Rueful Points, Updates and Observations On The Hunter Biden Emails Scandal, Part I

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It is not as if anyone with integrity and respect for the democratic process should need more reasons to vote against Joe Biden, the party he represents, and the attack on American values and institutions his party represents.

Biden alone, without the implications of the s-l-o-w-l-y emerging scandal, is obviously unfit to be President as a matter of health, character, and history. He is, to begin with, too old to be President (as is Donald Trump); he is also, unlike the President, suffering from obvious cognitive decline. Biden is a proven sexual harasser and accused of sexual assault: by the vigorously stated principles of his own party and the smug Woke and crusading feminists it purports to support, he should be not merely disqualified as the party’s candidate but targeted as its enemy.

Biden’s sole argument for his candidacy once was that he was one of the few non-crazies among the Donkeys, but he has obliterated that excuse by embracing almost every radical position the worst elements of his party have put forth. Biden has shown that he has no integrity, and that his past positions and stated values are now, as they used to say in the Nixon administration, non-operable. The sole argument for Biden personally was, if you were really gullible, that he was a decent man (and obviously Donald Trump isn’t). Now that this fantasy has been stripped away, Biden is revealed almost literally as a human “none of the above” carton past an expiration date. The Democratic Party did not even have the respect for the public and the Republic to nominate someone who could be trusted to do the job.

As spoiled frosting on the cake, it appended to Joe an unqualified and generally despicable understudy chosen solely because of her color—not even her race, since she isn’t African American—and her lady parts. When given the chance to support Kamala Harris for any more substantive reasons, party primary voters held their noses, which unlike their consciences, apparently still work.

We knew, absent denial or stupidity, that Hunter Biden was engaged in influence peddling, and that Joe Biden’s fevered lies were just that. The Democrats even went to the extreme length of contriving an impeachment because the President took steps to investigate the disturbing evidence that a Vice President of the United States had acted against the interests of his country to assist his surviving, addict, loser son. Now the truth is dripping out, and, in what is for me the best reason of all to make certain the Democrats and their corrupt allies lose, the mainstream media and social media is actually , actively, traitorously burying the story.

There is no previous example in American history of revelations like those that have come out over the past ten days being ignored by the press so its favored candidate could weather the gale and be elected. If this unethical and un-American conduct, in truth just the apotheosis of what the nation has witnessed from its rotting journalists since November 2016 is not rejected emphatically—and the only way to reject it is to defeat Biden and his party’s power grab—then we can be sure that it will become the usual practice.

I presume that the biased moderator in tonight’s debate will go to great lengths to shield Biden from having to face the music, which ought to be a dirge. We now know, for example, that though shameless Democrats like Rep. Adam Schiff (he is certainly going to go down in history as one of the true villains of American politics) claimed without evidence that the Hunter Biden emails are “Russian disinformation,” the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe emphatically stated that this was untrue. “Let me be clear: The intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that. And we have shared no intelligence with Adam Schiff or any member of Congress. The only intelligence that Adam Schiff gets is the intelligence that we, the Intelligence Community, give him, and we have given him no such intelligence.”

Now we have heard from a close associate of Hunter Biden, who is confirming what sounds like a worst case scenario for Joe, except that he can count on the mainstream media burying it if possible. Reportedly President Trump has invited him to be a guest at the debate.

Of course, Democrats also managed to manipulate the voting process so as many people as possible cast their votes before the truth came out. You have to tip your hat to them for that. Clever bastards!

That’s the introduction.

I’ll have more in Part 2.


13 thoughts on “Rueful Points, Updates and Observations On The Hunter Biden Emails Scandal, Part I

  1. The only thing Biden has going for him right now is the fact that the smoking gun email is dated 2017 – which is after he left office. It still stinks to high heaven.

    • Hill and Bill made hundreds of millions after Bill left office, AIM. All on the possibility of their return to power. I assume the Biden family was taking notes, non?


      • “Hill and Bill made hundreds of millions after Bill left office”

        Heck, OB, what about before they left, deregulating Wall Street? The FSMA, the CFMA, Riegel-Neal?

        Johnny Ola (Dominic Chianese in The Godfather II):

        Hyman Roth Always Makes Money For His PARTNERS.

  2. Of course, Democrats also managed to manipulate the voting process so as many people as possible cast their votes before the truth came out. You have to tip your hat to them for that. Clever bastards!

    I wonder if early voters are hyper partisan as compared to voters in general.

    I have read threads on Free Republic suggesting that Republicans make up a greater percentage of early votes as compared to the last three election cycles. Perhaps Twitter’s cover up of this story incited Republican voters to vote.

    There is a near consensus among Republican voters that Joe Biden is just another grifter; the New York Post story does not change that assessment. But a Big Tech cover up….

    • I have a chance to vote early. I’m holding on to my ballot until November at least. Who knows? Maybe one of the candidates will shoot someone in Times Square and then I’ll have to vote for the other.

    • I’m not casting my ballot until Election Day. I fully expect the media to propagandize right up to then about how many people are voting for Biden in the hopes of discouraging Republican voters. We’re already seeing endless articles about how individual celebrities, politicians and other notables are voting for Biden.

    • I wonder if the advent of early voting will change the timing of political maneuvering going forward. Will “October surprises” become “September surprises” in future elections? Or will campaigns be leery of releasing “bombshell” information too early and risk it being flushed out of the news cycle before election day? It’s an interesting calculus (albeit unethical – if you have damning information about a candidate, it should be released as soon as it’s vetted, not held as a weapon to be deployed for maximum advantage. The people deserve to have any and all information about their candidates as soon as it’s known).

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