Afternoon Ethics Afterthoughts, 5/7/2021: On Quitting, Cancelling, Lying And Deflecting


1. The dignity and integrity to quit. The big news in baseball yesterday was that the California Angels finally released Albert Pujols. Pujols is in the last year of a terrible 24 million dollar a year+ contract he signed as a free agent. For the last several years, he had negative value, meaning that the Angels would have been better if they just stuck a utility infielder in his slot in the line-up. When Pujols left the St. Louis Cardinals, he was already a lock of the Hall of Fame, much like Mike Trout today (also on the Angels) who could quit at 30 and still be regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. In 2019, I wrote about another washed up batter holding on to collect his exorbitant salary when he was no longer capable of earning it, the Orioles’ erstwhile slugger Chris Davis. I wrote in part,

[He] should call a press conference and do what some baseball players better than he have done when they realized they could no longer play at the level they were paid to. Quit. Retire. Say that he has too much respect for the game, his team mates, Baltimore, the Orioles, its fans, and himself to keep on with the embarrassing futility of trying to play major league baseball when he no longer has the skill to do so while receiving millions to fail. Then he should walk away, an Ethics Hero, and a model of integrity.

But Davis didn’t, of course. Davis earned $23,000,000 that year, and last year. He will earn the same amount this season and the next, to add to the 165 million he’s banked already. His OPS (On Base % plus Slugging %) the past three years: .539, .601, and .331. The average OPS in the Major Leagues is about .750. Nothing yet this year: he’s been injured. The Orioles hope he stays that way.

What Pujols is owed if he stays active is virtually monopoly money to him: he already has a third of a billion dollars from his baseball salaries alone, and many millions more from endorsements—and that’s just assuming he keeps his money in a sock. Reportedly Albert is greatly admired as a man of character, but if he was truly that, he would have the character to quit. Now.

2. Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias! Here’s a fun link: conservative pundit David Harsanyi traces (some) of the egregious media bias since Biden took office.

3. Cancelling Philip Gallanes. That’s it: first I was lulled into writing about the Times advice columnist’s various queries to his column. Then he started signalling his political biases and wokeness to such a nauseating extent that I found fewer and fewer of his replies worth considering. Now, I’ve decided never to look at his section in “Thurdays Styles” again. He’s a knee-jerk idiot.

A parent wrote that she felt guilty about letting her son accept squirt guns as a gift from friends. Gallanes agreed that that was problematical, and that she needed to be more proactive about prohibiting guns of any kind in their home, because even squirt guns contribute to desensitizing children to the taking of human life. Boy, I’ve seen the research: all those causal links between squirt gun use and mass murder. The humanity!

On the plus side, his cretinism did remind me of my favorite squirt gun of all, a, 18-inch cream colored plastic carbine like the gun Steve McQueen used on “Wanted: Wet or…” I’m sorry, that’s “…Dead or Alive.” You could use the trigger for single squirts, or pump the cocking handle for a continuous stream.

Well, gotta go and shoot up a massage parlor now…

4. I hate Stop AAPI Hate ads, and our rule in the house is that if one comes on, and all those earnest, wounded Asian-American faces start haranguing me, that channel is banned for the rest of the day. The statistics are convincing that Asian American “hate crimes” were minuscule to begin with, and are still minuscule even if there has been a blip. This is transparently left-wing propaganda to bring Asian-Americans into the victim lobby, while, once again, blaming Trump’s racism for calling a Chinese virus a Chinese virus, even as the evidence becomes stronger that the current pandemic came out of China and was allowed to spread by the Chinese government. But—let me see if I have this straight—it’s racist and hateful to state that fact, because some mouth-breathing idiots think it makes sense to blame Americans for what the country of their ancestors might have done. Do I have that right?

You know, the same species of morons killed dachshunds during World War I. I don’t constrain my speech because it might trigger troglodytes, nor should anyone else. Progressives want Asian-Americans to crusade against an over-hyped non-problem while their captive educational institutions are doing real damage to Asian-Americans by discriminating against them because they appear to be too hard-working, diligent, and academically motivated. But that’s not hate, you see. Discriminating against Asian-Americans is just antiracism.

Do I have that right?

11 thoughts on “Afternoon Ethics Afterthoughts, 5/7/2021: On Quitting, Cancelling, Lying And Deflecting

  1. On three….

    If the left is going to bring Asians into the victim lobby, does that mean they’re going to stop discriminating against them in post-secondary admissions?

    • OK, confess, you wrote this before you read the end of the post: “Progressives want Asian-Americans to crusade against an over-hyped non-problem while their captive educational institutions are doing real damage to Asian-Americans by discriminating against them because they appear to be too hard-working, diligent, and academically motivated. But that’s not hate, you see. Discriminating against Asian-Americans is just antiracism.”

  2. 4. Am I the only person to whom it appears all the videos of random attacks upon Asian Americans show the perpetrators to be (most often mentally unstable) black guys? Why is the race of the perpetrators never spoken of in the reportage? If the attackers were white, wouldn’t that be front and center? Or is this the old members of minorities are always above reproach, and if they appear to be from time to time, let’s just not talk about it?

  3. 1. 31 hits moves him past Murray & Mays & 36 more, which is achievable this year, puts him at 9, just behind Yaz. Then there’s A-Rod (696) & the 700 club, with 33 HRs, obtainable DHing somewhere for a couple of seasons. There’s the HOF, but there’s Immortality with the stat-happy media & public to reckon with. He’d sell a lot of pods.

    Ah, Crush/Slash/Chris Davis. That contract makes the Albert Belle fiasco look quaint. My O’s friends STH every time his name is mentioned. Sure would have liked to see Cruz, Machado &/or Markakis in his place.

    • The Atlanta Braves are making their last payment this year on the contract of…wait for it…Bruce Sutter. He was signed by Ted Turner back when dinosaurs roamed wild and free. Actually, it was either ’84 or ’85, but still…

      • As a Mets fan, I’ll one up you with Bobby Bonilla, who is still being paid by the Mets until 2035.

        Granted can’t blame the player for accepting a deferred payment contract like that if the owners are dumb enough to do it. (Actually, I can’t even say they were dumb, as they’re not the owners anymore so they don’t even have to pay it now)

  4. Here’s a pro tip. When PRC/CCP mouthpiece Global Times is on your side, you’re on the wrong side. To wit:

    Anti Asian-American racism stems from deep racial hatred in US ‘melting pot’

    The situation of Asian Americans in the US has recently become increasingly difficult. Physical and verbal abuses against Asian Americans dramatically increased after the COVID-19 outbreak. There are also more discussions online: Why did the American society take a relatively cold attitude toward discrimination against Asian Americans?

    A new study based on police departments’ statistics in major US cities has found a nearly 150 percent surge in anti-Asian hate crimes in 2020. By contrast, the number of overall hate crimes fell by 7 percent. US President Joe Biden on Thursday condemned the violence that Asian Americans have endured on the one year marker since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 a pandemic. He also signed a memorandum condemning and combating racism, xenophobia and intolerance against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the US.

    However, these measures cannot fundamentally change Asian Americans’ situation in the US. Discriminations against Asians did not appear only after the Biden administration came to power. It is a historical problem in the US. Worse, during the COVID-19 pandemic, former US President Donald Trump’s discrimination against Chinese people and Asians exacerbated the situation. Biden’s words and policies can show his attitude, and this may slightly ease the situation and arouse people’s attention to the problem. But it is impossible to eradicate discrimination against Asian Americans…

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