Speaking Of Big Buts, The Unethical Quote Of The Month: Dr. Anthony Fauci


“I know I respect people’s freedom, but…”

—-Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President

Fauci was talking about the need for everyone to get vaccinated, but it doesn’t matter what he was talking about. When government officials, whether they are elected or not, follow statements like “I respect people’s/personal freedom/liberty/rights with the word “but,” that’s all Americans need to hear to know that the speaker does not respect our freedom, liberty or rights, and that not only he or she cannot and must not be trusted, no government that continues to employ such an official can be trusted either.

Make no mistake: all Americans should get vaccinated. It is a civic duty, and it is essential that they do so a quickly as possible. But also make no mistake about this: the widespread vaccine hesitancy is almost entirely the fault of the government on all levels, its elected officials, its employees , it’s cheerleaders, and the health community as well. They have lied, flip-flopped, abused their power and repeatedly violated their own rules, which will always suggest to anyone but human-sheep hybrids that there are unstated and ominous agendas in their pronouncements. Fauci, though he is not alone by any means, is a prime offender. In March 2020, as the pandemic began, he explained in a 60 Minutes interview that he felt community use of masks was unnecessary. A few months later, he argued that his statements were not meant to imply that he felt the data to justify the use of cloth masks was insufficient, but that if he had he endorsed mask wearing (of any kind), mass panic would ensue and lead to a surgical and N95 mask shortage among health care workers, who needed the masks more.

OK, now we know. Fauci does not believe in personal freedom, and proved it by demonstrating that he thinks the government should withhold information from the public so that their freedom to act is hobbled by insufficient information. (Obviously the news media also believes this.) Like so many others of his “We know best, believe us and pay no attention the what we do” elite class, he is also arrogant and thinks we are stupid. That photo above of Fauci neither wearing his mask not social distancing was taken as he watched a Nats baseball game in an otherwise empty staudium, after ostentatiously standing in front of the pitching mound and throwing (sort of) out the first pitch while wearing a mask although there was no human being within 50 feet of him. Nobody can trust him, and nobody should. Nor should anyone trust his many fellow health professionals, who publicly endorsed the George Floyd mobs while everyone else was being ordered to stay inside and out of large groups. Nancy Pelosi went maskless to her hairdresser. Chicago Mayor Lightfoot was unmasked with her hairdresser. Mayors and governors and CDC officials violated their own mandates, sometimes on the same day they made them. Of course a lot of Americans don’t trust their words or motives. It’s insulting to assume they would.

I don’t know how the governments, local, state and national, or the health authorities, can rebuild trust sufficiently that the public feels that it is safe and rational to do what they say it is necessary to do. It is a massive problem for all of us and the nation, but it is Fauci and his associates and peers that are primarily at fault, and it is up to them to solve it. A good start would be firing Fauci, whom I will never believe about anything.

Another positive step would be not following statements about how much government officials believes in freedom or liberty with “but.”

20 thoughts on “Speaking Of Big Buts, The Unethical Quote Of The Month: Dr. Anthony Fauci

  1. The word “but” is almost never a good sign. It’s a contrary sign and sometimes a sign of disdain. “I don’t want to take up your whole day off, BUT I need you to do this, this, that, and also the other thing.” At least he didn’t say “screw your freedoms” like Arnold.

    • “The word “but” is almost never a good sign. It’s a contrary sign and sometimes a sign of disdain”

      Even children understand what it means. When he was very little, our son took a bite of his food and said, “This applesauce is good, but…I don’t like it”.

  2. Why would any intelligent, competent, motivated individual want to go to work for the government? All these people are per se suspect.

  3. Ah, the “damning ‘but’,” famous equivocation of true tyrants. Fauci isn’t alone by any means, the entire administration is “yes, rights, but…,” 24-7-365. Just ask gun owners.

    Jack wrote:

    Another positive step would be not following statements about how much government officials believes in freedom or liberty with “but.”

    Agreed, and it will never stop. It can’t. When you’re “better” than someone, the implicit superiority includes making pronouncements that you are too good to be forced to obey. That’s how superiority works.

    Those that are looking for “supremacists” of any stripe have to look no further than our government officials like Fauci. But instead of racial supremacy, is is a member of the elite rulers who believe themselves our intellectual superiors, and thus singularly qualified to make pronouncements for the rest of us that shouldn’t apply to the enlightened. They are ‘virtue supremacists,’ incapable of tolerating the least dissent lest the unwashed masses take the bad example. Except when it’s them — then, it’s nobody’s business but theirs.

    I’d like to blame it all on Leftists, but unfortunately, this is a maybe-not-quite equal-opportunity affliction. There are more on the Left than Right, but it is by no means universally on the Left.

    We shouldn’t trust, nor obey, any of them.

  4. The unvaccinated comprise the essential *control group* in this grand global experiment and therefore should be celebrated and perhaps even rewarded for their selfless potential sacrifice.

      • I can tolerate adding COVID-19 to ecisting vaccination requirements for the military, schools, and medical facilities.

        What I oppose is creating new requirements for types of places that never required polio, measles, nor mumps vaccinations.

  5. Fauci’s signature significant usage of the word “but” in this context made my head explode in uncontrolled anger! I had to leave my house, get on my motorcycle and ride (it was raining) until I cooled off; my family doesn’t need to see that old Army side of me.

    This ignorant Fauci fool needs to be fired and the Biden administration needs to publicly condemn that statement in no uncertain terms. I’ve freaking had it with these anti-American fools.

  6. One of my former colleagues used to say:
    “‘But‘ is a ‘verbal eraser‘. Everything said before it has no bearing on what comes after it.”

  7. Jack wrote, “Make no mistake: all Americans should get vaccinated. It is a civic duty, and it is essential that they do so a quickly as possible.”

    This is how the argument for getting the vaccine should be presented; but alas, they resort to persecution and demonization instead of inspiring civil responsibility.

    THIS is how an inspiring civic call to action from a prominent politician is delivered…

    “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” Presidential Candidate Barack Obama 2008

    Can’t the current crop of politicians around the USA muster up some inspiring civic call to action like that for the vaccine?

    Honestly, what is society, politicians and the law going to do when there are people that absolutely refuse to get the vaccine?

  8. I’m starting to think it may be the vaccinated who are responsible for the resurgences. If, as it looks more and more likely to be the case, the vaccines do not prevent you from getting the virus but only keep you from feeling the symptoms of having it, how is that different from the two weeks of possible contagion we started with so long ago? If my twin brother were u vaccinated, and became ill, he’d stay home and wash up and self-quarantine until he felt better. Meanwhile, vaccinated me will go blithely on my way, spreading and mutating and and infecting people.

  9. Remember the 1994 mid-term elections?
    President Clinton?
    Newt Gingrich?
    The Contract With America

    One of it’s provisions was that Congress would no longer be able to exempt itself from the laws it passes. This was a winning issue.

    This is not to say that it was the SOLE issue, but it was also when the House flipped to a Republican majority for the first time in ~40 years. That was, as the kids no longer say, a THING™.

    People want–nay, expect this. They’ll vote accordingly.


  10. I don’t talk about what I do here on this blog, but, I analyze people’s words for a living. Here is a truth I live by: “The conjunction ‘but’ is an example of an abjuration term. …When someone says, “I don’t want to make you mad, but,” you can be sure that whatever will follow is designed to do just that. The take-away, but will always negate whatever came before it.

    Fauci is… a threat to all that is American.

  11. I’m a fan of personal choice, even if they make poor ones.
    I think most people could be safely vaccinated, I tell people the risks of the vaccine seem minimal, however, I disagree. NOT all Americans should get vaccinated. The fact is children aged 0-12 shouldn’t get vaccinated. I’m not so sure the risk is there for children aged 12-18 either being that 350 of them have died from COVID in the last 18 months. I know personally ONE person who died from the vaccine and I do not know a Donald Trump amount of people. I also know one hospitalized from the vaccine. I also know someone who has been told NOT to get vaccinated. So they shouldn’t get the vaccine either. No. It’s not a binary set of options for people. Not EVERYONE can be vaccinated, ever, and currently you’re just bullying children.
    Aged 0-18 has the lowest vaccination rate by far and the rest…. Well that’s at 70%. Pretty good. Good enough. If Covid won’t stop at 70% vaccinated, it won’t stop at 72% vaccinated. Or 80% vaccinated. Or 100% vaccinated with 30% breakthrough infections with the vaccinated. Never mind it being able to infect our pets. Sometimes you gotta say it’s good enough and LET IT GO before you fundamentally break the foundation.

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