Stop Making Me Defend Nicki Minaj!


It was only two days ago—less, really—that I highlighted performer/celebrity logorrhea victim Nicki Minaj’s cretinous statements about the Wuhan virus vaccine, which, naturally, have been cheered by various conservative trolls like Tucker Carlson as if Minaj ever gives any thought to what she opines before she broadcasts it to her fans. Now I have to defend the rapper whom I had the misfortune to become acquainted with when she was an American Idol judge and made poor Mariah Carey roll her eyes so hard I was afraid they might pop out of her head when Minaj offered one ridiculous thought after another.

You see Twitter, which I quit a few months ago for exactly this reason, banned Minaj for tweeting her dumb story about her cousin’s friend in Trinidad supposedly becoming impotent after being vaccinated after ”his testicles became swollen.” The theory, I gather, is that Nicki was spreading “misinformation.”

Minaj is angry about this, and in the blunt, crude, self-important stream of consciousness manner for which she is famous, expressed her pique. She said in a video directed at her fans and Twitter followers [Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy read…]:

“Gather! So you guys, if you haven’t already heard, I have been suspended from Twitter. Twitter. Twitter, a place where people say the most horrific things every day, stop me from tweeting my poll. Okay. Now this one from being something rather innocent to me now thinking, ‘wait a minute. There’s no way this is starting to feel…’ But now listen to this you guys: Has something ever happened in your life, and you didn’t really pay it much mind, right? But then you slept on it. And then you realized there was something even more layered there. You had to unwrap it and unravel it right? And sometimes, something that was meaningless to you, when not that meaningful becomes a gem when you go back and unravel it, right? A lot of times lately I’ve had speaking freely because my documentary is coming and I’d rather you guys be able to experience everything the way I’d like you to experience it on the documentary. I’ll never go back on Twitter because now it’s starting to feel a little scary. I remember when I was when I was a little girl and I would be taken to church and sometimes the people in charge would tell us ‘be happy that you’re able to praise God freely because some people in so many countries in the world can’t praise the God they’d like to praise freely they have to hide the Bibles if they if they are a Christian in some countries.’ Right. And that always motivated me to want to be in charge and enjoy charge because I was like wow, some people don’t get this luxury. And what’s happening is that [what] we used to talk about, 50 years ago and 30 years ago and 20 years ago—we have become that place that we don’t, that you can’t speak! You can’t speakfor fear of the mob attacking you! if that doesn’t give you chills up and down your fucking spine! This is scary! You should be able to ask questions about anything you’re putting inside your body. We ask a bunch of questions about about the most simple thing… ‘oh bitch, how that glue work? Do that glue do that? ‘Cause if I go in the pool and I sweat it off…?’ But you can’t just innocently ask a question about something going in your body? Do y’all realize that? I remember going to China and they were telling us you know ‘you cannot speak out against, you know, the people in power there, etc.’ And I remember all of us thinking, ‘okay, well, you know, we understand and we respect the laws here and you know that it’s so different where we live.’ But don’t you see what’s fucking happening? Don’t you see that we are living now in that time where people will turn their back on you, not only not agree, [because] fuck not agreeing. But people will isolate you if you simply speak and ask a question. Y’all won’t see what the fuck is happening? And I’m seeing black women on Twitter, black women I follow. Acting like this is funny? Now, I’m not gonna lie. I had a lot of fun yesterday and a lot of laughs. But black women, are y’all forgetting there was a time ,not too long ago, where you couldn’t even make eye contact with people? And you’re okay with what’s happening? We’re no longer even allowed, just allowed to voice our opinions, or to ask questions? Now here’s what’s interesting: What’s interesting is, so many of your favorite artists feel this way. But they’re afraid to speak up! And I can’t blame them. Look at what they [meaning Twitter, presumably] just did! I will never use Twitter again. If, first of all, I didn’t give any facts about any vaccine. I didn’t give any facts about anything. I simply said, ‘Okay, well, you know, I didn’t want to travel with my tiny baby, yada, yada, yada.’ And then I said, my cousin, this is the reason he didn’t want to take the vaccine. Do y’all realize how many men are embarrassed to even speak on things that have to do with their health? Do you know how many men especially black men don’t go to the doctor and are afraid to tell their own wives that they may be having pain? Or they may be feeling, you know, not so well. And this is a joke? And Twitter can just wake they crusty ass up and stop me from from from asking questions? But y’all y’all hanging out with rappers? I don’t know. I mean, it’s interesting. I want you guys to find a way if I if I, you know, I told you I got a request to go to the White House, which I thought was really dope. I’m not gonna say I haven’t been enjoying some of the laughs that I’ve had from this. It’s a lot of it has been funny. Not gonna lie. But this man is not alone. You know, there are tons of things that that men won’t really speak on things the way you know, as women we speak on anything. We bust our vaginas open and show each other our vaginas. I’m like, ‘yeah, girl, yeah,’ ’cause…’ Like, men aren’t like that, you know? And so to make a huge joke, right? About something that really did happen to someone? That’s one thing. But then to stop a person from [talking about it]—So what it’s making me think now is that there’s something bigger to it. You know, like when I kept on seeing all these people with all these conspiracy theories, I would be like, ‘oh, what? Please,’ you know. But what in the world scared y’all so much that it made you disable my fucking Twitter? I have not put out anything that I said was a fact about anything. I simply said we should be able to ask questions and speak and it’s scary when they start telling you can’t ask questions about anything. Why? Someone said it took Trump four years to have his Twitter disabled I guess, but it took us three days. Yeah, not even three days. But listen to me, please, open your fucking eyes. Open your eyes. That’s all.”



Second—okay, that was too easy, but I couldn’t resist—buried in her rant is a core truth: Minaj didn’t tweet misinformation or disinformation, she tweeted her opinion. The “facts” she was basing her opinion on weren’t facts, but hearsay, and anyone who can’t recognize a rumor or an unsubstantiated claim isn’t going to be saved by censorship. Twitter apparently banned her because a lot of people pay attention to her opinions, which means, as Nicki observes somewhere in there, that people nobody pays attention to are free to offer whatever ideas they choose to the world, but celebrities like her get censored when the opinions vary from what those with power want the public to hear.


Third, Minaj says that’s dangerous. She’s right. She says that people need to “wake up” and realize what’s happening. She’s right about that too, though she didn’t wake up until the Left and its minions (like Twitter) decided to attack and silence her.

Fourth, someone should explain to Nicki that brevity and clarity are virtues if you have something important to say and want people to pay attention.

Fifth, Minaj doesn’t apply critical thought or ethics, she works on instinct and emotion. I could point out the rationalizations in her rant, but that would be pointless: like Donald Trump, ethical analysis just isn’t going to happen. Sometimes, however instinct and emotion will get you to the right place: she is right to be indignant, frightened and angry.

Sixth, I would normally pay as much attention to the statements of a rapper who dyes poodles and appears in public like Minaj in that photo above as I would someone speaking in tongues wearing a duck on her head. This is an excellent example of why it’s a mistake to automatically ignore anyone. Illumination turns up in the damndest places.

I checked the Nicki Minaj dossier on Ethics Alarms. She was an Ethics Hero in 2017, when she offered to pay the college tuition of anyone who could demonstrate that he or she got “straight As”—and she did! On the other side of the ledger, she has a history of saying fatuous things like…


I find that statement far, far more potentially damaging to impressionable young minds than a dubious tale about someone getting swollen testicles in Trinadad. Neither, however should be censored.

4 thoughts on “Stop Making Me Defend Nicki Minaj!

  1. My favorite part of this saga is the chick cancelling her wedding to the guy because his nuts have swollen up and he’s been rendered impotent and therefore of no use. That’s harsh. Good empathy there, honey. My recommendation to the guy would be “Run away!” You were evidently nothing but her soon to be baby daddy.

  2. I find this whole story oddly hopeful. To me, it shows that the authoritarian Left is losing badly. So badly, in fact, that their desperation led them to fully red-pill Nicki Minaj this week. That’s a really bad unforced error. The vaccine nonsense would have blown over with little practical effect, but now they’ve pushed her in a direction where she could use her influence to be actually dangerous to their goals. They’ve been losing support in the black community for a while now, and this was just a really dumb move, because, as Jack points out, it wasn’t likely that facts and reasoned argument was going to turn someone like Nicki Minaj into a conservative. But this idiocy just might have started that process, and who knows how many people following this story are going to be awakened by it?

    If the history books end up having to devote a chapter to how a rapper named Nicki Minaj saved the American republic from dissolution, then everything that’s happened in the past five years will have been totally worth it…

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