Unethical Tweet Of The Month, And Company Most Deserving A Boycott: Ben & Jerry’s

Ben Jerry smear

I personally decided that Ben &Jerry’s outrageously expensive ice cream for the Woke and Wonderful would never cross through Marshall doors when it created a flavor honoring partisan hate-monger Stephen Colbert. The company’s cynical political pandering has only gotten worse since. Perhaps the most nauseating aspect of the company’s pose is that it’s obviously a marketing plan to appeal to ice-cream loving progressives. The real Ben and Jerry sold off the brand years ago, like any good socialists, accepting millions to allow a multi-national corporation to pretend it’s the founder as it spouts simple-minded leftist talking points. This tweet, however, charged into Ethics Alarms Popeye territory…


Ben and Jerry tweet

How unethical is this? Let me could the ways:

One, the tweet either negligently or deliberately misrepresents the case as one involving race or allegations of racial bias. This is a variation on the “Rirrenhouse is a white supremacist” lie.

Two, Rittenhouse did not “cross state lines illegally carrying a rifle.”

Three: “Ya know, they’re right! Remember when that black man stabbed two white people to death, left their blood and his DNA all over the place, and he was…oh. Never mind.”

Four: The trial “is going” the way it has because the prosecutors over-charged and don’t have the evidence to prove their case. If a black kid was the defendant, I think the judge might have ended the trial by now.

Five, the entire tweet’s purpose is to be racially divisive and to impugn, critical race theory-style, the justice system as “racist” without the facts, analysis, or intelligence to do so.

Six, what THE HELL does the Rittenhouse trial have to do with ice cream?

Meanwhile, Has Twitter suspended the Ben & Jerry’s account for spreading disinformation? Of course not. But I already stopped buying its ice cream…

7 thoughts on “Unethical Tweet Of The Month, And Company Most Deserving A Boycott: Ben & Jerry’s

  1. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi will have her freezer stuffed with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

    Ben & Jerry’s is owned by Unilever. Unilever bought Breyers ice cream. Slowly they changed many of the flavors and now if you read the labels on some packages it says frozen dairy dessert because it does not meet the standards for ice cream. That has migrated into other commercial brands.

    Tropicana Field is a disaster as a baseball field. I have seen better fields in Korea and Venezuela and that is even getting shot at! But Tropicana Field does have one redeeming feature and that is Blue Bell ice cream.

  2. To these people, the justice system is racist…except when they enforce gun control laws. I quote this post on another forum.


    I have been getting the impression that these Woke ®*gun control spokesholes are certain that cops magically transform from Klansmen with Badges to Freedom Riders when they enforce gun control laws.

    – dbz77

    One of my longtime Usenet allies replied:

    Marxists aren’t against police. Marxists are against police whom they can’t use against THEIR enemies.

    They’re like the Nazis and Japanese militarists who didn’t discover that aerial bombing of civilians was a “war crime” until THEY were the ones getting bombed.

    That’s why the cop who murdered Ashlii Babbit is hailed as a “hero” and the cop who shot Michael Brown isn’t.

    – Christopher Charles Morton, dba Deanimator

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