Now THIS Is Hubris…Also Arrogance, Incompetence, Abuse Of Position, And Propaganda

In ancient Greek mythology and drama, the state of hubris inevitably led to disaster, usually at the hands of an annoyed god. If only we had appropriately annoyed gods on a mountain somewhere who would tale aim at Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, James Corden, Samantha Bee, Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah. All are alleged comedians who have been gifted with long-running platforms on television, supposedly to make Americans laugh. All have also, with the exception of Corden, spent the past five years or more using their platforms to mount a one-way attack on approximately half the nation and its values, as well as, of course, the previous President. In doing so, these six (again, Corden really has tried to be apolitical) have spread misinformation and hate, exacerbated national division, and deliberately made topical comedy unbearable for millions of people who desperately needed a laugh.

To put it in technical terms, they suck. I wouldn’t cross my yard to meet any of them, and the sooner every one vanishes from the American scene, I don’t care how, the healthier the country will be. Their primary error is confusing being smart with being smart alecks. It’s an easy mistake to make…if you aren’t very smart.

For now, we we have to suffer from the nausea induced by the announcement that these six smug ideologues, plus Corden, will use September 22 to “focus on climate change and produce their own original content on the topic.”

I can’t wait.

This is political propaganda by definition. It is also an ostentatious example of preaching to the choir, since all of these performers but Corden have thoroughly alienated anyone who wouldn’t happily vote for Gavin Newsom even if he were running against someone competent. Who would watch Fallon, Meyers, Colbert, Bee, Kimmel and Noah without a gun to his or her head unless they were already a climate change hysteric?

But seriously, folks, what do any of these people know about climate change? My educated guess: nothing. They know what people they already agree with have told them is the right thing to believe, and most if not all of those people don’t know anything substantive about climate change either. None of the seven hosts have a background in science. All began performing careers almost immediately after leaving school. Do you think any of them could explain a climate change model, or even read one? Hey, Jimmy Kimmel, talk us through this one; it’s pretty basic…


And make sure it’s funny.

Do you think any of these juvenile wits have studied the data? Exactly what can seven comedians contribute to public understanding of a complex scientific field like climatology with their narrow experience and thoroughly biased perspectives? The answer is “nothing but propaganda.”

Samantha Bee said in an interview that she could not recall another occasion during her tenure as a late-night host when so many of programs coordinated their efforts like this. Yes, Samantha, and that’s because comedians have previously had the sense to know that such an effort is the epitome of foolishness and the inability to recognize one’s limitations.

“And really, what’s a more compelling cause to combine forces on than the climate, which we require in order to do our shows?” she added. “We need to not be submerged underwater in order to have successful late-night shows. The need is great.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Boy, with witty observations like that, how can “Climate Night” fail to save the planet? Bee also said, “Comedy is a great delivery system for actual information.” And she wasn’t joking.

No, it’s really not, you idiot.

12 thoughts on “Now THIS Is Hubris…Also Arrogance, Incompetence, Abuse Of Position, And Propaganda

  1. Bee also said, “Comedy is a great delivery system for actual information.”

    This statement from Bee is signature significant in that it proves to me that Bee thinks of her show as some kind of information based media outlet and people should take her humor seriously, as in fact, and not as humor, humor just happens to be the delivery system she uses to distribute information. I’ve always known that Samantha Bee is an unethical propagandist but this statement from her confirms that she thinks she is too, and she’s damn proud of it.

    • He had such a great shtick. A real loss. I guess all we’re left with is a pallid version by the “Your Cousin … From Boston” guy on the Sam Adams commercials.

  2. I imagine the jokes will generally be along the lines of mocking those who haven’t totally bought into the climate apocalypse narrative. The Left has an inexhaustible ability to derive pleasure from ridiculing those outside their group.

    This won’t come as a surprise to anyone here, but every single one of my acquaintances who agrees with the climate disaster narrative is prepared to alter precisely nothing about their personal behaviour to address the “emergency” — still going on multiple international vacations a year, each family member with their own vehicle, eating without regard to emissions (blueberries from Chile), etc.

    • And drinking only bottled water that’s shipped over from China or France in plastic. Because, you know, bottled water is healthy and anyone who knows anything knows how important it is to hydrate! And then they don’t even recycle the plastic bottles! Into the trash they go.

  3. After demurring on posting this for some time, I will do so now. Jack, I read the policy again and believe I’m good to post a single URL, but if I break any rules with this, just delete the post.

    Tony Heller is an actual environmentalist who has spent tens of thousands of hours poring over temperature, snow cover, and sea level data. He also knows a thing or two about science. He has a website and does lots of great videos debunking much of climate alarmism. I’m sure Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert and the rest have never watched this video (20 minutes long and especially good starting around 8 minutes in). It’s about 18 months old, but still very relevant:

    • Here’s another video from the same guy on the climate change narrative in relation to the forest fires out west, it’s called

      Lies, Damned Lies, And Biden Fire Statistics

      The information in this one is REALLY interesting. It’s only a twelve and a half minute watch so take the time to watch all of it.


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