Open Forum, As Everything Is Seemingly Spinning Out Of Control!

President Biden threatening to nuke citizens? Seattle approving an event that will charge whites “reparations fees”? The Red Sox lifting a starting pitcher when he’s throwing a no-hitter? I can’t handle all of this chaos!

Maybe you can.

Go to it.

27 thoughts on “Open Forum, As Everything Is Seemingly Spinning Out Of Control!

  1. Biden threatening to mass murder American citizens with nuclear weapons and hellfire missiles because they refuse to give up their second amendment rights is a new low point in our country. How would the media have reacted if Trump had said something similar about Antifa or BLM? They would have lost their minds. The screeching would have been audible from space.

    Biden says it, and they pretend it didn’t happen. I wonder if the media would even condemn it if he actually started bombing cities and towns that historically lean right. I somehow think they would simply justify it, and argue that those people deserve to be mass murdered to promote inclusiveness. I think the media would be gleeful rather than horrified. I can just hear Maddow and Lemon trumpeting about what a great day in history it is, and then cautioning people not to think that racism has been defeated just because flyover country is a smoking crater. The peaceful protests must continue until equity has been achieved!

      • OB
        The business community should say to Biden: If you want to pay them more then go ahead we will scale back production, reduce our incomes and tax liability until you figure out that governmental acts that distort market forces caused these problems and end them. You want to give all those people a raise it’s on you. Capital equipment is our bargaining chip.

        Biden sees himself as a tough guy but he is suffering from “Little Man” syndrome. He only talks tough when he knows he can use other people’s power to get his way. I would bet that he would become a sniveling mass of gelatin if he was accosted without his security detail.

        As for his nukes and F15 statement. The Mujahedeen have taken on both the Russians and the Americans and are on the brink of victory. To believe that those who value the Constitution and their god given inalienable rights are not going to be eliminated as easily as he thinks and I doubt if F15 fighter pilots will be willing to strafe the flyover states to appease this paper tiger bully.

        • I too found it unprecedented that the titular head of the American economy would say such a reckless, stupid thing. He sounds like a snotty teenager arguing with his old man. And I also thought about how difficult asymmetrical warfare has been for the United States since at least Vietnam (and it was no picnic for the French either). Biden’s a semi-awake nightmare. He seems to be literally sleep walking. And no one says a word. The emperor’s new clothes are going to wear out at some point.

    • (whine of the Emergency Broadcast System) Today Kansas City was declared to be an outlaw city in open rebellion against the government due to the actions of its citizens and others in the State of Missouri. In keeping with Federal law Kansas City has now been destroyed. Should further unlawful behavior continue in the State of Missouri another city will be destroyed next week, and so on until either the citizens of Missouri cease their unlawful behavior, or all cities have been destroyed, at which time we will move to towns, then villages, then farms.

      In other news, the reticent population of the town of Springfield, Idaho was relocated today to a secure location where they will be reeducated. A new barracks and education center opened today in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which will house the unmarried white male population age 18 and up, to educate them and keep them out of trouble until suitable jobs, partners, or both are found for them. The new Nat Turner Brigade of national police was stood up in Mobile, Alabama and will take over policing at the state level. County and local police will continue for the time being while the Malcolm X and Khalid Muhammad brigades complete training, at which time they will take over at those levels. Those officers replaced will be either sent for retraining and absorbed into a brigade outside this state if of color, or returned to civilian life if white…

      • Kansas City, eh? Was nice knowing everyone. Think the nuke blast was hot, but it was over before I felt much of anything.

  2. The media has a new narrative. It is racist to protest racism if the racism is aimed at whites.

    NBC just ran the following headline: White farmer wins temporary halt to program for Black counterparts

    Accompanied by the byline: White farmers argued that redressing past discrimination against Black farmers violated their rights, an argument backed by former Trump aides.

    What they are talking about is the Biden policies of providing COVID relief money to farmers of only specific racial groups. Determining who can get relief money by using their race as the criteria for who is eligible is obvious racism. NBC spins and rationalizes the racism by arguing that the racism is necessary to correct historical injustice and tacks on a “Because Trump!” justification to boot.

    Racism is wrong. Racism is ALWAYS wrong. There is never any justification. History is not a justification. Political animosity is not a justification. Inclusiveness, equity and diversity is not a justification. There is no valid justification.

    Any media outlet that tries to justify racism in any context is lacking in ethics.

    • Hadn’t heard of that one until just now (but I don’t follow the Red Sox if I can help it).

      However, the Astros had a similar situation just a few days ago, and also pulled their starter after, I think, 6 innings of no hit pitching. The first reliever kept the no hitter going for another couple innings, but the next guy gave up a homer. The Astros won, but didn’t get the no hitter.

      It’s a tough decision either way — with a young pitcher, I think you have to keep your eye on his long term prospects and health.

      Baseball is, of all sports, a grind it out, marathon season, and you hope your better players will be around for a decade or more. It’s seldom a good idea to go for broke in any single mid-summer game, and it’s also a game where the fans understand that starters need to get regular days off.

      I always hate those decisions, but I reckon it was likely the right one..

  3. I would to see an explanation, not a justification, of what Biden meant by the F15s and nukes comment. I can’t for the life understand what they hell he was thinking, other than bad stuff that sitting presidents shouldn’t be threatening against their citizens.


    • John, I haven’t even tuned in on this caper much, but I’m assuming he voiced the lefty trope that modern governments have such powerful weapons at their disposal the idea the citizenry could do much with simple firearms against government forces is simply quaint and reveals the absurdity of the Second Amendment. He’s saying the Second Amendment is a joke because no militia could ever take on a modern day military. Therefore, people don’t need guns for such a reason and the Second Amendment is nothing more than a quaint relic of the musket era. Besides, what government would ever do anything to harm its own citizens, right? I think it’s a pretty firmly held lefty belief. After all, the government is just here to help.

      • But he’s simply lost his mind. He has no mental self-control. They’re going to have to put him back in his basement in Delaware again sooner or later. Right now, it’s “Lefty Thought Unfiltered.”

      • That sounds logical. But, my mind boggles. If citizens really can’t take up arms against the government because the citizens are outarmed and outweaponried (my word) then why all the gnashing of teeth over The Great Insurrection Day? Oh . . . because Trump and Orange Man Bad. I guess . .


    • According to that article, Jalen Rose suggested Deandre Ayton should have been selected. Deandre Ayton is not actually eligible to play for America because he is not American. He is from the Bahamas, and could only represent the Bahamas.

      The rest of what he said is just racist. He called him a token and suggested the only reason he was selected was because the US doesn’t want to have an all black team. Previous US basketball teams have been all black, however, so that doesn’t make any sense.

    • Will evidently serve fifteen. (Will there be mostly peaceful but fiery protests?)

      Whatever happened to over-incarceration? (Certainly one of the great created terms of our time. Right up there with the explanation for being hungover is saying “I was over served.”)

  4. Re: the Biden Covid relief package debt relief for disadvantaged farmers.
    The policy is 120% debt relief to anyone who has a loan though USDA who is part of the approved ethnic backgrounds.
    This does not include women as a disadvantaged person, which is odd because generally women are considered disadvantaged, unless they have a farm with their spouse. The kicker here is that it’s a blanket “get out of debt free card” for these specific ethnic groups. There is no income criteria, no proof you actually had discrimination against you by USDA or any state or county ag department. Plus it’s not 100% it’s 120%. You could be nobility from India who is in no financial hardship and who has been here less than 6 years and qualify if you have a loan. So that’s the rub imo. Well, the rub aside the obvious “equal opportunity under the law” breach.

  5. Another reminder that we dodged a bullet when Merrick Garland was kept off the Supreme Court:
    He’s suing Georgia over their recent voting law…one more liberal than many others, including Delaware’s.
    The judge we were assured was a mainline moderate continues to demonstrate that he is a viscious, politically driven ideolog. God help us if Biden’s nominee for head of the ATF (or “AFT” per SloJo) is confirmed.

    • Milley does not understand that the basic well understood reasoning behind the fractional allocation of citizenry when counting slaves. If he does not understand that the non slave states wanted to limit representation of slave holding states in Congress I cannot trust his knowledge on any subject. He is also misinformed about the origins of Critical theory. He says he read Lenin and Marx but never Marcuse. Any reference to Harvard relates to Marcuse after he left the OSS and began teaching at Columbia and Harvard. Marcuse was considered the father of the new left.

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