A Non-Apology Apology From Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis That Is Such A Non-Apology That It Doesn’t Even Include “Apologize” Or “Sorry”


The United States has a serious apology problem. People who should not be apologizing are doing so anyway, because they are intimidated by woke mobs and too cowardly to resist. Others, particularly elected officials, are refusing to apologize even when it is clear that an apology is owed. What’s going on here?

Weenies and assholes, essentially. “Townhall” political editor Guy Benson neatly summed up that dichotomy with a tweet:

Benson tweet

Ellie Kemper is an actress who did nothing wrong, but was forced into apologizing anyway (Ethics Alarms pronounced her a “prostrating weenie” here.) Whitehouse, the Democratic Rhode Island Senator and vocal “antiracism” shill, was exposed as a sickening hypocrite, and excused himself, apology-free, by explaining that the exclusive club he belongs to has remained white-only out of “long tradition.” Weenie, meet Asshole. Which of these invasive species does more damage is open to debate; personally, I vote for the weenies.

Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis is in the other category, and, like Whitehouse, spectacularly so.

He was at the scene of a deadly crash at a Stonewall Pride Parade over the weekend that occurred, according to the Fort Lauderdale Police, when a 77-year-old gay man who wanted to take part in the event lost control of his pickup truck, which accelerated unexpectedly at the beginning of the parade and hit two people. Being a divisive hack at the ready to pander to the gay community, Trantalis pronounced the episode a “terrorist act,” saying,

“It’s terrible. They’re laying on the ground. This is clearly a terrorist act against the LGBT community. This is exactly what it is. Hardly an accident. It was deliberate, it was premeditated.”

The mayor had no evidence whatsoever that the tragedy was intentional, premeditated, or terrorism, and sure enough, it wasn’t. Like presumed racism, however, the Black Lives Matter staple and the life’s blood of Critical Race Theory, presumed “hate crimes” against LGBTQ Americans is a core element in the progressive demonization of, in this case, straight white males. How could the mayor know that what happened was not an accident, “deliberate,” “premeditated,” and “exactly” a terrorist act? Oh, because as a gay man he wanted it to be, and because bias makes you stupid.

The mayor’s irresponsible, bigoted and divisive certitude was quickly proven to be fantasy, creating much-deserved criticism in social media and elsewhere, with many demanding that he apologize. The next day, he issued this statement on Twitter:

Tantalis statement

The New York Post said this was an apology. The local NBC affiliate said that the mayor expressed “regret” at his outrageous pronouncement. Do you see any words in that whatever-it-is that suggest an apology? I don’t see “apologize,” “sorry,” “regret,” “wrong,” or even “mistake.” On the Ethics Alarms Apology Scale, this doesn’t even qualify for a #10, the worst of them all. It’s being called an apology because that’s what it should have been, but it is no more an apology than if Trantalis has issued a recipe for pound cake as his missing apology’s stand-in.

There’s no apology in the first paragraph, which shifts the emphasis to “his” community’s grief and away from his hate-crime mongering. His second paragraph is a lie, in addition to being designed to seek sympathy as a victim because he was “terrorized.” Get it? He was terrorized, see, so really it was an act of terror, sort of, so his calling the accident “terrorism” wasn’t that far off. But he didn’t say at the time that he had “strong concerns,” or that he “feared” that there had been a deliberate attack based on anti-LGBTQ hate. He said, without any expressed doubt, that violence was deliberate, and it was premeditated. Those irresponsible assertions were what he was supposed to be apologizing for. Instead, Trantalis just concocted a false narrative that lets him off the hook. Then he concluded his not-even-close-to-being-an-apology apology—#11? #99?— by making himself a victim again: his heart is breaking, poor guy! Ouchy! Let’s feel sorry for him, but he’s not sorry for anything, even though he falsely sowed division and fear in the city he is supposed to lead.


17 thoughts on “A Non-Apology Apology From Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis That Is Such A Non-Apology That It Doesn’t Even Include “Apologize” Or “Sorry”

  1. When you know the media will cover for you, you can lie your head off and never have to apologize or set the record straight, just a “leave me alone,” will do nicely. If you are gay or of color, you are home free. If you are white, especially white and male, zip it, we aren’t interested in what you have to say. Go donate another $1000 in privileged income to the Black Rights Matter movement or the Human Rights Campaign (or, better yet, both). Maybe one day you can buy your redemption, but the chances are not looking good.

  2. A parallel to this is the story about the boy who cried wolf. Claiming something motivated by hate which proves to be false renders all legitimate claims dubious.

    I have no faith that claims of bias are meritorious anymore without concrete physical proof. Conjecture and hypothesis is no longer sufficient

  3. I’m surprised he didn’t resort to the rationalization that so many do when proved wrong, that it’s still okay to promote the false narrative because it’s happened for real so many other times.

    Wait…do we have a rationalization number for that one?

    • I haven’t seen that rationalization in the list. Does it fall under the “Right Side of History” rationalization?

      • Perhaps or, maybe, “It’s For a Good Cause” because proponents argue that even hoaxes “raise awareness” of the problem.

  4. I bet the lawyers and PR and risk management people spent a lot of hours crafting that tweet. The city’s going to be making a big pay out to the survivors of the decedents for the city having a parade in the midst of traffic. At least no officers were fired upon as was the case in the “Juneteenth” parade in Flint, Michigan.

    • And of course, the reason this isn’t an apology is that when you’re a progressive and a member of a victimized community, facts don’t matter.

      Badges? Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges.

  5. “His second paragraph is a lie, in addition to being designed to seek sympathy as a victim because he was “terrorized.” Get it? He was terrorized, see, so really it was an act of terror, sort of, so his calling the accident “terrorism” wasn’t that far off.”

    It is something of a natural progression though;

    Terrorism is defined as: “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” That’s obviously not in play here…. But progressives have never been particularly bothered by dictionary definitions, and when it’s pointed out that the definitions don’t match their narratives, they just pressure the dictionaries until they do.

    This follows a theme in progressivism; Reality doesn’t matter, intent doesn’t matter, all that matters is the perception of the people effected, and really…. Their perception isn’t even that important; What’s MOST important, at least to them, is that someone could have taken offense. Maybe those people were too terrorized to speak up, and so it is their righteous and solemn duty to speak the truth-that-isn’t-true to power and pretend that not only was the offense taken, but that it was intended.

    So, they’re pretending that a person purposefully drove a vehicle through some marchers at a pride parade, which could actually be considered terrorism. Because alhaqiqat laysat sahihatan.

    • I think this is also called something along the lines of “my lived experience,” HT. A person’s live experience is the most important thing and determines reality for everyone. Which is pretty hilarious when you think of eighteen year-olds going off to college and wanting to study and be validated for “their lived experience” rather than learn anything they don’t know. Colleges are evidently there to be enlightened and informed by their minority students. What a deal.

      • Hey Bill,

        My first impulse is to describe in detail just how voraciously you can eat my ass. If you don’t have the testicular fortitude or the grace to apologize for, or even recognize, the colossal magnitude of your fuckup in the other thread, then at least do me the favor of fucking off for a little while. If it’s not clear, I’m angry with you.

        Get bent,


        • ??? What are we missing here? I took OB’s comment to be in support of yours, and referencing the mayor’s attitude.

          • Previous post, first comment. Bill took a portion of a quote of mine and used it to infer that I was 1) a commie, and 2) had called Clarence Thomas a, quote, “House Nigger”.

            • HT, you clearly went after and denigrated people who are black and conservative and said they were not very intelligent. I took your comment and reversed the parties so you could perhaps see what an unfair thing you were proposing. I found it not befitting your intelligence. I thought reversing your comment might make you reconsider what your were saying. Was my comment pointed? Hell yes. Were you calling black conservatives out for going off the plantation? Sure looked like it to me.

                • Not even a little. Part of the problem is that Jack took two parts of my comment and sandwiched them together in a way that was a little different than they were intended. But most of the problem is a lack of reading comprehension on your part.

                  You misread a comment, worked yourself up with it, played ad lib with it in a way that doesn’t even function, and then put some really fucking ugly words in my mouth. That’s all on you.

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