Thoughts On The Entertainment Industry’s Cultural Brainwashing Regarding Diversity.


Statistics on this are inherently inexact, but approximately 8-9% of the marriages in the U.S. are interracial, and that’s including Hispanics and Latinos as “non-white.” However, if you have been watching movies, TV shows or commercials made in 2020, you would get the impression that the percentage is closer to 80-90%, and maybe higher. This parallel universe has been a special bonanza for actors of Indian extraction, who seem to be the default “lovers of color” that casting agents use when they have decided that another African-American-White mixed race couple would be boring.

I really don’t care if Hollywood and Madison Avenue want to create their own fantasy U.S. and madly virtue-signal at the same time, except that I don’t like having my arm twisted, metaphorically or for real. I would happily volunteer to be permanently dyed whatever generic color was decided upon if we could just stop all the posturing, excuse-making and drama over race; the sooner everyone is the same shade the better say I. It is, however, not the job of entertainers and ad execs to shove diversity down our throats., and that’s exactly what’s happening.

Right now, the situation is literally laughable. When we are watching a recent production in which a white character is about to introduce his or her significant other, my wife and I try to guess whether the Mystery Friend will be black, Asian, Hispanic. Indian, or just some kind of unidentifiable non-white. If a white actor shows up, our first thought is, “oh-oh, something’s wrong with this pair.”

The clear message being sold is that if you aren’t part of a mixed race couple, then you’re a racist.

That message is not fair or true.

There are also obnoxious double standards involved. We were watching Tyler Perry’s “A Fall From Grace,” released this year. Perry, as you know, is the king of black audience entertainment on stage, screen and TV. He’s like a black Aaron Spelling. In this film, about a criminal defense firm, there are only black couples. The black characters only have black friends. Perry plays the head of the firm, and the only white employee we saw brought him coffee after he bullied her. The other whites we saw were in board room full of old white executives who fired the film’s protagonist.

To say the film’s portrayal of whites embodied negative stereotypes doesn’t come close to describing it. An equivalent portrayal of blacks would show them dressing like pimps and break-dancing while eating fried chicken with one hand and dribbling a basketball with the other.

So the idea, apparently, is to demonize whites unless they make up a component of a diverse relationship. In another recent film, Amazon’s horror re-make of “Fantasy Island,” we had Eurasian model Maggie Q as a mixed race protagonist who marries a black husband, Mexican-American actor Michael Peña as (a lame) “Mr. Roarke,” who is married to an African-American woman; two brothers, one of whom was Chinese-American (and gay) while the other one was straight and white (don’t ask), and the two villains of the piece (not counting the killer zombie/robot things) who were both blonde, white, female sociopaths. Diversity!

Now, I’ve enjoyed the performances of many of the non-white actors who have been paraded across my vision, and I am glad they are getting work.I have always been a supporter of non-traditional casting because it often allows for old material to take on new meaning and flavor. However, when non-traditional casting becomes mandatory, automatic and routine, it also becomes boring and distracting.

I think we can deal with our race problems without being subjected to attempted brainwashing by the would-be social architects of Hollywood, who are so steeped in their own biases and double standards that letting them re-design our culture is like letting Stevey Wonder touch up the Mona Lisa.

19 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Entertainment Industry’s Cultural Brainwashing Regarding Diversity.

  1. Jack wrote, “When we are watching a recent production in which a white character is about to introduce his or her significant other, my wife and I try to guess whether the Mystery Friend will be black, Asian, Hispanic. Indian, or just some kind of unidentifiable non-white. If a white actor shows up, our first thought is, “oh-oh, something’s wrong with this pair.””

    THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s back to the reeducation camp for you two, you left out the possibilities of LGBTQ… in your possibilities. 😉

    • P.S. My wife has been watching all the Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies and due to the fact that I’ve seen every damn thing I care to watch on Cable, Netflix, Disney and Amazon Prime since we’ve been cooped up due to the pandemic that I’m now reluctantly sitting down with her to watch these terribly predictable movies that I haven’t seen before, it’s either that or I clean clean guns again or read/write on the internet some more. I still can’t play my guitars because of my hand and I’m bored stiff! Enough about that. The movies follow a annoyingly predictable predefined pattern, it’s as if they have a blank template and random authors on a zoom meeting are filling in the blanks, ARRGH, I could write this trash for a bunch of average skilled (couple of decent ones once in a while) actors in my sleep! Oh well, my point is I’m doing the same damn thing you two are doing but I add in the LGBTQ… choices into the mix.

  2. You should check out the BBC – their Merlin series had a black Guinevere; and Years And Years, BBC’s imagined dystopia, had a white gay guy saving a Ukraineian immigrant; his sister who is wheelchair-ridden; another who is a Femen-type activist but lesbian and dying from being irradiated; another washed-out brother who is married to a black woman; a a blind grandmother; a trans-species daughter; a gay son; and Emma Thomson playing the part of an English Marine Le Pen

  3. A few initial reactions:
    “ … the sooner everyone is the same shade the better say I.”
    I’ve been out of undergrad school more than 50 years, but, back then, I thought widespread racial inter-marriage was the only lasting solution to racism. Mixed race marriages may be 8-9 % now, but the trend clearly is upward, and among newlyweds, the rate is much higher. I say good.
    “ …shove diversity down our throats …”
    I’m sure from their viewpoint, they are not shoving anything down anyone’s throat; they must believe they are countering the racist thought that intermarriage is an abomination, and, yes, that thought is not so prevalent as it once was, but it still exists. Plus, they cannot shove something down my throat unless I allow that to happen, which I don’t. I watch far less of the stuff on TV and in movies than most of the people I know, and while that may make me a cultural idiot, it leaves me with far greater peace of mind (and a brain which has not been washed, well, not too much anyway).

    • I have to doubt the optimism you and Jack place on racism going away if we all look the same. Take any section of Europe and you’ll find two to five groups that all look exactly the same and who have been insulting, blaming, and in many cases trying to eradicate each other for a thousand years. I feel pretty sure this is exactly the same impulse as racism, but without the handy color-coding.

      • Exactly right, Emily. Humans in groups seem to have a need to slice and dice the group down to smaller parts. There is a primal instinct toward dividing the world into “us” and “them”, that probably has roots deep in our genetics. Our primate relatives – apes, monkeys, lemurs, etc – all form tribal groups like this, and the individuals in those groups generally look very, very similar to each other. It’s not about appearance, or even genetic differences. Jews and Arabs living in the Middle East have remarkably similar DNA, but peace and harmony are in short supply over there.

        Physical differences that we group together and call “race” are just one of the easier ways to tribalize, but even if we all looked identical to each other, we’d find a way to create these tribal groups. We already do: religion, politics, left-handed vs. right-handed, spaghetti slurpers vs. fork-twirlers, it doesn’t matter how stupid the criteria are, we seem to need someone to be the “other”, and that instinct is buried deep in our brains. Some are better at suppressing and overcoming it than others, but it’s latent in (almost) all of us.

      • Yeah, there’s that matter of the Irish and the Scots, the Normans and the Saxons, the Arabs and the Hebrews, and the Hutus and Tutsis. Oh yes, and let’s not forget the Russians and the Poles.

  4. It’s inevitable though.

    The industry composed of rival competing networks isn’t going to collude to ensure a final aggregate product that equally matches what America ‘looks like’. The dozen or so producers are going to look inside their individual stories at a maximum of 6 main characters, with most stories focusing on 1 or 2 main characters.

    They will see a population of 15% black people and *round up* that .15 to a whole person for their individual story. They’ll see a population of 40-60% other minorities and *round up* that .5 to a while person for their individual story. So their individual story, will have at least one black person and at least one other minority. For most stories, that’s already 75-100% of the main characters.

    NOW aggregate those stories of ALL the competing networks into the final calculations and you’ll have a really uneven distribution of race across stories.

    As though it matters.

    Intersectionality and Identity Politics are a nefarious danger to our Republic. Ultimately a Trojan Horse to breaking down any unifying feature of American Culture.

  5. What? Doesn’t EVERYBODY pair-up with someone of a different race for “BFF,” buddy, lover, co-habitant, marriage partner…? Hell, even the extraterrestrials do their version of Cave Man Courtship with homo sapiens.

    Me, I’m mostly German, and married a Dutch girl. Now, THAT is more diverse than you might think! Skin color ain’t all it’s propagandized to be.

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