Comment Of The Day: “Post-Zoom Hangover Ethics, 3-31-21….” (Item #3: Sliming Gina Carano)

Humble Talent provides a perceptive take on the Disney-Gina Carano debacle, just another small piece in the rapidly developing mosaic of of corporate alliance with the purveyors of aspiring woke mind and speech control. I first wrote about the episode here. My suspicion is that the Arrogant Left is wildly overplaying its hand (as it did against Donald Trump: the pandemic rescued them, but they think it’s because they were brilliant, as undeservedly lucky people always do.)

Here is HT’s Comment of the Day on item #3 in the post, “Post-Zoom Hangover Ethics, 3-31-21…”,in response to a comment by E2. Normally I would have a bit of the comment up before the jump, but now WordPress’s inexcusably clumsy “block” system won’t let me do that, at least not easily. Don’t let that stop you: it’s a great comment.

E2 wrote ,“Gina Carano appears to be among the 1/100th of 1% of Americans who know some history. Nazism, World War II, the Holocaust shaped our world — and still is — and to call out totalitarianism of any kind is worthy of praise, not ridicule by a bunch of IQ-80 leftists.”

Kind of. Carano actually retweeted someone who said that, she didn’t write the words herself. She’s given interviews after this whole debacle happened, and what I get from them is that she was actually kind of politically naïve, and provides a case study in how the left pushes people away.

The first landmine she stepped on was following a bunch of Twitter people getting very upset that she didn’t have pronouns in her bio. I want to point out that this is yet another example of mandate creep; these things always start out with “why are you making fun of the things I’m doing, they don’t effect you” and end with “if you don’t also do this thing I’m doing, you’re a bigot.” Carano did what I probably would have, from the safety of my relative online anonymity: She added “beep/bop/boop” as pronouns as a middle finger to them, as opposed to a “fuck you” to internet busybodies, so it was determined that she was mocking pronouns in bios! So she was officially branded a transphobe.

It went downhill from there, Disney’s corporate HR/PR engine took over; they wanted to subject her to struggle sessions, they went back and forth over what her apology was going to look like, and it was all very Orwellian. It would have been interesting instead if Disney had taken a moment to step back and understand that they were dealing with a person. But they didn’t. There were people angry on Twitter, and even though Disney’s main demographic isn’t on Twitter, and even though they were joyfully touching penises with Chinese dictators, and even though Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts) has literally killed people with Goop, they decided THIS was where they were going to make a stand and signal their virtue with the force of 1000 stars!

Take a step back and consider: You’re under siege. You made a joke on Twitter, and all of a sudden your career is on the rails, people are constantly misinterpreting what you’re saying when they aren’t outright lying about you, do you think that builds a good impression of those people? Course not. So she started getting support from the right, because the right is actually pretty good at welcoming people the left seem to hate, and she started to post (Dun dun DUUUUUUUN!!!) right-leaning memes. Well! Now she’s an alt-right insurrectionist transphobe. Anti-Semitic too!

One of the memes was about the holocaust (The one mentioned above). So again, Disney, great and mighty arbiter of morality, who airbrushed John Boyega out of movie posters for China because they thought that Chinese audiences were too racist to watch a movie with a black lead, decided THAT was the last straw: a holocaust meme! How dare she! Not taking into account that Pedro Pascal had just posted his own meme comparing Trump’s Kids in Cages™ to Nazi death camps, Disney, in their fair minded and ultimate wisdom, fired Carano, cancelled her planned spinoff, took her action figure off toy store shelves, and then brushed their hands together and called it a job done.

And now…. Gina Carano is working with The Daily Wire’s new entertainment division. We’ll see how that pans out. Like I said: Case study in how the left pushes people away. The leftist political meat grinder took someone who wasn’t politically active, and put her on the Daily Wire.


4 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Post-Zoom Hangover Ethics, 3-31-21….” (Item #3: Sliming Gina Carano)

  1. Stop making sense, HT. Never mind the Wuhan virus, the left seem to have their own pandemic of a sort of mental rabies transmitted without contact from one weak mind to another until it creates frothing mobs devoid of logic or understanding. There’s no guarantee of a reliable cure; we may just have to isolate and save those who appear to have some immunity.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been following this debacle and I am shocked by Disney’s lack of control over the big mouths of their management. No one really cares about the occasional socially inept star, but when the company starts doing things against common sense and common fairness, the COMPANY reeks like a septic pool. I haven’t been able to watch it, I just cannot justify ordering a streaming service for *one* series. But Disney’s shallow pandering has put the nail in that coffin after their clear disrespect for Boyega(character downgrade to comic relief and shrunk in China posters) and James Earl Jones. (Lucasfilm not only didn’t wish him a happy 90th during black history month like the brit site did, but when reminded, crickets chirped). They’re talking the talk but not walking the walk of liberal ideals.

  3. If I had the money her quote would be on as many billboards as I could afford.

    “Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different than hating someone for their political views?”

  4. Does anyone have any feel, or idea where we are on the arc of this idiocy? Is this just the start such that we can all look forward to endless escalation until the inevitable tipping point, or are we near the middle or the end?

    It just seems like at some point, “normal” Americans would stop and say that they aren’t going to take this anymore. You see the odd celebrity briefly bemoan the “cancel culture,” but no clarion call has arisen.

    I’m not even sure how to fight this, or if it can be fought with the tools at the disposal of the average person. Even blogging platforms, which used to be more or less non-partisan, are jumping on the censorship bandwagon. Gradually, the means of opposing the woke mob are dwindling down to an ever-smaller volume. Will it shrink to irrelevance, if it isn’t already? How useful are powerful words that can never be read because there is no way to find them in the sea of “woke” nonsense where they are actively suppressed by every Internet company?

    When business starts refusing to sell printing presses except to those who make it their mission to destroy the opposition to popular opinion, to what non-violent means do we turn? Will our freedom gradually erode over a decade or so to the point where the American experiment can officially be consigned to yet another failed effort, the victim of it’s own success?

    I suppose these are rhetorical questions. I do know one thing — I don’t have any answers.

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