Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Or) Is SHOCKED That His Party Doesn’t Regard Itself As Bound By Rules

I can’t decide. Is he an Ethics Dunce for taking so long to realize what has been screamingly obvious for years, or is he an Ethics Hero for having the guts to admit it out loud?

Schrader explained his “No” vote on House Democrats’ American Rescue Plan which passed the House in a 219-212 vote over the weekend with no Republican support in an interview. Though the Senate parliamentarian ruled that a $15 minimum wage provision could not be included in the relief package, his party passed the bill with it included anyway

The Senate will now have to make changes to the bill in order not to include language increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour and send it back to the House for a vote before they vote on it later this week. “The minimum wage increases was ruled out of order by the parliamentarian and we did it anyway. The rules don’t apply to us?” Schrader said.

Why no, Kurt, they don’t. Don’t you read Ethics Alarms? Good riots vs bad riots? Governors and mayors violating their own pandemic orders. Impeachments without evidence? Sexual harassment?

Having broken the taboo, he got rolling. “Number one is there was no legislative process. I mean, we were presented with 1.9 (TRILLION dollars!), not allowed or encouraged to offer amendments … The voice of the elected representatives not heard in this package at all, it was a take it or leave it approach and $1.9 trillion dollars, every other COVID package that we’ve done, not only has been bipartisan, but has gone through an extensive vetting process, you know, before, during and after the after, you know, that came together,” Schrader said in the interview. He sure is articulate…


Note: I used the WordPress “poll block” to post a poll on this, and it didn’t work. I deleted it. The votes didn’t register. WordPress’s block “improvement” is a disgrace, as I have noted before. It is clumsy, you can’t do things that once were easy, and I’d estimate that every post takes 10% longer to create because of this “improvement.” I resent it. WordPress, if you’re listening, you should be ashamed of yourself.

7 thoughts on “Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Or) Is SHOCKED That His Party Doesn’t Regard Itself As Bound By Rules

  1. Breaking the Great Stupid stranglehold will require thousands of tiny stabs. Each one has risk. Each one will be a trivial mole hill on which to die. But they have to be made.

  2. I think he’s a heroic dunce. Heroic for speaking up, but a dunce because *this* was the straw that broke the camel’s back, after years of far worse behavior?

  3. I am always unwilling to categorize anyone who does what should be done by all elected persons. It does not matter to me if he woke up today and figured out what should have been obvious but it is not heroic if he just came to his senses.

    I applaud his courage to stand tall against the prevailing winds of constituent payoffs among so many in Congress. I assume he is representing his constituents wishes and not the party’s.

    • From the complaint he issued, it seems he was most upset about the failure to follow traditional protocol in the party’s ramrodding the bill through. I saw nothing of his concern for the amount of money and how much of it did nothing for Covid victims, only that there was no committee vetting and no debate on changes. Nothing about what his constituents were telling him, one way or the other.

      • It’s possible he is upset that the lack of amendment opportunities made it impossible for the rank-and-file types like him to shoehorn their own pet pork projects in for some of that sweet Covid money…

        • Another Mike and Jeff
          Your points are quite correct. I should have considered them. I am just loathe to categorize any behavior that seeks to question spending taxpayer monies as a hero. They should all be asking questions and representing their constituents and not simply being a vote for the party.

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