Wow! Yet Another Episode of Signature Significance, Proving The Corruption, Bias And Hypocrisy Of The News Media…


I’m rushing to get this up, and will doubtless have more to write later.

The man who authored a 2018 New York Times op-ed attacking the administration of President Donald Trump from within, hiding his identity, finally revealed himself. He is former Department of Homeland Security Chief of Staff Miles Taylor, who almost certainly had no or almost no contact with the President. Although the Times and his eventual book described him as a “senior official,” he was nothing of the kind. He was a staffer at a federal agency.

We now know that when he was a guest on CNN and asked directly whether he was anonymous, Taylor lied and said no, making this especially ironic…


Yes, a man who didn’t have the integrity to use his name while taking sniper shots at his ultimate boss and actively seeking to undermine his administration, and who lied about it, is presuming to assess the character of the President of the United States.

Incredibly, or maybe predictably, CNN has announced that it will be hiring Davis as a “contributor.”

Meanwhile, the New York Times and the rest of the mainstream media seeking to elect Joe Biden continues to bury the revelations of Hunter Biden’s former partner, who under his own name has implicated Hunter Biden in influence peddling as well as lying to the American people.

Maybe if he had given the information anonymously…nah.

More later. I have a Zoom ethics seminar to teach.

41 thoughts on “Wow! Yet Another Episode of Signature Significance, Proving The Corruption, Bias And Hypocrisy Of The News Media…

  1. “Meanwhile, the New York Times and the rest of the mainstream media seeking to elect Joe Biden continues to bury the revelations of Hunter Biden’s former partner, who under his own name has implicated Hunter Biden in influence peddling as well as lying to the American people.”

    I thought the following cartoon applied nicely to this paragraph…

            • Hillary was Donald Trump’s opponent in the 2016 election and has made no bones about the fact that she believes she won. She has been among those criticizing the necessity of an Electoral College; she clearly doesn’t believe that system works (but only when her favored candidate doesn’t win). She cannot be trusted to treat Trump fairly if she is an elector. If, under the unlikely scenario that he wins New York state, will she give him the state’s electoral votes?

              Even if he doesn’t win New York, she will be seen as a warrior fighting to keep NY’s electoral votes from Trump by the Democratic base that is ignorant of how the Electoral College works. She will be given credit for stopping him when, in fact, she didn’t do anything.

              At the very least, it is an appearance of impropriety.

              • A.M. Golden,
                Appreciate your opinion and thanks for trying to clear that up for me but your explanation just doesn’t seem quite right to me.

                In this context…

                Conflict of Interest: a situation in which a person is in a position to derive personal benefit from actions or decisions made in their official capacity.

                I see no possible “personal benefit” for Clinton outside the slim possibility of her getting revenge against Trump if New York goes for Trump and she get’s to influence the elector’s to vote for Biden, but I really wouldn’t consider that a benefit for Hillary Clinton.

                • It’s not a huge benefit, but it’s all she’s got. Considering the division in this country has gotten worse, in part, because of Hillary’s unwillingness to concede that she lost, the boost in creds she may get from corrupted Progressives who believe she will have kept Trump from being re-elected (and thus saving the country from tyranny) might be enough. Revenge is a powerful motivator, after all.

                  And it’s not just Hillary. I would object to any former Presidential candidate being an elector during an election in which a former opponent is one of the current candidates.

              • “Appearance Of Impropriety” is the name of a Clinton-themed line of women’s wear I’m working on. Mostly monochromatic pantsuits, but with just a little soupçon of corruption. Also, the labels will not accurately reflect the fabric, size, or care instructions, because it’s a trademark Clinton quality to lie about things for no good reason.

          • She’s not an elector yet since the election hasn’t taken place.

            Each party puts up a slate of electors in each state and technically those are who you are really voting for. She will only be an elector if Biden wins New York. If Trump were somehow to win the state then the Republican slate of electors would be chosen and that would be who would cast New York’s electoral votes.

            She would never be asked to cast an electoral vote for Trump — as opposed, just to pick an example at random, 2016 Republican electors who were implored to vote for Clinton instead of Trump. This was, of course, one of the early coup attempts as those Republican electors were selected to vote for the Republican nominee if he won their state.

            • Thanks Diego for explaining this fact. I was going to but I am learning to scroll to see if someone else made the point before I offer my two cents.

            • I appreciate your clarifying this, Diego. I would have hoped that New York would not be so bold as to put her in a position where she could withhold electoral votes from a candidate who happened to have been her political opponent, but we’ve seen so much outrageous behavior this year that it’s hard to know what is true and what isn’t.

              Since she cannot take votes away from Trump, this is less of a problem than I previously thought. For someone who has criticized the Electoral College and questioned the need for it, though, it’s just bad optics. But that’s what Clintonian politicking often produces.

    • On a sort of related front, I was just wondering why the Dems didn’t run Hillary again. If they were going to pick a non-Trump, why didn’t they just run Hillary again? After all, according to them, she won in 2016. Why wouldn’t she really win in 2020 now that everyone’s seen how big a disaster Trump has been? All she’d have to do was flip a few thousand votes in a few states this time. Anyone? Beuhler?

        • I wondered why they didn’t jettison Joe Biden, then. Isn’t the 20th or 80th time he’s run for president? Did he really win the DNC nomination? Or did he get it by default because the other candidates either didn’t want to squander their “mojo” for 2024 or didn’t connect with the DNC during the primaries (Harris anyone?)? Or, was it a cynical move by the DNC that the electorate would remember it liked Biden because he’s a decent, dyed in the wool Northeast Democrat, maybe a bit beyond his sell-by date but a cool, hip, really good dancing, energetic VP candidate would set the progressives to light upon the “anyone but Trump” train, sealing a Democrat victory for centuries to come? Long question but a really important one.

          So, I ask myself why he picked Harris as his running mate. What does she bring? She’s African American? Not really. Her dad is from Jamaica and her mom from India. She doesn’t have a compelling story – her parents are university professors at big universities. She didn’t live in poverty and raise herself up by her one talents – in fact, she road the tide of others for her own benefit. She’s a woman? Well, so were Warren, Gabbard, Klobuchar, Williamson, and Gillbrand. Oh, and she allowed Gabbard to obliterate her during the debates, which speaks volumes of her ability to think on her feet as well as the baggage she would carry if we had a functioning press. California? It’s already in his column. Blac . . . erm . . . African Americans? Probably not. African American women aren’t going to vote for Trump; African American men, though, are a harder sell because she systemically and systematically incarcerated a whole lot of them, so . . . As a presidential candidate, she wasn’t overly impressive and ran a less than mediocre campaign, was the first one out of the running, mismanaged her campaign funding and couldn’t raise popular support by above 7 or 8 %.

          Is it then that she ticks off three boxes on the diversity checklist? African, American, and a woman?


          • It’s your latter argument. Joe is a moderate Democrat who will attract long-time decent Democratic voters who don’t believe he will actually allow a drift too far to the Left, regardless of what he says on the campaign trail.

            He chose – or they chose – Kamala solely to appeal to the loud, far-Left, identity politics crowd.

            The only question in my mind is if Joe is in on the fix to remove him from office a few months after his inauguration or will this come as a brutal surprise to his addled mind?

            • I think you are correct. I don’t think he can withstand the leftward drift of his party, though. The bozos in the Squad have already stated they look forward to “lobbying” for the Green New Deal. Harris endorsed that plan in the Senate. So, he may get run over by them.

              As for the 25th Amendment, my wife agrees with you. She thinks that a few months after inauguration, he will suffer a “medical emergency” and Harris, the cabinet and Pelosi will use the newly minted provisions (supposedly passed to deal with the meanie, Orange Man Bad) to remove him. Biden won’t survive the first year, let alone the first term.


              • Bingo.

                And they will be able to point at the Republicans and say, “See? We were willing to jettison our incompetent President when they would not!”. They spent all that time banging the 25th Amendment into our heads for so long, it would be a shame if nothing came of it.

                Like I wrote above, it’s only a question as to whether Joe is an accomplice to this or a clueless victim.

              • JVB
                Recently, Pelosi publicly stated that Trump has demonstrated the need for Congress to create a “body” to determine presidential fitness to carry out the duties of the office. Apparently, the Constitution permits Congress to create a group of persons outside the president’s VP and Cabinet to render judgement of presidential fitness. She says it would have no effect on Trump but would for future presidents. If Joe signs that bill into law he will have signed his own termination document.

            • I’ve send this before, they will install an exoskeleton and loud speaker to keep Biden walking and talking throughout his first term. Hell, with their hubris, they may even run him for a second term. Democrats will not admit that that they nominated someone with severe mental decline, because Democrats cannot admit they are wrong.

              Eventually, the wax will melt, and they will come tumbling back to earth, if we are lucky….

          • The Ds don’t allow those who run in the general and lose to try again. If you lose in the primary they will let you try again – Joe ran twice before but lost in the primary, I think there was a third time he took steps toward it, but it never became an actual run. He got it because the Democratic bench realistically came down to him, Sanders, Warren, and Bloomberg. The rest of the folks in the field were non-starters, although Mayor Pete got farther than he should have. Warren failed to get traction, Bloomberg crashed and proved money isn’t enough, so it was down to him and Sanders. The Dems hustled Bolshevik Bernie off the stage before you could say knife, they knew he couldn’t win. Biden’s old, he didn’t do much as VP, but he just might be runnable as an Obama revival. Add a young progressive VP and that might do it. He picked Harris because she’s relatively young, progressive, a woman of color, and easier on the eyes than Stacey Abrams, who is frankly repulsive.

            I think there’s a good chance it might all come together if the polls are reliable. However, excuse me if this Republican feels the same way about Harris as the Democrats did in 1988 about Dan Quayle, i.e. someone who must not reach the White House.

            • Steve-O wrote,

              “He picked Harris because she’s relatively young, progressive, a woman of color, and easier on the eyes than Stacey Abrams, who is frankly repulsive.”

              Abrams certainly is repugnant on so many levels. I get that she is the Left’s Progressive Darling on way too many levels to count, But, for me, I fail to see why she has so much traction. She’s not overly bright, not well-spoken, has no real ideas, and would have to renounce her Georgia governorship is she were to be VP. She was on Anderson Cooper’s show with Biden. Cooper asked a number of times if Biden wanted to make an “announcement” about his running mate. Her expression change was worth its weight in gold. As Biden prattled on and on, her big, gap-toothed smile crashed and burned right there on national television. She went from gushing with anticipation to seething with rage in the spam of about 27 seconds. I ruptured a spleen from laughing so hard. Pure comedy gold.


              • The Governorship being renounced would only be in her mind.. She lost the election which is what put her name on the Progressive radar in the first place. She claims her opponent engaged in voter suppression and, like Hillary Clinton, has refused to concede. That’s why she’s a Leftist Darling…on top of being black and female.

  2. New listing on Wikipedia…

    Miles Taylor is an American former government official in the Trump administration, best known for his previously anonymous criticisms of Donald Trump. He was a Trump administration appointee who served in the United States Department of Homeland Security from 2017 to 2019, including as Chief of Staff to former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Acting Secretary Chad Wolf. While in the DHS, he helped craft talking points for the administration to defend its family separation policy.[3]

    In 2018, while deputy chief of staff to Nielsen, he wrote the New York Times op-ed “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” under the pen-name ‘Anonymous’, which drew widespread attention for its criticism of Trump. In 2019, he published the book A Warning.

    In August 2020, while on leave from his job at Google, he produced an ad for Republican Voters Against Trump, denouncing Trump and endorsing Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Taylor was the first former senior Trump administration staffer to endorse Biden.[4] As of August 2020, he is the highest-ranking former member of the administration to endorse Biden.[5]

    In October 2020, Taylor revealed himself to be ‘Anonymous’.

    Interesting that a Wikipedia is calling a Chief of Staff to a Homeland Security Secretary a “senior Trump administration staffer”, no Wikipedia Miles Taylor was a senior staffer for the Homeland Security Secretary NOT a senior Trump administration staffer. This kind of bull shit spin is intolerable propaganda!

    • I also get a kick out of the media running the photograph of this guy next to Trump in the Oval Office to contradict Trump’s statement he doesn’t know this guy. I’m sure Obama “knew” every person and government staffer he took a photo with in the Oval Office during his eight years, For example, I’m not sure what the going rate is for a photo of yourself with a president, but I know there’s a number out there. For anyone to say a president “knows” everyone in those photos is preposterous.

    • Can’t Wikipedia entries be edited for accuracy by others? I would think the best way to deal with BS is challenge the assertion.

  3. What an intolerable asshat. The fact that CNN has suddenly awarded him “contributor” status is signature significance for them (as if they needed yet another instance).

  4. Think of the people they hire: Brennan, Clapper, Strozk. Paid contributors at CNN is a house of horrors. Then again, they are all the same people Georgetown hires. It’s a swamp all right.

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