An Ethics Alarms Popeye: Boy Am I Sick Of THIS Lie!

As a long-time Popeye fan, I established the Ethics Alarms designation in the spinach-gulping sailor’s honor to mark the times when I feel compelled to rail against a particularly persistent media distortion of reality. This morning’s New York Times sports section, in a bottom of the page article about ESPN firing one of its more political hosts now earns a Popeye for this bit of deliberate disinformation, aimed at smearing the President (of course). As has been a pattern at the Times, President Trump had little connection to the story but it was decided that a gratuitous attack was appropriate anyway.

Reporter Keven Draper wrote (and Times editors accepted) this:

Le Batard publicly criticized ESPN’s tepid approach to covering politics after President Trump tweeted that four Democratic congresswomen of color should “go back” to “the crime-infested places from which they came” — comments that even members of Trump’s party condemned as racist.

Although this is how the President’s admittedly stupid and inflammatory tweets have been misquoted since they were posted, that is not what he tweeted. Here are the tweets in question:

Trump tweets 5

I’ll stipulate that these were among the President’s nastiest and most self-destructive tweets, especially since they were subsequently distorted by the AUC —that’s the Axis of Unethical Conduct: the Democrats, the resistance, and the mainstream news media—as the Times distorted them this morning. (Ethics Alarms criticized them at the time.) But “If your so smart, why don’t you go back to your countries of origin and fix their problems, and then come back and show us how” (unfortunately, Trump usually requires a translation) is not “go back to where you came from” (and stay there.) The tweets can be criticized as written—Trump foolishly assumed that all four members of “The Squad” were immigrants—-but they virtually never are. They are deliberately misquoted to make them appear even worse than they are.

It was a slow-moving soft coup and a stolen election by a thousand—hundreds of thousands–cuts…little lies, smears and distortions like this one, every day and often every hour, to undermine the President. And it continues still.

I can’t stands no more.

9 thoughts on “An Ethics Alarms Popeye: Boy Am I Sick Of THIS Lie!

  1. Yes, hundreds of thousands of cuts just like that. Purposeful, indignant, shameful and unpatriotic. How twisted are they, the demorats, as many call them in Twitterland and Parlerland, and MSM (main stream media) that they are so passionate to discredit and misquote? Someone recently wrote that Trump went looking to drain the swamp and found an ocean. It’s a twisted, wrenching, stormy ocean filled with pollution and forsaken ethics and morals. A monster. I’m ready to kill it. I’m hoping the army of patriot deplorables keep pushing forward.

  2. This feels like bait.

    I still don’t think this is the hill you want to stand your ground on. You’re right, they misquoted what he said. And if you want to highlight yet another example of media malfeasance in regards to reporting what Trump actually says, then sure. But what Trump actually said here was bad in and of itself and doesn’t deserve the defense you give it.

    We’ve had this discussion before, but I just can’t let the point go uncontested; You said it yourself, he assumed that all of the members of the squad were immigrants, when only one of the four was. Why would anyone assume that? I’m too tired and crotchety to play the game of “We DoN’t KnOw WhAt WaS iN hIs HeArt”, or to try to parse this particular dumpster fire of Donald Trump’s verbiage yet again, or to have someone pretend that he was only talking about Omar when he said “progressive congresswomen”, “countries”, “governments”, “they”(x3) and “places” plural.

    It’s obvious, at least to me, that the reason Trump assumed that AOC, Pressley, Tlaib and Omar were immigrants because they are brown.

    • They were and all all members of “the Squad,” all have ties somewhere to countries that compared to the US are dangerous messes. The logic was sloppy, he was looking for a single bon mot to insult all of them. In any event, we have the right to know the real words, not a deceptively edited version of them, to make up our minds whether it was racist or not.

      I’m not especially offended by this one, but it’s disgusting to see the same distortion over and over again, like the “all Mexicans are rapists” lie, or “white supremacists are good people.” No, this isn’t the MOST unfair of them, but that’s no reason to let it slide.

      Typically I’d only mention this as a #5 in a Warm-Up, but much of the time I see something like this, and it slips through the cracks. Not this time.

      • Now if only there were some mechanism to place a little editorial banner next to any quote or statement that has been taken out of context… It might say something like “This claim has been disputed”?

        Surely, that kind of a disclaimer would never appear next to a quote that clearly was entirely factual.

      • “They were and all all members of “the Squad,” all have ties somewhere to countries that compared to the US are dangerous messes. ”

        See, even that that’s not even true: Where do you think AOC and Pressley have ties to? Tlaib has some ties to some shitty organizations, but what countries? It’s important to call out when people make up stuff about Trump, but we don’t have to defend him, particularly when he fucks up, and especially when he’s just wrong. He could have been wrong about 100% of the squad, except Omar is actually a Somali immigrant, but I view that as more of a coincidence than anything…. I don’t believe Trump knew that: He was wrong about three quarters of the squad out of sheer ignorance, but he was right on Omar? Please.

        No, he assumed people came from somewhere else based on the color of their skin, and that’s really as deep as we had to get. It was a shitty, stupid thing to say.

        • That’s not right either. I forgot about Pressley, whon I never think of as “The Squad”; maybe Trump doesn’t either. AOC’s parenst are Puerto Rican—that’s an American territory; it’s also a mess. Tlaib is Palestinian-Americaan, and both parents were born in claimed Palestinian territory. I’d say that qualifies as a connection. Moreover, she’s white, and I assume Trump thinks of her as white. As is AOC, for that matter: Puerto Rican isn’t a race. If Tlaib and AOC are “of color,’ so am I. (I’m not, but I’m darker than both.} Of course Omar’s Somali background is what Trump was referring to, not her race. Somalia is the very definition of a Hell Hole.

          I said from the beginning that it was a shitty, stupid thing to say. Ignorant as well as inflammatory. But he was 3 for 4, not 1 for for 4.

  3. Perhaps I’m to kind, but, I have always read ‘who originally came from’ to be a reference to ancestors rather than personally.

    I agree, of course, that the tweet shouldn’t have come from any President.

    • That’s because you gave the President of the United States the benefit of the doubt, which is what any previous President would get automatically. But Big Lie #4 had already laid the groundwork for this, and, of course, still resonates.

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