Ethics Dunces: Girl Scouts USA

Girl Scouts

I covered this episode briefly yesterday (Item , but upon reflection, it deserves more derision. The decision to pull the simple tweet saluting all of the women who have served on the Supreme Court because of indefensible tweets like these cited yesterday…

Asshole tweets

and others, like this…

Brown screenshot

…was bad enough: craven, submissive, and irresponsible. The organization’s explanation afterwards, when it had begun getting the much-deserved criticism for backing down in the face of the Woke Mob, compounded its disgrace. First it tweeted meekly,

Girl Scouts Grovel

..and when that abject grovel was not well-received, a Girl Scouts USA spokesperson so mealy-mouthed that—well it’s too early, and I can’t think of a witty metaphor—gave us this:

We have a legacy of highlighting women who have risen to the top of their fields including leaders of both political parties and our judicial branch. It was in this tradition that we congratulated Justice Barrett (as we have for Justices Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsburg and O’Connor), This has been construed to be a political statement, but that was not our intention and we removed the post to minimize the negative conversation. For over 100 years we have and will continue to work for equality and to break down barriers for girls everywhere and support increasing the presence of women across all levels of government.”


1. There is a clear distinction between political and partisan. “Working for equality” and “Breaking down barriers” for girls are inherently political goals. Saluting Supreme Court Justices based solely on their gender is also political. By no possible or logical interpretation could it be fairly called “partisan,” however. Three of the women honored in the tweet were appointed by Democrats and were or are ideologically situated on the left side of the spectrum, and two were appointed by Republicans. Justice O’Connor was a moderate conservative in her opinions. Nobody knows what Justice Barrett will do.

[Allow me to digress a bit, because this annoys me. Kerry Justice at Yahoo!, allegedly a reporter and not a pundit, writes, “Many pointed specifically to the threat that the justice represents toward women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights and the nation’s response to climate change; some even threatened to boycott the organization.” Either learn to write more clearly, or stop spreading fake news. There is no “threat” toward any of these things represented by the Justice. No case is before the court that poses a “threat.” Nobody knows how Barrett will rule. The term “threat” describes an opinion or, more fairly, pure fear-mongering by partisan activists. In a news story, the correct and ethical wording would state that some believe that Barrett poses such threats]

2. You can’t “lift up girls” by modeling behavior that teaches them to hide and surrender any time they are bullied and challenged. How can the organization accomplish its stated mission of empowering girls if it immediately retreats from an objectively neutral and positive statement because activists choose to criticize it unfairly? That’s a terrible example for girls, or anyone.

3. If women are going to back down any time someone complains about what they say or opine so they can “minimize the negative conversation,” they are going to find themselves dominated and reduced to subordinate positions in business, in relationships, in politics, everywhere.

4. There is no substantive difference between allowing men to force you into backing down and allowing women to do the same thing. Bullies are bullies.

5. This is the acculturated attitude women have been indoctrinated in for centuries. It would be funny to see a group that supposedly stands for empowering women behave this way if it were not so sad. “We are strong, independent women, but we certainly don’t want to express anything that anyone else finds offensive or disagrees with! That wasn’t our intent!”

12 thoughts on “Ethics Dunces: Girl Scouts USA

  1. They are confused. They want to empower women, but they’ve been pushed into the anti-feminist box that says that only some women should be empowered while the others should be forced to wear the equivalent of a scarlet letter so we know who they are and can avoid them.

  2. Sigh…this “protection” mentality started more than a decade ago. I was a GS leader for 17 years and both of my daughters thrived in the organization – especially learning outdoor skills and preparation that would last them a lifetime.
    However, towards the end of my youngest’s involvement, it became apparent lawyers were running the organization, paralyzing anyone in the hierarchy from using common sense as they set policies.
    Hayrides became “high risk activities” requiring a separate parental permission form. When I suggested it was better to just teach girls how to participate in such activity safely, I was met with “but they might get hurt!” whining. (I had my troops camping at age seven; making campfires, taking responsibility for having the right clothing for the weather, learning to leave-no-trace on outings, etc. Their competence, growing self-confidence, and proven capabilities amazed their parents!)
    When I suggested to GSA that we have a firearms safety badge for older girls – involving hands-on education from experts (the NRA classes for young people are superb and void of any advocacy for gun ownership – focusing instead on SAFETY in handling, understanding the mechanics and following the laws),I was met with shocked looks. When I said that having such classes didn’t mean girls had to become gun owners, but empowered them to know what to do if they ever came across a gun in a friends house or at home, I was told “NO WAY!” I even suggested that one of the best youth instructors I knew would put on a demonstration class for them to see what was involved. No takers.
    Sadly, GS now seems less about empowering young women to take care of themselves and more about programming them to go “Baaa” as they timidly follow the woke. Sigh.

    • Yep. I had a very positive experience with Girl Scouts in the 90s-2000s, and most leadership on the ground were tough, no-BS Midwestern women. But some seriously dumb stuff came down from higher up and “Can we do XYZ-innocent-activity or is that against SafetyWise?” was an ongoing joke in our troop for years. (It was explained to us we could technically do something forbidden in the safety manual, i.e. sit on a trampoline, as long as we didn’t mention Girl Scouts while we did it).

  3. The GSA seems to be following the BSA and Camp Fire on the road to political correctness and social woke-ness – and ruin. In my area, faith-based youth groups like American Heritage Girls and Trail Life are springing up regularly, while Scout enrollment is falling. When I was a young boy, there were no scout troops in my rural area, and most of us grew up learning a lot of the “wilderness skills” and traditional values from our parents and extended family, but there were church-based groups that filled the “scouting” niche for more organized instruction and group activities. In recent decades, scouting became more accessible for suburban and rural youth, but now things seem to be swinging in the other direction.

  4. I don’t have a vocabulary for how angry and frustrated this makes me. It is, to me, the encapsulation of how all feminism has gone wrong. I think it started back in the 90s, women began to bully men, and then of course, each other. Thank you, Jack, for so clearly pointing out all of the inconsistencies and issues with this type of thinking. Now, what do we do about it?

  5. Justice Barrett is not acceptable because she’s not a lesbian. She’s heteronormative, seems happy and appears to like men. All new Supreme Court women justices have to be lesbians. She’s also Catholic. The Ruth Bader Ginsburg chair is reserved exclusively for New York Jews. Wake up.

  6. I just have to laugh. I was watching a ‘reality construction show’ about a couple building a house. At the beginning, the wife states that she is ’empowered’, ‘tough as nails’ and is really looking forward to ‘showing how much she can do’ on this project. For the next 45 minutes of television, I watched her husband lift, hammer, saw, connect, plumb, pour concrete, and run wiring. He worked to the point of exhaustion and almost collapsed at one point. I watched her watch him, ask him how he is doing, and make comments about the progress. It could have been editing, but they made such a big deal about her being a workhorse at the beginning, that I have to think they would have shown everything she did do. I am now thinking she was a Girl Scout.

  7. This is just one more example of how the “woke women” who screech for equality don’t have the balls to behave responsibly. Unfortunately, my era of feminism–the 60s–sought equality by burning bras and drinking as much as the guys. The fact that alcohol and unwanted pregnancy went hand in hand was an inconvenient truth that could be ignored and fixed by abortion. It is laughable that women support abortion by claiming that it is necessary so women can control their bodies. The concept of controlling their bodies by not getting drunk is never addressed. There’s nothing as unethical than taking the easy way out and not admitting that personal responsibility was lacking. Consequently, we now observe the impact of three generations of women who have been convinced that the only way they can realize equality is through excusing their behavior. Specifically, we have seen first hand this past summer those pathetic examples of feminists who are protesting the inequality of blacks as they willfully want and enjoy special privileges that relieve themselves of any personal responsibility.

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