Comment Of The Day: “The Ethics Of The Government’s Planned Door-To-Door Vaccination Campaign”

vaccine protest

A nice “Bite me!” Comment of the Day by Demeter on the post, “The Ethics Of The Government’s Planned Door-To-Door Vaccination Campaign”:

I have gotten to date: a phone call, numerous post cards, and a text message, along with emails from my insurance company and… of course, FB announcements. If people are unaware of vaccines, their purpose, safety, etc… a knock on the door likely will not matter. Actually, it makes me want to dig in my heels to NOT do this.

I feel like there’s medical discrimination at play. Never have I ever been convinced to “do the right thing” with lotteries, scholarships for kids, phone calls asking me to schedule an appointment, a postcard, and now door to door. Umm, Fuck you. No.

I was considering it. Now “they” can leave me alone or see me in a courtroom. Translation: You would be better off shutting your stupid mouths and letting me work through the information, IN MY OWN TIME. If I die, I die. It’s my choice. You’re vaccinated so what do you care what I do? Or are they saying they don’t work as claimed? Pick one people, you can’t have both.

Side note: our history is full of amazing and epic scientific breakthroughs of things that turned out not to be safe, that we thought were, and and ended up killing thousands or more. Tell you what, Biden: Go back to the lab (you have a cancer cure so this should be simple!), create an airborne vaccine—I’m sure nothing could possibly go wrong—and you’d get your wish to have everyone vaccinated for the greater good.

And not that you care, but I haven’t gotten the vaccine because it’s a 120 mile round-trip to the nearest vaccination site. My husband hasn’t because the flu shot makes him super sick and he doesn’t want to be sick. My daughters won’t because they’re concerned about long term unknown (as yet) consequences.

It has NOTHING to do with politics, well… it does now because they’re being pushy.

6 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “The Ethics Of The Government’s Planned Door-To-Door Vaccination Campaign”

  1. Well said. I got my vaccine because I felt it was in my best interests. One of my sisters decided to wait and is only just now getting hers. I’ve got a brother that flat out refuses to get it at all.

    The mixed messaging regarding this virus and the vaccine has been maddening. The vaccine either works or it doesn’t.

    • Well, all vaccines do kill people now and then. It’s the nature of the beast. Still on balance a societal boon, but not for the unlucky ones on the statistical bad side.

      • I got mine, since I think it was in my and my family’s best interests. I suffered no discernable ill effects. No one I know has suffered any, other than maybe feeling lousy for a day. Feeling lousy for a day beats being dead all the time. Unless your doctor thinks getting the vaccine would be more of a risk for you than not getting it (which could be the case) there’s really no reason not to get it. Some don’t care if you get it or not, you still have to wear the mask, like the Mayor of Newark. They won’t ask who was vaccinated, so everyone has to act like no one is.

        People knocking on your door is annoying. However, annoying is all it is. The federal government and the state could get a lot more coercive if they wanted to. The Feds would have less impact on your daily life, but they could still ban the unvaccinated from national parks or Federal property. The state could start requiring schools to require proof of vaccination for entrance into school events or that businesses or houses of worship require proof of vaccination for entry, on pain of being shuttered if they don’t. If suddenly shopping becomes impossible or you are shut out of life events, you’ll reconsider. If they really want to become draconian, the state can threaten to suspend any and all licenses issued until you get vaccinated. If suddenly you can’t run your business, or practice your profession, or even drive your car until you get vaccinated, I guarantee you’ll do it, just to get Big Brother off your back and avoid paying “restoration fees” for those licenses, because you know the state does nothing without charging a fee for it. This is especially true in one-party Democratic states, where the governors can pretty much do as they damn well please, they won’t get voted out.

  2. Thank you Jack. I’m clearly in rural area, where we were 90% “essential” as an Ag based economy. I believe it created a different psychology. Vs if you were in an area where the community was mostly forced to stay home. We didn’t have that luxury.

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