Comment Of The Day: “Gee, Jason Whitlock, What Do You REALLY Think About Simone Biles’ Quitting On The Olympics?”

Yes, I guess this is the sixth post related to the Simone Biles controversy. Isaac’s Comment of the Day elaborates on one of the many reasons this episode bothered me so much and continues to, especially as the excuses and rationalizations for Biles’ conduct appear to be taking over the “narrative” in the absence of what I consider persuasive facts and arguments. The next ugly shoe to drop, I predict, will be when the female American gymnast who won a gold in Tokyo gets endorsement contracts in preference to the “Greatest of All Time” who somehow couldn’t access that greatness when the spotlight was on, and chose not to try. The preference for the winner over the “hero” will be attributed to malign influences. Just wait.

Giving women appropriate power and influence in American culture has been generally beneficial to all, but the ascension of traditional female virtues has had the unfortunate effect of diluting some of the the very values that allowed the United States to come into existence and succeed over the centuries. The disastrous handling of the pandemic has been one example of how this development is not an unalloyed good, and the fact that Biles’ conduct is not merely greeted with sympathy, which is nice, but praise, which is offensive, is another.

Here is Isaac’s Comment of the Day on the post, “Gee, Jason Whitlock, What Do You REALLY Think About Simone Biles’ Quitting On The Olympics?”


America used to be associated with very masculine qualities: toughness, stoicism, risk-taking. This reputation did not exclude American women. Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Calamity Jane, Amelia Earhart.

It’s easy to point out the Generation X and millennials’ glaring lack of these qualities, but to me it’s their parents who steered America wrong. Specifically every boomer who jumped on the socialist bandwagon and participated in the 1960s and 70s revolutions against marriage, Christianity, monogamy, patriotism, sobriety, and hard work. The ones who think Woodstock was some kind of beautiful, transformative event. The ones who wax nostalgic about the “Summer of Love” when their poorly-raised grandkids turn chunks of Seattle into murder-dystopias. The generation that necessitated the invention of the term “latch-key kid” to describe their neglected children.

So I perused Simone Biles’ Wikipedia page, and, sure enough…in and out of foster care…abandoned by Mom…no Dad ever in the picture. Showed incredible talent that was her ticket to a secure future, only to be one of the gymnasts sexually exploited by serial abuser and boomer Larry Nassau. Diagnosed with ADHD; currently on medication. These are the symptoms of growing up in a world created by the values of the 60s and 70s. We can mock them for not knowing how to talk to girls, change a tire, be in a stable relationship, or cope with stress…but these are things people learn from their dads, their faith, and their stable community of neighbors, extended family, and church. Younger generations were not only not given those things; they were taught they didn’t need them.

It’s not that Simone Biles isn’t fully accountable for her own actions, but there’s a larger cultural problem here. Russia and China are emphasizing toughness, family and masculinity in their culture and in their millitaries. Before long they’ll be beating us at more than Olympic games.

15 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Gee, Jason Whitlock, What Do You REALLY Think About Simone Biles’ Quitting On The Olympics?”

  1. Frankly I am getting tired of the slobbering over Simone Biles making her out to be a hero for quitting when her team and her country needed her the most. I’m not sure what’s worse, lionizing quitting or turning a career criminal into some kind of hero simply because he was a victim of police misconduct. Both, in my opinion, represent screwed-up values.

    I had just come up with this idea when the George Floyd Freakout turned everything upside down. You’ve heard of the concept of the “tradwife,” I’m sure? It’s short for “traditional wife” and basically means a woman who believes in an ultra-traditional role for women in marriage, focusing on keeping house and raising children.

    Well, this concept is called the “tradhero,” the traditional hero. It’s the concept of the hero with one or more traditional heroic values fighting for traditional things. A tradhero places value on patriotism, honor, courage, wisdom, fairness, justice, and similar values. He is selfless rather than selfish. He works within the system, and only breaks with it if the system itself is irretrievably broken. He protects the vulnerable like women and kids. He defers to lawful authority and respects the concept of a chain of command. He disciplines himself within his personal life, as much as he is able, and is not a self-indulger. Importantly, he does not quit, especially not when others are counting on him. He may withdraw to reassess, he may retreat to live to fight another day rather than face certain destruction to no good end, he may break off a planned action if he sees it is doomed from the beginning and cannot achieve its goal, but he does not give up because his head isn’t in the right place or he’s just not feeling up to it.

    These are the kind of values we need to instill in society once more, before generations that have become too soft and too self-centered lose us our freedom.

    I picked this picture this evening (from a facebook post showing a picture of Spitfires in flight) because it shows the actions of arguably the greatest statesman of the 20th Century, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill. I can think of no one else who has had a greater burden at a darker time placed on one pair of shoulders than him. In a lot of ways he was the Donald Trump of his time, non-traditional, not well-liked by either the opposition or his own party’s establishment, perceived as a loose cannon. Yet, when all the lights except one were out in Europe and the United States was trying to stay the heck out of it, he was the one who held a nation together and led it to victory in arguably the most important battle of the 20th Century, without which D-Day, the Ardennes, Kursk, etc., probably wouldn’t have been possible. He didn’t pretend it was going to be easy, it was all about “blood, toil, sweat and tears.” He didn’t consider signing a separate peace with the Nazis to avoid a battle. He definitely didn’t not show up one day at Number 10 Downing Street because his head “wasn’t in the right place.”

    You know or should know the rest. If you don’t, then you need to get online or (better) down to the library or bookstore and learn it. I’d recommend “The Last Lion,” “Hero of the Empire,” and his own “Walking with Destiny.” If you take nothing else away from learning it, you need to take away the principle that sometimes there is nothing to do but ” brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour.”

    I’d like to believe this nation’s finest hour is yet to come, but not if we don’t get our moral compass pointing back in the right direction.

    #Churchill #spitfire #battleofbritain #courage #bloodsweatandtears #tradhero

    • “I’m not sure what’s worse, lionizing quitting or turning a career criminal into some kind of hero simply because he was a victim of police misconduct. Both, in my opinion, represent screwed-up values.”

      It’s not either or, Steve. They’re both part of the same strategy to remake American society into a Marxist hell hole. It’s not a random “Great Stupid.” It’s a well thought out, long game undertaking by a nasty group of academics and grifters. I was just thinking the other day, what ever happened to Noam Chomsky? I think he’s been effectively drowned out or silenced by the new fangled Marxists in modern day academia and BLM and so forth. He doesn’t need to say a thing about how terrible America is any more. Everyone else is carrying his water. (By the way, I checked and he’s still alive, aged 92. And he’s only 5’7″!)

      So ironic Churchill and FDR had to join forces with Stalin to crush NAZIism, and now we’re up against Marxists in our own country.

      • I usually check the articles at Dissident Voice daily and read a few if they pique my interest. Funny you should mention Chompsky as there was an article there on 7/13. He’s still spewing out the same stuff.

        [In Chomsky’s opinion the Republican Party, especially if it regains control in 2024, will take society down the tubes, down for the final count into the depths of a nether world. In Chomsky’s words: “If they return to power, it is very likely it will be an organized death knell for human society.”]

        I know you’re not interested in the article but I just posted it for reference. Same shit different day. I didn’t know the Republican Party had so much power; enough to destroy human society. It seems to me the other party is already laying the foundation for that.

        Some of the articles over there at Dissident Voice are okay though. You might like this one:

        • Thanks E. The guy’s a lunatic. A red diaper baby. Would his parents had stayed in the Soviet Union and been murdered in a pogrom rather than moving to Brooklyn. As I’ve said many times, all Dems and lefties want is the obliteration of the Republican Party and all its adherents and sympathizers. Single party rule is the final solution, er, ahem, the dream.

    • Thank you for citing Churchill. He has been one of my heroes since I first started reading about World War II and the Holocaust long ago. Luckily, one can’t run out of things to read about him: he helped shape our world. Let’s hear it for Mavericks. (One of my favorite quotes about him came from Chamberlain: “He’s turned the English language into a weapon!” Weaponizing language is a great concept…)

  2. Interesting how Isaac’s COTD ties back into another (very emotionally intense) Jason Whitlock observation I heard him make within the last couple of weeks. He attributed young black guys randomly plunking each other with hand guns to the absence of fathers in their lives. He said present fathers teach boys how to control their emotions and resolve disputes in a masculine and non-fatal way while single mother women let their emotions take over, which boys emulate in their fatal dispute resolution strategies. I’m not at all sure what to make of his theory, but it was striking.

    I was thinking about the role high school football plays in channeling teenage aggression into non-fatal avenues. I wonder whether high school football games aren’t essentially adult-sanctioned and adult-supervised rumbles. It’s “Westside Story” without the knives. “When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet,” but if it’s a football team rather than the Bloods or Crips, you go home after a loss rather than bleeding out in the street. I’m going to guess the vast majority of nasty gang bangers do not play organized football. I think you need a dad in the family to get you into that sort of activity, And of course, Jason Whitlock played football through college, and like most guys who played football, they consider it a very significant part of who they are.

    Anyway, it was interesting to hear Whitlock’s feminine vs. masculine observation similar to Isaac’s.

  3. Thank you for the honor! “America has been hacked” is a pretty astute and funny expression, but hacked by whom? I’m 40 and no one told me what a credit score was, or how to change a tire. I just figured it out as I went along. Watched a lot of YouTube videos. This was not my choice or preference. Most of my awareness of this situation has come from my own reading, a lot of it online.

    Who decided that marriage was just a piece of paper, or that a career was more noble than staying home to properly raise children? Who filled colleges with Marxist teachers and then insisted that every kid needed to get a degree (what kind is irrelevant, just get a degree! People with degrees make more money so just get one!) Someone made the world that shaped and distorted all of today’s 20-somethings. They didn’t just conspire to tank America on their own.

    The “don’t trust anyone under 30” crowd (later to be the “40 is the new 30” crowd and then the “you’re only as young as you feel” crowd and currently the “75 is sexy” crowd) have been drunk at the controls for decades and still won’t let go. I don’t even need to name any politicians’ names because I know you’re thinking of them right now.

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