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    • My dog would love attention, but hate the process, so the answer is no for us. I don’t think it’s ethical to do something like this for the amusement of humans, or even to celebrate a human holiday. I also don’t put antlers on my dog for Christmas, nor do I dress her up like a bunny for Easter.

      I do make her wear a life vest when we’re boating. She hates it, but because she has epilepsy, it’s a safety mechanism, not a fashion statement.

    • Some dogs like being dressed up. Mine does. The groomer once cut her hair too short, and she was sitting around shivering, so I bought her a sweatshirt. Now she wants to wear it all the time. She brings it to me and bugs me until I put it on.

      Do I typically dress her up or cut her hair to look weird? Nope. She gets hair cuts because she is a long haired breed who gets tangly if you don’t cut her hair. She wears clothes sometimes because she is either cold or in the mood to. If the dog is happy I don’t think it is unethical.

      • I suspect that she likes the feel of the shirt on her fur, that if gives her a sense of security.

        Our son put a hoodie on Lord Remington because it was frickin’ cold – mid teens in Houston, TX might as well be Arctic freeze overs and the power was out for a week – and Remington seemed to like it, or at least resigned to it because he was warmer.

        • The big Texas freeze is actually why my dog had to have all her hair cut off. She played in the snow, and turned all her hair into one giant tangle. Our power was out for 3 days, and it was 45 degrees in my house, but she did have longer hair at that point. Afterwards, the groomers had to shave off her hair, and she hated it. Sat in a pile of blankets and shivered.
          Maybe she was traumatized by the freezing cold powerless house. She hates being cold now. She would much prefer wearing a shirt to being chilly.

      • Our son & DiL have a mini-poodle that doesn’t mind sweaters, etc., or being costumed…unless it covers his head. They put an alligator costume on him once, and he just fought with the head section. Made it look more like an alligator trying to eat a poodle.
        He likes the groomer, though, so probably wouldn’t object to the skeleton treatment.

    • I don’t see that as violating any moral principles, therefore I think it’s not unethical. Please note that I didn’t say it’s ethical it’s just not unethical.

      Would I do something like this, no.

      I also wouldn’t put clothes on a dog.

    • How is that any more unethical than just taking your dog to the groomer? That looks like a standard poodle to me, and they grow hair, nor fur, so they must get haircuts or it actually causes health issues, not to mention the hygiene.

      It is cruel to point and laugh at your dog when you get their haircut, they do recognize such things, but I don’t think they really care too much what haircut they get as long as you don’t tease them about it. There are lots of websites with some pretty crazy haircuts, specifically for poodles. Even the Standard haircut styles that you might see at a dog show can be quite out there. (https://www.playbarkrun.com/poodle-haircuts-styles/)

      There are some pretty imaginative ones here

    • From the article “The shortages are due to issues in the global supply chain…”
      Somehow, I’m not inclined to buy the idea that hundreds of container ships sitting unloaded offshore are due to those issues rather than mismanagement of port operations. Was surprised to learn that they haven’t already been working around the clock. Looks like “Mayor Pete” is just another incompetent check-the-box member of SloJo’s diversity team.

      They’ll probably get more focused when they start getting complaints from California shoplifters about the poor selections in local stores.

    • The shelves are full here in the Chemung County NY. I haven’t seen anything like this. Maybe it’s coming but it’s not like that right now. Most of these pictures look like items we don’t even buy, snack foods? Grout? Potting soil? Cat food? Ensure? Convenience store – don’t shop at convenience stores. Some of the pictures are of the same empty shelves.

      I’m not saying there aren’t empty shelves or shortages but this is a selection of pictures from around the country. Illinois, Minneapolis, Syracuse (cat food)(85 miles from me), Washington DC, Arizona, Orlando – there’s bound to be empty shelves somewhere.

      Like I said, there’s no shortage of meat, bread, produce, dairy, etc in this area.

      • I agree with you. There are shortages of mostly non essential luxuries. Most notable to my family is we haven’t been able to get Fresca. Not exactly essential, for sure. There’s also not any pickles in the refrigerator section, some baby bel cheese varieties are gone, no frozen pancakes, definitely a shortage of Convenience foods. THAT SAID. There is a shortage of fertilizer, chemical, ag tires (like the ones that go on combines), repair parts (like tillage equipment blades) they’re called sweep blades and are a common wear part, similar to a replacement of tires on your car, net wrap, bearings, and it sounds like natural gas and propane might be an issue if the winter is not mild. Oh, and there’s a shortage of people who will work.
        In the paper today “due to nursing staffing issues the Agency will not be admitting new patients for the next few weeks.”

        • I do the grocery shopping for my family and I am not seeing empty shelves in the grocery stores this year. Last year, sure, most notably with paper products, but not recently.

          The only real shortages I see are of some varieties of diet soda — caffeine free and diet cherry being in short supply because, as I understand it, shortfalls in aluminum can production dating to 2020.

          What I do see is prices steadily going up. A favorite tactic that you see in grocery stores is to put a product on ‘sale’ for what used to be the regular price. When the sale ends, the price has risen. There is no doubt that a number of food items are significantly more costly over the last couple years.

          • Certainly, the variety has been affected. I, too, have run into a lack of diversity in soft drinks that you observed. Only the most popular flavors get canned and put into 2 Liters. I haven’t seen Mountain Dew in any flavor other than regular and diet in 2 Liter format for months.

      • There are shortages where I live. Sam’s club looks like looters cleaned it out. There is no toilet paper, no paper towels, no bottled water, no soap, no lotion, no vitamins…I could go on. It looks like people have been binge shopping for staple goods. This stuff might be localized, but it is happening in at least some areas. Personally, I’ve been stockpiling staples ever since the initial shortages, but anyone who hasn’t is shit out of luck where I live. I wouldn’t say people are about to starve to death, but there are definitely large sections of empty shelves in grocery stores, wholesale stores and big box stores. It’s not just frozen food or luxury items. Stuff like pasta, bread, meat and canned goods are hard to find. This is probably caused by panic buying. It is a thing. People aren’t just making it up.

    • I was talking about this on Twitter! Supply Chain management is actually one of the things I have direct experience in.

      Without any direct knowledge, but based on the obvious: Those pictures are fake news.

      The store Attkisson took pictures in is fairly obviously going through a renovation and doing planograms; Fourth picture makes this the most clear: The floor is stripped, the aisle markers are removed, there isn’t a single price tag on the entire side of the aisle and the aisle is 100% empty facing an aisle that is almost entirely full. You can also see the full endcaps, and the full freezer at the end of the aisle. The one aisle marker that is still up is “kosher foods” and I doubt that people panic buying food scraped all the Elmer’s eggs before the salsa and tacos.

      The rest of the pictures are a mixed bag, but almost uniformly funny once you think of them: Miller posted a couple of pictures of empty pallet banks at a Costco as if that wasn’t normal. There were a bunch of pictures of Garden Centers winding down, which might be serious if it were April, but we’re on the wrong side of Columbus Day guys. Who buys garden hoses in October?

      We *are* experiencing more outs than usual, and that’ll definitely get worse if America doesn’t figure out the port situation ASAP. We are experiencing a global shortage of microchips that is going to make procurement of consumer electronics and vehicles miserable for the foreseeable future…. But America is basically net neutral on imports/exports of food, you won’t see grocery store outs like this as a result of international shipping issues.

      • And for the record:

        “Sharyl Attkisson, a journalist with Washington DC-based Full Measure News, tweeted a picture of empty shelves, noting: ‘My grocery. There’s plenty of food it’s not as if we will starve. But I’ve never seen empty shelves like this in my lifetime.’ ”

        What’s the chance, do you think, that Attkisson failed to notice that the store didn’t have a floor? What’s the over under on “She’s an Idiot” vs “She’s a Liar”?

  1. The movie, “Lions for Lambs,” directed by Robert Redford 15 years ago is eerily prophetic.
    The sweeping China virus mandates that ignore superior naturally acquired immunity are a diversion from the accumulating disasters that are a direct result of openbordersjo and his ilk.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever been vindicated so quickly in my entire life:

    About six hours ago, we got some breaking news: ALERT: US Capitol Police have arrested at 25 y/o woman who is accused of incident at 930am… brandishing bat, then *biting* a Capitol Police officer near 1st St SW.. near west front of Capitol.

    The comments agreed uniformly that this was a right wing lunatic. I responded to Radio Free Tom, because Tom is a hack with thin skin and deserves it.

  3. In insubordinate whining that uses a petty complaint on a tiny regulation to help undermine military discipline a little more, I bring you the *assistant* *adjutant* General of the Minnesota National guard. A Major General (which we apparently have a lot of 2 star generals lying around if one is the assistant adjutant general in a national guard command.

    Here’s her tweet:

    • And, to double down, I bring you her rationalization laden response thread to all the valid critiques she received for her lack of professionalism:

      • “I’m a women”

    • Ya know, not to be snide or anything (well, ok I admit it): I googled ‘french manicure’ and saw a lot of photos of fingernails. Somehow, none of them included aluminum foil.

      I don’t think the Army wants you showing up with aluminum foil on your fingers. Or maybe that’s just me……

    • Those Americans (and I use the term loosely) who might agree with AI’s amicus brief would do well to consider that the same international standards with which the brief urges compliance would also be a threat to freedom of speech, the press, and religion. The brief is not likely to favorably impress SCOTUS, in my opinion.
      In any event, even if the Second Amendment were overturned, many of us will not comply. The right to keep and bear arms was not given by the amendment, merely guaranteed against infringement by the federal government. The right still exists whether the government du jour recognizes it or not.

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