Dear Red Sox: That Was An Unethical Banner, But You Asked For It


During yesterday’s late afternoon game Red Sox game against the Miami Marlins in Fenway Park, some fans unfurled a huge “Trump won — Save America” banner over the centerfield wall during the fourth inning. The banner was confiscated and the fans ejected from the game. Some of the players and quite a few spectators were amused. Similar messages appeared on banners unfurled during Mets and Yankees games in recent weeks.

The Red Sox have long had a policy prohibiting large signs and banners in the park, though I have seen some appear without the park staff taking action. Political signs have always been taboo. In 2017, this sign…

Oakland Athletics v Boston Red Sox

was draped over the Green Monster in left field during a September game. The fans responsible then were treated exactly as yesterdays provocateurs were. In 2017, the Red Sox said,

Sox tweet

The policy hasn’t changed, but the context has. Last season, the Red Sox’s ever-woke and Left-pandering ownership placed their own “Black Lives Matter” banners both inside and outside Fenway Park. It’s their baseball park, and they can hang whatever they choose there. But having broken the trust of fans who previously regarded major league baseball parks as politics-free zones, they “opened the door” as trial lawyers say. The Red Sox ownership asked for “Trump Won” signs, indeed created a precedent for them, by deciding to inject their personal partisan politics into sporting events.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, as my mother used to say (and I assume yours), and the banner yesterday was obnoxious, unethical, and, of course, stupid: Trump didn’t win. He may not have lost fairly, but he didn’t win: people, including Trump, have to stop saying that. But yesterday’s banner is no more offensive and inappropriate than “Black Lives Matter” banners, just offensive and inappropriate in different ways.

6 thoughts on “Dear Red Sox: That Was An Unethical Banner, But You Asked For It

  1. Apparently some banners are absolutely disallowed (Trump), but others are sacred and can’t be touched (Pride, BLM). And it’s all on private property, so it’s perfectly legal. At least that’s the reasoning of the woke left, but that’s just another example of wanting a monopoly on everything.

      • All lives matter, Andrew. There’s a right and a wrong time to push black lives matter. A baseball game is the wrong time.

      • Yes. And when black lives begin to matter to black people, those who actually take black lives, then things will be moving in the right direction.

        • Absolutely true, AM, and a point that no one seems to want to raise, but also irrelevant. The time to get into that discussion is not a baseball game, when people are there to watch a sporting contest.

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