“What The Hell Day Is It?” Ethics, 9/8/21

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The weekend was spent dealing with all manner of unexpected crises, from my sister’s dog-sitter having to abandon the pooch, then having to play taxi as she faced vehicle problems, to my wife’s business email being hacked and all of her sent files being erased, Then after a holiday, which always louses me up since we are always working even though no one else is, yesterday saw me spending three and a half hours getting a painful root canal. I slept until noon today, and now have no idea what I’m doing…

1. Multiple mainstream media sources keep describing the Texas voting bill as “restricting voting” or creating “voting limitations.” That’s an unethical description, in headlines or in the stories themselves. Nobody who is eligible to vote is “restricted’ from doing so. Laws regulating how elections are conducted in order to ensure security and integrity are not restrictions, nor do they “limit” voting. These slanted versions of reality are not designed to inform, but to misinform: their duty is to explain what the law does without categorizing it in order to build fear and resentment. Is a law saying that citizens can’t vote twice restricting voting? How about a law making sure it’s difficult to vote twice? Are laws making certain that only citizens can vote, as the law already requires, “restrictive”?

2. Speaking of fake news...All manner of media sources, especially the usual suspects like the Daily Kos, repeated the fake Rolling Stone story discussed here without bothering to check it’s accuracy—just like Rolling Stone. Rachel Maddow, whom so many of my Trump Deranged Facebook friends still swear is a trustworthy journalist, behaved typically for her (and MSNBC):

Maddow tweet

Meanwhile, did Twitter suspend the accounts of Rolling Stone or any of the other pundits and “journalists” who tweeted or re-tweeted this misinformation? Of course not. No, I’m not proud that I left Twitter in protest, I’m ashamed that it took me so long to do it…

3. Apparently it’s racist to seek an honest reason for this problem: The National Assessment of Educational Progress reports that of the 27 U.S. urban school districts that reported their results for 2019, including Boston, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, none claims that a majority of its black eighth graders are proficient in either math or reading. In many of these school districts, proficiency rates for black eighth graders are in the single digits, like Detroit’s 4% for math and 5% for reading, or Milwaukee’s 5% for math and 7% for reading. Others are in the low teens. Writes William McGurn in the Wall Street Journal,

“In the past, progressives tried to lift black achievement. Today, they have given up. Embarrassed by the way our big city public school systems are failing black children, progressives answer not by making it easier for these kids to get into schools where black children are achieving, whether this be charter or parochial schools. Instead, they focus on getting rid of the embarrassment by getting rid of the achievement tests that expose it, doubling down on race preferences and trying to hamstring the schools that show black children can and do learn in the right environment…

“Soon the Supreme Court will decide whether to hear Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard. At issue is Harvard’s use of race in admissions. Harvard’s defense is that it can’t achieve diversity without some race preferences. But few will say aloud the ugly implication of this argument: If black students had to compete on merit alone, they would largely disappear from our top universities. Didn’t someone once say something about the soft bigotry of low expectations?”

4. Here is how our elected leaders deal with problems of their own causing today: they deny the problems exist. A lot of the time, that’s good enough.

The State Department estimates that between 100 and 200 Americans who want to escape Afghanistan are still in the country, trying to get out. This is, of course, because they were left there by the U.S. No problem though: Senator Schumer, the Democratic Senate leader, says that it’s time to worry about the Afghans, because any Americans who are till stuck in that hellhole want to be there.

Speaking to a WSYR-TV reporter at the New York State Fair yesterday, the New York Senator said, “At the moment actually, I’m still focused on trying to get some of those brave Afghans out. The Americans, all of whom wanted to come out, have come out, praise God.”

For once, the news media wasn’t willing to go along. Washington Post “factchecker” Glenn Kessler was prepared to hang a bunch of long noses on Schumer, so now his staff says that the Senator “misspoke and regrets the confusion his comments have caused.” “He intended to say, as he has been saying, that the U.S. will get everyone out that wants to get out,” Schumer’s office now says.. “And he will keep working with the Biden Administration to help everyone who wants to get out.”

What was he praising God for, if he didn’t want us to believe that all the Americans were out? Why did he say he was focused on the Afghans, if he knew Americans still needed rescuing?

5. One ethics question about this YouGov/Economist, showing President Biden’s approval under 40%. “Approve” is first, then “disapprove:

Overall: 39/50

Men: 36/53

Women: 42/46

White men no degree: 28/61

White women w/ degree 53/42

Black 65/26

Hispanic 41/36

Registered Voters: 43/53 Dems; 77/15 GOP; 9/89 Independent : 35/56

The question: What’s the matter with “women with degrees” and Democrats? Is this just “bias makes you stupid”? What other excuse could there be?

16 thoughts on ““What The Hell Day Is It?” Ethics, 9/8/21

  1. I had a root canal last week, 9/2. It was less than comfortable being in the chair for an hour or so but I didn’t really feel much pain. Well, after I left the office it started to ache, so I took ibuprofin/acetomophin combo as prescribed by the after care sheet. That took care of it and I only had to medicate for 12 hours. I was also prescribed a five day course of antibiotic. Now I’ve heard a lot of people say root canals are painful but this is my second and neither one caused me much problem; at least not at the level I inferred from hearing about root canals.

    I hope your discomfort from the root canal dissipates rapidly.

    Any updates on the CVS showdown?

      • Good luck w/CVS AND your root canal pain. If traditional meds aren’t helping, dip a regular black tea bag, caffeinated, in warm water to soak it, then stuff the tea bag where it hurts the most in your mouth. The tannins draw out the inflammation well. Having had a LOT of root canals and dental issues, it really does help. Hugs to you for your teeth & The Missus for her hacking annoyances.

        • Nobody’s hugged my teeth before! Actually, the pain hasn’t been bad, especially not compared to the pain BEFORE the root canal. The three hour operation was unpleasant, though, and the real pain was the bill: 2100 bucks with insurance.

          • They suck. And yeah, they always cost an arm & a leg. I tell Dr. H all the time that I’ll be putting his daughters through college by the time I’m done! 😂

    • Yeah, I was going to call it “solidarity”, union style. It’s a kabuki theatre; The union says the deal is bad, and we’re going to take a strike vote to send a message, so 97% of the union members vote to strike. The company counters by giving everyone a quarter per hour raise, all of a sudden the union says it’s a “good deal”, and the membership votes 97% to ratify. The deal doesn’t really matter, we don’t actually think a quarter an hour swung the member’s voting intentions 194%, it’s “Solidarity”.

    • It’s been a long time, but wasn’t it Rolling Stones who got raked over the coals regarding the false rape story? If it was, shouldn’t they know better?

      • You’re spot on. This is the THIRD story they’ve gotten horribly wrong, and should be thrown on the grocery aisle shelves next to The Enquirer and The Sun.

  2. I had two root canal procedures in one day when I was 21 (back in 1975). My dentist then was the best I ever used. We started at 8:00 AM, an hour after I finished a week on midnight shift. He did the first root canal in less than two hours, then gave me a 30-minute break between the procedures to let me close my mouth for a while. After the second root canal he gave me a prescription for ibuprofen (it wasn’t OTC then), and just after noon I went home to bed after filling the prescription and taking my first dose. The pain wasn’t too bad and I went back to work after my two days off. Those were the only root canals I ever had, and they have endured over forty-five years now.

  3. Root canals. All I can say is my problem wasn’t the pain afterwards, ibuprofen does wonders for dental pain, but dehydration. Drink lots of water.

    #5? Bias doesn’t make you stupid, degree granting institutions do. I have yet to meet a professor in the last 15 or 20 years who wasn’t a hard core left winger. Constant exposure to that ideology tends to bleed over to the students. For example, I made a bet with my fellow students in my MA program that George Bush would win the 2000 election. I was the only person willing to make that bet. They still haven’t paid up either. And before someone mentions the Supreme Court, they all agreed if the Court handed the election to Gore, I had to pay up.

    • You should know that the woke have decided that you are not permitted to say “welsh on a bet” anymore because it is a racial insult to the people of Wales, you must say “rescind” instead. If you ever decide to send an Enforcer around, remember to tell him about this.

  4. 1. Anything that makes it more difficult for Democrat chicanery to go on, especially in the cities, is by nature racist. How the heck are they supposed to turn this nation blue if they can’t jack up the Democrat vote with recent immigrants and clueless low-fo voters? How can they win if they can’t hold back the cities until everything else is in, then put themselves over the top?

    2. Failure to check is only an issue if it hurts liberals. If it hurts conservatives, get it out there while it’s hot, and if it turns out not to be so accurate, then print a retraction in tiny type on the inside pages a few weeks after it no longer matters.

    3, 4. Problem? What problem? I don’t see a problem. You hear anything about a problem? Apart from the Trump thing, no. Sounds like schoolkids trying to half lie/half bullshit their way out of trouble they’ve been caught in, or playing out one of those “should we/shouldn’t we” dialogues before abusing another kid.

    5. Democrats is easy. “He’s incompetent, but he’s our incompetent.” Women with degrees is not a great category – it’s an attempt to make it look like all the smart women are for Biden. I wonder what you’d find if you separated out the women with degrees in finance, business, etc. from the women who majored in all the nonsensical fields that end with “studies.” I also wonder what you’d find if you separated the married ones from the single ones. It goes without saying that the women whose heads were stuffed with material designed to make them into SJWs would vote like them. Those with practical backgrounds might not. Democrat numbers with single women, whose numero-uno priority is sex without consequences, are off the charts. With married women who have to worry about making ends meet for a household and might be concerned about inflation, rising prices, the cost of gas, etc. the numbers might be different.

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