Noon Ethics Drill, 10/27/2020: Ready For The 2020 Election Freakout? [Corrected]

The above video, posted on Tik-Tok, seems to be a good introduction in a week that promises to see meltdowns of ethics, fairness, honesty and decency as November 3 approaches. For the first time in American history, the nation is in the throes for four freak-outs simultaneously, straining the bonds of community, comity and sanity to the breaking point. Freakout #1: the 2016 Post Election Ethics Train Wreck, of course. When any episode continues to trigger irrational, high profile words and conduct a full four years after its occurrence, that’s a freak-out. Or, as Dean Martin might have sung it,

When your brain starts to melt
From the loss Hill was dealt
That’s a Freak-Out!
(Chorus: That’s a Freak-Out!)

Then we have the Wuhan Virus Freakout, a direct outgrowth of the Wuhan Virus Ethics Train Wreck, which was quickly joined by the George Floyd Freakout, also designated here as an Ethics Train Wreck, except that ethics train wrecks are only supposed to trigger chains of unethical conduct, not chains of irrational conduct.

A brief update on the latter is in order: Derek Chauvin, the villain in the piece, is out on bail. The news media is no longer even trying to be fair: the New York Times story, and indeed most of the news reports, refer to Floyd’s death as “a killing.” If they do that enough, it will be impossible to get a fair trial for Chauvin, and indeed, it might already be. There is considerable evidence that Floyd died from a drug overdose of his own making, meaning that there was no killing, or at least that the use of the word is misleading, since the victim killed himself, albeit unintentionally.

1. As for the 2020 Election Freak-Out we are already seeing in full bloom, the above video is an especially repulsive example of what Trump Derangement and partisan desperation hath wrought. The young woman above proudly and with a tear in her eye relates that she and her sisters devoted the final days of their dying father’s life to hectoring him to vote for Joe Biden. If true, the episode show the complete, family-wide absence of functioning ethics alarms. If it is a hoax, the thing is only slightly less unethical.

2. Well, you know: Harvard. Pippa Norris teaches political science at Harvard’s Kennedy School and was recently interviewed by Vox writer Sean Illing. (The full interview is here.)

Illing asked Norris [Referencing GOP efforts to combat efforts to expand mail-in voting.]:

Would you say that the biggest weakness in the American system right now is this combination of the intractability of our Constitution and the fact that one of our major parties, the Republican Party, is basically invested in an anti-democratic, countermajoritarian agenda?

“It’s true that we’re facing an existential crisis in part because the Republican Party has put all of their appeals into a shrinking sector of the electorate — mostly white, mostly older,” Norris answered. “And they’re using their power to change the rules of the game to favor their own party.”

Illing then asked if the Republican Party is “the biggest obstacle to making the sorts of changes we need to make?”

Norris said:

It is. I’ve done a global party survey in December 2019, asking over 2,000 experts where they place mainstream political parties worldwide on a range of issues, from taxes to health care to environmental policy. And the US results are quite remarkable. If we’re just looking at OECD [post-industrial] countries and trying to measure whether parties favor or oppose checks and balances on the executive, if they’re committed to basic pluralistic values, and if they respect or undermine liberal democratic principles, what you find is that the GOP is surprisingly extremist.The position of the GOP on these issues is close to parties like Golden Dawn in Greece [a neo-fascist party]— illiberal parties cutting back on the freedom of press and stamping out democratic freedoms in their countries…If Trump returns to office, then things are going to get worse. We know that when authoritarian populists come in the first term, they’re just trying out ideas, seeing what works and what doesn’t. But they’re almost always more moderate. The second term is when it’s much more problematic. And the worst case would be something like Hungary, where illiberal populists have destroyed the foundations of the electoral system in ways most people don’t really understand. It all happened right in front of people’s eyes, but not enough attention was paid early on — and now it’s too late.

Isn’t this blatant gaslighting? Which party is trying to change the rules of elections? Which party is openly trying to change the “rules of the game”? Who has lost any rights under the first term of the Trump administration, other than the President himself, who has lost the right to do what every previous President could do without controversy and not face impeachment? The interview is a Big Lie parade, with Big Lie #3: “Trump Is A Fascist/Hitler/Dictator/Monster” taking center stage. As far as I can see, Professor Pippa is talking complete fantasy and fear-mongering.

3. And Facebook prepares to flex its totalitarian muscles…The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook is planning to “calm” election-related conflict in the U.S. by using “emergency measures” such as slowing the spread of viral content and “lowering the bar” for suppressing potentially inflammatory posts, such as “tweaking the news feed” to change what types of content users see. Such measure has previously been used in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Facebook executives say they will only deploy the tools in “dire circumstances”; Translation: In circumstances the Democratic Party allied social media platform believes is dire—you know, like the possibility that the public will find out just how corrupt Joe Biden is through his son’s emails.

 “Deployed together, the tools could alter what tens of millions of Americans see when they log onto the platform,” the Journal reports. “But slowing down the spread of popular content could suppress some good-faith political discussion, a prospect that makes some Facebook employees uneasy.”

Anyone who gets their news from Facebook links is an easily-manipulated, social media ignorant, civically incompetent fool.

4. Ugh. Immediately following her swearing in as the 9th Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett appeared at a White House victory party. [Correction Notice: I originally erroneously referred to this as a campaign event.] This is the appearance of impropriety exemplified. I don’t know how or why this happened; presumably because, flushed with gratitude, Barrett was asked by the President and didn’t say no, as she should have, and indeed had an ethical obligation to do.

5. ‘They’re not Deplorables! They’re Lizard People!’ This freakout moment was flagged by Professor Turley. Vanderbilt professor and historian Jon Meacham gave a recent quiz in his course on the 2020 Election in which students were asked “Was the Constitution designed to perpetuate white supremacy and protect the institution of slavery?” The right answer was “yes.”

No indoctrination or bias there! Meacham is also an NBC analyst. Asked a question on the network about whether the President helped energized his base in the second presidential debate, Meacham replied,.

“I think Trump did himself good with his base tonight. The question for America is how big that base is. There is a lizard brain in this country. Donald Trump is a product of the White man’s, the anguished, nervous White guy’s lizard brain….Many people call it the ‘Lizard Brain,’ because the limbic system is about all a lizard has for brain function. It is in charge of fight, flight, feeding, fear, freezing up, and fornication.”

Turley comments,

What is striking is that Meacham is supposed to give what NBC, MSNBC and PBS present as neutral, scholarly analysis. But his comment about Trump supporters having lizard brains captures why conservative or independent voters view the networks as biased and gratuitously insulting.

Boy, Turley annoys me when he minces words like that! Turley, who is not a conservative, is calling the networks out himself, but at the same time pigeon-holes the criticism as a right-wing point of view. It’s a factual conclusion.

Turley continues, “Indeed, these comments show that networks like NBC are now focusing entirely on Democratic and liberal viewers — writing off half of the American people as gag lines. I have written repeatedly about how the media have helped Trump by fulfilling his narrative of open bias. Meacham shows that they are now enjoying this too much. There appears to be no point that is too insulting or raw for national commentary so long as it is an attack on Trump or those who support him.”

Let me translates for the mealy mouthed, if correct, professor. The news media have disgraced their profession and harmed the Democratic process by entirely giving up all objectivity and journalism ethics. (Historians and academics have largely abandoned their ethics as well.) This doesn’t “help Trump.” It harms the nation. The description of open bias isn’t a narrative, it’s just factual.

56 thoughts on “Noon Ethics Drill, 10/27/2020: Ready For The 2020 Election Freakout? [Corrected]

    • Jack Marshall wrote, “I do not believe the Axis of Unethical Conduct would be behaving like this if it wasn’t panicking. I don’t think they believe their own polls.”

      They are actively panicking based on a possibility that Trump could win the election and they’re already starting to act out based on that possibility. They’re very purposefully inflaming the anti-Trump base so they’ll be completely off their rocker by the time the election gets here. This is not rational thinking, it’s paranoia about something that hasn’t even happened and it’s completely consumed them.

      Prediction 1: If President Trump gets reelected watch out, they’ve been building up the wacko base to a frenzy and they’ll let loose their irrational dogs of insurrection on our society all at once.

      Prediction 2: What’s going to happen to all those wackos that are in a frenzy if Biden gets elected? The same thing. The wackos in the political left will rationalize every unethical, illegal, and immoral thing they’ve done over the last four years and use that to justify putting the wackos into overdrive and let loose their irrational social justice warriors dogs on our society starting with major cities. Mass intimidation of those they oppose will be publicly justified.

      I see no outcome where the political left doesn’t let loose their frenzied wackos.

      How do you like my predictions? Are they way out there?

      • They don’t believe their own polls. They just want the voters to believe them. This is why we have all the articles about how Mitt Romney and one of the Seal Team Six members didn’t vote for Trump. Anyone think that early voting counts will start being publicized as being overwhelmingly in favor of Biden in order to discourage any Election Day Trump voters?

        Steve, there’s no doubt in my mind that we will see violence the night of and the day after the election, regardless of the winner. I’ve been back in the office for two months now, but am preparing to work at home next week so I don’t get accidentally stuck in a mob on the highway. The wackos will be unleashed either way.

        As our host has put it many times, the Democrats are the ones who have consistently violated America’s democratic norms and the biggest one so far is the idea of a peaceful transfer of power. They have ruined that for America, maybe even for good.

        • If we don’t know the winner, which is looking increasingly unlikely, then things will really get messy. I don’t think that letter identifying people’s homes as targets if Trump doesn’t concede was a total hoax, or hasn’t inspired some people to actually take action.

          • We’re usually pretty sure of the winner because it’s usually not close enough to freak out about a state or two being too close to call for a few days, but it happens and it’s nothing to freak out about. It isn’t as if election night results are a legal mandate, it’s just an even the TV stations like to run and treat like sports.

            There’s a month between election day and the electors meeting for a reason, counting machine break down, some ballots need to be checked by hand, some dinky little town you never heard of is going to have a 6 vote margin and require a mandatory recount that’ll end up shifting the state results by a few tens of votes, military ballots will still be coming in for a week, some city will decide at 2 AM that they’re just too tired and they’ll get back to counting after everyone gets some sleep, someone precincts will report backward results and need to correct it.

            It’s all normal, but because most people don’t pay attention to races they’re not personally invested in they don’t notice it happen every single cycle. Here’s a prediction, Joe Biden will win California and we won’t know the final vote there till two weeks after the election.

            Right now people are talking about Red mist followed by Blue shift. In states like WI, PA, and AZ they’re not allowed to process mail ballots until the polls close meaning those will be the last ones counted and will take forever to check signatures and count meaning that if the election day vote goes for Trump, right-wingers will freak out and demand they stop counting because ELECTION NIGHT RESULTS whole the Biden totals grow and grow as they get through the piles of ballots. FL and NC just pop those ballots into the counting machines as they come in so they’re included in the election night tally.

            I mention all this to prepare you, be ready to roll with it.

            I’m not a big drinker but on election night I’ll be soused because it makes all of the above much easier to deal with. Whatever anti-freakout preparations you like to use, double up and we’ll both ride out this election intact.

            • valkygrrl wrote, “the Biden totals grow and grow as they get through the piles of ballots”

              Do you realize that both Democrats and Republicans are voting via mail, absentee, early voting. Why do you automatically assume that the tally for Biden will grow and grow as they get through the piles of ballots? Is it your bias telling you that those piles are going for Biden?

              Me I have absolutely no freaking clue who is going to win this election, personally I think it’s going to be too close to call right up to the time Electoral College meets and who knows what will happen in the Electoral College if it’s too close to effectively call in some states. What I’m reasonably sure of is this election is going to be a massive clusterfuck.

              • Why do you automatically assume that the tally for Biden will grow and grow as they get through the piles of ballots?

                Polling shows that 2/3rd of Biden voters plan to vote early or by mail mostly citing pandemic fears vs 1/3 of trump voters thus I expect Trump to show an early lead that will tick down as the mail-in votes are counted. For the end result, I have nothing to go on except public polling and assume the final tally will be within a standard deviation of the polls absent external action to alter/stop the count or to prevent voters from exercising their franchise when they show up at the polls.

                I’ve been using 538 as a source if you care to double-check me.

        • It makes me sad AM that it has come down to you feeling like you have to work from home after the election. It’s a wise move yet disappointing that you, and I suspect many others, feel like that have to alter their lives because the bat-shit crazy may be unleashed (even more).

          This year has at moments felt like a Twilight Zone episode. I find myself so befuddled at the sheer derangement of the left, that its challenging to address it all. My childhood neighborhood was burnt to cinders, my wife and I basically escaped the city we had loved for decades, and it’s the GOP that’s the problem? What do you even say to these people?

          Last week we were having dinner at a Mexican restaurant and the owners son came out at the end to give us our check. He had a BLM mask on. I was able to catch his dad and mention what my hometown went through and how, as a partially black person, BLM not only doesn’t represent me, it actually leaves out the most pressing concerns of blacks.

          He tried to say that it wasn’t BLM but opportunists who were responsible for the destruction. He then went on to say that he hadn’t (and won’t) read the BLM website to know what they stand for. He also said he’d be okay if his business burned down in riots because, as a Latino, he knows what it’s like to be harassed and that it was important racial justice be carried out, regardless of the cost. He said he was proud his son stood for something and that was what matters.

          Listening to him, I realized I was talking to an idiot. I feel mean saying this but anyone who is willing to risk his business and livelihood for a cause he can’t even be bothered to look up online, is either a fool or has no sense of self- preservation. That being said, unlike every single white progressive I’ve tried to talk to about this, he actually listened to me. He said I was the first person of color to mention such concerns and would think about what I said. We parted shaking hands firmly and with enough respect that there should be no hard feelings.

          So I have hope. Not that this current madness will end well, but that it will end and our country has enough checks and balances to recover from wherever this goes. It’s probably best right now for people to prepare in whatever sane ways they can for what lies ahead. That being said, no matter how stupid or violent or willing the extreme elements of our society are to hurt those they villify, I will try to not give in to fear.

          I will defend my home and new hometown if I have to though. Not giving into fear doesn’t mean letting bullies takeover.

          • Not giving into fear doesn’t mean letting bullies takeover.

            It is my fervent hope that the bullies are just a very small minority, no matter how vocal they are. I hope most people are willing to listen and discuss as your restaurant owner was.

            One of my coworkers is fairly liberal, and we have lengthy and enjoyable conversations, debating ideas and challenging each other’s positions. That’s the sort of thing I believe was meant to be in our political system.

            On the other hand, my wife and I recently had a college acquaintance unfriend us on Facebook with nasty line about how if he ever saw us again, it would be too soon. We had the audacity to disagree with him as to whether “A house divided against itself cannot stand” was rightly attributed to Abraham Lincoln or Jesus. Another acquaintance regularly posts about how all Republicans need to be forced out of office and anyone who thinks like them should be arrested. I am mostly convinced such invective is merely to satisfy a thirst for “likes” on Facebook, but it is still an incredibly terrible thing to say.

            Thank you, Mrs Q, for your courage.

          • Thanks, Mrs. Q. I don’t feel good about it either and have been wavering over whether I should or shouldn’t be in the office. I would hope our mayor has pulled himself together after failing to contain violence back in May. Thankfully, it has not resumed here in Indianapolis since then despite other highly-publicized police incidents.

            However, this is the election and people are tense, frustrated and have been spoon-fed lies for years now. I just don’t know what is going to happen.

            • I am allowed to work from home on Wednesdays, and I think I intend to do just that nest week. Newark managed to keep things peaceful during the George Floyd freak out, because the City is composed overwhelmingly of Baraka loyalists, I don’t know if it will stay that way if the election isn’t a decisive Biden victory.

  1. At 76-years-old I am no youngster, but the last four years have me 100% convinced we had a nice run and it is time to choose how we divide – amicably or violently? Much will depend on the most crucial point of this election and that is the Senate. With Congress in Democrat control and the left pulling the Biden strings, I anticipate much mischief starting with court-packing and eventually a circumventing the Electoral College. A way of making Democrat control in perpetuity. And the laundry list from reparations to Green Deals financed by pixie dust will be front and center. I am no optimist on the future of this great experiment.

    • I think this is in reference to the party at the White House following the confirmation. I don’t buy that it was either a campaign rally or inappropriate. Frankly, it’s normal for that party to happen, the optics of having a party during Covid is objectively worse than the party itself, people are just reacting to this party differently because of Trump.

      • In this special situation, given the accusations the Democrats were making, she should have passed. The photos are the problem, and the photos appear the same whether its a victory party or a campaign event.

        • I disagree with that this was unethical. When I read the initial comment, I thought she actually attended a rally; if it was a reception following installment, then it is quite difference. As for the ethics, I would want to know:

          Is it common to hold a reception following taking the oath?

          Is it typical to have photo-ops following taking the oath?

          If these are common and customary ceremonies then I think Trump is absolutely right, and the reception and photo-op are not only appropriate but ethical. Trump did his constitutional duty; the Senate did its constitutional duty, and the new justice has a right to enjoy what every other justice has enjoyed after being sworn in to the highest court in the land. Isn’t that affirming the important roles of three co-equal branches of government by continuing a tradition? Why would it seem inappropriate to attend such a reception? That bows to the opposition’s position that her nomination is somehow different or illegitimate.

              • Did you really expect anything else?

                “Appearance” of impropriety.. only to those who naively persist in believing the old fashioned notion that the SCOTUS has not been politicised.

                Such a belief has often been useful in the past in mostly curbing the excesses of a court that has been more than deferential to the Left. (Or, 90 years ago, the Right). Now there is no need for it. Neither side believes it any more, alas.

                • Yes, I really did. That’s because 1) it takes, as they say, two to tango and 2) I asssumed she was smart enough to make the ethical choice. Of course the President would want Barrett on hand, but she’s a Justice, not a politician, and she just had to answer questions about any deals with Trump; As many have pointed out here, such soirees are routine, but the her confirmation wasn’t routine.

        • No: for her to pass on attending the party would play right into the Democrats’ playbook – as a CONFESSION that their accusations were relevant, let alone true.

            • But I guarantee the world: Jon Meacham does NOT know the first thing about what goes on in the minds (or even, in whatever mindlessness there is) in those people he calls “lizard brains.” Fucking progressive Puritan!

  2. The video points out the danger of mail in ballots. If he were to go in person, no body knows how he voted. With a mail in, they can spy on him.

  3. My first reaction to #4 was to think that Barrett should have resisted, but after reading up on it, a White House party/reception does appears to be the modern norm.
    “Typically, though not always, justices have two swearing-in ceremonies, an intimate judicial oath at the Supreme Court followed by a pomp-filled White House event in which the new justice takes the constitutional oath administered to all federal employees. This was true for Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justices Samuel Alito, Stephen Breyer, Clarence Thomas and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.”

    At first blush it smacked of the over staged events which Trump had held recently, but on second thought, for COVID reasons, it was more reasonable that it happened outdoors.

  4. “…the limbic system is about all a lizard has for brain function. It is in charge of fight, flight, feeding, fear, freezing up, and fornication.”

    So the Lizard Brain is all about being in constant conflict, retreating to safe spaces, hedonism, paranoia, and unrestrained sex. Ok. I found the lizard people.

  5. Re: 1. I would bet
    Dad just told his daughters he voted for
    Biden an Harris just to stop the intense exchanges. That’s what guys do when they get tired of talking to people who cannot respect their right to make their own decisions

  6. I remember last time around that Veterans’ Day was three days after election day. I almost always make a point of going into New York City to watch the large Veterans Day parade, or at least I have since 2011. 2016 was the first time I was actually afraid going in, and the heavy security presence, with four policemen on every block both sides, and Federal officers with tactical vests and some form of long arm everywhere, was as much unnerving as it was reassuring. We should be able to gather to honor our veterans without fear that it will turn into a riot. That’s where it hit me that this was going to be a very long and very polarized four years.

    It may come to an end next week, at least that’s where almost all of the polls are pointing. Although the race is not always one by the swift or the one who is out in front, that is usually the way to bet. The president may yet surprise us. However if I had to give a valedictory to his administration I know what I would say, and it’s certainly more positive than negative.

    The fact is that the man stepped away from what could have been a very comfortable retirement at the age of 70 to run for president. He didn’t need to prove anything, he was at the point where most people have placed their capstone to their career and are just interested in spending their last few years doing what makes them happy, not someone else.

    It was never supposed to get this far. He was not supposed to continue in the race after the beginning of 2016. he was not supposed to survive the beginning of primary voting. He was not supposed to survive Super Tuesday. He sure as the devil wasn’t supposed to get elected, and he sure is the devil wasn’t supposed to beat Hillary, the left and the media’s chosen Queen. Yet, like Cromwell’s New Model Army, he beat everything and everyone else. Like Seabiscuit, he proved all the naysayers wrong.

    He built the most impressive economy in at least two decades and maybe in four, before this pandemic caused a halt. He took out two major terror masters, and dealt the Syrians a harsh lesson, but did not get the US mired in new wars with no way out. He also installed over 200 conservative Federal judges and put three new conservative justices on the Supreme Court.

    He also did all of this while dealing with an intractable opposition party that forced him eventually to beat back a ridiculous impeachment, and a nearly totally hostile media, who, as far as they were concerned, anything that went well on his watch went well in spite of him, but anything that went badly on his watch was all his fault, no one else’s. I don’t think any president has had to deal with this level of hostility since Woodrow Wilson lost Congress in 1918, and his own peevishness eventually left him with very few friends anywhere. At least in Wilson’s case, you could say that it was partially his fault for overreaching and taking a “my way or the highway” attitude. In Trump’s case, you are talking about opposition that was totally hostile from the start and would not even give him a chance.

    All things considered, I would say that that was 4 years well spent, and 4 years worth of very high achievement against some very serious challenges. Whatever happens, the president has earned his place in the history books. Some will never acknowledge that he did anything that was not bad, but those are not the people he needs to convince.

    • ” Whatever happens, the president has earned his place in the history books. ”


      And Benedict Arnold was a great General, whose achievements on behalf of the colonies have unfortunately been overshadowed by just one mis step, late in his career.

      ” Some will never acknowledge that he did anything that was not bad, but those are not the people he needs to convince.”

      So it is with Trump, too.

      • I think you’ll admit that comparing the President to Arnold is the kine of over-the-moon hyperbole Trump himself is justly criticized for. There’s nothing traitorous about working to deliver on the policies one was elected to pursue. I’d put this as a subset under Big Lie #3.

        • Some folks get there, the idea being that Trump’s various actions broke faith with this or that Constitutional provision, especially his failure to peacefully control the riots this summer, his repudiation of the Paris accords and the treaty with Iran, his perceived politicization of the Department of Justice, and of course the Russian collusion that no one could prove. Then again, some vocal folks on the left condemn Abraham Lincoln for his execution of 38 rebel Dakota warriors in 1862, and say that condemns him. The president who saved this country and ended slavery ordered the execution of 38 rebels during a civil war that wasn’t going so well at the time, while sparing others, and that’s enough to topple him from grace. Then again, those folks are the same folks who condemn Harry Truman for dropping the atomic bomb and not only Jefferson and Washington, but Grant, for owning slaves. You know, this reminds me of that stupid prose poem by Dorothy Nolte about learning by living:

          If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.
          If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.
          If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive.
          If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves.

          If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence.
          If children live with tolerance, they learn patience.
          If children live with praise, they learn appreciation.
          If children live with acceptance, they learn to love.

          This is just another iteration of the left teaching the first part only, to benefit them. One of these days I’ll deconstruct that poem, but not right now.

          • The first part of that poem speaks to the current social justice mentality in a nutshell. Minorities are often taught to be afraid. There’s always a boogyman to fight or fear. The evil racist is always on the prowl. The homophobe or transphobe is always ready to harm. The sexist is ever present. Who the heck can relax or achieve if at every turn some bigot or existential prejudice is constantly lurking. This mentality is a juicy drama in which the supposed victims of the system will never really succeed, unless of course, certain administrators are there to speak for them.

            I was enslaved to this mindset for years, especially in college and participating in activism. I was a useful enough idiot to preach the gospel of fear to other minorities. Fear can give purpose. What that purpose achieves though is constant stress and a lack of focus on what really matters like family, community, and serenity. When you’re constantly looking to slay dragons, you’ll always need more dragons to fight, insult, and dismiss entirely. That’s why so many social justice warriors today pick on fellow minorities who don’t know their place. If other minorities aren’t victims and don’t get off on being victims, they are exiled as traitors, and “deserve” to be “hung first,” as one white female antifa member said to a black cop this summer in Portland.

            The second part of that poem reminds me of Philippians 4:8 a bit. To a large degree, what you focus on is what you become and transmit.

      • Averaging polls plus other social, economic etc. factors. I will say this: for the journalism industry’s sake, these polls better turn out to be accurate, or at least something like accurate, or they are going to have a whole lot more egg on their faces than last time, not that it matters to them. I try to be objective, but I usually don’t even bother reading anything that came from CNN or the Washington Post because, putting aside outright mockery like the “Clinton News Network” or the “Washington COMPost”) they stopped trying to be objective and became propaganda arms of the left long ago.

      • Unclear of the numbers, but they did predict a Clinton win – and did a nice job of dissecting “what went wrong” afterward.

      • Does the Washington Post have a single fan of the president on staff? It looks like it’s all Jennifer Rubins and Max Boots (both of whom are dancing with glee at the prospect of a Biden victory).

      • Polls are indeed all over the place.

        Troubling for Mr. Biden in a different way is the fact that he has not yet matched Mrs. Clinton’s share of support in Philadelphia proper. Averaging the results of the two recent polls, he has the backing of 73 percent of Philadelphia voters, down from 83 percent for Mrs. Clinton in 2016. According to the Times/Siena poll, Mr. Trump was supported by 24 percent of Philadelphians, nine points ahead of his exit poll numbers in 2016.

        Thwe New York Times seems to conclude that this poll accurately reflects voter opinion in Philly.

        Given Philly’s demographics, this result (especially with Trump getting a quarter of the Philly vote) is only possible if a significant proportion of black voters defected. This does rhyme with a polling history by UCLA/Democracy Fund, and tweeted by Twitter user ProfBlackTruth, showing Biden basically stuck in the low 80’s percentage among black voters throughout the spring and summer.

  7. Re Amy Coney Barrat:
    I don’t see why she should not have attended the usual White House reception that follows the Senate’s confirmation of a president’s Supreme Court nominee. If it is because of something someone said in opposing her confirmation, doesn’t that mean there’s some special accusation, some form of words that is allowed to literally spoil the party? And since opponents of this President have shown themselves willing, even eager, to say absolutely anything they can think of that might do harm to this White House, regardless of truth, plausibility, anything, wouldn’t it be crazy to let what they say have any effect whatsoever in terms of spoiling this high moment for ACB and her family and supporters?

  8. I have prepared myself for a Biden or is it the radical left presidency? The polls are fairly reliable and in 2016 Trump won by a few thousand votes in a few states to seal it. Not this time. With elections, the most important factor is not who votes but who counts the votes. The Democrats are far more adept than Republicans in the “counting tactics.” As for Trump, his loss will be a media success and the culprit is COVID-19. Trump certainly did not help himself, but the media has been relentless in panic porn with this issue and it is paying dividends. The fear factor is off the charts.

    • If anything, you should expect the voting distribution to favor Trump more this time. Biden may win the super blue states by 5 million votes or more, but those votes won’t do him any good in Florida, Penn, Ohio, etc. I’m not looking forward to the Left’s meltdown when the Electoral College tilts for Trump again, but of the possible scenarios, I’d say that’s by far the most likely.

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