“The View’s” Joy Behar, Making Americans Ignorant And Unethical From Coast To Coast


Freedom of speech guarantees citizens a right to express idiotic opinions, but it does not ensure the opportunity to spread stupidity far and wide using network TV news shows. The fact that ABC lets idiot loudmouth Joy Behar out of her cage every week to issue opinions from a place of authority that actively make viewers less informed and more ethically obtuse is irresponsible beyond contempt. Behar’s only value, and it is substantial, is to provide a prominent profile of how millions of addled citizens think. It’s bad enough that a C-level comedienne thinks like Behar, but there are millions like her. She should not, however, be allowed to make drooling clones with the assistance of the American Broadcasting Corporation.

Yesterday, the ladies of “The View” were discussing the Clinton-Lewinsky TV mini-series—I would watch a Hungarian-dubbed version of “Pootie Tang” before I would spend a second viewing that—whether Monica Lewinsky should be considered a victim, and whether Clinton faced sufficient consequences from his actions. [Of course Lewinsky was a victim, one of a powerful sociopath and sexual predator who exploited a star-struck intern while neglecting his duties and betraying his wife.] Warning was supplied, I guess, by the presence of the spectacularly ridiculous Ana Navarro, who let viewers beware that violent head explosions were coming by her fatuous statement that today’s Democrats would have impeached Clinton because they “tend to hold themselves and their own accountable and to a higher standard.” 

Yes, she really said that, as the White House still is occupied by Joe Biden, whom Democrats put there despite his having photo albums filled with Joe groping, sniffing, kissing and pawing wincing girls and females as he served as Vice-President and U.S. Senator. High standards!

Then “The View’s” fans heard this:

JOY BEHAR: I would submit here that the real victim was the United States of America because and then Hillary Clinton. Because If you remember, the debate going on between Trump and Hillary, Trump brought in all these so-called victims of Clinton’s peccadillos, right?

[Audience laughter]

[Head explosions 1, 2 and 3: 1. Hillary, who repeatedly quarterbacked the despicable efforts to intimidate and threaten Bill’s victims when they looked like they might rat him out, was an enabler and an accessory, not a victim. 2. So-called! And the women of “The View” are supposed to be feminists who argue—like Hillary!—that female victims should be believed! 3. One of the women who attended the debate was Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused Clinton of raping her. You know…a mere peccadillo.]

ANA NAVARRO: If Democrats had done the same thing and brought in Trump’s victims, they would have needed an arena!

[HAHAHA! Good one, Ana, you moron. CNN still employs this fool as a talking head! Trump’s using Clinton’s prey as props was slimy, but still made an effective point against Hillary that couldn’t be made against Trump: Hillary was (and is) a Gold Medal hypocrite regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment, as were (are) the Democrats as a party. Furthermore, the material distinction is that Bill Clinton, like Joe Biden, engaged in his various forms of sexual abuse while serving as an elected official. Trump’s various accusers—and I have no doubt he engaged in all manner of harassment and sexual assault as a typical arrogant rich guy—never surfaced until he was running for office for the first time. Engaging in lawbreaking while one is supposed to be upholding the law as a public official is in a whole different category of scummy, no matter what Trump may have done as a private citizen.]

BEHAR: Exactly. 

No bias from Ana:

Ana Navarro and Bill Clinton

SONNY HOSTIN: To be clear, there were a lot — he allegedly abused a lot of women, Bill Clinton, he was no saint.

[“He was no saint.” This perfectly encapsulates the trenchant and probing analysis viewers experience through “The View.”]

BEHAR: But when he [Trump] brought those women into that debate that hurt Hillary Clinton and the real victim, the country lost a great person, Hillary Clinton could have been the president instead of that criminal that we had there for four years [applause] and that’s the real victim. That’s the real loser.

[Head explosion 4: Does anybody besides Behar think that Clinton lost to Trump because of that juvenile debate stunt? So let’s see, her logic goes like this: the real victim of Bill Clinton’s abuse of Monica Lewinsky was Hillary Clinton, whomthose high standard-holding Democrats subsequently elected as U.S. Senator while continuing to worship her husband. Bill’s treatment of Lewinsky, not Hillary’s incompetent reign as Secretary of State, law-breaking with her secret server and repeated lies and hypocrisy, cost Hillary the 2016 election because Donald Trump chose to highlight what Behar calls “so-called victims.” Head explosion 5: Donald Trump is “a criminal” (I could make a case for that, but I bet Behar couldn’t) and Hillary, whose Clinton Foundation was a flagrant influence-peddling, money-laundering pay-to-play operation in explicit defiance of Congress, is a “great person.”

Anyone who watches “The View” is a menace to society, and if they aren’t too ignorant to vote before they start watching, they are soon after.

I know, I know, I’ve been obsessed with irresponsible left-wing celebrities lately. I’ll get over it, but I wonder if the nation ever will. Talking heads are supposed to make us more aware, informed, and competent citizens. Making us stupid is not healthy for anybody. ABC allowing someone like Joy Behar (or Ana Navarro) to present themselves as authorities to a gullible public is unforgivable.

3 thoughts on ““The View’s” Joy Behar, Making Americans Ignorant And Unethical From Coast To Coast

  1. Whatever happened to network television? When I was a kid in the ‘fifties and ‘sixties, the newscasters seemed to be at least intelligent, lucid, competent adults, for the most part. They were largely admirable people, or at least played them on TV. There must be a lot of money to be made broadcasting least common denominator stuff like “The View.”

  2. My hat is off to you for making it through an episode of The View. I just can’t. What disturbs me more than Joy Behar -in fact I don’t even blame her for wanting to make millions and be a star- is the fact that millions of Americans think that she is worth watching.

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