Was Today’s Women’s March In D.C. The Dumbest Protest Yet?


To be fair, it’s impossible to say. Almost all protests and demonstrations, even the ones that do not deteriorate into “mostly peaceful” riots, are silly, juvenile tantrums that cost money, waste time, inconvenience saner citizens and accomplish less than nothing. You can review the Ethics Alarms Protest Check-List: today’s mass scream by hysterical progressive women protesting the vote that hasn’t been cast in a case that doesn’t exist which would undo a SCOTUS decision that is  unlikely to be undone flunks on almost all points. Marcher Cherie Craft, a D.C. community organizer, told the Washington Post, “People think, you know, is this really making a difference?” Will it cause Judge Barrett not to be confirmed? Will it change the result of that so far imaginary abortion case that threatens Roe v. Wade? Will it make those who find abortion to be an ethical and moral abomination suddenly support abortion on demand?  No, no, and no. Might it cause some extra Wuhan virus cases that marchers will carry back to their states? Well, look at that photo above. I guess that’s something.

The hypocrisy of such an event while the mainstream media is attacking the President for so-called “super-spreader” events is palpable, and one of many reasons that there will be no effective shutdowns going forward. The pandemic hysterics, fascists and Democratic mayors—but I repeat myself– have no credibility. D.C. Muriel Bowser is being sued for banning outside church services, and yet allows this sardine-fest to go forward with her blessings.

Go ahead, rationalize that. Anyone. I dare you.

Predictably, there were about a dozen loonies in “handmaiden” costumes, which is res ipsa loquitur for hysteria. Kelsey Weir, a feminist artist, said she feels “terrified” about the years ahead, especially with Barrett on the Supreme Court. “Women are threatened in a world where a Christian theocracy is threatening to take over,” she said, pointing to the women in handmaiden costumes. “This is the crisis for our world. The next few weeks are going to decide so many things for women.”

Do these people really believe this nonsense? How did they get this way? Placing an intelligent, thoughtful mother who happens to be a devout Catholic, rated as extremely qualified by the far left American Bar Association, on a Supreme Court that has shown repeatedly in 2020 that it is not the ideological, partisan monolith that leftist activists claim and that conservative zealots wish, is a crisis for the world? Saying such a thing, never mind believing it, should disqualify an individual from being taken seriously, and yet here is the Washington Post, quoting her as an authority.

Comments conservative pundit Karen Townsend,

“Remember when we were told that women have to support other women? That, too, is no longer true. If a conservative woman is nominated for the Supreme Court, liberal women by the thousands will rise up and march in the streets against that nomination, as happened Saturday. Madeleine Albright once said, “Any woman who does not support other women is going to hell.” … Funny, I don’t remember marches held by conservative women against Elena Kagan, who had absolutely no judicial experience when she was nominated to the Supreme Court.”

Well, it was pretty obvious that “support all women” was just as intellectually dishonest and contrived as “believe all women,” but honesty and integrity is not strong among today’s progressives, as we see daily. So on this date, October 18, 2020, thousands of passionate protestors marched in Washington, some of them holding signs like this,

Unstable penis

and none of them imparting any wisdom that couldn’t be written on a postage stamp, accomplishing nothing, but giving a boost to a persistent virus that these same people and their allies believe justifies turning the nation into a lonely, poor, culturally bereft and socially constricted wasteland.

The dumbest protest of all? Oh, probably not. But they can’t get much dumber, can they?

16 thoughts on “Was Today’s Women’s March In D.C. The Dumbest Protest Yet?

  1. I wonder how these protesters would react if a newspaper’s headline read Thousands of Racist Eugenics Advocates March Against Barrett.

    • The protesters would never see it. If it were done, the media company that ran the headline would be banned from social media. The people would be told it was a hoax. News of it would be blocked. The company’s headquarters would be destroyed by peaceful protesters. Do you remember any press when Richard Spencer disavowed Donald Trump or when he endorsed Biden? Apparently, Spencer believed what the press said about Trump. When he found out Trump wasn’t actually a fascist white supremacist, he disavowed Trump and the GOP and is now urging his followers to vote straight Democratic ticket. You didn’t see that in the MSM did you? Did any paper run a headline “The Democratic Party Is The Natural Home of White Supremacy According to Richard Spencer”? What would happen if one did?

      Plus, if that was the headline, every single one of the protesters would think “That isn’t true. I was there and I didn’t see any of ‘those’ people. It was just us.” There is no self-awareness on the left. That is why they have to hire people to try to meme for them.

  2. Christian theocracy? How do they rationalize the other religions that find abortion an abomination. I am wondering how the feminists and LGBTQ community rationalize the alliance they are engaged in with Muslim theocrats. I would like to ask these women why Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are in black communities but you won’t find them as often in poor white communities. Then I would ask them if they support racial eugenics.

    I wonder how long the various factions that make up the BIPoC community begin fighting amongst themselves for priority victim status. You can only excoriate one group until that group can no longer be seen as the oppressor and it becomes the victim. Conversely, the current top victimized group will become the oppressor.

    When whites are no longer permitted to engage in their own racial or ethnic advocacy they cannot be said to be able to be oppressors.

  3. Might it cause some extra Wuhan virus cases that marchers will carry back to their states? Well, look at that photo above. I guess that’s something.

    No doubt about it!

    The pandemic hysterics, fascists and Democratic mayors—but I repeat myself– have no credibility. D.C. Muriel Bowser is being sued for banning outside church services, and yet allows this sardine-fest to go forward with her blessings.

    The Court ruled against her.

    She does have the fig leaf of the ruling as a “reason” not to shut down this priotest.

  4. Yet one more reason I refuse to call myself a feminist. When I get crap for it, I think about some of the women I know who don’t care about that label. Generally they don’t run around telling other women who they should listen to, what they should believe, and how they should think, especially about themselves. They don’t continually threaten that the patriarchy is about to bring about the abortion apocalypse. I live in a town where most women drive trucks (the gay men too), hate crying, drink like cowboys, and call themselves strong before calling themselves a feminist.

    Saying, “[W]omen are threatened in a world where a Christian theocracy is threatening to take over,” is one of the oldest gender pimping tactics in the book. In my high school social justice club, we’d often regurgitate that sentiment. Now somehow, magically Roe v. Wade has remained all these years and women are still free to end their unborn just about anywhere. None of these women discuss the women who die or become permanently sterile or sick from botched abortions and unsterile facilities.

    Clinton gave NOW a bunch of money and they stayed quiet. Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein had many female enablers. Women are cutting off their breasts to feign manhood and other women telling men they can be women too. Women can be as cruel, perverted, and misogynistic as any man. The one thing women can’t be, according to the pussy hat clan, is not wanting to be a feminist. Then any woman, especially a strong-minded and competent one, is fair game to be degraded and threatened by other women.

    Go Amy!

    • I suppose a lot of this falls under the problem of labels. My wife likes to say she believes she’s a feminist, but in the idea that women deserve to be treated with equal dignity. Of course, we’re both brainwashed by the Catholic Church, so obviously we don’t understand feminism…

      Do you ever find opportunity to have constructive conversations with those who criticize you for not labeling yourself as a feminist? I ask because it always feels to my wife and myself that the only people with whom we have nuanced conversations are people who generally agree with us already.

      • We have a lot of progressive friends and though they can infuriate on certain issues, most of them are willing to have open have conversations about this topic. We’ve helped a few see, for example, the way the abortion lobby harms women of color disproportionately.

        However it’s the friends of our friends or aquaintences where the people are so brainwashed you can hardly get past the lack of willingness to listen without prejudice. Usually I just bring up instances where feminists failed to be helpful to or even harmed other women. I also mention how such labels are more about badges of honor than actually helping women and give examples. At that point they usually excuse themselves from the conversation.

  5. But don’t you realize that most of the protesters were wearing masks?

    Wearing masks automatically makes the virus go away during mass gatherings….unless those mass gatherings are church services, in-person schooling or Trump rallies.

  6. After you reach a certain level of dumb, I think the rest is just keeping score. Most of this year’s protests have been very dumb, especially in light of a supposed deadly virus.

    Apparently that virus is smarter than your average virus, though. It is deadly in a church service or a conservative political event, but nothing more than annoying in a lefty political event. There must be some thing about lefty political events that keeps it away, maybe leftist people are just so inherently virtuous that disease doesn’t affect them. Maybe, like the original paladin in first edition dungeons and dragons, they are just immune to all types of disease by virtue of being so inherently good and blessed.

    This must be true, because the Democratic mayors and governors, who are all the smart mayors and governors, always make exceptions for protests of this nature, while they arrest Orthodox Jews for gathering for funerals and give women tickets for taking their babies out for some air in the park in a stroller. They wouldn’t make those exceptions if there was danger involved, would they?

    This is especially important, because these women are fighting what is possibly the most important rearguard action that has ever been fought in the history of United States jurisprudence. There is a very real possibility that this election will result in a democratic sweep. If that happens, a woman’s right to choose should be safe for a while . However, if this conservative judge becomes a conservative Justice and gives the supreme Court a conservative majority that John Roberts cannot eliminate by stepping away from it, then even a full-on sweep of both White House and Senate will not mean as much.

    Unfortunately, they cannot storm the capital the way they did during the Kavanaugh hearings and confront the Republican senators who are holding the fate of this situation in their hands. Democratic senator Chris Coons has said that if for Republican senators will not step back from the brink on, after this election he and his party are going to have to start thinking about how to rebalance the Federal judiciary, in other words, do as we say or we’ll pack the courts with liberal judges and silence conservativism forever. However, that takes time and is not guaranteed to play out the way they want it to. No, this must stop here. Yes, it means turning on another woman, however this woman has broken with feminist orthodoxy, and as such is not considered worthy of support.

    So, are you old white men listening, or do we have to really get rough with you? Stop these hearings today, and wait until President Biden nominates a worthy successor to RBG.

    I don’t know if it’s scary or laughable that these people actually expect the Senate to listen to their demands. I also don’t think they’d honor any bargain or step back for a while. These are the progressive Hezbollah, who will take what they can get at the table, then use mob action to take the rest, while everyone else just is expected to keep quiet.

    • For a few minutes back in May, there was the idea that protestors were risking their lives because the cause was so important. I think that must not have gotten traction.

  7. Activist – Loud-mouthed, know-nothing who strives to virtue-signal their Wokeness. Educators/academics who self-describe as “activist” should be removed from all teaching responsibilities, since they are (in reality) not educators, but indoctrinators.

    Community organizer – See “Activist”

  8. Funny how Sandra Day O’Connor, historically, at least, the left’s favorite swing voter, wouldn’t stand a chance these days. The only women suitable for the Supreme Court are lesbians. An attractive, heteronormative (God, I love that word. I use it every chance I get.), not from Brooklyn or Berkeley, non-Ivy league, not Jewish, and God forbid Gentile, woman is NOT acceptable on the Court. The endowed Ruth Bader Ginsberg Chair should have gone to, and is constitutionally reserved for, Janet Napolitano or Rachel Maddow or Sally Kohn or Amy Schumer!

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