,” he added. “The ballots are out of control. ”


    • Disclaimer : Brynn Tannehill has been a personal friend of mine for some 15 years. For me to omit this fact would be unethical.

      While she does tend to take a pessimistic view, she’s been more often right than wrong over the last 5 years. She called the 2016 election result correctly, Trump’s loss of popular vote but win of the electoral college, the ban on Trans people in the military , and many other calls.

      Given Trump’s recent words regarding no transfer of power when ballots are “gotten rid of”, and the full Court press (pun intended) of legal challenges in various jurisdictions challenging the process even before the election, challenges that will run out the clock before deadlines for certification, I’d say she’s called it.

      Neither side gets 50% of the electoral college votes – as only 70% can be certified in time – the House elects the President, with each state having the same vote. While the GOP is in a minority of the House, they control more states.

      Game, set and match, regardless of the number of votes cast in the election.

      • I forgot about the fact that each state gets one vote. The fact that there are 53 representatives from California matters not, they get one vote and so does Wyoming.

        • And it’s not going to happen, and thus, like eliminating the Electoral College, is foolish to discuss. The last time it happened was 196 years ago, with multiple candidates. The only other time, in 1800, was weird fluke that cannot happen again.

          I have never heard so much nonsense argued about in advance of an election.

          • Argument by incredulity.

            Please tell me why it can’t happen, bearing in mind so many traditions and conventions have been discarded recently, so don’t rely on those.

            February 2016 was a wake up call.

            • No, this is simply a reflection of one of the gifts I received from my father: it is not worth wasting precious time worrying about things that probably won’t happen. One of the strategies being used by progressives, the resistance and the news media—but also the right in some issues—is to ratchet up anxiety within the public over things that could conceivably happen but almost certainly won’t.

              Dad, who got through a war with his sanity by simply accepting that stuff happens, and you cope with it when it does, believed in understanding what was likely, knowing what one could do about the bad things that one could do anything about, and leaving the rest for the proper time. He lived the Serenity Prayer, but I doubt he ever read it.

      • Fantasy, and one saying they are certain of fantasy is dishonest (or insane.). The push for mail ballots, exactly as Barr explained to Wolf Blitzer, is a deliberate appeal to voter fraud, just as the efforts to prevent voter ID. Mail balloting is what will delay the result; mail balloting is what will make anything but a landslide dubious. For anyone to accuse Trump of seeking what the Democratic scheme openly courts takes astounding blindness. In Virginia, I was mailed mail-in ballots. I could sell them or give them to a neighbor. The other aspect of the scheme is to get people to vote before they learn that Biden is a vegetable. This is an end-around democracy, and the President is 100% correct to flag it. “Cassandra’s” vision is nonsense.

          • Thank you.
            For expecting no less.
            I’m imperfect (obviously). I rely upon ethical people like yourself to keep me honest.
            Please keep me to a high standard, and (gently) chide me when I don’t meet it – because I’m human, so will slip up sometimes. Dammit.

    • That’s just dishonest framing. The question was “win, lose, or draw, will you commit…”. Why should President Trump commit to a peaceful transfer of power in 2 of those 3 scenarios?

      • This is a question NO President has ever been asked…and no Trump isn’t the 1st President this *had* to be asked of.

        This question was asked in such a wormy way so people just like Zoebrain could take ANY answer the President gave and run with it to add to the conspiracy theory they’ve turned into Live Action Role Play.

        These people are either narcissists who desperately want to live out a resistance fantasy in a nation that won’t ever threaten them materially or physically, so they can end their lives saying they did something that mattered.

        OR WORSE

        These people are nefarious and know precisely what they are doing will foment exactly the kind of disorder or distrust that will make the masses worship whatever “Savior” comes in the name of Democratsy, never mind if that savior is actually the Totalitarian they are currently pretending to resist.

  8. 2–“I was temped to respond, but decided to let it go.”

    Hyman Roth (Lee Strasberg in Godfather II): So when (Alex Rocco’s Moe Greene) turned up dead, I LET IT GO. And I said to myself, this is the business we’ve chosen; I didn’t ask who gave the order, BECAUSE IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH BUSINESS! (caps/italics mine)

    Did you let it go because it had nothing to do with business, or because acknowledging such monumental imbecility would leave you feeling unclean…?

  9. I think the most phenomenal take away from these nearly 4 years of Trump’s Presidency is how utterly controlled by disgust the progressives are that when a supposedly silver bullet comes out that will “bring Trump down” for all manner of Crimes and Misdemeanors, all the evidence turns out to be completely lacking and the initial accusation ends up being a fabrication the Progressives still fervently and eagerly pick up the banner of the next round of silver bullets.

    What have we been through now? About a dozen “bombshells”?

    And after they turn out to be huge “nothingburgers” (to borrow a phrase), instead of re-evaluating their own preconceived notions and value sets, they pounce into immediately believing with ZERO circumspection and no introspection the next accusation?


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