From The “Res Ipsa Loquitur” File: I Hope And Pray That Race-Based Entitlement Hasn’t Gone This Far Off The Rails, But I Strongly Suspect That It Has

Quarterback Tom Brady led the Tampa Bay Bucs to victory yesterday in the Concussion Bowl over the Kansas City Chiefs black Quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Brady’s triumph sparked these and similar tweets:

Brady BHM

It is possible that all of these people were trying to make a joke. I think it is far more likely that nobody knows what “racist” means any more.


Pointer and Source: Matt Margolies

21 thoughts on “From The “Res Ipsa Loquitur” File: I Hope And Pray That Race-Based Entitlement Hasn’t Gone This Far Off The Rails, But I Strongly Suspect That It Has

  1. I don’t know, Jack. Some people really are this stupid.

    The solution is straightforward, by the way. Either change the date of the Superbowl, or change which month is designated as Black History Month. Because the way things currently stand, some quarterback is ALWAYS going to with the Superbowl during Black History Month.

  2. Apparently to these “twits” (is that what you call people on twitter?) the word means that Black men must come out on top over white men in any contest of skill or ability otherwise it is racist. Now just reverse the roles.

  3. John McWhorter, a prominent intellectual (who happens to be black) calls this “performance art” and says he can get away with saying that only because he’s black. I call this “performance art” now, and point to John if anyone disagrees. I’m white-ish depending who knows my family.

    All I can truly say, is this is a JOKE no matter what.

  4. Well, we’ll have to wait until Mirriam-Webster updates with its new definition.

    These folks have been corrupted by people who should know better than they. They are victims of an elite that has used them for political gain by refusing to ensure they were properly educated.

  5. This is also an ugly example of shifting blame for a black individual’s failure to a white man, the destructive mind-set that has handicapped black progress. Mahomes’ stats were terrible: just 26 of 49 for 270 yards and two interceptions. His team’s’ 31-9 drubbing was the worst loss of Mahomes’ career,with a high-powered Chiefs squad went 14-2 this season.

    When white players have the worst games of their lives when the most is at stake and it’s essential that they deliver, it is called “choking.”

    • Patrick Mahomes’ mother is white. He also has a contract that will pay him half a billion dollars. He’s also engaged to a white woman. Isn’t he privileged?

  6. I’m afraid that you hope in vain, Jack. Apparently now every time a white person comes out on top, it’s racist. One of my coworkers “explained” this to me after I brushed off a claim of “white privilege” by saying that my dad’s grandparents arrived here from Italy AFTER the end of slavery, with almost nothing, and only his paternal grandfather, my great-grandfather, could read or write in any language. They worked hard, my grandfather had his own business (coal and oil), my father was an executive, and I’m an attorney, but there’s nothing we have that we didn’t work for, buy, and pay for fairly. We put up with our share of crap, too, although that had subsided (mostly) by the time I came along. We threw around some insults in grade school in the 70s and early 80s without really understanding what they meant, but that’s about it.

    According to my coworker, though, we had it too easy, because once we learned the language we could just blend in, what’s more, we CHOSE to be white in WW2, so now we get it both for choosing to be white and for choosing a hero who “ain’t nothing but a thief and a murderer.” The way he sees it, we owe his people quite a bit, and, unfortunately for me and my generation, we just happened to be here when Brother Floyd’s murder finally made the brothers and sisters decide they wouldn’t defer the debt anymore and were going to collect it, he knew my family had at least three properties from conversations, and they would be coming one day, and maybe if I was lucky they’d let my family keep one. Then he started in with stolen land and stolen wealth and so on. Thankfully at that point my phone rang and I had to take the call. People really DO believe this stuff now, Jack. As far as they’re concerned you and I are just interlopers living on land that belongs to someone else, trying to shut the races of color out of what you owe them. Right now there aren’t enough non-whites in this nation to change things like in South Africa or Zimbabwe, but demographics are changing. Two generations down the road the US will be a majority black and brown nation, and then the riots of last summer will look like nothing. Thankfully you and I will both probably be dead and not be around to see those generations get killed or run out of town.

  7. There was a similar meme after Paul McCartney played at the half-time show, where the internet was flooded with people wondering how nobody had heard of him before since he was so good. Every quote was something to the effect of, “This guy has quite the career in front of him!”

    It was all tongue-in-cheek, and even mildly amusing. Oh, and baby boomers were going bonkers that so many young people allegedly never heard of McCartney. It was basically a benign prank.

    I can’t help but conclude this is the same thing. The near word-for-word repeat of, “Winning the Super Bowl during Black History Month,” leads me to conclude this is an attempt at humor. It is most likely meant to troll Baby Boomers and/or conservatives, who will freak out at such outlandish statements.

    I don’t find it funny, but I think the vast majority of cases it was intended to be. At the very least, intended for the amusement of those who posted the idiotic tweet. It is a rather mean-spirited hoax, compared to the Paul McCartney prank.

    • So they’re mocking critical race theory? Or mocking people who think critical race theory is nuts? By acting as if they’re crazy? Hmm.

      • It’s a meta troll. They want to think they are smarter and more enlightened than the people who would (not incorrectly) freak out at these statements thinking they are genuine.

        Instead, it makes them look insane.

    • I remember the Paul jokes—and they were obviously jokes. This isn’t far at all from the arguments I hear from the racial justice fanatics every day. Poe’s law applies.

      DoorDash food deliveries added a special list of black-owned restaurants because it’s Black History Month. I guess it’s racist not to discriminate in favor of merchants and service providers of the right color during February. I don’t see that as being any more logical than the Super Bowl argument.

  8. I just might order some barbecue from a black owned restaurant but then again I might be accused of cultural appropriation or implicit bias. Damn, I just can’t win!

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