(Pssst! Nic! This Isn’t How You End Racism, Heal Division, Promote Inclusion, Or Create Racial Harmony)

Proud Puffs

This is Poe’s Law exemplified. Once, I would have assumed this was satire.

Nic King is following through on his divine inspiration to create a “vegan,” black culture-themed breakfast cereal in the shape of a fist. He says his cereal. Proud Puffs, won’t be available in stores for a while as works on crowdfunding its production. He hopes the cereal will ship in April. King claims he has been receiving over 600 orders a week. “The community has really been standing behind me, and calling it “the cereal for the culture,” Nick says. “My goal with this cereal is to uplift the Black and brown community.”

You know: inclusion.

King’s company is designed to to uplift the Black and brown community. You know: inclusion. On the side of the box, consumers will find a list of influential figures in Black history, like anti-white terrorist Angela Davis. “I’m getting messages from people saying like, ‘Wow, my kids are excited to see a full Black family on the box,’” he says. Inclusion!

King also expects a boost because his company, Legacy Cereal, is black-owned. Funny, I don’t care who owns a business as long as it delivers quality goods and services. I was taught that deciding whose business to patronize based on race was was bigotry and discrimination.

King seems a bit confused to me. “I didn’t want to push another sugary cereal,” King said when asked about the choice to produce a vegan cereal. Wait, aren’t all cereals vegan? What does avoid in cereal have to do with veganism? Presumably a vegan cereal can’t be served in milk, right? Only soy or oat milk? Yum.

“I think everybody should be able to celebrate their culture, should be able to celebrate their background and where they’re from,” King said. “I feel like everybody should be able to see themselves, identify themselves and be able to celebrate themselves as well.”

Unless they are white.

Yeah, I’m sure this will help clear that up.


Source: Huffington Post

13 thoughts on “(Pssst! Nic! This Isn’t How You End Racism, Heal Division, Promote Inclusion, Or Create Racial Harmony)

  1. “I think everybody should be able to celebrate their culture, should be able to celebrate their background and where they’re from,” King said. “I feel like everybody should be able to see themselves, identify themselves and be able to celebrate themselves as well.”

    Which they aren’t able to do unless they have a box with people that look like them on the front?

  2. Well, it’s a far cry from the days of eating a whole bowl of corn or wheat or some other puffs, digging the prizes (like a pack of three marbles or a little metal plane) out of the box, and reading the “Jack Armstrong, All American Boy” story on the back. After that you’d put together the U.S. Army cut-outs that were on the front, and mail in the box tops you’d been collecting for over a month for another prize, like that neato Captain Midnight decoder ring.

    (of course down the line when the ring finally arrived, you’d race to the TV on the night Captain Midnight was on, set your ring, wait breathlessly for Cap’s message “exclusively for the elite members of my secret squadron,” scribble it down, and decode it…only to have it read “Don’t forget to eat your Snicker-snacks,” or something like that. Arrrgh! All that for a freakin’ commercial!)

      • I do remember “A Christmas Story,” with the Little Orphan Annie decoder, but a lot of this is actually vintage Peanuts, when Snicker-snacks was Charlie Brown’s cereal of choice. Captain Midnight I pulled up on youtube. I was also going for deliberately whitebread sounding stuff, like this is happening in a whitebread, conformity-is-king, good-morning-Miss-Jones, no-ethnic-food, bowling-league suburb of Topeka in 1957.

  3. I am sympathetic to the analysis, but might agree that there is an exception to be made here.

    Most immigrant communities go through a period of assimilation. However, until that occurs, they are somewhat insular.

    Chinatown, Little Italy, etc. We have a large Hmong population in my town and they have two Hmong Shopping Centers. We have lots of Somalis here; they have Little Mogadishu (although that might not have been their label). Lots of Russians here too; they have their own directories, newspapers, etc. Same with the Hispanics.

    A hundred years ago, you had the Irish and the Poles and the Jews.

    Eventually, these groups gain the attention of the larger population and begin attracting money INTO the community, instead of simply bleeding it out. Blacks have never really gotten that opportunity. A common complaint is that: black communities are often served by other communities (the Korean grocer, to use a stereotypical example). Their money does not stay in their community and they don’t typical attract outside money. That is why they seem less concerned about rioting “in their own neighborhood.” It is not their businesses that are being destroyed. I think that reasoning is short-sighted, but not baseless (leaving aside the fact that I condemn all rioters).

    After the Civil War, here were several great opportunities for blacks to assimilate economically. However, many were deliberately thwarted by overt acts of racism, whether it be terrorism by the KKK, Jim Crow laws, Wilson’s re-segregation of the Federal Government, or the Tulsa race riots, to name just a few.

    So there is a case to be made for an exception. The black experience in America is pretty unique (yes, “pretty unique” is redundant but I am going to completely ignore indentured servitude, which many use to diminish the uniqueness of the black experience in America). Most other immigrant groups go through a similar evolutionary process in the society. Blacks have not gotten a fair shake at that, so I will cut them some slack.

    The question then becomes: how much is too much? Is Proud Puffs the answer? Or, just a marketing ploy? (I suspect the latter.) There is BET. Is FUBU still a thing? All of professional sports are integrated. The arts are fairly integrated, even if the roles are not as plentiful; there are more roles than Sidney Poitier could handle in his day. Rap and Hip Hop have made lots of black people well off because they have drawn money in from outside the community.

    Ultimately, this sort of thing should have the same sort of life cycle that Affirmative Action was supposed to have. And, maybe Proud Puffs is a sign that that day is approaching.


    • “MAYBE?” I would think the phrase “you can’t have it both ways” would be screaming at this point. is it separate, or equal? If it’s separate, than I don’t want to hear complaints about “equal” or “inclusion” or “white supremacy.” We tried separate, and it was deadly. It has to be equal, and all that implies.

      Your argument would have been justifiable in 1957.

      • “Blacks have never really gotten that opportunity.” Au contraire, mon frere. Look at the prosperous black people attending Negro League ball games at places like Comiskey Park in their Sunday finest in those Forties and Fifties photographs or in a Ken Burns film. One of the unintended consequences of de-segregation was it crushed the black businesses that had served the black community. Grocers, dry cleaners, bakers, insurers. Evidently once black people could patronize the white businesses beginning in the Sixties, all those black enterprises folded. And, as Jack has already pointed out, why hasn’t this been done sometime during the last sixty years? What about Robert Johnson and BET? Why aren’t there more Robert Johnsons? All he evidently had to do was get an undergraduate degree at Illinois and then a masters in public administration at Princeton. And have a head for business. How does seeing black people in commercials get young people to go to college and graduate business school?

    • You forgot the biggest factor that keeps the American black community from integrating: the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party was the party of slavery. When slavery was abolished, it kept controlling American blacks by use of Jim Crow laws. When Republicans abolished those, as well, the Democratic Party adopted social programs aimed at keeping the black community subservient. Destroying the family and educational opportunities were the two main ways social programs have kept the black community isolated and subservient to the Democratic Party. Affirmative action is part of the control. You don’t think employers have figured out that, on average, a black graduate isn’t as qualified as a white graduate with the same grades from most schools? The AI’s figure this out pretty quickly. Blacks then think it is discrimination agains them, when really, the employers are responding to the discrimination against whites and Asians. This black nationalism, things like Proud Puffs, are there to keep blacks from achieving equality by keeping them separate, ignorant, and dependent. If anyone really cared about blacks in America, they would call for the abolition of all these special program, an end to black racist attitudes, and make blacks stand on equal footing, with equal educational opportunities. Blacks would become equal pretty quickly.

  4. I’ve been around long enough to learn one fact of life: race is the engine that drives the political Left. When all else fails, leftists revert to the default position of using race to achieve its objectives. In the courtrooms, on college campuses, in politics, and now the food court, racism is the central theme. Where it does not naturally rise to the surface, there are those who will manufacture and amplify it. Nic is the new poster child.

    • Imagine a new cereal with a tag line eat your Whiteies. I wonder if it would play in Peoria.

      Seriously, all I can do is laugh. Global cereal sales amount to about 3 billion boxes per year or about 137,000 boxes per minute. At a beginning sales rate of 600 boxes a week in potential sales with a growth rate of 25% monthly and plateauing in the 12th month, his unit sales will top out at just over 8k a week. With gross retail sales at a competitive $3/box, total retail sales will be under 500K and the manufacturer will have substantially lower wholesale revenues. At such low volumes his cereal will also have an astronomical cost to produce and the grocers will dump it before he reaches break even. Simply to compete he will need to sell over 200 boxes a minute.

      The only way such a cereal will even get on the grocer’s shelf is if Post, General Mills or other major player buy the rights to produce the cereal thus defeating the purpose of the cereal to be a black produced product for black consumers.

      The vegan designation is like calling gasoline organic and epitomizes the products creator’s dismissiveness of black intelligence and seeks to capitalize on the ignorance of some of his target market. Not a good way to begin developing a long term sales relationship.

      A day or two ago their was a link to a story about the woman that used Gorilla glue on her hair. The story made the point that black hair care products are hard to find and often placed on the bottom shelf. The suggestion was that such poor placement is because it was a product for blacks. No, products that are popular and thus fast movers are placed at eye level or within easy reach. Lower turnover products are relegated to less ideal real estate on the shelves. The quest for profit knows no color. Consumer products targeted to relatively small niche markets will typically cost more because of lower sales volumes. The question is how many black consumers will be willing to pay substantially more for a product that may not have the taste they want but provide them with temporal affirmations of their race.

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