Good Ethics News! It Is Fair To Say That Vice-President Harris Will Never Be Elected President

Holt and Harris

There is no question about it: fraudulent personalities and con artists have been elected President of the United States in the past. However, that challenge isn’t easy, and being able to fool the public most of the time isn’t the only skill required to pull it off.

Kamala Harris is one of those truly awful politicians who radiates phoniness and opportunism. She has no true principles other than dedication to her own ambition and narcissism, and it is fair to conclude that if she ever had access to the power of the Presidency, she would create a bipartisan disaster.

Fortunately, Harris can’t fool anyone, at least not enough. She isn’t smart or dexterous. Her insincerity glows like an LED bulb. This is why she was such a spectacularly unpopular Presidential candidate when she ran in the Democratic primaries. The Vice-Presidency was handed to her based on nothing unique or admirable about Harris, just her color and her chromosomes. This provided her with a second chance to make a good first impression, but she just can’t do it.


This episode is in itself minor, but it features such a spectacularly dishonest and bumbling performance by Harris that it should erase any fears that anything short of Joe Biden’s demise will put her in the Oval Office.

During an interview with NBC News yesterday, Harris, who has been criticized for not visiting the U.S.-Mexico border despite being delegated the job of overseeing the mess there, was asked whether she had any plans to do so.

Harris: I – at some point – you know – we are going to the border. We’ve been to the border. So this whole – this whole – this whole thing about the border. We’ve been to the border. We’ve been to the border.

Or as Ralph Kramden would say, “Huminahuminahumina…”

When Lester Holt protested that despite her use of “we,” she had not, in fact, been to the border, her lightening-fast retort was…

Harris: “I – and I haven’t been to Europe! And I mean, I don’t – I don’t understand the point that you’re making. I’m not discounting the importance of the border.”

That’s it! That’s proof positive that Harris is too dim to hide her own dishonesty even to fool some of the people some of the time, or to get past a mildly challenging question from a Democratic ally like Holt. After trying deceit to duck the point Holt was making (“We’ve been to the boarder”—see, it depends on what the meaning of “we” is!), she resorted to a grade school level deflection (‘I haven’t been to lots of places! What’s your point?‘) The point is that her job doesn’t require her to go to Europe, but the boarder crisis does mandate that she go there and learn something. As she knows. And the best she can do is a virtual Jumbo, as in ‘I have no idea what you are referring to!’

This is Kamala Harris. She’s not just inept, she’s an inept phony. She may fool a few people with cognitive disabilities or who don’t give a damn, but most Americans will see through someone who talks like that, and they don’t want such empty suits as their leaders no matter what their political affiliations are.

She’s never going to be President.

Isn’t that nice?

44 thoughts on “Good Ethics News! It Is Fair To Say That Vice-President Harris Will Never Be Elected President

  1. I can NOT stand her. She is not only boring, pretentious and under qualified, she is SOOOOOO stupid!! She has said the most idiotic things when she was sucking up to “pop stars” it was embarrassing!!!

    She was put there because she can easily be controlled. But here’s a weird thing…

    A dear friend who was in the CIA worked with her on Trafficking when she was in California. I asked my friend “how was she?”

    she said shockingly that she was AMAZING to work with and helped them a LOT as they arrested people and really showed up more than anyone else while she worked there. (Someplace in Los Angeles I think).

    My friend said she changed a lot from those early days but the point was at some point she really seemed to care about people and serving.

    • Your friend is probably talking about times when Kamala was Attorney General of California. If any of what your friend says is true about Her Awesomeness’s AWESOMENESS, it really is only a fair warning about the brazen Nazi she will be, once she becomes POTUS.

  2. I think this actually keeps Democrats up at night.

    There’s approximately a zero percent chance that Joe stands for a second term. As his VP, Harris is going to be the frontrunner, if not heir designate for 2024. Harris could lose against an addict actively smoking methamphetamine on the debate stage, because at least the addict might be able to string a sentence together, and they’d probably come off as being more genuine and sympathetic.

    • My progressive relatives thought that Harris wiped the floor with Pence. I remember that they talked about how awful of a debator her was, especially compared to Harris, how stupid he was, and she was a genius and SO relatable. Pence, in the debte they watched but I didn’t (I watched a debate between Pence and Harris, just apparently not the one they did), basically stuttered over lies and Harris showed up with the realities. If I had said ANY of that, I’d have included a sarcasm tag, but they were serious. My mom, hearing that from my aunt, laughed thinking she was joking, and scandalized the whole crowd. My aunt and mother stopped talking over my mom commenting that Harris looked and seemed like an insincere idiot, with my aunt claiming that my mom had apparently let politics cause her brain to rot away. They even talked about how it was too bad she had to be second string to Joe, though they thought that Bernie was the best choice, other than the fact that he was an old white man.

      I would agree with you about the meth addict, but people like my aunt think that Harris is only slightly less intelligent and caring than AOC, who is the shining hope for our future. She has a reasonably large group of ‘friends/followers’ who think that she is correct, too. While I might be willing to debate Harris verses AOC, they would still be ranking nearer the mayo left on a warm counter, than a combination of Albert Einstein and Mother Theresa.

        • That is what I don’t get about the recent love fest over Harris. She was the first candidate out of the Democrat primaries, ran a less-than-impressive campaign, and never polled above 6% with DEMOCRAT voters. Now, as VP, she has said mind-numbingly stupid things. The silly laugh deflection is getting old, as Holt demonstrated. When she said, “Well, I haven’t been to Europe, what’s your point?” I thought, “Uh, Veep? Uncle Joe put you in charge of the border crisis that your inept Administration has caused. There is no border crisis with France or Spain or the Czech Republic. There aren’t thousands of unaccompanied European minors overwhelming Ellis Island or Miami’s international airports. There is a massive problem in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, though, and your Administration has to own it and address it. Your failures you can’t pawn off on Trump, try as you might. He told Lopez-Obrador to deal with it or suffer trade embargoes. Guess what? That worked.”

          And, this “root cause” of illegal immigration canard? Any college-educated student who has read a bit about Latin America can tell you what the root cause is: Government Corruption, pure and simply. If your government is corrupt to the core and either can’t or won’t address the economic, political, and social problems in your nation, and your only out is the US, guess what you are going to do? You are going to make that trip to the US. But, what Harris doesn’t grasp is that US policy in Latin America has been spotty at best and the O’Biden Administration’s directives will be perceived as just another example of “Gringo Telling Us What To Do” with lots of cash siphoned off by corrupt government officials and nothing will change. Tucker Carlson interviewed the President of El Salvador. Do you know what he said? “Chicago and Portland are more dangerous than San Salvador, so keep you mouth shut and deal with your own problems.” I suspect Latin Americans will perceive Harris and her “Europe” comment as another prime example of US bigwigs completely unaware of the differences between the Latin American countries, their respective histories and cultures, and the region as a whole. Idiots. That will just open the door to more Chinese influence.


      • What Jack said.

        You have Democrats who would vote for a Democrat even if a necromancer literally reanimated Hitler and Hitler ran as a Democrat. Those Democrats are irrelevant. “Progressives” writ large exist in that space. What are they going to do? Vote Republican? (smuckly chortles).

        Seriously though; Fact of the matter is that progressives aren’t hot on Kamala, she’s a cop, and while the DNC is trying to create space between Kamala and Kamala’s past, it’ll come up against during the election cycle, particularly if she’s primaried. But they’ll support her because she’s the Democrat. She didn’t get a single DNC delegate during the primaries. she dropped out before she could lose miserably in her home state, there aren’t a whole lot of Demographics where she was the first choice, and Biden’s polling went DOWN after Kamala was added to the ticket.

        None of which speaks to the people that actually matter; the oh so sought after moderate.

        The moderates hate Kamala too. They just liked Biden and hated Trump more. Which is a great reason not to run Trump again in 2024.

  3. OMG!!!! Just watched the interview… WHAT AN IDIOT!!! she is so inauthentic and wow, what a liar!! Her body language was misfiring all over the place!! Wow, talk about under qualified.

    Sorry for 2 posts but OMG!! I truly can’t believe the BS…

    Jack, btw… will you blog about the internet outage yesterday? Fastly the company who did that, their stock went up almost 11% on the day that happened… not to mention NO BANKS or financial institutions were affected but the WAS.. which polices financial institutions… seems fishy that so many huge things went down but NOT their owners????

    Wondered if you were gonna blog on that odd thing… that no Financial Institutions were affected… just seems like… why? Stock up when something THAT big happens… no banks affected… Press down, Amazon, Tech companies…

    Ok that is all!! Thanks for all you do!

    • Fastly is a distributed content hosting service, which means they have servers all over the world for high-traffic websites to use. A user hits, and if the site is a Fastly customer, that request gets routed through Fastly’s network to the nearest server to you, to provide load balancing and faster response times.

      The outage was reported to be the result of a software upgrade that introduced a previously unseen bug into their system. So there are at least two legitimate reasons why financial institutions may not have been affected. One, they might not use Fastly’s service. Banks have very specific rules about their IT infrastructure, and most banks tend to host everything “in-house” so they have more control over the environment. A service like Fastly isn’t the easiest thing to integrate into something like online banking. Secondly, even if they are a customer, their service may not have been running the newer, buggy software. As I said, banks tend to have very specific requirements about the software that touches anything related to money, so they often have very tight controls over upgrades and bug fixes. They have much higher liability concerns if something goes wrong than most websites.

      I couldn’t find a definitive list of companies that use Fastly’s service, but I’d be surprised if there were many, if any, financial institutions using it. They’re not a backbone service provider type of company, they provide a specific service to their customers, and it’s a service than banks likely are not using.

      • Well they are owned by big financial people, namely Vanguard, Blackrock Morgan Stanley and more.
        Which is very interesting. I didn’t mean banks but investment people… sorry for that.

        Seems odd those who own them wouldn’t use them? And if so, they didn’t go down but where those places are watched did.

        I”m just currently learning about all this from a global expert and am SOOOO not schooled on it yet!! 🙂

  4. With all due respect, I think Harris as President is guaranteed. While pre-cognition is not my specialty, nor is mind reading, I think Democrats want the “first black woman President” to be theirs and soon. All Joe has to do is: resign, show significant mental decline, or die. I predict that unless he dies first, Joe gets 2 years and a day, so that Harris can go for 10 years. I hope I’m wrong and that you are right, and I also hope that if I’m right that she gets the Presidency, the Republicans can put up a lawn chair candidate (a decent candidate would be better, but the chances of that are slim) that will easily overcome her and we only have to deal with 2 years. However, I have little confidence in our media and election machine at this point.

    • Sarah, I think that was the plan back in January, but I think in the last few months the wheels have begun falling off the Dem clown car. Joe Manchin and a few other Dems have decided they don’t really want to commit political hari kiri after all. Joe Biden won’t be FDR after all. And Joe is barely functioning. Harris has gone into her shell for fear she’ll be blamed for not dealing with the border crisis. And she really is awful. I think people like Ron Klain, the real chief executive, are seeing things fall apart and I’m not at all sure they have a plan B. I just don’t think they can do four years of Joe reading a teleprompter. How will they get the teleprompter into a meeting with Putin? They really think they can feed Joe what to say in that setting? A dumpster fire.

      • In other words, we have a non-functional government. Nobody wins with a non-functional government. I think this also shows how the Clinton machine has lost its power. It’s not leaning on Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to make them get with the program. It isn’t putting articulate surrogates for the lackluster president and vice-president who could tell you to go to hell and have you looking forward to the trip out there to sell these policies and sell them hard.

        So, I ask you: what happens now if what’s left of al Qaeda decides that this is the time to strike? Tomorrow there’s a great big explosion, right in the middle of Boston, taking out a bunch of historic buildings including Old North Church and killing a few hundred people. A half hour later a second one, designed to get the first responders, goes off, killing almost 100 firemen, cops, medics, and those they are trying to help. An hour later another bomb hits Trenton, NJ, taking out the Old Barracks and some other historic buildings. Before noon, yet another goes off in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. The nation is knocked reeling and paralyzed, everyone waiting for another bomb to go off, but thankfully that’s where it stops. Who’s going to rally the nation? Who’s going to provide the steady but dynamic leadership that will deal with this and bring those responsible to justice? Biden? Harris? Who are we kidding?

        • In the same vein, we have to wonder if the recent debilitating Russian hacks weren’t just “state ignored” acts but actual state sponsored feelers. If so, they must be pretty happy about how things are working out.

          Biden’s meeting with Putin is likely a mistake. Vlad won’t be impressed by SloJo’s geriatric bluster, and will only get a first-hand glimpse at how mentally feeble gramps actually is. Probably the best we can hope for is that he doesn’t challenge the Russian to a step-running contest at a nearby stadium. Maybe he’ll just threaten to have Hunter stop accepting money from Vlad’s proxies.

  5. “President Harris Will Never Be Elected President”

    The way the mentality of the population has changed so dramatically in the 21st century and is continuing to change, I’m not so sure this prediction is going to be accurate. I certainly wouldn’t place any bets on it.

    • Neither would I. People voted Biden into office despite all the scandals with his son, despite the fact that he is clearly senile, and despite the fact that he says racist things on a regular basis. The media lies and covers such things up, and people either don’t notice they are being lied to or don’t care. If the media says that Harris is the best thing since sliced bread, here to save America from evil racism and conservatives, people will just be hypnotized like always, and walk around repeating it like zombies. I don’t think reality matters much.

      • When Kamala was just an infant she fell out of her stroller and her parents “noticed-th it not”. Three days passed and they went looking for her, and found her in the temple, amongst the learned ones, answering their queries with her cry of FEEDOM!!! All who heard her were amazed at her brilliance and wisdom. (or something like that)

    • I mean: If any of us are thinking the POTUS can’t possibly be worse than Kamala, THINK AGAIN.

      Gretchen Whitmer? AOC? Whoopi Goldberg? Stacey Abrams? Michelle Obama?

      The Democrats have BINDERS FULL of women! (Mitt Romney might even help.)

  6. Didn’t you promise not so long ago, and very convincingly, that Donald Trump could also never be President? After that endorsement he seemed to go from strength to strength.

    • I said that he never SHOULD be President. Did I ever say he never would? After the Boston Red Sox won the American League pennant in 1967, I stopped assuming that impossible things couldn’t happen. I might have—if I did, it was out of line—“Shouldn’t’ is within my ethics expertise. “Couldn’t” is usually political forecasting. However, all things have exceptions. There is a different context for my conclusion that Harris is hopeless.

      What allowed Trump to win, outside of Hillary’s wretched and corrupt campaign, was that he was a true outsider, a non-pol, and for them the rules and conditions are different. And I was blinded, or biased, by conventional wisdom and assumptions about what a candidate could be after a lifetime of studying very different models. I didn’t make the “Face in the Crowd” connection until after the election.

      My statement about Harris is based on leadership, not politics, and leadership IS a topic central to the blog, and my expertise. Harris, unlike Trump, has no credentials as a leader of anything. She has negative charisma. Americans always gravitate to strong personalities, and hers is weak. They want authenticity—that’s what Trump has and had, and he never gets credit for it. He is exactly who he holds himself out to be. And a lot of people like Trump—that’s his salesman gift. People do not like Harris. Even progressives don’t like Harris. She fits no known American leadership model, even leaving gender out of it.

      Your comment and note, however, are appropriate. Thanks for raising this.

      • I don’t know, when Trump holds himself out to be a stable genius, I’m not sure I buy either word. I don’t think authenticity is quite the right word. Despite the fact that half of the “lies” reported really weren’t, he still seemed to lie a lot on trivial easy to identify things.

        His real talent as far as I could tell was driving the left wing media insane.

        • He is who he appears to be. What he says is just what’s crawling thru his brain at any one moment. He has lots of talents—he’s a fox, not a hedgehog. But he’s tied with Carter and Ford as the least phony POTUS since Ike and Truman.

      • Yep. Leadership is a vital quality in a president. Yet, Obama won, with nary an ounce of leadership qualities. Charisma, maybe, but leadership? None. He did run against McCain, so . . .


    • Well, I mentioned that. It could happen. She would have less of a chance than Gerald Ford at re-election. Once she was POTUS, her accomplishment as “trailblazer” would be accomplished. She’s have nothing else to offer.

      • “…it should erase any fears that anything short of Joe Biden’s demise will put her in the Oval Office.”
        I fear that could turn out to be a very low bar.
        Possible upside: She would be so godawful that it would boost Republican gains and ensure against her reelection.
        Possible downside: She would choose a relatively electable VP, and the dems would go with him/her in 2024.

        The Republicans need to run a ticket from something like a Tim Scott/Ted Cruz/Condi Rice/Marco Rubio/etc. field. Hell, run Tim Scott and Candace Owens.

        Is that playing the dems game? Sure it is, to some degree, but most Republicans, in contrast to their purported “racist” leanings, actually like these people, and doing this could cause a seismic shift in minority voting habits…for the better. How have they done with those who “deserved” their chance…Who wants more Romneys or Doles… anybody?…Bueller…?

    • Obviously, we’d be fucked even worse than we are now. Let that sink in for a minute: Kamala Harris is indisputably worse than a dementia-addled octogenarian groper who probably never had an IQ above 105 in his best days.

      I would love to be privy to some of the backroom conversations that are going on at the highest levels of the Democratic party these days, as the reality of the situation they’ve engineered begins to dawn on them. There is a very narrow path where this all works out for them electorally, and about a thousand different ways for it to blow up in their faces.

  7. Kamala’s flippant dismissal of the MSNBC guy’s question to her, about her (not) traveling to the alleged border with Mexico – something like, “I haven’t been to Europe” – pissed me off.

    What an arrogant witch, to smile and giggle and girly-banter like she did in that interview, and then, act as if some hidden hammer came out of the sky and rapped The Gavel Of Finality to signal “Case DISMISSED!” I mean, she really DOES think she is smarter than everyone else.

    It’s like she was saying: “See? I made a point! You can’t argue with it! I’m perfect! I’m infallible! My logic is flawless! All I had to do was open my mouth and speak a little English, and WHAM! I OWN you, MSNBC troll! About that traveling-to-the-border question – I WON that argument! Next?”

    • She is absolutely insufferable, Lucky. I can’t see her being carried across any finish line. The dems must do focus groups on her electability, or lack thereof. I think they’re panicking. Or they sure as hell should be. Is it my imagination or has Nancy Pelosi kind of gone to ground? She may be nuts, but she does know which way the wind is blowing, at least compared to the young adult wing of the party. She knows that to stay in power you need to win elections.

    • She was just expecting to be able to fly through that interview because she is a Democrat – as well as a female Democrat of color – and not be challenged on anything she said.

      As it was, I was surprised Holt even called her on the fact that she herself hadn’t been to the border. If he were really doing his job, he would have said something like, “With all due respect, Madam Vice-President, you haven’t been appointed the European czar. You have been appointed the Border czar. President Biden spoke about how qualified you are to oversee this issue. What is it you don’t understand?”

      Is there any doubt that, had Mike Pence still been Vice-President and given such an idiotic statement, Holt would have gone on the offensive? And my newsfeed would be filled with articles headlined, “Holt Trumps Pence on Border Visits and the Internet Can’t Handle It” and filled with tweets by nobodies.

  8. We seem to lose sight over Biden’s inability to make prudent decisions that could greatly affect the future of the US.

    His choice of Kamala indicates he cannot assess potential consequences of his choices or fails to accept the probabilities associated with negative outcomes that impact the expected value of those decisions.

  9. Not as a supporter but as one with concerns I pray that Mr. Biden survives until November 2024. Ido so because as Albert Einstein was purported to say, “Two things are immeasurable, the expanse of the universe and the depth of humanity’s stupidity.” I change the last portion to read “the depth of the stupidity of the American voter.”

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