Ethics Quote Of The Month: The 1776 Report

1776 report

A more recently proposed remedy is called the “New Civics” (or “Action Civics”). The progressive approach to education rests on the faulty notion that knowledge concerning long-term human and social concerns is divided between “facts” (scientific data separated from judgments about right and wrong) and “values” (preferences about moral matters, such as justice, which are said to have no objective status). Most students, yearning to make the world better, find the study of “facts” boring and meaningless. The New Civics approach is to prioritize a values-oriented praxis over fact-based knowledge. As a result, New Civics uses direct community service and political action (such as protesting for gun control or lobbying for laws to address climate change) to teach students to bring change to the system itself. Under this guise, civics education becomes less about teaching civic knowledge and more about encouraging contemporary policy positions…”

—-From the section on civic education in the 33-page report of the “1776 Commission,” which was charged with stating the bedrock values and principles underlying the United States of America since its founding, and how to honor them, strengthen them, and preserve them.

The 1776 Commission’s mission was to “enable a rising generation to understand the history and principles of the founding of the United States in 1776 and to strive to form a more perfect Union.”

The Commission did a pretty good job; not perfect, by any means. It’s a big improvement over the “1619 Project,” which schools immediately began using in curriculum, though that is admittedly faint praise. Historians, who belong to a discipline that has been almost completely co-opted by progressive bias, mocked the report for, for example, suggestion that the public schools and universities teach anti-Americanism. TAnti-whie, ant-American BU professor and race-huckster Ibram X. Kendri tweeted that “this report makes it seems as if …. the demise of slavery in the United States was inevitable.”

The demise of slavery was made inevitable with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and yes, public schools and universities are indeed indoctrinating students against America and core U.S. cultural values.

I recommend reading the full report, here.

The new Biden administration pulled the report off the White House website within minutes of Biden’s inauguration and an Executive Order abolished the commission itself. I wouldn’t read too much into this: it is a Trump project, after all.

Any bets on whether President Biden has actually read the report he just dinged. (Any bets on whether President Trump did?)

Peter N. Kirsanow a partner with the law firm of Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff anda member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, wrote of the move that it “tells you everything about the Left’s priorities–can’t have the truth about America out there for even a minute.” This seems unfair.

We shall see.

4 thoughts on “Ethics Quote Of The Month: The 1776 Report

  1. Well, they’ve started to emulate the Nazis who burned books but this is oh so much more efficient. Great move Biden administration! You can keep your narrative that America was inherently racist and evil from it’s very founding.

  2. The Big Lie About a “Nation of Laws”

    There truly is one glaring, blaring Big Lie about this country and its history that the country’s entire political spectrum seems to be blind to, or too uncomfortable to admit and face honestly. It is the Lie that we live, and have lived, in a “nation of laws.”


    From times since long before even Europeans and African slaves touched the shores of this continent, this nation, including nations that preceded it, has been founded, indwelled, and “moved forward” (to “evolve,” toward a “more perfect Union,” ostensibly) as a nation of LAWLESSNESS.

    Earlier nations and tribes on this continent would “play lacrosse.” It was sport, in the minds of the players and their political leaders. But, “play” included murder – literal killing of players by opposing players. All in good fun. Great recreation. Great exercise, so that young men could be prepared for REAL war. Prizes for winners? Maybe. I leave it to others with superior knowledge of the history of that particular tolerated lawlessness and the histories of its “leagues,” to fill in the details.

    We just happen to now be entering a new era of lawlessness, and the rule thereof. Once upon a white supremacist time, there were Jim Crow “laws.” Those laws were merely “codified” lawlessness, accompanied by bigotry, malice and intent to oppress a specific group of people for the benefit of, and political domination by, another group.

    Overlapping somewhat in time with Jim Crow lawlessness were the lawlessness of Prohibition, Supreme Court-packing, Japanese internment, and the military draft.

    Now, in the times of predominance of political power by a flock of disciples of insane leftism, we who live today in this nation are taking our first bumbling, stumbling, unsure steps, crawls, and grovels in what I am calling an era of Dim Joe laws. The new President could not have been more perfectly timed, perfectly named, and perfectly “constituted” for this new era of lawlessness!

    We are seeing the Dim Joe lawlessness reveal itself audaciously and quickly:

    Censorship of particular viewpoint groups. Calls for a “commission” reminiscent of the McCarthyite days of the “red scare,” to probe for, stalk, and punish “treasonous” thought and its thinkers (and the lawless persons who are pushing the commission act as if the 1950s were a time of evil and could not, MUST not, EVER happen again!).

    Continuing with the observable patterns of nascent Dim Joe lawlessness:

    Blame-shifting to a whole new, enormous subset of the nation’s population for all the hardships and life-obstacles faced by “persons of color,” with presumed guilt and culpability of “white” people for “systemic racism” and oppression via “white privilege.” There literally have been calls by prominent citizens – it’s a shame that they are such “influencers” – to wage a literal war on millions of fellow citizens who dare to hold contrarian or oppositional views to those of the day’s dominant political power-holders. Because, you see, such opponents are insurrectionists, hell-bent on destroying democracy – violent extremists who must be brought to “justice,” and made to pay. Only by total genocide of the opposition can “unity” and “justice” be achieved.

    What era of lawlessness will succeed the Dim Joe era? It’s too early to be sure. The breaking-apart of the nation formerly known as the United States of America is certainly a plausible outcome, and a plausible stage-setting for the successor lawlessness that will hold its power over the survivors of the USA.

    I don’t mean to “get religious” here. But, there is a hint of fulfilled Biblical prophecy, in the Scriptures’ silence about the USA. Hell, the Yellowstone supervolcano could blow anytime, and kill off virtually the entire human population in this part of North America. Boy, would THAT ever piss off Silicon Valley, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter! Not to mention other Dim Joe lawlessness-pushers, who would lose their chance to dominate the scapegoats, tools, and useful idiots they have in mind, to excuse their own stupidity and incompetence. The offshore hegemonists who really, REALLY want to “win” against America and the Americans, so they can exploit and suck every desired resource out of the continent, also would be highly disappointed (if they manage to survive the consequent global Yellowstone winters).

    Damn! Might the EPA ban vulcanism? You know, just in case.

    But you can forget about “rule of law.” Cleanse it from your minds. It is a futile pipe dream, a non-existent ideal, a delusional waste of energy in neurons. The true rule, the eternal rule, is the rule of LAWLESSNESS.

    For the living, I can only advise: focus on the lawlessness that YOU can get away with. Do the crime; you are already doing the time. Don’t let your ghetto be worse than the other guy’s. You deserve what you can get for yourself – by any means necessary. The ends justify the means (that is a fundamental tenet of lawlessness). Even if YOU don’t practice lawlessness, you can be damned sure that someone will practice it, perfect its practice, and screw you as much as they can get away with.

  3. Peter N. Kirsanow a partner with the law firm of Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff anda member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, wrote of the move that it “tells you everything about the Left’s priorities–can’t have the truth about America out there for even a minute.” This seems unfair.

    This might be unfair and true at the same time.

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