Let All Good And Objective Americans Deride And Mock San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Those Who Voted For Her, And Anyone Who Dares To Defend Her…


What a ridiculous excuse for a mayor.

What an embarrassment to her city and party.

What an arrogant, silly, clueless fool.

The usual Ethics Alarms tag I would consider in this kind of story, “Incompetent Elected Official of the Month,” just doesn’t do San Francisco Mayor London Breed justice. Letting her astounding explanation for why she violated her own mask mandate simply brand her as incompetent would be a cruel insult to all previous incompetent elected officials. Previously, Ethics Alarms wrote about Breed being videoed unmasked, singing, and dancing with a largely unmasked crowd inside a jazz club in the Tenderloin last week. This made her the latest Democratic mayor, governor or other official—and there have been a ridiculous number of them— to regard themselves as immune from their own pandemic restrictions on “the little people” they deign to govern. However, none of these hypocrites have come within miles of Breed’s mind-melting hauteur. Here’s what she said:

“We don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing. My drink was sitting at the table, I got up and started dancing because I was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask.”

Oh! It’s okay then! As long as you are feeling the spirit and not thinking about a rule, regulation or law, then you can go ahead and ignore it! And as long as you are having fun, rules shouldn’t matter either…not even for the elected officials whose conduct is supposed to exemplify what ordinary citizens should aspire to. London Breed, ladies and gentlemen! She’ll be here all week…in fact, San Francisco is stuck with her.

What is she, nine?

I want to hear every Democratic Party official and elected official be asked about Breed’s statement. This is their party. This is the level of leadership their party is inflicting on cities and states. What are they going to do about it? Or is Breed’s attitude an acceptable one to progressives? I guess that’s possible, especially in a city where shop-lifting is virtually legal.

Once again, I’m sure the Democrats are counting on the news media to make sure that most Americans never read or hear what this astoundingly stupid woman said to justify her double standards. CBS’s local affiliate wrote, “Some say the mayor was flouting the same tough rules some SF business owners have been complaining about.” “Some say?” SOME say? She was flouting her government’s own rules—that’s a fact. And the local news media reports it as a rumor.

11 thoughts on “Let All Good And Objective Americans Deride And Mock San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Those Who Voted For Her, And Anyone Who Dares To Defend Her…

  1. In other words, “piss off!”. She’s a woman, she’s a black woman, and she’s a powerful Democratic official, so she gets to simply tell those who question her behavior to go to hell. I am not even the tiniest bit impressed with any of the black female mayors that I have seen. They are universally obnoxious, talentless people whose only asset is a big mouth. Government by yelling, and, if necessary, screaming.

    Not that I’m terribly impressed with most democratic mayors, but black female Mayors seem to have been the least competent and most obnoxious ones, especially in the last year battling Trump. It didn’t begin then though, I still remember 2015 and Stephanie Rawlings’ poor handling of the Freddie Gray matter, and coming away wondering if this woman was an idiot or not, basically just stepping back and letting protesters trash the city before George Floyd made that a fad.

    However, even worthless Portland mayor Ted Wheeler and derelict Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan don’t quite come close to the unique combination of arrogance, cluelessness, and obnoxiousness displayed by this woman, and those like her like Muriel Bowser, Keshia Bottoms, etc.

    Affirmative action voting, the doom of America’s cities. I think they said in the movie Revenge of the Sith the democracy dies to thunderous applause, I never thought it would die to shouts of “you go, girl!”

  2. So, I guess I can rob a bank if I “feel the spirit?”

    Good to know. Heck, I’ll even do it with a smile!

    We know that our betters are immune to SARS-CoV-2, and that the rest of us are at risk, because we’re awful people and the virus knows the difference between the good guys and bad.

    But even I were to stipulate that absurdity, the slightest amount of self-awareness would’ve enabled her to come up with a better excuse than “feeling the spirit.” I’m trying to figure out if this is just a little-known exception to her edict that applies to everyone, even pro-Trump demonstrators, or just the “right people.” Judging from her comment, I think we know.

    How many rationalizations are embodied in her remarks? Well, clearly 25B “I can’t help myself” seems to be the primary (with a dash of implied 32B “You would’ve done the same thing” in there, and probably more as well). But really, it’s worse than that — she wasn’t apologizing for her actions, but using an appeal to emotion to validate them as totally acceptable. “Let them eat cake” at least had the virtue of being more subtle than that.

    But when it comes to Democrat voters, appeals to emotion work 100% of the time — as long as they’re made by Democrats.

    Breed is of the Marion Barry school of politics, feeling completely justified in being a scofflaw because she knows there are no consequences forthcoming. When you are the “right sort of person,” cities like San Francisco will look the other way at even the most egregious and absurd actions. If the California recall election proved nothing else, it showed that “Who ya gonna vote for, a Republican?” is a powerful and winning argument in the formerly Golden State.

    This is the ultimate tribal middle finger to all us proles out here in Jesusland. She’s saying she’s better than us, and San Franciscans are falling all over themselves to hail her because of it. In other words, “Up yours!”

  3. I tried, but words fail to express how disgusting I find Breed’s comments, and how equally disgusting is the failure of her city and journalists to rise up as one and demand that she resign, or better yet, move away. How could a walking, preening asshole like this be elected to any office, anywhere? Is it really just her gender and race? Even then, that’s an insult to millions of sane, rational, ethical black women.

    • Because the cities are full of dyed in the wool Democrats who would vote for a pile of shit before they’d vote for a Republican, and because there is an emerging but unspoken belief that more black women need to be in visible leadership positions, regardless of their skill, intelligence, or whatever. Chris Christie kicked three black women off the bench in Essex County alone, because none of them were any good. They were pure affirmative action appointments, angry, resentful. entitled women with voices that would go right through you and who would not hesitate to tear you a new asshole for the slightest mistake. Not that black women were unique in doing that – Carol Ferencz was kicked off the bench for racially insulting a pro se litigant and accusing him of being on welfare, and Maurice Gallipoli (that’s pronounced gal-ih-POLE-ee, and if you pronounced it like the WWI battle he would tear you apart) was so hated for his bullying and insulting of lawyers (“stupid,” “moronic, and “asinine” were among his favorite adjectives), as well as being the ramrod behind revisions to the NJ Court Rules that made everything that much tougher, that when he retired from the bench (actually was kicked off because he reached mandatory retirement age) he SAID he preferred to go quietly, but in reality he could not have a retirement dinner, because the attorneys would have been lining up to punch him in the nose now that they could. Even he wasn’t as bad as Michael Giles, later known as “Mo-Fo Giles,” for cursing attorneys out from the bench. The fact is that people who seek power are usually the ones least suited to wield it, and that includes the current president as well as the last two, maybe even the last five.

    • Is it really just her gender and race?

      Nope. It’s gender and race …. and laziness, and emotion, and often, sheer accident.

      This San Francisco contains the districts that strongly influenced or gave us (with No Returns on gifts) the likes of Barbara Boxer, who probably would have been California’s first woman governor today if she hadn’t had to share the recent inane recall election ticket with a black male opponent; or Dianne Feinstein, whose sudden rise from humble city supervisor to the mayoralty was due, by law, to the assassination (by another supervisor) of the incumbent; and then the nadir, Nanci Pelosi, another recipient of an advantageous endorsement, whose big start was gifted by her friend, a dying widow who had herself inherited (by emotional election) the state representative title when her popular husband died in office.

      How did Breed get to be First Woman in the SF Mayor’s chair? In the inheritance line of the aforementioned women, not by running for it, but by similar accident: she was next in line after the death in office of the first Asian to hold it, finishing Act Two of the Minority Mayor drama. She also inherited the mentoring and influence of San Francisco’s Act One, our first Black mayor, Willie Brown, (the one who destroyed the city’s vibrant black neighborhood (but built The Ballpark!) and his loyal cadre of deep-pocket property developers.

      There is magic in these “accidental” incumbencies and the “special” elections that almost always follow them. When the person gets to “finish” someone else’s time in office, they have four advantages that are nearly foolproof: they’re not accountable for any or much of their predecessor’s negatives; they get to do favors for individual constituents, they can make themselves very visible to voters, and they can use the time to generate additional financial support for future campaigns. And sometimes there’s a fifth advantage of taking on the mantle of a very successful, popular politician (true in Boxer’s, Feinstein’s, and Pelosi’s case, not in Breed’s).

      Add that to the progressive/womanpower machine in San Francisco that has openly (to my ears) declared its insistence on voting WOMAN FIRST, MINORITY SECOND and “we’ll let you know the name.”

      And that’s about as dirty as it gets, folks, in lockstep, altogether now: Vote!

  4. The hypocrisy is a problem in both directions. This one is obvious. So, I hope, is the flip side: the legislators, university trustees, etc. who issue and enforse mask mandates for their own companies but deny even the possibility to state institutions and their employees. We’re seeing a fair amount of that in Texas.

    • I’m not sure the latter qualifies as a double standard. If they make rules for work as a conditions of employment, but honestly believe the government has not business doing so, there isn’t an inconsistency as long as they follow the rules at work themselves. That last condition is important however.

  5. “An arrogant, silly, clueless fool”? I sense you’re looking for words strong enough to express your disgust. Me? I’m barely surprised she’d do this and bother to try to justify herself. Haven’t you noticed, Jack? There is one set of rules for you and me, and another set of rules entirely for the self-styled “elite”. And this has been going on for decades. Ever notice how many private jets are at the climate conferences? The elite can fly as much as they want. The rest of us must sacrifice for the “greater good”. We’re all in this together aren’t we?

    Truthfully, though, I see this as a disease of arrogance and power. Once someone is in power, they push the boundaries to see how much they can get away with and what people will tolerate. One of my former employers used to make all sorts of edicts, such as a maximum of 5 minutes in the bathroom, or if someone is 3 minutes or more late back from lunch they would be reprimanded or verbally abused for stealing company time. Morale was terrible and management could never understand why. And yet those rules never applied to management. No matter how late they were, how long their lunches were, it was acceptable for them, but not for regular employees. Needless to say, they had a huge turnover problem.

    Personally, I think Mayor Breed simply doesn’t see the problem. She’s more important than other, lesser people and the rules simply don’t apply. And really, who is going to stop her? Power corrupts. This is just one more example.

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