Final Pre-Election Ethics Notes I

Election 2020

[I may have more of these as the day goes on, before the riots start.]

1. I just heard a notable radio ad “approved” by Joe Biden. An African-American male voice [Aside: I was once told that identifying a voice as African-America was racist. Can you guess my response to this?] talked about voter suppression—poll taxes, literacy tests, terrorism and intimidation. “They” are up to the same “old tricks,” we are told. Then came a montage of sound clips, one of which was from an unidentified news source stating that “President Trump continues to oppose mail-in voting.” Then the voice says, “Be sure to vote. Not because I want you to, but because HE wants you not to.”

Biden approving this despicable message would have been enough, all by itself, to convince me that he is a liar and a cheat. Every American can go to a polling place and vote if they care enough. Requiring them to prove they are citizens and voting on their own behalf is not “suppression,” and opposing mail-in ballots that are an obvious invitation to voter fraud.

The ad is hate-mongering and a disgusting use of Big Lie #4: “Trump Is A Racist/White Supremacist. ”

This does seem to be the latest strategy to send the Deranged, the Marxists, the antifa, the anarchists and the Black Lives Matter mob into the streets if the President wins.  Playing his part, the House Majority Whip, Rep. James Cliburn (D-S.C.) told Fox News over the weekend that the only way Democrat Joe Biden could lose the election would be “for voter suppression to be successful.”


Clyburn also evoked Big Lie #4, and said that he would “pray” for blacks who voted for Trump. I give him credit for originality: when asked why such a vote was apparently worthy of damnation, Clyburn did not immediately jump to Trump’s birther period, which is usually the best anyone challenged to show the President’s alleges racism can come up with. No, he cited…Omarosa!

“I’m the father of three black women. I am the son of a black woman. If any black man can go in a polling place and cast a vote for a man who referred to a black woman as a dog on national television, I’m going to have to pray for them. I will have to pray for them. I don’t know of any man [who] can abide that kind of disrespect and insult,” the habitually race-baiting Representative said. Huh? I had to look it up. Yes, the President called his former “Apprentice” villain a “dog” after she turned on him—as he should have known she would do—and published a tell-all book after being fired from a White House position that he was a fool to appoint her to  in the first place. Of course, Trump has called others he was displeased with “a dog,” and uses the insult on all races and genders. It’s not Presidential and it’s not civil; it’s also not evidence of racism, but if that’s the best Clyburn had to flog the narrative, I guess he was stuck with it.

Then we have this, from the Attorney General of Pennsylvania:


Res ipsa loquitur.

2. More stories are emerging of family members and friends using emotional blackmail to bend those who don’t feel like voting for Joe Biden and his totalitarian-trending party to their will. Reuters has a story that begins,

“When lifelong Democrat Mayra Gomez told her 21-year-old son five months ago that she was voting for Donald Trump in Tuesday’s presidential election, he cut her out of his life. “He specifically told me, ‘You are no longer my mother, because you are voting for Trump’,” Gomez, 41, a personal care worker in Milwaukee, told Reuters. Their last conversation was so bitter that she is not sure they can reconcile, even if Trump loses his re-election bid.

“The damage is done. In people’s minds, Trump is a monster. It’s sad. There are people not talking to me anymore, and I’m not sure that will change,” said Gomez, who is a fan of Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigrants and handling of the economy….”

Gee, why did you raise your son to be such an asshole, Maria? Another question I would direct elsewhere: Can anyone point me to Trump voters who have tried this unethical tactic (which has been used on me by Democrats among my family and friend)s? Trying to persuade friends and loved ones to vote for one’s preferred candidate is a democratic tradition; holding a metaphorical gun to their heads and threatening to hate them forever is un-American,wrong, but consistent with the new progressive approach of succeeding by intimidation, if not outright violence.

This is not, as Reuters, a loyal member of the AUC, suggests, the fault of Donald Trump, but of those who cast him and his supporters as evil and stupid—I think “deplorable” would be an apt word, for some reason. It just popped into my head.

Reuters continued to bias and misinform its readers in the rest of the article. How about this passage?

Throughout his nearly four-year norm-smashing presidency, Trump has stirred strong emotions among both supporters and opponents. Many of his backers admire his moves to overhaul immigration, his appointment of conservative judges, his willingness to throw convention to the wind and his harsh rhetoric, which they call straight talk.

Democrats and other critics see the former real estate developer and reality show personality as a threat to American democracy, a serial liar and a racist who mismanaged the novel coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 230,000 people in the United States so far. Trump dismisses those characterizations as “fake news.”

Now, with Trump trailing Biden in opinion polls, people are beginning to ask whether the fractures caused by one of the most polarizing presidencies in U.S. history could be healed if Trump loses the election.

This is a sparkling example of what the biased news media calls “balance”:

  • No, most of Trump’s supporters do NOT approve of his harsh rhetoric.
  • Hello, Big Lie #6: “Trump’s Defiance Of Norms Is A Threat To Democracy”! His opponents have broken “norms” that I would not have thought anyone would dare breach in their effort to undermine and destroy his Presidency, beginning with trying to hijack the Electoral College, impeaching him for typical Presidential pressuring of foreign governments for legitimate purposes, attempting to frame him in a contrived investigation, and the Speaker of the House openly insulting him during the State of the Union, to mention just a sampling…, but Trump is the “norm-smasher.”   
  • And look! There’s Big Lie #1. “Trump is just a reality TV star”! Did Reuters, after four years of his Presidency, ever refer to Barack Obama as “the former community organizer and college pot-head?” No, it didn’t (I checked).
  •  Those characterizations are fake news, even the endlessly repeated serial liar trope, which has been dishonestly exaggerated by the media and Democrats by installing a broad definition of lie that would make nearly every politician a “serial liar.” But Reuters did get Big Lie #9 into its story, and that is unequivocal fake news.
  • About those “opinion polls”…“some,” “many,” “most” would all be acceptable adjectives in the Reuters piece. Instead, Reuters implies all opinion polls show the President trailing Biden, and that is untrue as well as misleading.

3. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is none too bright, so this tweeted sentiment from him evokes Hanlon’s Razor:

I never thought I would see so many buildings here in the nation’s capital boarded-up on the eve of a presidential election in anticipation of possible unrest. And it’s not just in DC. It’s happening in New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere around the country. So sad!

His network has been cheerleading for rioters since June, and using Orwellian reporting to suggest that violence is an appropriate response to events one strongly disapproves of. Remember this?

Fiery but mostly

As for Washington D.C., this is where Black Lives Matter slogans have been painted on the streets by the city’s mayor, and where BLM mobs were allowed to harass and intimidate diners without consequences. Over at Victory Girls, there were harsh words for Wolf and his ‘narrative,” all deserved:

 Here’s a question that I dearly wish someone would ask Wolf Blitzer, or any other mainstream media figure. Do you REALLY think that all of this violence will magically end if Joe Biden gets elected? After all, the cities that have been trashed and burned have been mostly Democrat-run cities. How does electing Biden fix that? The real answer is that it doesn’t. But it will make those Democrats FEEL better about themselves, because the Orange Man is So Bad, so now they might let the police in these besieged cities arrest those who are smashing things, because the children must be told “no” now that their preferred candidate will be in charge. This would be akin to telling a child how naughty they were after you gave them a cookie for punching their sibling in the face. In other words, it won’t work.

If the heckler’s veto wins, do you think the radical left will be satisfied, or emboldened? Do you think Biden can control the radical left wing? *snort* Do you really think Kamala Harris’s running mate will be able to put that genie back in the bottle?

And if Donald Trump wins, will elected Democrats lift a finger to stop the destruction?

If you know the answer to that question, then you know why the Democrats deserve to lose. And someone should try and explain it, in small words, to Wolf Blitzer.

59 thoughts on “Final Pre-Election Ethics Notes I

  1. I got back from voting after about 45 minutes in line (I was there 15 minutes before open). There was a huge line when I got there and a huge one when I left.

    If Donald Trump is re-elected, we know what will happen.

    * Riots, riots, riots…facilitated and cheer-led by the Democrats and their allies in the news media and the entertainment industry.
    * Conspiracy theories galore about cheating, foreign intervention, voter suppression and some things we probably haven’t thought of.
    * Anecdotal stories about voter suppression blasted on every news page and breaking news report that the media will be slow to correct after the facts come out.
    * Accusations of mail-in and drop-box ballot tampering after months of the Democrats insisting it was impossible.
    * New attempts to override the Electoral College by bribery, intimidation and a renewed threat to abolish it.
    * New investigations to find something else, anything else, to impeach him for.
    * Joe Biden will not concede.

    Mark my words, this isn’t over by a long shot.

      • I’m not so sure about that, Chris. I can see the Democratic mayors of some cities allowing the riots because their constituents have to express their mortification at four more years of a tyrant somehow.

        It reminds me of how Hitler would blame violence on the part of the Brownshirts on the “spontaneous exhuberance” of the German people.

        • Or how Ceaucescu would stage manage “spontaneous demonstrations” of loyalty to him, or how the Chinese poured “volunteers” into Korea.

      • I doubt they’re there for the voting, but for the aftermath. Downtown Indianapolis businesses are already boarding up to prepare for the temper tantrum.

        • You doubt?

          So you do entertain the possibility.

          Now here’s the question. Would we be roasting marshmallows together or shooting at each other?

          • I’ve already promised that I won’t shoot you, but we do have lots of bullets, and don’t keep any marshmallows in the house. I’m conflicted.

          • As a vet, I don’t think the National Guard will get involved. In NYC they were stationed, unarmed at places to show a presence. They had nothing but their uniforms. Saying that the folks that swore an oath would get involved is asinine.

      • Imagine being an adult in 2020, seeing months of leftist mobs burning neighborhoods, destroying property, undermining livelihoods and in many cases murdering people and then thinking that the presence of security forces as a response to those left wing civilization eaters is somehow a threat against voters and not against the left wing mobs that have been essentially promised at this point.

        One can only conclude that adults who think like this in 2020 are part of the dangerous mob and should be handled accordingly.

        • Counter to Leftist claims that they are there for Democratic voter suppression, it would be just as plausible to presume they are there to protect Trump voters from intimidation by BLM/Antifa.
          Valkygrrl and anyone following her lead had better gear up before pursuing their quest for a marshmallow roast on one of these vehicles. Many of these Guardsmen survived multiple deployments to Iraq and/or Afghanistan and know how to defend themselves.

            • Given that the history of the rise of totalitarian systems always begin with one party discrediting the validity of the system, as your people have done by questioning literally every aspect of the constitution.
              Followed by discrediting the security of the elections, as your people have done by openly engaging in vote harvesting and pre-determining which elections are corrupt and spreading those narratives with aplomb. Followed by openly engaging in street violence and mob rule, again, as your people have done.

              Given those current realities and the real history of the rise of totalitarians, I would submit that fascist boot-lickers say incredibly stupid things like:

              “If they even glance in the direction of a polling place I’ll not only approve of a riot I’ll fucking roast marshmallows over one of those APCs.”

              • I don’t want state security forces loyal to the Trump regime to come near the voting. You’re attacking me for that.

                Second fascist boot-licker says what?

                • Here, I can fix your ignorance, national guard forces take an oath to the constitution and are called out by governors.

                  Just remember, no one is boarding up stores because of people like me, they are however, boarding up stores because of people like you.

                  You can have your Biden win, but live the rest of your life reveling that you and your people turned us into a banana republic.

                  I can rest peacefully knowing I opposed this descent into lawlessness.

                  • The ANG being ready to go to quell violence is not the same as having submachinegun-toting guards inside polling places a la Chavista Venezuela, nor even having Black Panthers armed with clubs in the same place, like Philly.

          • It’s just as possible that they are there to protect the ordinary people (remember them?) from a repeat of this past summer. They have notice of this. They know what’s coming. They might well know better than the rioters themselves. It’s time to decisively say no. No more businesses burned, no more ordinary people getting their heads kicked in, no more chaos.

            You know, six years ago I visited the Tank Museum in a place called Bovington, in Dorsetshire, halfway between London and Cornwall. They were putting on a program for the centennial (or centenary, as they say) of World War I. Part of it was to display some of their rather impressive collection of armored vehicles that actually run (unfortunately not the Tiger I, but oh well, can’t have everything). As part of the commentary, the announcer noted that sometimes a display of impressive power eliminates the need to use it.

            Sometimes all that needs to happen is for the would-be insurgents to see the Royal Tank Regiment offloading armored firepower they can’t match, and they either drop out of sight or rethink their insurgency. In this case, maybe the would-be rioters see the serious armor and weaponry, know the National Guard aren’t fooling around, and decide to just vote and accept the results.

            However, if they decide NOT to accept the results and insist on being stupid, well, they might well find the guards’ firepower impressive…for a few seconds.

            • As part of the commentary, the announcer noted that sometimes a display of impressive power eliminates the need to use it.

              I know a retired B-1B pilot. He joked that his tours out of Diego Garcia often involved performing “airshows for the enemy”. When the ground troops were dealing with a town that couldn’t decide which side they were on that day, the ground troops would ask for a low flyby by a B-1B on full afterburner, followed by a climb and circle over the town. That combined with a few Abrams on the edge of town would often convince the residents which side they should pick for the day.

      • Is there some reason to believe this actually is the Georgia National Guard arriving in Atlanta?
        Is there some reason to believe that they are there for something to do with the election (if they are there at all)?
        If they are there, is there some reason all of the major media outlets in Atlanta have somehow missed their arrival?
        Is there some reason to believe that, if they are there, and if they are there for something related to the election, that it is an evil purpose?
        If you actually set one of these vehicles on fire so you could roast marshmallows, would that be violence attributed to Trump? Or, would that be a fiery but mostly peaceful marshmallow roast?

      • Do you fear that the presence of the National Guard will intimidate people and dissuade them for casting a vote for Biden/Harris? Do you fear that they will force voters to leave or vote for Trump at gunpoint? Do you fear that they will steal the voting machines? Is there a line we can draw so that we can all agree if the National Guard crosses it?

        • Yes, unlikely but I can’t discount the possibility Trump would do anything, somewhat yes, and I would have thought so but apparently not since I’m the only one who says they need to stay away from the voting no one else will, so I’m thinking they’re cool with having the election messed with.

          • I’ll draw a line, then. If the National Guard enters a space where people are voting, have voted, or are waiting to vote, without violence having broken out there beforehand, then I would label them as agents of corruption and not as protectors against turmoil. How does that sound?

            I predict that Trump will not try any such thing, though. In my estimation, his brand of arrogance is such that he firmly believes he will win the election on his own merits, that people actually like him to an intense degree and in overwhelming numbers.

            The Democratic Party is arrogant in a different way, such that they believe and/or claim to believe that they must take control because they are the ones and the only ones who will save humanity from itself. As a faction, they seem rather cavalier about skipping over the parts where they need to persuade people of anything through frank discussion or good-faith negotiation. They’re choosing the quick and easy path to power, but ironically they’re polluting culture in the process.

          • You seem to have an active imagination, but perhaps it needs to be reined in a bit.
            For Trump to use the National Guard to mess with the election, several highly unlikely things would have to happen.
            He would have to gain control over the Guard, which he does not now have, either by federalizing it or by having a governor so deep in his pocket that the governor would do his imagined (illegal) bidding.
            He would have to convince or coerce Guard commanders to issue illegal orders. My experience with military officers is that they are very knowledgeable as to what is legal and what is illegal and that, when it comes to their military duties, they are solidly committed to supporting and defending the Constitution, not any particular political candidate. Perhaps your experience is different.
            My imagination is so stilted that I can’t conceive of any Guard commander issuing an illegal order of the sort you seem to have in mind, but, if that somehow were to happen, those in the chain of command would have to be willing to obey that illegal order. All soldiers are expected to know the difference between legal and illegal orders, and they can be punished by court martial for following illegal orders.
            I just checked again, 12:53 EDT, and could not find any regular news media reporting on the National Guard moving into Atlanta. Is it possible your source is somehow (Hanlon’s razor here) mistaken? If not, he (as a claimed freelance journalist) should contact the media with his ‘scoop’.

        • Well, it was OK for Black Panthers with baseball bats to shoo white voters from the polls. Obama and the DOJ said so. It is likely that the Democrats will find it acceptable for BLM/Antifa to shoo Republican voters from the polls this election? If so, why shouldn’t the National Guard be there to make sure this doesn’t happen. It isn’t Trump and the Republicans who have a history of this sort of voter suppression and intimidation. Why would anyone think Trump would bring in people to suppress votes? There is no precedent for it. There is A LOT of precedent for Democrats to suppress votes. Poll taxes, literacy tests, and the KKK are all Democrat institutions used to suppress votes. Also remember, Biden caucused with the very people who instituted the poll taxes and the literacy tests and used the KKK to supress votes. He owes his career to the segregationists Democrats in the Senate.

  2. I saw an online news piece yesterday to the effect that some of the boarded up businesses were spray-painting “We support BLM” on the plywood covering their doors and windows, apparently as a stand-in for “Please eat us last.” I didn’t hear of any businesses painting “MAGA” or “Trump 2020” on the plywood to ward off those (imaginary) right wing rioters and looters.
    In my county, it was announced yesterday that 35% of registered voters had cast their ballots during early voting. Normally the early voter turnout is about 20%. Our usual total voter turnout for presidential elections is usually about 55%; in 2016 it was about 65%. Yet I know a whole lot of people (mostly conservatives) who waited to vote today, which makes a 70% turnout a real possibility. A friend who works for the county Election Commission told me he is researching their records to see if we have ever had a 70% turnout. (It has always seemed odd to me that people will turn out to vote in national elections in much higher numbers than local elections, when it is the local officials whose actions impact our lives more directly on a day to day basis.)
    An award that Biden has apparently won (perhaps shared with the rest of the AUC) is “Gun Salesman of the Year” for 2020, as industry analysts report that 2020 gun sales have surpassed 18,6 million for the year so far, and poised to surpass record-breaking sales in 2016, the last year that Obama won the award. I saw an estimate of 1.9 million guns sold last month, an increase of 65% over October 2019. Two decades or more ago, gun control advocates were already referring to America as an “armed camp.” I don’t know what hyperbole they would employ to describe the country now.
    About a week ago I went to a local “big box” sporting goods store to purchase some paper targets, and out of curiosity I asked a clerk in the firearms section about their ammunition inventory, He informed me that they had literally no ammunition in any of the popular calibers including .22 rimfire, and that whatever ammunition they received on a daily basis was selling out the same day.
    The next weeks will indeed be “interesting times.”
    God bless us, every one.

    • The only times I can think of anything like this happening were when the Hebrews marked their front doors with a lamb’s blood to avoid the pestilence that would claim the first-born of Egypt and when the Catholics marked the houses of their own with white chalk crosses and the houses of the Huguenots with other crosses the night of the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, so the popular uprising wouldn’t claim their own. Is that where we are now?

        • I don’t believe in blood magic nor the blood libel. I’ll leave the former to the realm of fantasy and the latter to the crazy anti-Semites. I do believe in miracles, since there will always be some things that can’t be fully explained and fewer, but still some, that can’t be explained at all. I do believe that historically when people have to start marking themselves or reciting code phrases to keep themselves out of danger, we are in a bad place.

            • Yes. Magic posits the power belongs to the human who performs it. A miracle posits the divine. I had a lengthy discussion with a theologian friend about whether God actually empowered the prophets with power they could use at their discretion or whether they had to seek His intervention when needed, after an offhand remark on the History Channel about Moses being “transformed into a powerful magician.” It was her conclusion that the prophets were not in fact “wizarded up.”

      • I think Vaclav Havel’s Green Grocer story in his essay The Power of the Powerless, serves as a more apt example of the BLM messages painted on (boarded up) windows.

        He tells the tale of a grocer putting a sign in his window saying “Workers of the world unite.” It was delivered to him and he knows if he doesn’t put it up there may be trouble.

        Havel noted what that sign really meant was:
        “I, the greengrocer XY, live here and I know what I must do. I believe in the manner expected of me. I can be depended upon and am beyond reproach. I am obedient and therefore I have the right to be left in peace.”

        In other words the grocers sign really says,”I am afraid and therefore unquestionably obedient.”

        Since Havel was subjected to communist tyranny in his home country, he literally saw the signs that preceded and held-up the debasement and destruction of his people and land.

        In Portland, year after year my wife and I saw more and more signs. First they were on bumpers and jacket pins. Then yard signs. And finally on businesses, especially after 2016. I spent some time trying to talk to a few businesses explaining that these signs not only didn’t help the people such signs apparently advocated for, they wouldn’t protect them if/when the proverbial shit hit the fan.

        In response I got, “Well this group says I should put the sign up so that’s what I’m doing,” or “I care about fill-in-the-downtrodden group and don’t know what else to do.”

        All I could say after such excuses was that these signs will only make tyranny more possible because what they really signaled was fear, conformity, and a willingness to put virtue signals before their customers freedom to enjoy what the business sold as goods or entertainment.

        And here we are. Those signs affirming correct group-think certainly didn’t save businesses that painted “Black owned” on their windows in Minneapolis or other riot towns. A BLM sign or an “In Our America” sign didn’t help either. Same for progressive politicians who had such signs and spoke such words, yet still had their home vandalized.

        And here we are.

        • I had an interesting experience today at lunch. My friend and I like to go to a taquería near my office. It is kind of an up-and-coming taco chain with awesome queso, staffed by post high school and college age young adults. As luck would have it, I needed a refill on my beverage while we waited for our order. So, I approached the counter for a refill on iced tea (no sugar or additives, please), at which point it was pointed out in glaring detail that I must wear a mask when walking around inside the place (I had left mine on the table), that the store would enforce the county’s face mask ordinance, and that if I didn’t wear one, I would be fined $1000.

          Now, I am a jerk when pressed to do something idiotic. I asked who would report me and who would fine me and who would collect this fine. The young lady, probably early 20s, said the police would enforce it.. “Oh? And who would report me?” She said she would because she didn’t want her corporate office to find out she wasn’t enforcing the face mask ordinance. Her co-worker chimed in that what she said was true, and that they were just following orders. I said, “Interesting. So, you would report a regular customer to your restaurant to the police because of some mask ordinance, right? You would call the police on someone who buys a lot of food here over a mask? Do you think your corporate office would appreciate losing a lot of money because of a mask ordinance?”

          She responded that we were free to go elsewhere to eat, that non-mask wearers were rude to put other patrons at risk because of selfish behavior, and that she was just following orders. In response, we did not make a scene but we canceled our order, retrieved our money and left.

          The manager (who was in the kitchen at the time) heard the tail end of the encounter, and came running out after us, asking why we were leaving. We explained the situation to the manager, who apologized and stated she would discuss the matter with the employee as well as with the corporate office because she agreed that the company needed to be more responsive to customers, and that it was absolutely NOT the role of the restaurant to play mask police. She asked us to return and said she would comp our order.


    • Jim, your mention of the grovel to BLM rioters and looters, painted on the plywood window covers, made me think of a Gary Larson “Far Side” cartoon.

      It’s a view through a hunter’s rifle scope, at two bears. One of the bears is aware of the hunter taking aim, so he looks straight back toward the hunter and points at the other bear right next to him, as if to say, “Shoot HIM, not me!”

      The rioters will just burn the plywood, and THEN break the windows. Or use axes, mallets and mauls to break the wood AND the glass.

      Along with Paul, ditto the excellent point about the lack of grovel-graffiti to right-wing rioters. “NAXALT” time: Not All Rioters Are Right-Wingers.

    • Yep, because mom and dad were so busy climbing the ladder at work and among their friends that they weren’t there to teach their kids right from wrong. I come from an Italian family not too diluted by passing generations (one consequence of whiteness is losing ethnic identity as generations pass), and we still understand the concept of sticking together, not turning on one another, and not letting less important crap come between us. If you’re going to let the question of Trump cause that kind of rupture, fine. Go spend Thanksgiving with your woke friends, and maybe we’ll send you an announcement of the next family event, but maybe not. We don’t need you bringing division to the table or creating chaos in conversations.

  3. As always, if a Democrat accuses a Republican of something, there is a good chance the Democrat is guilty, not the Republican. Poll taxes and literacy tests were tools used by DEMOCRATS to suppress the black vote. Republicans fought against those measures.

  4. I’ve been trying to follow the Left’s arguments regarding the upcoming riots. For the most part, they seem to genuinely believe that A) The majority of political violence and destruction comes from the right, B) bands of gun totin’ right wing groups, such as the boogaloo and the proud boys are wandering the country to kidnap governors that they disapprove of, and C) all the riots were caused by the same groups, and/or even undercover police officers trying to false flag the peaceful protesters as violent crowds. All of which is being done under the warm, paternalistic gaze of the evil, slippery orange man.

    At a certain point, isn’t insanity contagious?

  5. 1. Rep. James Clyburn invoking prayers:

    You know, they say God works in mysterious ways …just look at Nancy Pelosi. Around the time of the Impeachment Vote last December and January, she said more than once she was praying for our President. Obviously God answered her prayers. The Senate acquitted President Trump. Res ipsa loquitur.

    I would not be surprised that black families across our Nation will indeed receive added blessings from God for voting to re-elect Donald Trump. thanks to Rep. Clyburn. They also say, “be careful what you pray for.”

    Indeed, we should be praying for our Nation and our leaders.

  6. Good morning, Jack,

    All of the last four years has been leading up to this. This is just all of that writ large and on speed. None of this should come as a surprise to you. In fact, rather the opposite

    1. Biden already told black people that the GOP was going to put them back in chains. This is just that on steroids. Clyburn’s just taking what he previously said up to 11. I didn’t know the AG of PA was such a partisan hack, but I’m not surprised. Tom Wolfe’s flunkies are unimpressive all the way around. The fact that the Dem-dominated PA Supreme Court allowed ballots WITHOUT a postmark should tell you exactly what they are trying to do. According to Trafalgar Trump needs to win PA by 4% or more to really win due to this obvious set-up for fraud. Maybe he can do it. If not, we’re looking at 2000 up to 11.

    2. This crap started the day after Election Day 2016. Within 24 hours there were articles all over the goddamn place telling the young and woke to cut their relatives who voted for Bad Orange Man out of their lives and treat them like crap. Bill Penzey, who sells spice mixtures with a side of liberal garbage whether you want it or not, was telling his customers who might have voted for Trump that maybe they could buy their way back into the good graces of the young, woke, and blessed by making a big-ass contribution to the ACLU or SPLC. My response is no, go to hell. If you’re going to let politics render me a non-entity to you, or evil to you, then you need to get out of my life. What the hell makes you think you’re so damn important that being with you is a privilege that I must give up the independent vote to have? That’s the left’s overexaggerated sense of entitlement and desire for a monopoly for you, though. They think they have the right to act as badly as they want, but to expect perfect behavior from the other side. American politics isn’t pro wrestling, though, the designated face doesn’t get to break all the rules while the villain gets booed for the same things.

    3. Again, entitlement, and blame-shifting, just like in school you blamed the bullied kid for the bullies beating him up, and said if he would just try to fit in better you wouldn’t have to smash his head against the locker or kick him so hard in the groin that you could hear his testicles hit the inside of his skull. It’s just like drug users blaming society for their addiction, or minorities blaming systemic racism for their lack of success. The victim didn’t hit himself, society didn’t stick the needle in the druggy’s arm, and the system didn’t make the failure goof off instead of studying, or hang with a gang he knew was bad news. Trump didn’t smash the first window, or light the first match, or fire the first bullet. Here’s the thing, win lose or draw, the political risk is over tomorrow, so don’t be surprised at a robust response.

    • Steve, Re: No. 2:

      Actually St. Barack politicized the family unit/structure, when he preached to his disciples that they needed to evangelize the importance and virtue of the Affordable Care Act over Thanksgiving turkeys and holiday tree decoratings.


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