Now THIS Is Zoom Incompetence…[Corrected]


National University of Singapore (NUS) mathematics Professor Wang Dong (Behave!) discovered at the conclusion of his two hour lecture via Zoom that he had been on mute the entire time.

He learned the horrible news when he asked for questions.. Eventually one of the 20 or so students who hung around the entire, dead, two hours informed him what had happened. The screen had frozen just eight minutes into the presentation. Prof. Wang eventually got up the courage after his humiliation to say that he would reschedule his lecture. HA! Good luck with that. I would demand that he send the students a written version. He had his opportunity to present orally, and botched it. It appears that he muted himself by accident, and students tried to alert him but to no avail. They unmuted themselves, but he couldn’t hear them. The message function didn’t work. They tried to call his phone, but he didn’t have it on.

The main problem was that Prof. Wang was doing the entire lecture from his iPad, and that isn’t wise. Now he leaves his phone by his side when lecturing on Zoom.

4 thoughts on “Now THIS Is Zoom Incompetence…[Corrected]

    • I thought this would be the cat filter when I saw the headline. I laughed but imagined Jack would be apoplectic at that video.

      It’d be interesting to compare how many Western students would hang on for two hours in a similar situation. There’s definitely a cultural difference.

    • I mean, fiddling with the wrong options, or letting your kids on your device, so you display upside down or as a cat is embarrassing, but zoom is still relatively new and all kinds of luddites are being forced onto tech they don’t really understand. I have empathy for people like this.

      Now…. If you decided that a work meeting was a swell time to rub one out, and you didn’t even turn off your camera or silence your mic, well…

  1. I find Zoom to be a terrible technology for teaching. It is a teleconferencing app really. It is for interactivity, not for a lecture. I video my lectures and upload them to a video sharing app. That way, I can edit them if necessary, students can view them when they have time (it is silly to make the lecture synchronous when it doesn’t have to be), and they can view it again if they need to. Zoom is OK for the question/answer sessions, but lousy for the lectures. People use it for the lectures because it is easy. Making a video lecture easily takes twice as much time as doing it on Zoom.

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