“Systemic,” A Four Part Ethics Alarms Depression, Part I: Systemic Propaganda And Facebook


I know who Bret Weinstein is; maybe you don’t. He’s a biologist, evolutionary theorist, and, of late, a free speech activist. The fact that you may not remember him is my fault: he was the hero in the Evergreen State College (in Washington State) racist fiasco in 2017, where the school decided it should order all whites off campus for a day. He was the sole professor on campus with the guts and principles to refuse to leave, resulting in his vilification, harassment, and ultimately, his resignation. Why I didn’t highlight his courage in an “Ethics Hero” post, I don’t know: I didn’t even give his name a tag in the sole post where he was mentioned.

Fast-forward to 2020, and Weinstein found his Facebook account suspended because he wrote something that the Thought Police there felt was inappropriate—you know, like all of Ethics Alarms is inappropriate on Facebook for daring to explain that performers who have worn dark make-up are not all racists or advancing racism

“I have been evicted from Facebook,” he tweeted to his 400,000 followers. “No explanation. No appeal. I have downloaded “my information” and see nothing that explains it. We are governed now in private, by entities that make their own rules and are answerable to no process. Disaster is inevitable. We are living it.”

Later,Weinstein revealed, Facebook told him it had “already reviewed” the suspension and the decision “can’t be reversed.”

Ah, but among his 400,000 followers is John Lennon’s articulate, contrarian and often conservative-sounding younger son, Sean. He tweeted to his friend’s rescue, writing,

Sean L tweet

And…Mirabile Dictu! The decision could be reviewed after all—at least when a celebrity with impeccable “woke” lineage and the inherited affection of millions makes a public stink! Someone with the handle Liz Bourgeois@Liz_Shepherd contacted Weinstein, writing,

Facebook reversal

So the decision could be reversed, contrary to what Facebook had said…at least when Sean Lennon is on hand to sing “All I am saying is Give Bret A Chance.” Weinstein, being the free speech warrior he is, was on that like a pouncing puma, tweeting,  “What protects regular people from such “mistakes” Liz?”

Nothing, of course. It is a rhetorical question.

But wait! There’s more! Ann Althouse, who gets a Pointer for this ethics story, dug a bit, and the Facebook thought enforcer identifies herself on her Twitter page as  “@Facebook comms, formerly @TheDemocrats and @SpeakerPelosi. (Just in case you wondered why Facebook has been so eager to shut down the Hunter Biden emails story…)

Althouse is on her game, writing,

This is all very fishy. She’s obviously a Democrat and completely open about it, and I take it she works at some level at Facebook and that “comms” means “communications” —  that is, public relations. It is bad PR to cancel Bret Weinstein and have Sean Ono Lennon pop up as his friend to call you insane overlords. 

Who believes Facebook just flagged Weinstein’s account as an imposter? Why would such a harsh unreviewable cancellation message be sent to a person who’d just gotten flagged as an imposter? Automatic actions like that obviously can go wrong, so who believes that’s something Facebook has set up to be unreviewable? Indeed, Facebook seems to have reviewed it, though if the method Weinstein used was getting Sean Ono Lennon to tweet about the injustice, that is hardly available as a method of review for anybody else. 

“It can’t be reversed” — but it was reversed! Facebook didn’t follow its own stated procedures. There’s a special injustice in that. There’s an alternate path to relief for some people — famous people or semi-famous people with ultra-famous connections — and the rest of you deplorables can slip down the memory hole forever.

I see it a little differently, as someone who is still being actively muzzled by Facebook for daring to engage in Facebook Ant-Woke ThoughtCrime. Facebook doesn’t want its deliberate manipulation of what the public can read and think about exposed (except by “deplorables,” who the Good People don’t respect or believe), so whenever it inadvertently censors someone whose mistreatment will set off ethics alarms and “this is totalitarian” alarms, it pulls back and says “Oopsie! It was all a misunderstanding.” Effectively, this means that Bret Weinstein and Sean Lennon have free speech in this society, but I don’t.

These—the Liz Whatever Her Real Name Is soldiers of suppression and oppression—are the people trying to carry Joe Biden across the finish line, and thus begin the task of disassembling American institutions, protections of basic rights, and individual liberties.

2 thoughts on ““Systemic,” A Four Part Ethics Alarms Depression, Part I: Systemic Propaganda And Facebook

  1. I just read the following passage in a USA Today article “While registered voters in the U.S. turn out at a comparatively high rate, turnout among the voting age population is low partly because non-citizens – and people convicted of a felony, depending on the state – cannot vote.”

    This little nugget comes directly after several paragraphs discussing how voter suppression was conducted with Jim Crow laws in the South.

    They are insinuating that not allowing NON-citizens to vote is voter suppression.

    What country in the world allows non-citizens to vote?

    Facebook and Twitter, have been censoring, banning and deleting people based off the idea that they are spreading misinformation. Google hides search results for conservative leaning media sites, and promotes left leaning sites as much as they possibly can.

    They are NOT trying to prevent the spread of misinformation. They are trying to PROMOTE the spread of misinformation. It just needs to be misinformation that they support.

    They are also trying to prevent the spread of any counter-argument to the approved misinformation, regardless of the truthfulness of the counter-argument.

    Left wing propaganda is rampant in the so-called “mainstream media”. Yet they are never (or at least almost never) censored, banned, fact-checked or hidden.

    Social media wants to fix it so that that propaganda is the only “news” that can be shared, so that their readers won’t be “misinformed” into disbelieving that propaganda.

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