The Week That Turned Mainstream Media And Social Media Partisan Bias From An Accusation Into A Jumbo

Elephant Smothsonian

In retrospect, one has to wonder why they felt it was necessary.

In a single week, a few days really, journalists, the mainstream media and a key Democratic leader all demonstrated with virtual fireworks, neon signs and giant billboards what the President, Republicans, and principled observers (and Ethics Alarms) have been insisting all along. The news media and social media, among others, are attempting to manipulate the Presidential election to defeat the President, just as they have been collectively attempting to facilitate removing him from office or making it impossible for him to do his job for four years. If the polls and the repeated assertions of pundits and reporters have been correct, Joe Biden already has the election wrapped up. Why not play it straight from here to November 3? Why risk waking complacent Americans who might object to having an election, in the president’s clumsy phasing, not only “rigged,” but openly, arrogantly, shamelessly and smugly rigged?

Well, never mind. I suppose they can’t help it now; it’s a habit, and an addiction. But denials of the conspiracy to mislead Americans and corrupt our political processes have now unquestionably reached the Jumbo stage, and Ethics Alarms is making it official. Like Jimmy Durante (in the musical “Jumbo”) trying to steal the world’s largest elephant, getting caught with the beast on the end of a rope, and responding to the question, “Where are you going with that elephant?” with the immortal reply, “Elephant? What elephant?”, the defenders of the attempted theft of democracy look like the villains or fools that they are.

“Bias? What bias?”


Here is what we have witnessed this week, in no particular order because the significance is cumulative:

  • After a Democratic Senator reprimanded President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy for using “sexual preference,” a phrase previously used by Joe Biden, the sainted Justice Ginsburg and at least two Democrats on the Senate judiciary committee, the party’s allies actually changed the dictionary definition of the phrase to retroactivly label it “offensive,” the online equivalent of tampering with evidence. This Orwellian move escaped mention by the mainstream media whose agenda it bolstered.
  • The week began with Speaker Nancy Pelosi being so shocked when the usually somnolent Wolf Blitzer asked a mildly critical question regarding Democratic gamesmanship in the negotiations over additional pandemic relief that she snapped, “I don’t know why you’re always an apologist — and many of your colleagues [are] apologists for the Republican position.” That’s right: CNN is a habitual apologist for the Republicans. This is the complaint of a spoiled child so used to getting her way that she views the momentary absence of bias as an offense. The translation of Pelosi’s indignation is: “Hey! You’re supposed to be on our side!”
  • When the New York Post published a “bombshell” report of discovered emails that indicated that Joe Biden’s denials of any knowledge or involvement with his son Hunter’s well-compensated influence peddling in the Ukraine, both Facebook and Twitter attempted to suppress it by suspending the accounts of anyone who attempted to share it. Twitter blocked the Post, one of its editors, the White House press secretary, the House Judiciary Committee, the Trump campaign and others. Both platforms cited standards for “unsubstantiated” reports that they had ignored when such reports implicated the President.
  • The Washington Post “factchecker” cited as justification for his paper ignoring the New York Post’s scoop the printed policies that WaPo had violated in its reporting of the Mueller investigation and the Kavanaugh hearings, to cite two of many examples.
  • The C-Span host, Steve Scully, selected by the Presidential Debate Commission to moderate the second scheduled debate, and already criticized as an unobjective choice because of his background as a former Biden intern, was caught contacting Trump critic Anthony Scaramucci. Not only did he initially deny this, claiming that the tweet in question was the result of a hack, both C-Span and the debate commission vouched for his denial. Scully was suspended by C-Span.
  • In the 90 minute ABC “town hall” featuring Joe Biden, moderator George Stephanopoulos did not ask the candidate about the issue that was at that moment dominating the news: the New York Post story. Meanwhile, the Democratic operative-turned anchor lobbed friendly, soft-ball questions at the doddering Biden, who was also gifted with copious commercial breaks, particularly in the last 30 minutes when he was obviously laboring.
  • In stark contrast (even noted by the New York Times), President Trump was subjected to an outright hostile moderator in Today’s Savannah Guthrie during NBC’s “town hall.” If that’s going to be the norm, so be it, but both candidates should be treated equally. At one point, criticizing the President’s controversial tweeting style, Guthrie said, “You’re the President! You’re not someone’s crazy uncle who can retweet whatever!” The Times termed this kind of treatment by Guthrie ‘respectful but relentless.” In fact, no President of the United States has ever been treated with such open disrespect by an interviewer.

I assume that the past week tells us that both the gloves and masks are off. Just as the Times at this state in 2016 announced that it would no longer even pretend to be unbiased, and was going to cover the campaign to ensure a Clinton victory, the protestations that the news media and social media aren’t doing all they can to carry the Democrats to victory, always unconvincing, are now transparently ridiculous.

A democracy cannot survive with the media actively engaged in steering public opinion and elections to support journalists’ own policy preferences and political agendas. The only way to stop this abuse of power is for American to expressly reject it, and to vote against the media as well as the candidates and party it unethically supports.


Sources: New York Post, Fox News 1, 2: New York Times 1, 2

53 thoughts on “The Week That Turned Mainstream Media And Social Media Partisan Bias From An Accusation Into A Jumbo

  1. I heard a pundit this morning saying that observing the AUC in action was like “watching the world’s worst magic act,” where we can see all their tricks, their hidden props and failed illusions, but their crowd still claps and cheers as though it were wonderful.

  2. What’s happened to our society over the last four years as a result of the overwhelming anti-Trump media bias, the deranged anti-Trump resistance and the surge of biased/bigoted social justice warriors is terrible. Their actions are all interconnected and their core value system has been corrupted by indoctrination and propaganda. These cultish people are so completely absorbed in their hive mind bubble that they can’t see how socially destructive their actions are.

    President Trump has fought through an unrelenting onslaught of unprecedented attacks on him and his administration from an overwhelming anti-Trump media bias, the deranged anti-Trump resistance and a surge of biased/bigoted social justice warriors trying to destroy the building blocks of our society.

    The root cause of the chaotic things we’re seeing in the United States were NOT created by Donald Trump.

    President Trump didn’t create the left’s hate.

    President Trump didn’t create the left’s bigotry.

    President Trump didn’t create the left’s irrational aversion to truth and facts.

    President Trump didn’t create the left’s anti-American and anti-Constitution ideological leanings.

    President Trump didn’t create the left’s leaning towards totalitarianism.

    President Trump didn’t create the left’s bastardization of words and symbols.

    President Trump didn’t create the left’s anti-history stance.

    President Trump didn’t create the left’s anti-social behaviors.

    President Trump didn’t create the left’s anti-respect, anti-logic, anti-critical thinking, and anti-civility.

    President Trump didn’t create the left’s Pravda like propaganda media machine.

    President Trump didn’t create the left’s “deep state”.

    President Trump didn’t create these things, but his presence in the White House has inspired the left, especially the extreme progressives, to peel back their false facade and reveal their true selves to the world.

    If the last four years is a foretaste of the things to come, God help us.

    We’ve truly reached the crossroads.

    • All this punishment because, two words: “Hillary lost.” I think the Left’s motto for what’s been going on would be “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” It’s apt because they really do think they are the equivalent of the master of an 18th Century Royal Navy frigate.

  3. You make good points, especially about the “preference” remark, and the Scully fiasco. However, isn’t part of the reason the credibility of the Hunter Biden emails is being questioned is that intelligence officials warned the President that Russians were using Rudy Giulani to feed disinformation to the administration and are investigating whether this is a foreign intelligence operation? As for the ‘doddering’ Biden, as opposed to Trump, who creates his own hostile environment whenever he’s even confronted with facts, Biden stayed and answered questions of attendees after the town hall ended. Oh, and Trump wouldn’t want to lose any of those Qanon voters, would he?

    • I have no idea whether the emails are valid or not, and the possible planting of them by the Russians as part of their disinformation campaign is certainly worth examining. The point is the screaming double standard. Unsubstantiated documents and accounts have been routinely reported if they reflected badly on the President or his allies. Good journalism once required more stringent corroboration, but whatever standard is used, it has to be used fairly, no? Nobody substantiated Blasey-Ford’s recovered memory, for example. The Trump tax returns were leaked illicitly. And so on, ad infinitum.

      • In 2017, anyone questioning the pee tapes and the dossier and the fact Trump was Putin’s cockholster was considered a Soviet operative or a heretic. Now we’re supposed to automatically assume those glorious pictures of dear Hunter are computer generated in Moscow or Bulgaria?

        And can we have a display of appreciation for Hunter Biden? Has there ever been anyone more deserving than Joe’s adorable son to retire the Billy Carter Trophy awarded for the most breath-takingly embarrassing presidential relative? He’s incredible. By the way, the trophy is topped with an opened, crushed can of Billy Beer and includes a signed photo of Muammar Gaddafi .

    • “isn’t part of the reason the credibility of the Hunter Biden emails is being questioned”…
      Does ‘questioned’ now mean blocking users of Facebook and Twitter from sharing articles about a subject? Or commenting on it? Or suspending their accounts for doing so?
      Dang, this is ANOTHER one of those words that keep ‘evolving” their meaning? Like ‘sexual preference’ I suppose, although that wasn’t really an evolution of change. More of a sabotage, really.

        • It brings to mind Joe Kennedy Sr. seating his sport-fuck Gloria Swanson at the family dinner table, with his wife present.
          One must truly not give a shit, and expect no repercussions, to do such a thing for all to see.

          • And to have a wife so used to watching a husband cheat openly (her dad was a womanizer, too) that she just accepts that this is normal and lets herself be humiliated. The Democrats count on followers who, like Rose Kennedy, just look the other way and put on a good face for the children.

            • The Dems seem to be split into several categories. The ‘by-any-means-necessary’ group, who will cheerfully alter dictionaries to provide an ex-post-facto assist to the team, and the semi-aware who read that such an accusation was debunked by someone or another, and so it must be false, and Trump is an asshole. The latter group is indeed like Rose Kennedy, continually abused and humiliated, but believing that it’s all somehow worth it.

              • They sure weren’t. Jack, Bobby and Ted had their ethics corrupted at an early age by their demanding, but indulgent, father and complicit mother. They picked women who would put up with it.

              • Find a “feminist” who will denounce the Kennedys, or Bill Clinton. Everyone it seems is judged by today’s standards, but ‘it was a different time’ seems to apply selectively to liberal icons. Can one name a more virulent racist, who did more damage than Woodrow Wilson post 1900? Ah, but he was a progressive, so let’s not talk about that.

                  • A search of “liberals denounce Woodrow Wilson” in various search engines returns conservative and libertarian critiques, and very few liberal viewpoints. Those few that turn up are by apologists from Slate, the Atlantic, and Time (remember Time magazine?), they are barely critical.
                    The point about womanizing, abusive, misogynists Kennedys and Bill Clinton, was that ‘feminists’ give them a pass. I haven’t noticed that happening with Trump.

    • Based on what the Russians are known to have actually pulled off before, I think it’s doubtful that they had anything at all to do with this. There is not a hint of evidence indicating Russian involvement at any point in this story, for one thing. A New York computer repair shop had the laptop. An employee copied the hard drive. The Feds, I believe, have it now. Even Biden’s campaign hasn’t denied the central allegation here, and that’s the clincher as far as I’m concerned. When you HAVEN’T had a secret meeting with someone, it’s not hard to say so.

  4. Was Biden asked to denounce Richard Spencer who has endorsed him or been questioned about his segregationist associations? No. Was Biden asked to refute the emails? No. Was he asked if he understood the appearance of impropriety of his son’s business activities being intertwined with his official duties? No.

    Comparing Guthrie’s antagonistic questions to Trump to the pabum of Stephanopolis’ questions to Biden is ridiculous.

    It was the CIA that briefed Obama and Biden that HRC was concocting the narrative that DJT was conspiring with Russia. Given that Russian intelligence provided that info to the CIA why would our guys run with it if they considered it disinformation? Tell me, given the added sanctions placed on Russia, the expansion of our natural gas production that has driven down the world price of Russia’s primary export to the EU, and his delivery of tank buster munitions to the Ukrainians to prevent further Russian expansion in Crimea, what does Putin expect to gain by backing Trump when Obama and Biden let them steam roll across Crimea and a Biden administration wants to ban fracking which will drive up gas prices.

    I fail to see the geopolitical logic in the entire narrative that Trump is Putin’s puppet.

  5. Meanwhile, on the left, the narrative looks like this:

    “Sexual preference” has ALWAYS been a loaded term, and if you Republicans were with it, you would have known that all along. Those of you who didn’t already know it, and chose it for just that reason, you hateful hater.

    The media has always been loaded to the right. That’s why Pelosi is so brave to grace those money grubbing networks with her presence and wisdom. They’re all run by rich mega capitalist corporations, you know.

    And the post story is so obviously, laughably false that Facebook and Twitter are FINALLY doing something about all this fake news being thrown everywhere, and the Trumptards are kicking up a fit because they’re losing so badly.

    Meanwhile, black is white, up is down, left is right, good is evil and evil good.

  6. The Left has just ruined the possibility of any kind of workable, sane worldview when it comes to sexuality. And they’re dragging healthcare, psychology, education, and even the law with them over the cliff. I don’t think this much effort has been put into propping up a bad premise since Aristotle’s geocentrism.

    So, sex is not a preference, even though most gay men can be sexually attracted to women, making it literally a preference, but if you call it that you are now a bigot. But taping up your breasts or chopping off your penis is okay because your actual physical gender CAN be changed if you want, and saying otherwise means you are now a bigot. But gender also still isn’t a preference because that would make you a bigot to say that, so if you feel at any time like a woman, it means you always really WERE a woman; you were never a man so you never really changed. Which means you are no longer gay, which means your homosexuality was cured, but it’s wrong to do that because it’s good to be gay and people who want to stop being gay are going to get depressed and maybe kill themselves. So I guess it’s okay to stop being gay, as long as you do it by chopping off your penis and taking pills to alter your internal physiology (because it’s important to accept yourself for who you are,) but if you don’t chop off your penis, then it’s NOT okay to try to stop being gay, because you might get depressed and want to kill yourself. But, if you regret changing your gender, or try to change back into a man, we’re just going to deny that you exist, and you can go kill yourself and that’s okay.

    Hope you got all that, there’s going to be a quiz later.

    • Who cares whether or not being LBGTQ is genetic, a preference, or maybe a little bit of both. Do you know what also are preferences? Political ideologies and religion. Those choices are protected by the courts too.

      Why do you care and how does this affect your life?

      • I think Isaac’s got a point: if we’re all under threat of social cancellation, job loss, and other serious consequences from angry mobs on the left if we end up on the wrong side of sexual politics, then at the very least that side needs to articulate a logical, coherent theory of sex and gender that has at least some consistency. Alternatively, we could just cool it with the cancel-culture mobs when someone uses the wrong pronoun or dares suggest that gender is an actual feature of biology rather than a “social construct”.

        It doesn’t matter whether you or I care about any of this nonsense or not, because its purveyors seem to *really* care about making sure that we play by their (ever-changing) rules, and want to enforce those rules mercilessly. You’re not allowed to simply not care, you must accept their Kafkaesque self-contradictory ideas. Silence is violence. If you’re not an ally, you’re an enemy. Heck, even if you don’t actually cause offense, and they want to get you bad enough, they’ll change the goddamn dictionary to manufacture a phony offense.

      • I’m not the one trying to condemn people as bigots for using the phrase “sexual preference” so maybe ask them why they care and how it affects their life.

  7. I fear that if President Trump wins the election in a couple of weeks, especially if he wins ‘bigly’, that those with TDS and their friends in the AUC will be unable to deal with the shock in any way except to convince themselves the HE must have rigged the election. The results will be nuclear – or perhaps Kingsmanesque!

    I don’t see this as a popcorn and comfy chair scenario, more a bolt the doors and prep the ammo one!

    For Australia’s sake, I sure hope he wins ‘UGELY’. Your sewage, like everyone else’s, flows downhill and we already have ANTIFA (Arsehole Nazis Trained in Fascist Activism) and GetUp! (I’ve got nothing there) in this country

    P.S. If you search for GetUP! you will find it is an ‘independent, progressive Australian political activist group’. You won’t find that it was founded by the Unions and the Labor Party (Australia’s incarnation of the Democrats) with money and founding Directors from both, including Labor’s candidate for Prime Minister at the last Federal Election.

    • Anyone who believes, after the way Savannah shredded him and Biden beat him in the ratings, but he is headed for anything except a blowout of Walter Mondale proportions is kidding themselves. He has always been his own worst enemy but now it is like he isn’t even trying to do well. If that’s the case, then he deserves to lose.

      • Steve, I think you’re right, but the electoral college skews in favor of Republicans based on current demographics. That’s why we always end up talking about Ohio and Florida.

        • I won’t deny that her approach was inappropriate for a Town Hall, and might even fairly be considered an ambush. However, he did not defend himself well, and did not score any points with voters. He also gave Biden a whole new set of talking points by losing the ratings.

      • You’re really reading that into the ratings? People watched Biden because they aren’t sure of him, and indeed, he did nothing to dispel any concerns. Who needs to see Trump at this point? I sure don’t.

        • Yes, I am. Every time the president has a chance to do something for himself, he fucks it up. I believe that a tipping point has been reached in which this nation is just plain sick of him, or enough of it is sick of him to want him gone.

          It doesn’t help that everybody he fired now smells blood and is coming out of the woodwork to attack him. If you see it differently, please explain.

          • I think everyone was sick of him years ago. I don’t think that’s a critical factor, or at least the critical factor. TV ratings aren’t votes. A lot of Republicans won’t watch NBC (I won’t, for example, and I’m not even a Republican.) If Fox News was doing the town hall against ABC, the ratings might mean something. Guthrie didn’t ‘shred’ Trump—she behaved at least as badly as Trump did in the debate.

            Biden is ostentatiously weak, Harris is a horrible backup, and their party stands for an astounding load of values and conduct anathema to a majority of Americans. It will be close. There will be no landslide either way. The disinformation from the media is confusing you.

            • Jack Marshall wrote, “At this point, I see no distinction.”

              I can still see a distinction because I still have some Liberal friends that haven’t lost their minds and joined the hive mind, granted there aren’t a lot of them left in my circle of friends anymore but they do still exist. If you want to know how to identify these Liberals that haven’t lost it yet, they’re the Democrats that keep their mouths shut, continue to think critically and avoid joining the hive mind chorus. I’m fully aware that their silence enables the hive mind but every time these Liberals open their mouths to challenge the hive mind they are immediately smeared as Trump supporters, Conservatives, Republicans, racists, misogynists’, xenophobic, etc, etc. The hive mind has completely isolated themselves from anything that’s outside their perceived “ideology” including everyday Liberals. The hive mind want to silence true Liberals just like they want to silence the political right.

  8. The lack of denials from the Biden camp is the smoking gun. If the emails were forgeries, why wouldn’t they come out and say so immediately?

    Likewise, they’re not explicitly denying that the alleged meeting took place – most likely because it did, and they’re terrified that as soon as they do deny it, out comes a photo of Biden and Pozharskyi shaking hands.

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