Getting To Know Kamala Harris

Most Americans, even and indeed perhaps especially those who voted for the Biden-Harris ticket have scant knowledge of who Kamala Harris is, and for Democrats, that was a good thing.

She was chosen as Biden’s running mate purely because he had to pick a woman and one “of color,” and if Oprah wasn’t available, the field was far from stellar. Those who did know much about Harris, the Democrats who paid attention to her cringe-worthy debate performances and who watched her various giggling, pandering interviews, were sufficiently unimpressed to withhold their votes, even when the alternatives were as weak, or weaker, than the cognitively fading, accused sexual harasser former Vice President, and even while the news media was openly cheer-leading for her.

Inspired by the holidays, Harris gave one of the few glimpses we have had since her nomination of just how cynical and untrustworthy she is. She released a video to Kwanzaa celebrants, although the thing began “Happy holidays everyone!” In other words, “Hi everybody, but the people I’m really interested in are blacks, my pander targets for today.” Unlike Christmas, which is celebrated by all races world-wide, Kwanzaa is only celebrated in the U.S., being a fake holiday, and only by a minority of African Americans. Here was what she said,

Happy holidays, everyone. I wanted to take a moment to send my warmest wishes to everyone celebrating Kwanzaa. Like so many other holidays, we will be celebrating Kwanzaa a little bit differently this season in our home. We’ll be doing it over Zoom.

You know, my sister and I, we grew up celebrating Kwanzaa. Every year our family would – and our extended family, we would gather around, across multiple generations, and we’d tell stories. The kids would sit on the carpet and the elders would sit on chairs, and we would light the candles, and of course afterwards have a beautiful meal. And, of course, there was always the discussion of the seven principles. And my favorite, I have to tell you, was always the one about self-determination, kujichagulia.

And, you know, essentially it’s about be and do. Be the person you want to be and do the things you want to do and do the things that need to be done. It’s about not letting anyone write our future for us, but instead going out and writing it for ourselves. And that principle motivates me today, as we seek to confront the challenges facing our country and to build a brighter future for all Americans. So, to everyone who is celebrating, Happy Kwanzaa from our family to yours.

This appears to be the Kamala Harris equivalent of Bill Clinton’s risible claim that he remembered black church burnings in his neighborhood when he was a child. Harris was born in 1964, two years before Kwanzaa was invented by an anti-white black nationalist. It didn’t become widely known or celebrated until the 80s, so the chances that Harris “grew up celebrating Kwanzaa,” are slim, especially since Harris’s father (the source of her claim to being black) divorced her mother (from India) in 1971. From age seven on, Harris was living with a mother who had no reason to celebrate a fake African holiday, and five years later, she moved with her mother to Canada, where nobody celebrates Kwanzaa, especially Indian-Americans.

I would not be surprised to learn that Harris has never celebrated Kwanzaa when there weren’t cameras around.

But that’s Kamala Harris, our Vice-President! She’ll say whatever she calculates will suck up to the right group, no matter how unbelievable what she says is, insulting the intelligence of that group in the process. If anyone calls her bluff, she’ll say they are racists.

Some of us already know this about Harris, of course, because we were paying attention.


Source: The Lid

17 thoughts on “Getting To Know Kamala Harris

  1. No doubt about it. Only time will tell if she’s more shameless than Clinton. At least, we had a media who was sometimes willing to root out his misrepresentations.

  2. The mention of Kamala Harris always brings to mind the quote from Maya Angelou:

    When somebody shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

    For the record, “the first time” was many years ago, and I believed her then.

    • My prediction as well, d_d.

      Taking a step further, the known Universe will then discover, much to its horror, just how catastrophically ill-equipped she is to sit in the Oval Office.

      But that’s sexist and racist….

      • It doesn’t matter. Biden isn’t going to be President and neither is Harris. The reason Democrats voted for this ticket wasn’t because they cared about either one of the candidates. They voted because they wanted the country to be run by the ‘Interagency Consensus” as the ‘whistleblower’ Lt. Col. Vindmann put it. They actually want the unelected elites to run the country ‘for our own good’. That is the real reason they hated Donald Trump. That is the reason Barack Obama could be elected despite having no credentials. True Democrats want the elites in charge, not someone who feels beholden to the citizens of this country. Biden and Harris were selected because they are eminently controllable, the opposite of Donald Trump.

        • Spot on, Michael. I was just wondering who’s really running Biden. It’s not Nancy Pelosi and it’s not the head of the DNC (is that Tom Perez?). It’s not the forty-somethings who ran his campaign. It’s just a big consensus of professional and semi-professional elites and quasi-elites. The blob. The swamp. D.C. residents. Whatever you call it, it’s an irresistible force and is impervious to outside influence.

  3. She showed herself fully with her inept impersonation of a prosecutor cross-examining a defendant during that Senate Judiciary Committee witch trial, er, Kavanaugh hearing which wouldn’t have gotten a passing grade in a trial practice class. Being snarky and condescending is no way to endear yourself to a jury.

    And here I’d thought she’d be celebrating Hanukkah with her husband? I guess that’s out the window.

  4. And speaking of people compulsively pretending to be things they aren’t, let’s hear it for Hilarious Baldwin! Turns out she evidently came over from Spain on the Mayflower.

  5. Who writes her stuff? It sounds like she is trying to channel her deep African roots. Who calls their aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents “elders”? What did they do? Sit around the campfire listening to her grandparents relate pearls of wisdom from when they harvested corn and hid from lions on the Serengeti? It is such pandering bullshit. But the media will fawn over it.


  6. Watching Harris has been an unfortunate pastime for this San Franciscan. Anyone who’s not deaf, dumb and blind is well aware of the City’s homeless problem and Harris was significantly responsible. As the city’s District Attorney, she refused to enforce vagrancy laws. Cause and effect is really a simple concept . . .

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