Wow, Bias Really DOES Make You Stupid!

The New York Times, like many shameless purveyors of left-leaning propaganda, has responded to the copious metaphorical blood drawn by the conservative (and funny) satire site The Babylon Bee by accusing it of being a “misinformation site.”


Snopes, the dishonest “factchecking” site, has fallen into this pit of despond more than once, but then their idiocy is a matter of record (that places like Facebook choose to ignore for some reason). The Times’ political coverage has been sliding from slanted to dishonest to disgraceful, but I assumed—because I am a sap—that the paper was still above this.

No, it isn’t.

In a recent Times article, article, the Bee was referred to as an example of a “far-right misinformation site” that “sometimes trafficked in misinformation under the guise of satire.” This is approximately as valid as accusing the late Mad Magazine of being a misinformation vehicle. Fortunately, the people who run the Bee are not weenies. They responded,

In a just-published article about Facebook’s difficulty in dealing with satire, The New York Times points to The Babylon Bee as an example of a “far-right misinformation site” that “sometimes trafficked in misinformation under the guise of satire.” They said we dishonestly “claim” to be satire to protect our presence on the platform.

This is false and defamatory.

No other examples of so-called far-right misinformation sites are offered. The Babylon Bee is the only one cited in their article.

Notably, the words “trafficked in misinformation” are hyperlinked, presumably to a supportive source. But the link they point to is another NY Times piece that actually refutes the claim that we traffic in misinformation by describing us as a legitimate satire site. The reason they don’t link to a supportive source is because they don’t have one.

What’s happening here is incredible, but unsurprising:

The New York Times is using deceptive disinformation to smear us as being a source of deceptive disinformation.

This is not the first time this has happened. We’ve had to defend ourselves against such claims before. The ongoing mischaracterization of our site in the liberal media is a blatant attempt to discredit and deplatform us. If they can convince the social networks we’re abusing the “satire” label, then they can shut us down.

It’s that simple.

The whole system is rigged to support these efforts, too. Wikipedia, for example, only allows “reliable sources” to determine how a website is characterized. And guess which sources they consider reliable? The New York Times, The Rolling Stone, CNN, etc. The sites that shamelessly mischaracterize us are deemed credible and quotable, whereas sites that appreciate and defend us are dismissed as “unreliable.”

So what can be done about this? Well, we’re talking with our lawyers again about the best path forward. Damaging defamation is serious.

But there’s a way you can help, too, by becoming a paid subscriber. If the liberal media succeeds in getting us banned for disinformation, we’ll need your financial support to stay in business.

It is so obvious that this excellent satire site is a satire site that this entire episode is embarrassing to the Times, and vividly shows how partisan bias unchecked eats away at common sense and basic ethics alarms.

Here, for your judgment and perusal, are examples of the “misinformation” currently on the Babylon Bee home page. How dare they?

  • Conservative Spreads Dangerous Misinformation About A Chicken Crossing The Road
  • Putin Challenges Biden To Stair-Climbing Contest
  • Newborn Thrown Out Of Hospital Nursery For Refusing To Wear A Mask
  • Biden Shares His Secret To Keeping Calm In A Crisis: Senility
  • Columbia University To Hold Separate Graduations For All 7,895 Genders
  • New M1 Abrams Tanks To Come Equipped With Changing Tables
  • Cuomo Invites All Accusers To Come Forward And Gather In New York Nursing Home
  • New York Times: ‘Journalists Should Be Able To Destroy People’s Lives Without Fear Of Harassment’


Pointer: William Reese

13 thoughts on “Wow, Bias Really DOES Make You Stupid!

  1. I feel slightly bad about it for some reason, but that Cuomo headline in particular made me giggle for some reason. My sense of humor may be just a tad morbid…

  2. When someone tries to silence you, that’s when you know they are hitting too close to home. Please name one non-tyrannical regime in the past where writers were silenced. I’ll wait.

    • Or where satire was silenced. Even Hermann Goering had enough of a sense of humor to appreciate the jokes about him. Sometimes, he repeated the jokes himself.

      • Here’s one:-

        A fishmonger was selling herring with the catch cry “Hoering! Hoering! So fess wie Goering!”* Then the Gestapo took him in for a quiet word. He re-appeared a week later, much battered and bruised, and resumed selling his herring, only this time with the catch cry “Hoering! Hoering! So fess wie letzte Woche!”**

        * “Herring! Herring! As fat as Goering!”

        ** “Herring! Hoerring! As fat as last week!”

  3. They are grasping at straws because good satire is dangerous. Good satire is funny because people recognize the truth being exaggerated or mirrored, and the media hates it because there’s no way to “fact check” that truth away with pedantic gaslighting.

    The Bee probably worries them more than any conservative source, because they know that the more of it “good liberals” see, the more they’ll chuckle at it because they can see the truth in it that the media has been trying to dance around. So it has to be clearly labeled wrongthink.

  4. Biden Shares His Secret To Keeping Calm In A Crisis: Senility

    That one is hitting so close to reality it could be argued that it isn’t satire.

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