The American Left Appears To Be Losing Its Collective Mind. This Is Not A Good Thing…

Crazy progressives are not good for anyone. Bias makes you stupid, but crazy makes you dangerous. What is causing all of these meltdowns, in which previously respected people and institutions on the left side of the ideological spectrum throw their trustworthiness to the winds? Is it panic? Desperation? The obvious catastrophe that is the Biden administration? The decisive demonstration that the Russian collusion hoax was a Clinton-led conspiracy? The frightening specter of a Trump return? Abortion and affirmative action dishonesty finally facing principled challenges? What?

I don’t know, but the signs are portentous…

  • Biden’s National Park Service, which operates Ford’s Theater (where Lincoln was shot) tweeted for no discernible reason,

ford Tweet

What the hell? Damn right we put Lincoln on a pedestal, and also in a big chair over-looking the Mall and the Capitol. That’s because the nation owes its existence to Abe, as well as the best expressions of its ideals. Why would the operators of the memorial to Lincoln’s death issue such a weasel-worded invitation to diminish Lincoln’s legacy? Ford’ Theater only exists today because of Lincoln, just like the United States of America. The anti-American wacko segment of the critical race theory cabal is now handling communications for Ford’s Theater, is it?


  • The ACLU. Again, the incipient brain rot revealed itself in a tweet quoting Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the anniversary of her death this way:

Ginsburg messed up quote

Yes, the American Civil Liberty Union, supposedly the protector of free speech, censored a Supreme Curt Justice’s words (From her confirmation gearing) because they weren’t woke enough. What she actually said was,

“The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a woman’s life, to her well-being and dignity. It is a decision she must make for herself. When the government controls that decision for her, she is being treated as less than a full adult human responsible for her own choice.”

Commenting on this insanity, Prof. Turley recommends that the ACLU focus on another of Ginsburg’s quotes: “Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” This could apply to the whole progressive movement, which will only attract the support of wackos by behaving like wackos.

  • Scientific American. The once respectable science periodical went woke along with much of the scientific community some times ago, but this is uniquely stupid. From it’s current issue:

“The acronym “JEDI” has become a popular term for branding academic committees and labeling STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) initiatives focused on social justice issues. Used in this context, JEDI stands for ‘justice, equity, diversity and inclusion”Star Wars has a problematic cultural legacy. The space opera franchise has been critiqued for trafficking in injustices such as sexism, racism and ableism. Think, for example, of the so-called “Slave Leia” costume, infamous for stripping down and chaining up the movie series’ first leading woman as part of an Orientalist subplot. Star Wars arguably conflates “alienness” with “nonwhiteness,” often seeming to rely on racist stereotypes when depicting nonhuman species. The series regularly defaults onto ableist tropes, memorably in its portrayal of Darth Vader, which links the villain’s physical disability with machinic inhumanity and moral deviance, presenting his technology-assisted breathing as a sinister auditory marker of danger and doom. What’s more, the bodies and voices centered in Star Wars have, with few exceptions, historically been those of white men. And while recent films have increased gender and racial diversity, important questions remain regarding how meaningfully such changes represent a departure from the series’ problematic past.”

Scientists wrote that crap.

No wonder so many people won’t get vaccinated.

  • The American Federation of Teachers. The San Diego Chapter passed a resolution condemning Israel  while denouncing Israel’s “73-year occupation,” (the creation of the Jewish state was in 1948), and accusing the nation of “ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, occupation, apartheid, and war crimes.” What any of this has to do with teaching and the education of our children is a mystery.

17 thoughts on “The American Left Appears To Be Losing Its Collective Mind. This Is Not A Good Thing…

  1. The answer to what makes institutions do this is scarier than any you suggested: Too many of them really, really believe this is the morally correct way to think, and anyone who objects is exactly as wrong as Southerners opposing integration or Germans supporting the Nazis.

    The people my age, now in their late thirties and forties and taking control of institutions, were taught in schools and by well meaning parents that racism and sexism are bad because they make other people feel bad. Then in college, and via academic writers afterwards, they were taught that anything could be a microaggression or reminder of discrimination and make people feel bad, a therefore those things are just as bad as overt racism/sexism/homophobia/etc.

    It’s not a reaction to any one thing, it’s a spigot that was opened around 2008, and the water has been rising since then. All someone of a protected class has to do is suggest that something makes them feel bad (or even if they don’t, someone imagines it might make someone feel bad) and they feel that morally it has to be eradicated.

    They believe that they are the heroes and you are the villain, and that being persuaded by someone like you would corrupt their moral values.

    They really believe it. Make of that what you will.

    • “They believe that they are the heroes and you are the villain, and that being persuaded by someone like you would corrupt their moral values.”

      Put another way:

      Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for THEY DO SO WITH THE APPROVAL OF THEIR OWN CONSCIENCE.” (bolds/caps/italics mine) C.S. Lewis

  2. “Appears To Be Losing Its Collective Mind?”

    I think that’s a pretty big understatement, Jack. To lose something, you must first possess it, and I think a good chunk of the American left never had all its marbles to begin with. The folks planting bombs and rioting 50+ years ago were hardly what I’d call sane, and a fair number of them kept up with the same kind of crazy behavior until now if they’re still alive, till they took the dirt nap if they aren’t. It’s just that the craziness is now going mainstream, because there are enough crazies or enablers in positions of power to make sure it works.

    I would posit that it isn’t “panic? Desperation? The obvious catastrophe that is the Biden administration? The decisive demonstration that the Russian collusion hoax was a Clinton-led conspiracy? The frightening specter of a Trump return? Abortion and affirmative action dishonesty finally facing principled challenges?” I don’t believe it’s any of those things. Its having tasted absolute power, however briefly, and being frustratingly close to it while having successfully brought down the one person who was seen as being in the way of all this. The meme that showed Trump saying “It’s not me they want, it’s you. I’m just in the way,” was simplistic, but it did have a kernel of truth to it.

    Some movements in history have been successfully erased. The Cathar heresy was decisively stamped out in the Albigensian Crusade, like a fire that the firemen (yes I said firemen and I’ll keep saying it, take a hike with the gender inclusive bs) have not only knocked down, but successfully overhauled. Most overhaul jobs aren’t that complete, though, and most movements linger on somewhere, and there are always a few sparks somewhere that could either flare up and do some damage, or burst back into flame. Nazism, Communism, and the Taliban are all among those, and Trumpism is another. Trump may be out of power (certain), he may never return to power (less certain) but the populist right movement he started is still around. It isn’t going anywhere. It isn’t going to get reabsorbed into the mainstream GOP, any more than the Squad is going to fall into line. As long as it’s out there, the left’s chance for absolute power is threatened. They fell short this time out, they are likely to fall further back next year, and there’s a very good chance they could lose it all in 2024. Looking back, they also fell short in 2016 and to a degree in 2018 (they didn’t get the Senate, so Trump could keep right on appointing judges and justices). None of this was supposed to happen. We’re supposed to be in Hillary’s second term now, with a 6-3 liberal majority on the SCOTUS and transformative legislation sailing through Congress. The GOP is supposed to be on its way to becoming a rump party in the South, and fading there. Now it looks like the chance to get back on track to that goal is starting to slip away (Biden’s ratings tanking, Congress being unable to move the ball on big legislation), so extreme measures are needed.

    Part of that is toppling conventional heroes, even the big ones like Abraham Lincoln. He’s the only Republican president that, at least until now, very little that’s bad could be said about, with Reagan one who some, but not too much mud would stick to. However, keep bringing up the fact that the Emancipation Proclamation freed only the slaves in the rebelling states, the fact that he ordered the execution of 39 Indians in the Sioux uprising, and the fact that he once said the Civil war was about preserving the Union, freeing the slaves was secondary, and it is possible to cast him as someone whose deeds fell short of his reputation. Once he’s knocked from his pedestal, it’s easy to knock down the rest.

    Another part of it is taking the woke mindset mainstream. If eventually people can’t turn their heads without reading wokeness everywhere, they may just decide “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” That includes dinging popular culture and bringing politics into the classroom. What’s even better, is that when someone objects, you can refuse to discuss the objection, and just say “this is meant to make fascists and racists uncomfortable. If it’s making YOU uncomfortable then guess what you are? NEXT!”

  3. Tacking onto what you said there Emily, I’d say that what we are observing here from the ‘Left’ goes back even farther than 2008, more accurately one could trace the origins of this cultural revolution back to the 1960s, perhaps even as far back as the 1930s.

    What I believe we are observing now is the culmination of what Alexander Gramsci defined as the ‘long March through the institutions’, the strategy through which he and others like Herbert Marcuse hoped could be used to erode/subvert Western cultural institutions from within so as to bring about a cultural revolution, the end result being the institution of a socialist/communist style of government.

    I’d recommend looking into the essays of Herbert Marcuse for a blueprint to the endgame currently being played by the ‘Left’, its all laid out there, and serves as the origin for much of what we understand as Critical Theory.

    • I totally agree the roots go back that far. These people were taught by someone, who was taught by someone. Academia was probably lost by the time Women’s and African-American Studies departments started cropping up.

      But I do think there was an important shift in 2008. I used to consider myself a left-libertarian, I grew up in a world where threats free speech and equal protection came from the Right; Christian Conservatives and over zealous Law and Order types…

      In 2008, something began creeping through message boards and fandoms online. It started redefining Racism as “prejudice plus power” and telling people to “check your privilege,” and banning or shunning anyone who stood up to it, calling them racist or sexist. I was banned from a message board for pushing back on “prejudice plus power,” simply arguing that you can’t redefine a word by fiat. In 2009, Will Shetterly, a respected fantasy author, was blacklisted from the industry (what we’d now recognize as cancelled) for arguing that poor white people face more oppression than middle class black people with Ivy League degrees. He was an avowed communist, hardly a right winger. He’s self-published at least one book about this.

      I and a few of my friends recognized that this wasn’t the Left we’d grown up with, this was something scary. But we assumed it was a fandom/internet thing, and that it would go away. There were grown ups in the real world — people with financial investments, people who understood the constitution — they’d roll their eyes at these crazy authoritarian hysterics and tell these kids to go away.

      But no one did. We became the grown-ups, and so did those kids, and now it’s everywhere.

      I think you’re 100% correct about the roots, but I’ve watched this specific trunk climb out of the cracks of the internet and spread to consume civilization. It’s been creepy and scary, and if I knew how to stop it I wouldn’t have been kicked off that message board, I would have stopped it then.

  4. I’m tied up in meetings for the rest of the day or I’d wait for the open forum…. But apparently Chris Cuomo grabbed his ex-boss from ABC’s ass at a party in 2005 and the #metoo crowd is deciding whether or not it has legs. Jessica Valenti came up with an email he sent afterwards apologizing to her husband.

    It would be…. AMAZING… If 2021 were the year where both of Mario Cuomo’s idiot children were bumrushed out of the public square.

    • Chris Cuomo’s days are probably numbered anyway, since he can no longer give CNN direct access to the Governor of New York. This just might be what makes that process move quicker rather than slower. I agree, I wouldn’t mind seeing this would-be dynasty end here.

    • BTW, that would just be the end of Cuomo the elder’s sons. He also had three daughters, although I don’t think any of them are in the public eye.

      • Lawyer, Doctor, Film Producer. Closest thing to public might be Maria. But you’re right, I’d forgotten about them. I could argue that I’d qualified the statement to Mario’s idiot children, but his daughters might have been too impatient for the brain line too.

    • I cherish your insights, HT, and try to read all your comments. But, sometimes I read too fast, and I nearly lost it when I ‘saw’ that the #metoo crowd is deciding whether or not an ass has legs. Nothing wrong with your phrasing; something a bit off with my perceiving. 😉

  5. “No wonder so many people won’t get vaccinated.”.

    The lies we tell ourselves. Over 75% of adults 18+ have gotten at least one shot, in spite of the ridiculousness of the messaging. Super impressive if you ask me. Mayo Clinic has this data available.

      • I absolutely do. It’s only been out 2 years total and is a brand new kind of vaccine. Most who aren’t taking it are 1. Young and 2. Have had Covid. They’re immune for some span of time. It’s totally reasonable to wait 8 months until your natural immunity wears off and then get the jab. Also… it’s simple for you, and most… it’s not that logistically simple for me. It’s 60 miles one way to get the jab and they’re offered Wednesday by appointment. There’s 20 million rural Americans who likely have a similar logistics. They have to miss work. They have to travel. And they’ve already had Covid. The lowest group, by far, is 12-18 year olds. There’s some decent evidence the vaccines have greater risk, especially to young men and the Covid itself presents little risk of death to them. My kid turns 12 soon. He has a heart murmur, is underweight for his age and has had Covid already. He’s not getting the jab that 300 pound adults get. Not until he’s at a average 12 year old weight. My daughter wants to wait and see. She’s 18… her Covid risk is low, she fears needles, the vaccine narrative has shaken her. Those are the majority of people who aren’t vaccinated yet. Kids… it’s the kids. It’s fine. Give them time. They’ll likely come around when the “betters” shut up and they and their parents visit with their doctor. (Yes, I’ve told my daughter it’s a good idea to get the jab) Now she’s in school and would have to miss a couple hours of class to go get it. Sometimes you say it’s good enough. We’re at that point. It’s good enough. More damage to the fabric of society will be done by forcing the issue. It’s still going to spread among the vaccinated. We will never be Covid free, ever.

        • But it’s not just that group. It is disproportionately black Americans, who then amass higher death rates than other demographics, and consequently use those statistics to “prove” systemic racism.The unvaccinated also are accumulating the majority of infections, allowing government autocrats to impose burdensome restrictions, like masks. If people accepted their own responsibility for choosing to avoid the shots, didn’t collect insurance, didn’t share in tax-supported health care, and weren’t cited as the reason I have to hide my face—which I refuse to do—fine. Let ’em take their changes. But as Mill explained, your rights end where your fist meets my nose.

          • Jack, the unvaccinated are not asking you to do a thing but leave them alone about it. The “mother hen” “I’m on the right side of history” crowd is asking you to do these things. They’re grown ass adults. We don’t ask them to quit eating fast food daily for health, which typically incurs expensive medial care over time. Most hospital visits and medial issues are lifestyle related and preventable. In the news a few weeks ago, a couple people rock climbing fell to their deaths, incurring public risk via search and rescue and the public expense of hauling them out and having the area closed off. We don’t say they shouldn’t climb rocks because it’s unsafe. No. Because it’s silly. I support people’s ability to make poor choices, and so should you, because autonomy is pretty important to this country’s foundation. I don’t know any vaccine -ever- that has had 75-80% of adults take it. If you really want people to stop getting sick, tell them to take care of themselves (and really consider getting the vaccine) Obesity, Diabetes, lack of sleep, and low Vitamin D levels are all lifestyle factors that have been shown as a risk factor of hospitalization/death from Covid. The United States overweight/ obesity rate is almost at 50%. I doubt Covid is a bigger risk to public health than that preventable issue or more costly.

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