“Barr Worked to Keep Hunter Biden Probes From Public View During Election” Says The Wall Street Journal. “Good!” Says Ethics Alarms.


That’s exactly how the Justice Department should treat investigations that might come to nothing and yet could affect a Presidential election simply by the fact the investigation is occurring at all.

From the Journal’s s article, which came out two days ago:

“Mr. Barr was aware of the investigations involving Hunter Biden before the spring, the person said, though it isn’t clear when or how he first learned of the inquiries…Justice Department guidelines advise investigators against taking overt actions in a run-up to an election so as not to be seen as affecting the outcome.”

Huh. You’d never suspect that such guidelines ever existed from the ham-handed way the Obama Justice Department handled the Hillary Clinton email server investigation before that election. That time, the news media broke the story, and the investigation was first used as a way to mitigate the damage to the Obama administration’s candidate of choice, even to the extent of allowing the Attorney General in charge to stay in charge of it after the husband of the candidate whose conduct was being investigated—when that husband had appointed that Attorney General to a high post while he was President—openly attempted to lobby that AG while the investigation was taking place.

Then, to make things worse, after FBI head James Comey—back before he had proven himself to be an unethical lawyer, incompetent manager, and narcissistic boob—seemed to boost Hillary by refusing to indict her based on what we now know was a contrived standard of innocence, he came back and knee-capped her campaign by announcing another investigation relating to the missing emails days before the election. He did this, he said later, because, assuming like everyone else that Clinton would win, he didn’t want to undermine the perception of the legitimacy of her Presidency if it was revealed later that damaging information had been uncovered in an investigation her own party’s Justice Department had withheld from voters.

So instead, we got the Clinton-spun narrative that Comey had intentionally pushed Trump to victory by re-opening the email server scandal, and Trump’s election was declared illegitimate!

Trump has started tweeting his anger about the Justice Department and the FBI’s failure to disclose the Hunter Biden investigation earlier, beginning when he wrote, “Why didn’t the Fake News Media, the FBI and the DOJ report the Biden matter BEFORE the Election?”

And there it is: the reason why people like me never have felt comfortable having someone with the President’s ethical blind spots—Spots? More like the moon landscape!—-and orientation toward an “ends justify the means” in all things great and small in a position of such great power.

Without such a policy, a President could (and in Trump’s case, would) use his law enforcement agencies as weapons in his own campaign, or that of his chosen successor. It was not the Justice Department’s job, function or proper responsibility to correct the corrupt mainstream media and Big Tech efforts to bury the Hunter Biden laptop story so near to the election. Funny—the MSM had no trouble finding anonymous sources, leakers and “whistle-blowers” to reveal behind the scenes developments that would cause suspicion to fall on President Trump and his family, but somehow no such sources ever revealed the existence of the Biden investigation! Did nobody working for the Times or Post ask the question of Barr or other Justice Department officials? Apparently not. Almost nobody asked Joe Biden about it either.

A show of hands: who believes that Hunter Biden never gave his father a heads up that he was a target of an investigation? Would you, if you were Hunter? Yet Biden allowed his surrogates and the news media to push the lie that the laptop story was “Russian disinformation.”

To paraphrase Connie as she hysterically indicts her ruthless, lying brother Michael Corleone to his wife in the final scene of “The Godfather,”

That’s your President! That’s your President!

Yes, that’s your President.

I won’t be paying any more attention to indignant declarations by Democrats about how President Trump lies, thanks.

Meanwhile, Bill Barr, who has been smeared by the Axis of Unethical Conduct as a John Mitchell-esque hack ever since he (correctly) concluded that the Mueller Report proved neither “Russian collusion” nor “obstruction of justice,” is owed an apology.

Of course, he won’t get it…just more insults from the President for maintaining his integrity and that of his Department.

5 thoughts on ““Barr Worked to Keep Hunter Biden Probes From Public View During Election” Says The Wall Street Journal. “Good!” Says Ethics Alarms.

  1. Poor Barr. As I understand it, he un-retired and took the job because he was offended by the corrupt and partisan nature of people using the system against Trump. I think he felt that a person of integrity and fairness could straighten things out by going exactly by the book in all situations. I hope he has great courage of conviction, because he hasn’t made any new friends.

  2. I made a comment on this topic in an earlier post and while I agree with the ethical dimensions of why investigations should be not be made public prior to an indictment I have to ask what do we do with those who willfully violate the rule. The runup to elections should have nothing to do with whether or not someone is under investigation. Investigations of wrongdoing when made public can destroy the lives of any innocent person. However, not publicizing an investigation is far different than pausing one. This is especially true when the media will not ask any questions anyway.

    James Comey has made millions selling books, Clapper and Brennan are fixtures at CNN and MSNBC and what of the others at Justice who leaked contrived unsubstantiated information on political figures they did not support; what sanctions are appropriate for these persons who breach these ethical ideals?

    Comey is a lawyer but I don’t see any policing of his behavior by the bar for his unethical acts. And, if there is no rule in the legal canon of ethics for lawyers regarding what he did then why should we treat Barr as an ethics hero for protecting Joe Biden from the scandal that is Hunter? When something comes to light such as the computer shopkeeper’s story all that needs to be said is that we are evaluating the information. Anything else appears to be a coverup; especially when we are being told by high ranking former intelligence officials that this is “Tradecraft Russian disinformation”. You cannot expect people not to see the blatant double standards at play.

    I just read where Muslim men were paid damages for being placed on the no fly list. Why is it that some people are awarded damages when the government screws them or violates some Constitutional right while others are told to go pound sand. I don’t blame Trump for demanding equitable treatment. Social Justice is a two way street.

    As I understand the concept of rules, rules are the lines by which all participant’s acts are bounded. If one player or member violates those rules a sanction is imposed to curtail the behavior. If one group plays by one set of rules and another group is forced to play by a different set of rules at some point the players at a disadvantage will become frustrated and destroy the field of play. We are getting there.

    Bill Barr’s actions can be viewed as ethically heroic or the opposite. I don’t know which is the case. I will say that it strikes me as odd that Barr sought to have the Justice Department defend against the the private defamation case against Trump. It is almost as if Barr pushed that knowing that the court would reject the arguments and Trump would look like he was using the Justice Department as his personal lawyer. If Barr is that smart why would he do that. I am still waiting on Durham.

  3. I dunno. Seems fishy to me since the Biden FBI investigation was opened in 2018 (according to Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire podcast) and suspended for a time during the election. I’ve known there was issues for at least 18 months. Peter Schweitzer wrote a book called Secret Empires detailing several items with Hunter Biden including the Burisma dealings, China Scandal and the company with John Kerry’s step son and other dealings that allegedly scammed some Native American Tribes out of a fortune. I believe his business partner just pled guilty on that. So I think it’s suspicious that it was quiet until now, although I’m not as familiar with the practice of law and investigations as most of you. Maybe that’s standard practice.

    • Demeter, thanks for helping make this a real conversation with everyone having (well)informed opinions that may or may not go against the grain with someone else. This is not an area of my expertise — far from it — but you and Chris and Isaac, and of course, Jack, the man who puts in the ingredients and stirs the pot. All of you together help me understand more and more about what’s going on, who’s doing it and why, and how it is affecting the government of my country and eventually, my life. .Please continue.

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