Ethics Dunce (And Asshole): USA Today Sportswriter Nancy Armour


I apologize for the vulgarity, but the only way for the obnoxious and unethical attitude highlighted in the op-ed by America’s most insubstantial paper’s smugly woke female sportswriter is to make it clear to all just how indefensible such positions are, and how irresponsible it is to keep publishing them. Let her go write a fringe blog that nobody will read.

You know, like this one.

In the excruciating op-ed for the paper, Armour begins,

Tom Brady was happy to talk politics until he wasn’t.The Make America Great Again hat in his locker, the flippant endorsement of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. Only when those ties became inconvenient did Brady decide he wanted to “stick to sports,” and that he preferred to be a beacon of positivity rather than delve into society’s thorny ills. How mighty white of him. Brady’s ability to enter and exit the debate at his choosing, to shield himself from accountability, is the height of white privilege.

Asshole. I’m sorry, but no other word will do. Asshole, asshole, asshole:

1. Nobody has an obligation to talk about politics or their preferences ever. Ever. The less celebrities like Brady do it, the better.

2. Despite the AUC’s thirst for revenge and the sick need to “punish” those who had the audacity to support the elected President of the United States rather than to savage him daily and try to drive him from office, Tom Brady has no “accountability” for choosing to publicly support Trump while he was running for office or when he was under siege while in office. Unethical journalists like Armour, however, have a great deal of accountability for dividing the country and weakening our democratic institutions, including the press, out of sheer hatred and arrogance.

3. The “ties’ are only “inconvenient” because totalitarian-leaning creeps like Armour are determined to purge non-conforming Americans from society if they don’t fall into line with their progressive betters.

4. Brady has a Super Bowl to win; it is not only fair for him to decree that he won’t be discussing politics now, it is prudent, and it is the usual practice in his profession.

5. It is not “white privilege” to decide where and when to dive into politics. Such race-baiting is the mark of an asshole. If Tom had more wit and audacity—I am so far from being a Tom Brady admirer that I get vertigo thinking about it—he would ask Armour in return,

“OK, why don’t you go first. How do you, as a woman and feminist, justify supporting an accused rapist and proven sexual harasser like Joe Biden? Did you agree with the case made by Democrats against Justice Kavanaugh? How can you admit that, and still defend voting for Biden? What is it, besides her skin shade and chromosomes, that makes Kamala Harris qualified to be Vice-President? She encouraged and approved of month long riots in many American cities. Are you ready to explain why this didn’t trouble you, but the President’s encouraging of supporters to protest peacefully does? How do you defend your profession’s total abdiaction of objectivity, as in its peddling of the Russian collusion conspiracy theory? Did you think that your profession’s campaign coverage was even handed? Really? REALLY?”

The rest of her screed disqualifies her as a credible journalist and makes it clear that she is just a Trump-hating hack with a grudge and a press pass. She quotes “Hall of Famer” Shannon Sharpe—it isn’t the political theory hall of fame—as saying, fatuously, “LeBron James can never say, a prominent Black athlete can never say, ‘Minister Farrakhan is just my friend.’ They’d try to cancel anybody with the just mere mention of Mister Farrakhan’s name.”

As clearly indicated in this post, Shannon Sharpe is another race-baiting creep, but comparing support for white -racist, anti-Semitic Farrakhan (whom Sharpe honors by referring to him as “Mister Farrakhan,” and President Trump is all you need to know about his bias and intellect, just as the fact that Armour writes “Sharpe is right” is all we need to know about her. But she is kind enough to make it all crystal clear with this:

Yet no one has asked Brady about the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, even though almost all of those who attempted the violent overthrow of our government were white, just as he is, and were incited by the man Brady has described as his friend.

  • What does Brady’s opinion on the January 6 riot have to do with football? Nothing. What expertise of perspective does he have to offer? None. What would be the purpose of asking such a question? Well, it’s like a “when did you stop beating your wife” question: it’s a trap. He’s be a fool to answer.
  • Was he a fool to ever discuss politics in public? Of course. That doesn’t make him obligated to keep making the same mistake.
  • It was not an insurrection just because Armour’s unethical colleagues keep calling it that.
  • Nobody a attempted a “violent overthrow of the government.” That’s a pure lie on the facts. Asshole.
  • So what if “almost all” of the idiots who broke into the Capitol were white? Were the occupation of courthouses and other government buildings and takeovers of whole chunks of cities by Black Lives Matter better because they weren’t all black?
  • There was no “incitement” by any legal standard, logical interpretation of the facts, or political precedent.
  • Finally, Armour embraces McCarthyism, and guilt by association. Brady doesn’t have to answer for his friends, especially a friend who was President of the United States.

Again, the only way to minimize such outrageously inflammatory opinion pieces and the misinformation and ethics rot they carry is to publicly expose the writers for the biased, untrustworthy, and antidemocratic scum they are. In its imprudent and unwarranted giddiness over acquiring a Presidency for a candidate who is an unworthy as he is risky, the Left has thrown all caution to the breezes because they are sure they can get away with it. Armour’s attack on Brady proves what a miserable human being she is, and she should be labeled as such.

If metaphorically tattooing “ASSHOLE” on her face is too vulgar for you, I am open to another label.

For the nonce, it will have to do.

14 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce (And Asshole): USA Today Sportswriter Nancy Armour

  1. Almost all if those who tried to burn down the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse were white.

    The DHS agents who protected the courthouse erre called troops and an occupying army. There were Walls of Moms and Walls of Vets to protect the arsonists.

    And yet, when DHS agents protected the Lincoln Memorial during a Black Lives Matter protest, there were no Walls of Mons nor Walls of Vets.

    The DHS agents at the Lincoln Memorial were not accused of being stormtroopers.

    I wonder why.

  2. Jack, I went to read the column and it appears to me that one of Armour’s points is that it is wrong that Brady is not asked to speak for white issues when gay, black, or brown athletes are asked to speak on controversial topics inequities and racial injustice. Asked by whom?…Isn’t she saying that the fault lies with her profession?

  3. The more I read about these type of call-outs, the more it seems like deranged abusers are doing all the talking.

    In an abusive relationship, you can do no right. First Brady was wrong for talking about politics, especially because he supported our former president. Now Brady is wrong for not talking about politics.

    For abusers, any excuse to denigrate the other person will work. Saying he’s a bigot or privileged is just a means to an end. Armour seems interested in spreading her negativity wherever she can. It’s a great way to avoid any self-assessment while arrogantly steeping in one’s own perceived rightousness.

    The difference between an abuser and someone who slipped and acted like an asshole, is one person doubles down on rationalizing their behavior, while the other is willing to take a look at their behavior and make appropriate changes. I have yet to see one of these journalists do that.

  4. I’m old enough (and culturally literate enough) to remember when “mighty white of you”, or “him” in this case, was a racial slur, often used ironically, but a slur nevertheless. The connotation was that the behavior being noted was that of a cultured WASP, as opposed to the dishonorable behavior expected of Blacks or Asians or Indians or Jews or other ethnic or racial group. Apparently I missed the linguistic transition of the connotation to ‘white privilege’.

    • The connotation of “mighty white of you” that I always heard while growing up was when someone did something for another without having an obligation to that other to perform that act and also without expecting anything in return. It was said always between two white persons and was said always only in the company of white persons.

  5. “Tom Brady was happy to talk politics until he wasn’t. The Make America Great Again hat in his locker…”

    Wow, so much evil and stupid, in equal measure, in a simple 1.3 sentences.
    Evil, stupid, and influential. That’s a nation-killing combination.

  6. I am catching up on Jack’s posts for the past few days, so, apologies if the following has already been covered here…

    And the totalitarians’ cancel-culture hits continue – making an example of yet another person who uttered THE WORD THAT MUST NEVER BE SPOKEN (EXCEPT BY THE RIGHT PEOPLE):

    We’ll just have to use acronyms to “code” bad words from now on. But of course: THAT is SURELY what the leftists mean when they command, “Learn to code.” Oh well…just 3 brainstorms for now, and then I’m off to the rest of my life for the night…

    – Never Inhale Giggle Gas Entertaining Reactionaries
    – Now It’s Great God’s Excluding Republicans
    – Newspeak Institutes Goofy Gag Ending Racism

  7. I wonder if this is just sour grapes because she may placed a hefty bet thinking Mahomes was bigger than the NFL. That is one of her previous articles.

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