Unethical? Uncivil? Unprofessional? I’m Not Sure What This Is, But I Am Sure No Competent Mayor Would Do It..


Walker is the Mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia.

And they said Donald Trump posted inappropriate tweets…

After that delightful ditty was taken down by Facebook, the Honorable Mayor posted the whole poem, of which she is apparently proud, on Twitter:

mayor_of_charlottesville 2

Either she is having a nervous breakdown, of the citizens of Charlottesville are the most incompetent voters in the nation. I’m desperately searching to find another example of an elected official publicly announcing that he or she hates the city she has vowed to serve. It is a per se breach of loyalty and civic responsibility.

She is ethically obligated to resign. I’m sure she can support herself with her poetry…

17 thoughts on “Unethical? Uncivil? Unprofessional? I’m Not Sure What This Is, But I Am Sure No Competent Mayor Would Do It..

  1. I actually got sick to my stomach and threw up.

    And after reading it multiple times, my head and face are so flushed with anger I feel like spontaneous combustion could actually happen.

    She’s spewed forth something indefensible, and whatever happens next (including anyone in “power” defending her) will be very telling.

  2. Obviously, black women who have been elected by a plurality of the vote are permitted to post what would be considered language denigrating another race on FB. This proves that FB’s algorithms are biased.

  3. No, she is not ‘ethically obligated to resign’; and to my mind you are being inconsistent in even toying with the idea that she might be. She has a first amendment right to express her opinion, as you do to disagree with it. And like Donald Trump had, she has the legitimacy of having been elected. And as to ‘competency’, being elected and appointed is all that is required. Good luck to her.

    • 1. You need to read up on the First Amendment. It’s 100% irrelevant to this episode.
      2. If a lawyer decides he hates his client, he is ethically obligated to resign.
      3. If a mother decides she hates her child, she must give up custody of the child in the interests of the child.
      4. If a CEO decides she hates her company and what it does, she has an obligation to resign.
      5. If a doctor decides he hates his patients, he cannot trust himself to make decisions regarding those patients wefare.
      6. A juror who hates a party is obligated to withdraw.

      Are you detecting a pattern here? Hating a those you have a duty to assist and represent is a conflict of interest, and non-waivable.Unless she was open about her hatred, the mayor was elected under false pretenses, and it was still unethical to run or agree to serve.

      Donald Trump, meanwhile, never suggested, said or gave any indication that he was anything but a patriots and a proud American.

      Bad comment, AW. I’ll forget you posted it.

  4. Gee, based on that, Charlottesville sounds like a horrible city. It must have some really shitty people in municipal leadership positions…

  5. I don’t know when she must next face the voters, but they will decide.

    What dangerousl ideas, that there is an obligation not to ‘rock the boat’, not to be critical of those you have a ‘duty to assist and represent’; that there is some civic duty to be ‘loyal’.

    I assume Mayor Walker has formally pledged only to support the Constitution. She should of course also be obliged not to breach promises made in her manifesto. And we should reasonably expect her to seek to further the interests of her constituents, as she sees them. I don’t see anything in your note or other reporting to indicate that she is in breach of any of this.

  6. Here is some more context, for what it is worth:


    It looks like she goofed up with some of her spending. From what I can tell, it was an innocent mistake on her part. She seems to be a novice politician (who else would send out a tweet like that).

    Fast forward a bit (that story is barely a month old) and she may feel like she is being targeted (or playing the victim makes for a good defense) unfairly.

    Putting the “best” face on the tweet, she is complaining about being an outsider in the government. In other words, it is not a complaint about the people; it is a complaint about the system.

    That’s the best I can come up with.


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