Perhaps The Strangest Unethical Prosecutor Story Yet


I have written about over-zealous prosecutors and incompetent prosecutors. I have written about a prosecutor who moonlighted as a dominatrix and another who moonlighted as an NFL cheerleader; a prosecutor who helped his drug-dealing prepare nickel bags, and a prosecutor who faked sleeping during trials to distract the jury from a defense attorney’s closing argument. However, I never thought I would see this.

Greg Shore, the first assistant district attorney in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, not only moonlighted as a delivery driver for the online food ordering company DoorDash, he did so during his work hours as a prosecutor. As in, “I’m sorry, I can’t work on my closing argument right now, I have to get this Chinese food order across town, stat.” Or “Hey, thanks for the barbecue delivery–wait! Aren’t you the guy prosecuting the man who raped my wife?

Shore was paid more than $125,000 per year as first assistant district attorney in the Philadelphia suburb, according to 2019 records. Was he that strapped for cash? Did he just like delivering food? Is he out of his mind? I have no idea. He did issue a nice apology, though, saying,

“I primarily worked the job at nights and weekends; however, I made the incredibly poor decision to deliver during the workday at times. In doing so, I realize that I betrayed my boss, my colleagues and most importantly the citizens of Bucks County. The people of Bucks County should expect that somebody working the capacity of first assistant district attorney should have their complete and undivided attention when duty calls.”

Almost as weird is that Shore wasn’t fired when this came out; he was only demoted.

District Attorney Matt Weintraub said in a video statement he demoted rather than fire Shore because of his years of public service and volunteer work for the county. He said he believes in giving Shore a second chance. Then he also said that Shore’s conduct was “indefensible, thoughtless, selfish and so stupid” as well as “senseless.” But, he added, by all accounts Shore was an outstanding delivery driver.


I’m sure Bucks County citizens will sleep soundly knowing that law enforcement officials who engage in conduct that is indefensible, thoughtless, selfish, stupid and senseless are still deemed worthy of employment.

3 thoughts on “Perhaps The Strangest Unethical Prosecutor Story Yet

  1. If I were the District Attorney, I’d have said, “His conduct was indefensible, thoughtless, selfish and stupid, so we are demoting him. We believe an appropriate position for him is among our secretarial staff. After all, he has shown talent for procuring food.”

  2. I don’t understand this at all…. Nevermind the working while working angle… That’s obvious and has a whole lot of other concerns attached to it. Discretely on the issue of working as a delivery guy… It seems like a *really* bad idea for someone to moonlight while holding that kind of position. Could you imagine if you’d been assigned to deliver pizza to a person you were prosecuting? Could you imagine getting into an altercation over payment? Just…. Wow. How do you think that’s a good idea? I just can’t imagine needing the money bad enough to do something like this.

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