The Saturday Evening Ethics Post, 10/16/2021: The Complaints Edition

Halloween post

Is there some woke reason I have missed that explains why virtually all Halloween lawn decorations in my Northern Virginia neighborhood consist of gravestones, skulls, skeletons and spiders? Or are people suddenly suffering from an appalling lack of imagination? No witches, no black cats, no devils, no vampires, no wolfmen. I made the rounds today with Spuds, and saw no ghosts at all, except in front of one house with a large American flag flying. Obviously, the “ghost” is really a reference to the Klan, and anyone who flies Old Glory is likely to be a racist. Or am I just imagining it all?

1. Customer service ethics: I am going to war with CVS. It was August 28 when I first complained to CVS about my appalling treatment at the local store. At the time when I wrote the post, I was awaiting a promised call (24-48 hours) from a “group leader” regarding my incident report. The call never came. I called two days later to register a second complaint about the failure of CVS to follow through as promised on my first complaint. This time, I got profuse apologies, a new incident number for future reference, and a second assurance that I would be receiving a call, also in 24 to 48 hours. That call also never came.

In mid-September, I called the complaint line a third time, to add my third complaint to the previous two, this one about being jerked around and lied to in the last call. I was told that there was a video of my encounter, that it would be reviewed, and that a named executive would contact me “in a week to 10 days.”

Guess what happened. Oh, come on, guess.

There was no contact. Thus it was that yesterday, on October 15, that I called CVS Customer Relations to register complaint #4. I recounted the incident and the previous calls, as well as their apparently lack of sincerity. “It seems clear to me that the CVS policy is to delay, obfuscate, and draw out the process, assuming that dissatisfied and abused customers will give up and drop their complaints. I’m sure that works with most people, but it won’t work with me. I am prepared to pursue this until I see a fair and appropriate response, ” I said. This agent, like the others, assured me that CVS wasn’t like that, but that since she wasn’t a member of “the leadership group,” she wasn’t sure what she could do to ensure action. “Let me transfer you to someone higher up who can help,” she said. Then she transferred me. “Hello?” a loud voice said when the call was picked up. “Yes, hi,” I said. “Is this CVS?” “CVS? Fuck no!” the charming woman shouted, and hung up.

So I made my fifth call to submit my 5th complaint. That nice agent said she would transfer me to her manager. “It’s hard with everyone working at home,” she added. The manager never answered the phone. After profuse apologies, the agent suggested that I call back next week.

2. On the plus side, more people will read my article there than ever see what I write here...A website with millions of views (it claims) stole a copyrighted article I wrote for my now-defunct theater company, published it almost word for word, and included no attribution or credit while representing the piece as original. How many wars is it wise to fight simultaneously?

I better ask George W. Bush.

3. Trump Derangement as a campaign strategy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. In Virginia, where Clinton bag man Terry McAuliffe is trying to get elected governor again and running scared. Democrats are featuring a TV ad that says nothing about Terry and virtually nothing about his GOP opponent, Glenn Youngkin, except that Donald Trump endorsed him and Youngkin said he was honored. This isn’t even ad hominem negative campaigning. It’s an implied ad hominem attack against someone who isn’t running but who has stated that he supports a candidate, with the implication that politely accepting an endorsement is proof of fealty, or alliance, or affection, or something. As with the successful 2020 strategy of running an obviously unfit Presidential candidate with an obviously unqualified running mate on the assumption that sufficient numbers of voters will decide on who they want as their leaders based solely on raw, blinding hatred of the alternative, Virginia Democrats are similarly courting hate to compensate for their blatantly unethical candidate for governor, who slipped up and admitted that he doesn’t want parents sticking their noses into the progressive indoctrination of their children.

This is no way to run a democracy.

4 thoughts on “The Saturday Evening Ethics Post, 10/16/2021: The Complaints Edition

  1. So I made my fifth call to submit my 5th complaint. That nice agent said she would transfer me to her manager. “It’s hard with everyone working at home,” she added. The manager never answered the phone. After profuse apologies, the agent suggested that I call back next week.

    Whom do you suspect is responsible?

    • No doubt management is responsible.

      * Management either doesn’t have a clear escalation procedure or isn’t enforcing it.
      * Management has its call center representatives working from home which makes it easier for employees to get distracted and be unavailable to take calls more often.
      *Management very likely is dragging its heels on investigating the matter, giving the base-line call center representatives nothing to work with and no information to give a caller beyond the apologize-placate strategy.
      * Management has provided a script which is probably the only thing that is rigidly enforced that makes the employees cringe when they have to use it.

      I have call center experience. I know how this works. Employees are told to tell the caller that someone will call them back within a set period of time (no, they have no control over which person does the call back so cannot even give a name), but are in the unhappy position of not being able to make anyone higher up call a customer back at all much less within that period of time. When everyone was in the office, it was those higher-up managers that somehow always managed to be in a meeting every time something important came up and are probably the ones at home binge-watching Netflix rather than take the escalated calls that the baseline representatives desperately wish could be resolved. Very likely, your pleasant bottom-level CVS call center employees know perfectly well that the likelihood of getting a call back during the scripted 24-48 hours is slim to none and there is nothing they can do about it. They are not given the ability to fix the problem, not given access to any systems necessary to do investigating on their own and have no authority to resolve the issue even if they did.

      Nope, it’s not fun at all. Those baseline employees often really care about getting the problem fixed, but are stuck being the venting ear to every frustrated customer who calls for lack of anything else to offer.

  2. 3. To Democratic strategists, Donald Trump is a massive pinata they keep bludgeoning to make the votes keep falling out. They consider it their best and only strategy. The Macker’s campaign tag line may as well be “Vote for me! I’m not Trump!”

  3. #3 I heard that they are even getting the Big Guns out for Terry. Dr. Jill Biden, Stacey Abrams and Barack (!!!) are coming in to campaign for him. Dr. Jill is probably going to appeal to the suburban moms, because she’s a teacher and loves kids, or something. Stacey Abrams will get black people excited, or something. And it is okay to deny elections, when you’re a Democrat. And Barack, because of the Let’s Go Brandon situation, Joe needs the heat to cool down. Terry did say in a zoom call with allies, that Joe is not popular in Virginia right now, but then Terry said of course Joe will campaign on his behalf. I guess that was a bone to the press, so they would shut up about that unfortunate comment in the zoom call. I think this recent Loudoun County school bathroom case developing is not going to be positive for good ole’ “parents should butt out of kid’s learning” candidate, since education is a big issue this election. I hope Terry loses, but you can’t count out the classic mail-in vote tally 2 weeks after the election occurrence.
    P.S.: I also heard how there’s a new video of Kamala endorsing Terry, and saying to church people, most likely aimed at black churches, how they need to go out and vote for him, because he’s such a great guy. Allegedly, they are playing this video at the churches to the flock. That is supposed to be a big no no for churches, which are a non-profit organization, to be actively involved in campaigning. I will not hold my breath about anything coming from this, since Attorney General Parent are Domestic Terrorists is busy with other pressing priorities.
    Cue Lt. Frank Drebin!

    Nothing to see here [Naked Gun]


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