Another Media-Protected Democrat Is Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By One Of Those Women Who Must Be Believed

This time, it’s Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, who wasn’t exactly in the best of shape politically to start with—you know, all those dead nursing home residents and a his cover-up and everything.

But we have seen how this usually plays out, have we not? Keith Ellison, formerly co-chair of the DNC, was accused of abuse by two exes, but managed to get elected Attorney General of Minnesota. Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax also has been accused of sexual assault by two women, one claiming rape. Fairfax swears the encounters were consensual, and maybe they were…but then that’s what they always say, isn’t it? Then, of course, there is Joe Biden, whose former staff member accusing him of rape didn’t stop the vast majority of American women, those progressive, feminist warriors, from voting for him.

Lindsey Boylan, a former aide to Cuomo, came forward with detailed allegations of sexual assault and harassment against the governor yesterday, adding to the accusation she had made last December. Boylan accused Cuomo of kissing her on the lips and asking her to “play strip poker” on a plane ride on his official jet. “Governor Andrew Cuomo has created a culture within his administration where sexual harassment and bullying is so pervasive that it is not only condoned but expected. His inappropriate behavior toward women was an affirmation that he liked you, that you must be doing something right,” Boylan wrote. “He used intimidation to silence his critics. And if you dared to speak up, you would face consequences.”

I suppose she thought Cuomo’s force field would be down now that he was no longer the hero of the pandemic. Wrong! The three left-biased broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC did not even mention Boylan’s accusations last night. Neither did CNN and MSNBC, Newsbusters reported. That unreliable, biased, conspiracy-theory obsessed other network, Fox News, did report Boylan’s accusation, so the AUC narrative can be that the story is another conservative delusion.

Surprisingly, the partisan and hypocritical TIME’s Up Foundation has demanded an official probe, its president saying,“Allegations of inappropriate behavior in any workplace are deeply troubling and should be addressed.We call on the Cuomo administration to conduct a full and independent investigation into these claims immediately.”

They should be addressed, but the accusation against Biden was different, somehow. Time’s Up looked the other way.

The timely demand by Time’s Up was joined by actress/activist Rose McGowan, who is one of the few activists who has been consistent and has shown integrity, and, hilariously, NYC Mayor de Blasio, who delegitimizes any cause or position he supports by being associated with it.

As for me, I’m obviously a romantic, gullible fool. I keep thinking that eventually there will be a tipping point, and women will eventually refuse to let the Democratic Party get away with this.

What’s the matter with me?

11 thoughts on “Another Media-Protected Democrat Is Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By One Of Those Women Who Must Be Believed

  1. I have no sense whether you’re a romantic, and I’m certain you’re no gullible fool. You know the Democratic Party will always get away with it and know you’ll never change that. But your personal ethics won’t let you remain silent, so you speak you mind. In all, there’s nothing wrong with you, and you speak for most of us who share your ethic principles.

  2. I’m not part of the Red Pill gang, but they do bring some valuable insights to the table, because the larger culture has swung so far in the feminist direction that they entirely miss a few important truths which the woman-hating manosphere has picked up on.

    One being…women do not act as a single tribe, supporting one another in the face of the evil patriarchy. History is not the story of all men holding down all women, but rather tribes, consisting of men and women, working together to hold down other tribes of men and women.

    Many women will support the men of their tribe over the women of the opposing tribe.
    That’s why the hypocrisy of Me Too is most apparent among the most crazed, politically-minded feminists. They will defend their men, like Cuomo or Clinton, no matter what those men do. Because those men are the leaders of their tribe. Those lying skanks who would dare hurt the alpha-liberals’ careers must be working for the other tribe. You know, the bad guys.

    They aren’t on Team Woman, they are on Team Liberal. Pretending to care about sexual harassment is just a tool in the great battle with the other tribe. We saw that when certain women were willing to torch the credibility of the Me Too movement just to shut down Brett Kavanaugh.

    • Comment of the Year. Thanks Isaac, that’s a great analysis of something that is puzzling if it’s not viewed clearly. Tribe trumps sex. Why didn’t I think of that?

  3. I understand that that the thrust of Jack’s post was that the media and the #Metoo crowd has double standards when it comes to these allegations. I wonder though if the quest for perceived power is not part of the game. It seems that allegations such as these arise only when someone is most vulnerable. Whether it is confirmations hearings such as Thomas or Kavanaugh, or elections Trump and Biden and now Cuomo who is facing criticism about his handling of Covid patients these allegations are elevated to the public conscience. I have no idea of the motivating factors but it does seem that when blood is in the water or their is a gang going after someone you despise allegations of sexual impropriety are leveled. Why are these people silent for so long and wait until the object of their animus is perceived to be in a weakened state. I have more faith in allegations that are contemporaneous with the actual events.

    I think it is best not to convict Cuomo in the court of public opinion. Far too many times an allegation is made and we rush to judgement without having any opportunity to evaluate the facts. If we want to have the presumption of innocence for ourselves we must give it to others.

    That does not mean that we should ignore the allegations of any person. We should be demanding a full investigation of the matter for all allegations.

  4. Jack wrote:

    As for me, I’m obviously a romantic, gullible fool. I keep thinking that eventually there will be a tipping point, and women will eventually refuse to let the Democratic Party get away with this.

    The reason there is no tipping point forthcoming is that there are considerations that apparently can sometimes trump sexual harassment claims. Some I think I have identified:

    1. Being instrumental/indispensable in getting rid of or harming Donald Trump;
    2. Advancing a progressive agenda in a red state;
    3. Being a black person or sexual minority;
    4. Being an activist of sufficient influence;
    5. Being a congressional leader of sufficient power (i.e. speaker, majority leader);
    6. Being a leftist favorite and the offense sufficiently removed in time.

    Being in any of these categories is frequently enough to get you a “get out of ‘me too’ jail free” card. There are probably more, but Cuomo, as a mere governor of a blue state with vast numbers of progressive politicians waiting in line to succeed him is not in any of them. Ditto Gavin Newsom (although he doesn’t currently have “me too” issues that I know of).

    One thing is certain, however — all these exemptions apply to only one side of the argument.

    • I think Isaac’s “tribe” analogy/argument is devastatingly spot-on and puts all your equally trenchant observations into a neat bundle.

    • There are a lot of people with blue checks on Twitter defending him as best they can. But in the end I think they’re going to have to ask him to fall on his sword and lay low for a while. My guess is that the accusations are real and there will be more people coming forward. There’s only so much fragrance you can spray over that pile.

      He’ll either be asked to resign, or just become sort of a pariah for a while, but he will land on his feet somewhere with a nice easy job (possibly in media) and an eventual rehabilitation. He has a little bit of a cult-like following (don’t ask me why) and they’ve invested a lot into him.

      Look at how Harvey Weinstein was the scapegoat for the entire Hollywood scene (he was a guilty-as-sin scapegoat, but let’s set that aside.) We all know that EVERYONE knew about Weinstein and most were complicit in some way. And it can be assumed that there are dozens of more Weinstein’s who haven’t been caught.

      But all you have to do is send the single scapegoat into the desert, heaping upon him all of the condemnation that belonged to them all…and then you can say, “See? We vanquished the bad guy! #MeToo won! There are no more creeps in Hollywood!”

      But they were able to downplay just how important Weinstein was to the Democrats, making it more of a general “men are bad” thing. Can’t do that with Cuomo. This is really bad for them.

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