The Big Lies Continue

I was going to retire the post collecting the Big Lies used to undermine the Trump Presidency, and now I’m considering updating them. In addition to still flogging old ones (Trump is a racist; Trump is a threat to democracy) at least three newer Big Lies are being weaponized by “the resistance”/Democratic Party/ mainstream media (The Axis of Unethical Conduct), because they think Trump Derangement can save them from accountability for putting Joe Biden in the White House. It had to be done, you see, because Trump is EVIL! EVIL!!!

The three Big Lies are the last one added, #9 “Trump’s Mishandling Of The Pandemic Killed People” and two not on the current list: “Trump incited an insurrection” and “Trump is responsible for the disaster in Afghanistan.” In order to bolster these lies, all useful to try to impugn Republicans and conservatives who still support Trump and to try to poison public opinion sufficiently that even Kamala Harris might defeat Trump if he runs in 2024, the Democrats and their allies routinely drag his name into every negative context imaginable. It is like subliminal brain-washing or hypnotism: Trump is dangerous! Trump is racist! Trump is the cause of all that is going wrong now! Everything is his fault, and the fault of all those fascist conservatives and racist deplorable who supported him!”

This mantra turns up everywhere. Tamsin Shaw, a professor of European and Mediterranean studies and philosophy at N.Y.U recenly reviewed “Dirty Work,” a non-fiction book about the unpleasant and ethically-troubling jobs in America. He includes this at the end of his review:

“But when Press makes us feel the casual sadism of the prison officers, he also introduces a doubt, one that has been creeping into the national consciousness since the election of Donald Trump: There are those who enjoy spectacles of cruelty. “We” are not all “decent people” who will absorb the correct moral lesson. Sadism is a perpetual subterranean force that the politics of hate can unleash. This was shown most devastatingly in the cruelty exhibited by many Germans and their allies during the Holocaust.”

There has never been any evidence, except in the warped minds of the Trump Deranged , that Donald Trump enjoyed “spectacles of cruelty.” He was dragged into a discussion of unrelated topics to cement the libel that those who supported President trump are not decent people, and that Trump and his supporters are akin to Nazis—Big Lie #3: “Trump Is A Fascist/Hitler/Dictator/Monster.” Is it any wonder that our rising generations come out of college thoroughly indoctrinated into hard Left talking points, with professors like Shaw molding their attitudes, biases and minds?

Yesterday, a Times op-ed complained about the “fog of pandemic,” and how “inadequate data hinders a clear understanding of how to fight a stealthy enemy.” Late in the column we see this: “Clearly, the Trump administration’s negligence and incompetence have put us in a difficult spot, and this is not a problem a new administration can solve in a few months.” Given the fact that the CDC is substantially the same, and that President Trump was following holdover “experts” like Dr. Fauci, this is just another iteration of Big Lie #9, most absurdly embodied by Joy Reid’s calim on MSNBC that Trump “killed” 600,000 Americans. The op-ed’s author, Times staffer Zeynep Tufekci, never provides any evidence for her accusation: Times readers are supposed to just accept it as fact, because “Orange Man Bad.”

Then we have the usual suspects like Charles M. Blow, who today began his anti-Trump column—hack that he is, Blow really has a hard time writing about anything else—this way:

Republican politics have become oppositional politics: Deny the science, demean the media, own the libs. Conservatives are less defined by what they are for than by what they are against. Donald Trump put this concept on steroids because it was beneficial to him as a strategy. He framed himself as the antithesis of Barack Obama. He was against immigrants and Muslims. He was against cultural conciliation. He was against the rapidly approaching future of America, one in which white people would lose not only their numerical advantage but also their societal primacy. Furthermore, very few facts helped Trump, so he waged war against facts themselves. He denied, diminished and dismissed them. And as a result, at the peak of their intransigence and callousness, his party catastrophically mishandled the pandemic. They refused to follow the science or act with caution. And, because of their reflexive opposition to the facts, untold numbers of people who didn’t have to die did.

The New Yorker used to have a feature called “articles I never finished reading,” and this would qualify (though I did finish it: where’s my badge?) even if Blow wasn’t the author. Let’s see:

  • Really, Charles? Only Republicans have an “oppositional party?”
  • Deny which science?
  • “Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias!”
  • Immigrants, illegal immigrants, whatever!
  • Why would anyone be wary of Muslims?
  • Cultural reconciliation? Oh, right: time to discriminate against white people.
  • You know, facts: like the fact that Hillary really won the election, that Trump was colluding with Russia, that letting illegal immigrants stay in the US is a good thing, that Iran is a trustworthy nation, that Hunter Biden is as pure as the driven snow; that no human being dies during an abortion…
  • And again, Big Lie #9.

I’m thoroughly sick of defending Donald Trump. He is, was and will always be an asshole, and his arrogance and flat-learning curve as a leader has done much to harm the nation. But if the Axis is going to keep defaulting to Big Lies about him in order to try to weasel out of their won despicable and destructive conduct, fair and informed people have to hold their noses and counter the gaslighting.

[The clip from “The Birds” has been added to the Ethics Alarms movie and TV clip library.]

10 thoughts on “The Big Lies Continue

  1. But if the Axis is going to keep defaulting to Big Lies about him in order to try to weasel out of their won despicable and destructive conduct, fair and informed people have to hold their noses and counter the gaslighting.

    The Left “won” an election reviling Donald Trump, about whom writing something deservedly pejorative is almost as tough as jumping over the Shelbyville, KY phone book, back when it existed.

    There’s an old sports adage — “Run the same play until they stop it.” Seems to be what the Left is trying to do here, and I’m pretty sure it will be repeated until the Republicans reclaim the White House, at which point there will be a new target.

    Everyone has to have a boogeyman. Without the black-hatted bad guy, how can the white hat matter? Plus, the Leftists love it, and beat a path to every article critical of Trump, especially those casting him as once-in-a-generation evil. Gotta pay them bills.

  2. “Conservatives are less defined by what they are for than by what they are against.”

    That’s mighty rich, considering that we’re going into what is now our sixth year of the entire spectrum of leftists defining themselves almost entirely by their opposition to Donald Trump. Look no further than the pivot from “I’ll never take Trump’s vaccine” to “Everyone must take the vaccine or be mercilessly ostracized by society”. Same virus, same vaccine, but the attitude flipped 180 degrees overnight. When it was “Trump’s vaccine”, it was to be opposed at all costs, like anything associated with Orange Man (no matter how benign or inconsequential). Such flip-floppery is standard in politics, of course, but rarely does it happen with such rapidity and not even the barest attempt at a shabbily-constructed half-ass explanation. It simply changed overnight (sometime around Inauguration Day, I think). Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

    • I’ve noticed this to be relatively accurate. The Left, via it’s control of pop-culture, media and education, have redefined conservative 1st Principles as abhorrent – racist, sexist, bigoted, chauvinist, etc. And now conservatives are terrified of standing for it’s 1st Principles which lead to conservative conclusions and valid defenses of positions.

      So now conservatives are stuck merely opposing without advocating.

      But they are slowly waking up and realizing that they had better have pride in their first principles and damn the Left, because they will burn conservatives regardless.

    • I keep hoping that Biden, at a presser or townhall or some such, will be asked if he thinks that “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.”. Just someone asking the question would be hilarious; his answer possibly even more so.

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