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Pointing at the sky

Well, I’m thankful it’s Friday, at least: what an awful week, culminating in an inexplicably sleepless night. Oh—that’s two out of the three things I’ve received reader complaints about in the last few days—yes, EA has a complaint desk: my occasional use of CAPS, bolding and italics for tone and emphasis, and the inclusion of “personal stuff.” The third is that I reply to comments too much, or so some critics think.

Now, hoping to prompt a complaint that I shouldn’t taint the purity of an open forum by mentioning a topic, I’ll point out this, since I’m going back to bed and may not be in any shape to get back here for a long time: today’s headlines about the U.S. government finally admitting that it has no idea what a lot of the UFOs are is infuriating. THAT’s something that Congress should investigate; not the potential flying saucers themselves, but how the policy of lying to the public about them, calling them swamp gas, domestic aircraft and hallucinations and generally gaslighting the American people, was allowed to continue for decades. Who approved that? Who allowed it to continue? What news organizations assisted in the cover-up? Is there any wonder that the public doesn’t trust our institutions, and that conspiracy theories abound? This was a conspiracy, one that the military and every President from Ike to Trump—that’s twelve!— allowed to continue. Give Joe some credit on this one.

Now feel free to ignore me , and write about the ethics issues you want to.

And if I decide to comment on it, I will.

44 thoughts on “TGIF Open Forum!

  1. Jack wrote regarding UFO info being released, “This was a conspiracy, one that the military and every President from Ike to Trump—that’s twelve!— allowed to continue. Give Joe some credit on this one.”

    Someone please correct me if I’m actually wrong; but, wasn’t it President Trump that opened the door on allowing the secret UFO information to be released to the public. I’m not so sure that President Biden earned any of the praise he’s getting for UFO information being released.

    P.S. I was on vacation for a while and I’m slowly, really slowly, getting back into the swing of things.

    • From the article:

      Beloit’s website boasts of the school’s dedication to creating “inclusive spaces for Black students — residentially, socially, and academically,” adding the school is “committed to a broad and comprehensive effort to center the work of anti-racism and equity on campus.”

      “inclusive spaces”? Inclusive? The entire article is about EXCLUSIVE spaces!


      • The remedy for historic discrimination is present-day discrimination. Anti-racism is ultimately black separatism.

      • The lefts distortion of the English language is right out of the ministry of truth. In addition to the use of inclusive, they twist “diverse” to mean “not white” because it’s not OK to say “not white”.
        I heard a school administrator talking about a school on an Indian reservation and she referred to it as “diverse.” That doesn’t fit any more than calling 1950’s Alabama schools diverse. 100% native American, as un-diverse as you can find.

  2. Barack Obama is famous for saying: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

    To follow up on that Ceausescu-esque narcissistic declaration…

    There is currently no end of growth in the “industry” that is government in the 21st century Middle North American Quasi-Socialist Welfare State (“QSWS21” – formerly recognized formally as The United States of America).

    Pronounce QSWS21 “KWIS-wis twenty-one.”

    There is no good end-state of the society – any society – that continues to tolerate the continual growth of QSWS21 government.

    In QSWS21, there is only ever greater entrenchment of authoritarianism, with ever less accountability for the authorities, particularly the top-most authorities.

    With that ever diminishing accountability and ever more entrenched authoritarianism, opportunities ever increase for ever more and more:

    • power-hoarding, leading to irreversible power-centralization and totalitarianism;

    • mass hostility toward classical democratic modes and methods of governance;

    • arrogance and unaccountability of government office-holders at all levels in a “governing class;”

    • arbitrariness, including even unconscionable and absurd inconsistency, in decision-making, rules-making, and rules enforcement;

    • “elitism” presumed by the “governing class” authorities, with authorities presuming their unquestioned entitlement to unlimited power;

    • widespread, even open and deliberately showcased, brutality for the ends of “governance” according to perverse notions of “justice,” “equity,” and “equality;”

    • “professions” marked by degrading, dehumanizing exploitation of persons – a “capitalism of corruption,” where corruption is Golden, the “wealth” of the persons of the governing class, the trading-currency of power; cronyism, nepotism, and careerism which are indistinguishable from sex trafficking and sexual prostitution (but inclusive also of the power to impose classical sexual enslavement, the enjoyment of which is one of the perks of power);

    • and, with forced subjugation of many by the few – and imposition of dependency by the many upon the few – mass disempowerment of the governed, especially of all persons who are not “public employees,” with the consequently inevitable onset of perpetual, inescapable pandemic deprivations, poverty, and mass soul-sickness.

    In QSWS21, always and continually, every year, every new day, “progressively” and inexorably, most persons are deemed and rendered mere subjects to the authorities of the “governing class,” and are expected to accept as facts of life:

    • ever more tax necessary to pay;

    • ever more public funding required to spend;

    • ever more public debt necessary to create and absorb;

    • ever more public employees who must be hired and retained indefinitely, unaccountable, with ever higher compensation in pay and benefits;

    • ever more vastly empowered and intrusive organizations of public employees to “administer” the “enterprise” that provides, secures, and ensures continuance of the governance of the society (i.e., continuance of the bureaucracies – that “governing class”), at the expense of the governed, and

    • ever more rules to be made, enforced, and complied with, but only to be complied with by the governing class’s subjects (and by occasional “rogues” within the governing class).

    In terms of “ecology,” QSWS21 government is – to use a term used by many of today’s loudest environmentalist advocates – “unsustainable.”

    Eventually, with QSWS21 government leading the way, all industry, all incentive for production, all motivation for innovation, and all behavior by the governed (“the makers”) will be micro-managed into virtual non-existence by a central authority and its controlling regime (“the takers”).

    Eventually, the “takers” will so overwhelm the “makers” that literally nothing will be produced, and everyone will have no choice but to cannibalize one another – economically, materially, and ultimately, literally (universal “carpe corpus”).

    CONCLUSION: The real meaning of Barack Obama’s declaration is:
    “We are the problem we are mandated to eliminate.”

    • Poem of the Day!

      Just yesterday, in response to an article about what a sham effort the Durham investigation has been, I realized anew how the entire political class rose up as one to smite down the brazen outsider who had dared to enter the stable and wash out even a smidgeon of the horse shit. Not everyone can grow up to be president.

      • Other Bill wrote, “Just yesterday, in response to an article about what a sham effort the Durham investigation has been, I realized anew how the entire political class rose up as one to smite down the brazen outsider who had dared to enter the stable and wash out even a smidgeon of the horse shit. Not everyone can grow up to be president.”

        Even short comments, like this one, can earn Comment of the Day notoriety!

        • Thanks Steve. I appreciate that. I’m not in Steve or HT’s or yours or Ryan Harkins’ and countless others’ league. There are a lot of really high horsepower commenters here.

  3. Jack: Not an “ethics issue” at all, I’m just curious: It seems that you alter the elements in the collage at the top of your page. But there doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to what images are added or kept vs which ones are deleted. Can you enlighten me a bit? Thx …

  4. Ignorance Is Bliss

    As I mentioned above, I was recently on vacation with my wife for a while. During this driving vacation we drove about 2,500 miles. Started off in Wisconsin and drove through Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, then back through different parts of Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, and finally back to Wisconsin. Saw a couple of my High School friends and some of my immediate family along the way.

    A few observations while on this vacation:
    1. It was rare to see any facemasks.
    2. I heard no one talking about politics.
    3. I didn’t turn on the television or visit/read any news media.
    4. I didn’t listen to any radio while driving, just canned music from an MP3 player.
    5. People were friendly everywhere we went.
    6. I basically “disconnected” from my life and the chaotic part of the world for a short while.
    7. I was ignorant of any current events, I was sleeping well and I was happy in a different way.

    I can truly say from my own personal experience that yes ignorance is bliss, but honestly isn’t that kinda what a vacation is for, to get away? The problem is that the aftermath of that blissful vacation is that I’ve lost my natural will and drive to stand up and get involved, this is something entirely new for me. It’s as if a part of my character has been ripped out and I hope it’s temporary. 

    Why am I bringing this up now; first it’s because I’m forcing myself to somehow get involved, and second it’s because bliss appears to be addictive.

    I think this addictive behavior might be what we are seeing with the extreme progressive political left these days. Their bliss, the thing that gives them perfect happiness and great joy, is being part of an ideological group that’s motivated to do something they ideologically agree with and sharing in the experience of accomplishing something by exerting group power. The tools the progressive left totalitarians use to feed their bliss is rationalized social division and hate, the tools I use to feed my bliss is a disconnecting calm and relaxation.

    The pattern of behaviors exhibited by the progressive totalitarian left are anti-ethics, anti-morality and anti-American. Historically we’ve seen these kinds of addictive mass group behaviors across the globe, most notably in 1930-1940’s Germany. The very core that makes the USA what it is is intentionally being twisted by totalitarians that are intentionally gaslighting the population with brainwashing propaganda. The population doesn’t understand how they are being intentionally manipulated. Destroy the core morals of the individual and the rest of society will fall.

    The brainwashing tactics of the 21st century political left are unethical and immoral.

    Steps Involved in Brainwashing
    1. Assault on identity
    2. Guilt
    3. Self-betrayal
    4. Breaking point
    5. Leniency
    6. Compulsion to confess
    7. Channeling of guilt
    8. Releasing of guilt
    9. Progress and harmony
    10. Final confession and rebirth.

    Revisiting the Intentional Brainwashing of the United States of America

    I’m open to being wrong, but if you think I’m wrong please explain to me how I’m wrong.

    • Steve, it’s good to get away from the interweb. Get in a car, drive around in the world wide world. See guys in pick up trucks going to hang dry wall or set tile or unclog a drain. Life, meaningful, ordinary, down to earth life goes on. There’s a lot of sound and fury signifying not a heck of a lot.

      • Other Bill wrote, “Steve, it’s good to get away from the interweb. Get in a car, drive around in the world wide world. See guys in pick up trucks going to hang dry wall or set tile or unclog a drain. Life, meaningful, ordinary, down to earth life goes on. “

        True. Those things will likely go on regardless of what happens politically in the USA.

        Other Bill wrote, “There’s a lot of sound and fury signifying not a heck of a lot.”

        That’s an interesting way of putting it, I disagree, but it’s interesting. In my opinion the sound and fury are signature significant to a society that is morphing.

        • I have to partly agree with you, Steve, about the sound and fury. I hear and see sound and fury, respectively, just driving in the Houston area where I live. There have been reports of at least a couple of fatal “road rage” shootings locally in recent weeks.

          Now, those shootings might have had nothing to do with true road rage. They could have been shootings that happened to occur not because of some traffic-related incident, but because both shooter and target just happened to be driving somewhere, like in a stalking scenario. But, shootings aside, I see so much aggression on the roads – assholery, really – manifested in driving behavior, that I have no doubt a higher per capita level of rage is the root cause. And, it would be no surprise to me, if it is true that some local Houston motorists are now so self-righteously enraged and self-entitled to harm other motorists for whatever reason, that now they are shooting-to-kill to express their displeasure and act out their rage.

          It is probably impossible to trace the cause of the “rage-while-on-the-road” to any one particular thing, except generally to “response to cumulative stressors.” COVID and its impacts, and other “bad news” – higher fuel prices, increasingly heavier traffic, and multiplicative effects of aggression, where one driver’s aggression provokes the same in other drivers (a weakness of mine, I’ll admit: sometimes, I feel like I am more likely to be killed in a crash if I do not “blend in” and drive as aggressively as the many drivers that seem to be all around me) – are all possible contributors to enraging drivers before they even get into their vehicles to drive, let alone react to some “vehicular insult” in traffic.

          It is heartening and encouraging to read of a fellow commenter’s success at making a true vacation while taking time off from his daily grind. I don’t know when (or if ever) I am going to take a vacation, or be able to take one. But your description gives reason and motivation for hope. Thanks Steve!

      • That’s the reason I positively cherish spending the better part of a month each summer up in Iron County.

        No T.V. and only two (2) newspapers. One is the Ironwood Daily Globe (published Tuesday through Saturday), which features (IMO) brilliant commentary by, but not limited to, the late, great Walter E. Williams, and my favorite comic Mallard Fillmore, ranked even higher now that the Gannett Co cancelled it.

        The other is the Iron County Miner (Published Weekly/Read Daily), which we have drive in ~ 17 miles/~27.36 kms to pick up from the editor at the place where its printed.

        Only one caveat; my lovely and long suffering wife (a career Lefty) LUVS to listen to NPR in the morning, which I tune out by doing sit-ups and crossword puzzles…at the same time.

  5. The word ‘literally’ is increasingly being used in ways that do not fit its definition. As an intensifier, e.g. ‘I literally cannot believe it’, where an antonym, such as figuratively, doesn’t make sense. Even worse, when its use is the opposite of its definition, e.g. ‘I literally died from embarrassment’. Figuratively would work there, unless the person saying that sentence had actually died due to embarrassment, and had been resuscitated.

    Is it worth bringing up when literally is used incorrectly? English has already lost the original meaning of words like awesome from overuse in context that wouldn’t make sense for the word’s original definition. Or should the seemingly general cultural trend be allowed to continue unimpeded, because the potential annoyance from others isn’t worth this word?

    • Andrew, I think Jack’s response would be “language changes all the time, etc.” I’m not a fan of that approach. I think the English language is a wonderful tool box and as we were told by our fathers when they found hammers and screw drivers left out in the lawn, we need to respect our tools. Trendy over-use of words is annoying and simply not a good thing for a civilization. I analogize letting these sorts of things slip to the broken windows policing philosophy. But this is one of my hobby horses.

      • No, in this case I’d agree that using “literally” to mean the opposite of literally is signature significance for an illiterate moron. It renders language incomprehensible. If literally means figuratively, than what is the word for literally?

        • Hopefully this nonstandard use will go the way of other slang, like referring to a long time period as “a minute” or a well executed stunt being “bad”.

          Just watched the Back to the Future series with my kids, and the slang from my generation against theirs simultaneously juxtaposed in the old west was a hoot.

          Marty: “Hey! Frisbee! Far out!”
          Seamus: “What was the meaning of that?”
          Maggie: “It was right in front of him!”
          Seamus: “Aye.”

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