“Is We Getting Dummer?” Res Ipsa Loquitur!


Above is the mug shot for 31-year-old Bridgette Frank, arrested in California last week on a felony bad check charge and for failing to appear in court in a misdemeanor case. her record includes convictions for drunk driving, assault with a deadly weapon, child cruelty, and narcotics possession.

Note her shirt, which appears to be an incredibly inept knock-off of a Louis Vuitton T-shirt, since it, you know, spells “Vuitton” wrong. That’s Stupid Level One.

Stupid Level Two is that the knock-off was still not so stupid that it couldn’t fool Frank. Oh, you may choose to argue that Bridget is just full of sly, ironic humor and is wearing the self-identifying moron shirt for laughs. Go ahead. She strikes you as a P.G. Wodehouse aficionado, does she? That conclusion might qualify as Stupid Level Three, but it’s not.

This is: after the Smoking Gun’s article about the shirt concluded with “Public records do not indicate whether, at the time of Frank’s arrest, she was wearing a Rolez watch or carrying a Channel handbag,” commenter Thomas D Fitzpatrick asked, “What is a Rolez watch?”


The Ethics Alarms motto that “Bias makes you stupid” has its corollary in “Jack’s Observation” that “Stupid makes you unethical,” leading to the depressing but undeniable Ron White’s Law, “You can’t fix stupid.” How much of America’s ethics crisis flows from that sequence?

I don’t want to think about it.

12 thoughts on ““Is We Getting Dummer?” Res Ipsa Loquitur!

  1. In case anyone remembers, years ago Ethics Alarms banned The Smoking Gun” after it posted a bogus story I relied upon to my sorrow. But I checked this one out, and the mug shot is genuine. Plus I couldn’t resist: the episode reminded me of a cherished family memory. At Christmas one year, my parents gave my then brother-in-law what they said was a Lacoste polo shirt that they had purchased in Europe. My wife’s now ex-husband excitedly tried it on, whereupon I noted that the little alligator looked funny and appeared to be sewed on crooked. When he reached over with his left arm to feel the logo, his sleeve detached, and when he reached over with his other arm to the sleeve,THAT seam unraveled.

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy….

  2. No, we are not getting dumber, we are getting sophomoric, arrogant, and too easily triggered. We are getting sophomoric because a lot of people read one book that tells them one thing and they think they know it all. This is where things like the less than scholarly polemic Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States come in. We are getting arrogant because all too often we allow people to act proud and correct when it is not justified, and we are becoming easily triggered because we have both a publication industry and a news industry that feed that easy triggering. We also have an activist class that feeds off all of that and tells sophomoric, arrogant, easily triggered people that they need to get out there and do something already.

    It is this rage haze that results from all this that leads to absurd ideas like the defending of the police, with no thoughts as to what would result if you did. It is this sophomoric half thinking that results in reasoning like saying only 7% of last summers protests / insurrections were violent, when the fucking problem WAS that 7%. It is this easy anger that led a thug named Markquise Love to try a field goal on a defenseless white guy’s head and never let him see it coming. It is this easy anger that led a 27-year-old woman named Samantha Shader who apparently hasn’t done anything but travel the country committing crimes most of her adult life, to drive 100 plus miles from the small town of Catskill in the Hudson valley into Manhattan specifically so that she could throw Molotov cocktails at police officers. It is also that sophomoric thinking that has led others to hail people like this as heroes.

    Maybe it should come as no surprise that a population this sophomoric, this sure of itself, and this angry has put this country where it is. What other kind of people would elect an obviously senile man whose best days are past, who could drop dead any day, and whose first six months in office have consisted chiefly of mindlessly erasing everything that the last president did, without considering whether it will work or not, throwing open the border and creating a crisis where there was none before, and looking like a fool in front of the other great powers? What other kind of people would place a clear incompetent, who can barely manage her own office and who is ignoring the tasks she has been charged with, a heartbeat away from the presidency strictly because of her gender and color? What other kind of people would run, leave alone elect, district attorneys who see their primary task as enabling criminal behavior rather than stopping it? What other kind of people would then complain when stores get shuttered because of this criminal behavior, and claim that racism is resulting in food deserts? What other kind of people would elect, and then defend objectively terrible mayors like Ted Wheeler, like Muriel Bowser, like Lori Lightfoot, who are clearly not up to the job?

    No, we are not getting dumber, we are just allowing the dumb and the vicious to run the show. History is full of examples of what happened when you allow people like this to take over, and none of them are good. Of course, people like this would love nothing better than to rewrite the books so that you don’t know what actually happened. Realistically speaking, we have next year and 3 years from now to stop this from taking hold. If we don’t, then the United States will no longer be the nation it was intended to be, and these people will say that’s just fine because their vision is better by far then the vision of some dead white European slave owning men 200 plus years ago.

    • Steve, I think you hit the nail on the head (again). My dad used to say of a certain class of people, “They may know a lot, but most of what they know isn’t worth knowing.”
      You mentioned Howard Zinn; when I first read his stuff in the 1980s, I though, “What adult is naive enough to believe this crap?” Apparently the right answer was, “Many people.” I have seen our educational system move from “broadening the mind” to severely narrowing it by selective exposure to all the :right” ideas and sheltering students from the “wrong ideas,” as determined by Leftist academics. Many recent college graduates dismiss out of hand the proven knowledge and lived experience of their elders; a younger relative recently dismissed me as a “wise Boomer racist” for trying to explain to her that Breonna Taylor was not, in fact, “murdered in her bed” by police You correctly point out the complicity of publishers and news organizations in selectively informing the public at large.
      In thinking about the many feeble fools and senseless dolts that hold public office, it would be more comforting to suspect widespread fraud than to think that a majority of people actually chose and voted for these clowns.

      • Did you knock this relative down? I really can’t stand disrespectful younger relatives. My cousin still remembers me pulling a George Floyd on him at a family gathering way back when he was still a teen with a mouth and an attitude and I was an adult (12 years’ difference). A bunch of us were watching a football game after a meal, some on the sofa, some in chairs, the younger people on the floor. Three bottles of hard lemonade caught me short, and I had to get up from my chair and use the men’s room. I returned to find my cousin sitting in the chair I had occupied with a stupid grin on his face like he’d pulled a clever fast one. I told him to vacate the chair, and that it was rude to move right into someone’s seat if he had just excused himself, intending to return promptly. He sneered at me and said “shuffle your feet, lose your seat.” Significantly bigger than him, I grabbed him by the arm, hauled him out of the chair, threw him down on the floor, and knelt on his neck, pressing his face into the carpet with all the force of a good 200 pounds. He of course told me to get off him, but I told him he was going to suck carpet until he apologized, promised not to do that again, and promised to remember that, although I was his cousin and not of the generation above us, I was an adult, he was a kid, and he was required to respect me as any other adult. THEN I let him get up. His dad, my uncle, didn’t say boo, and neither did any of the other adults in the room.

        • The exchange with my younger cousin was on Facebook, not conducive to a knock-down. Her father was appalled and tried to apologize publicly on her behalf, but given that she was of age I told him she was ineligible for a parental proxy apology. She’s gone full woke and is basically impervious to reason and facts at this point.

  3. You’ve got to remember that there are no limits to stupidity.

    Heck here in the good ole’ US of A, we’ve got stupid people rioting in the streets, stupid people wanting to eliminate police and jails, stupid people wanting lots of free government handouts, stupid people brainwashed into Marxism, stupid people ignoring facts, stupid people believing propaganda, stupid people enabling criminals, stupid people are electing other stupid people to public office all over the good ole’ US of A and apathetic there are apathetic people fertilizing a breeding ground for stupidity.

    Unchecked stupidity spirals out of control.

  4. They didn’t do a great job with Louis, either.”Loius”?

    In her defense, she probably didn’t buy that shirt, it looks like something pulled out of a Good Will drop-box after hours. And take note that she is “making progress”; she has left the world of ADW and child cruelty, moving to the non-violent activity hanging bad paper.

    On another front.. Why do people wear advertisements for companies while receiving no compensation for the advertising?

  5. “Half the world’s below the fiftieth percentile, Bill” — Br. Edmund Sheehan, circa 1968

    Disparities in outcome are inevitable. The idea that they are the result of systemic anything is preposterous and meaningless on its face.

  6. “31-year-old Bridgette Frank, arrested in California last week on a felony bad check charge and for failing to appear in court in a misdemeanor case. her record includes convictions for drunk driving, assault with a deadly weapon, child cruelty, and narcotics possession.”

    Who’s stupid? The District Attorney’s Office! With these charges she should be IN JAIL, not free to answer to a “bad check” charge. Child cruelty alone should have put in behind bars.

    I would love to hear the rationalizations (and deals) which kept her free after all those charges… Anyone?

    • “Progressive” DAs? George Soros’s money got lots of them elected, allegedly. Certainly the DA in Philly is big on not enforcing the law. I suspect the ones in California are cut from the same cloth. The judicial system is systemically racist, you know. And over incarceration.

  7. Back in the late 1970s I was a member of a team of investigators that solved a series of burglaries. While we were executing search warrants at several storage units the burglars were using to hold their loot, we found one unit in which the stolen property was sharing space with a large quantity of bootlegged Panama Jack and Ocean Pacific sportswear (very popular designs at the time). Many of the items -mostly tee shirts- were virtual duplicates of the factory original designs (although of obviously inferior quality), but quite a few had noticeable spelling and image formatting errors, either inadvertent or, as we were told by one of the suspects, made intentionally to try and avoid prosecution since they obviously “weren’t exactly” like the original. (An ineffective strategy.)
    About fifteen years ago my agency charged an officer who was involved with friends in selling counterfeit Adidas and Nike jackets. He got caught when he tried to sell one to his supervisor! I know that in that case the FBI got involved and tracked the counterfeit goods back up their multi-state distribution chain, making a number of arrests.
    When an acquaintance or street-side vendor offers you what would normally be a $30 tee shirt or a $60 jacket for $10 to $20, the ethics alarms ought to sound. Too many people who ought to know better seemingly just dismiss those alarms or buy knockoffs without any critical though as to the crimes being committed, or the criminal organizations they are financing.

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