Unethical Quote Of The Week: NYT Pundit Nate Cohn

“The disconnect between Mr. Biden’s popular policies and his personal unpopularity is a little hard to understand.”

—New York Times columnist Nate Cohn, either actively trying to gaslight his readers or demonstrating the after effects of a lobotomy.

I hate to pick on Cohn, because this is just the most recent example of what appears to be the latest progressive/news media tactic to somehow rescue Democrats from the accountability at the ballot box they so rightly deserve. Just as the Big Lie used as part of the battle plan to remove President Trump was Big Lie #5: “Everything is Terriblewhen everything obviously wasn’t (too many things were good under Trump, see, and that was terrible for Democrats), the new Big Lie is “Joe is doing a great job!,” which is ridiculous. The mystery with Cohn and others who are publicly scratching their heads and wondering out loud, “Gee, what is it that the public doesn’t like?” is whether they really are so biased that they have become too stupid to be let alone to cross the street, whether they think the public is so stupid that they can be convinced by repetition,, Orwell-style, that Ignorance is Strength and Inflation is Good, or if they are really engaged in mass gaslighting, relying on the Jumbo, “Total policy failures? WHAT total policy failures?”

Cohn’s lament reminds me of Hillary Clinton’s hilarious ”Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?” during the 2016 campaign, to which the answer was, “Because you really don’t know why you aren’t 50 points ahead, you fool!” He writes that Biden’s policies are popular according to polls. You know, polls, which are routinely administered using leading questions and which omit little details like “do you understand the likely consequences of what you say you want?” The public favors “affirmative action,” the nice, positive sounding cover word for quotas. Ask the public if it favors quotas, or better still, discrimination against whites and Asians in college admissions, and the result flips 180 degrees. Poll on the popularity of the government giving money away like it’s candy on Halloween, and the results are positive (the same with polling on socialist programs like raising the minimum wage, which always are popular in theory). Poll on whether the public likes inflation, a massive national debt, higher taxes, understaffed stores and more citizens deciding to avoid work because they will get government support anyway, and, oddly, the results of those policies the public favors aren’t so popular. Why is this “a bit hard to understand” for Nate Cohn?

Those policies the pubic polled positively on don’t work. It isn’t the President’s job to follow the half-informed whims of a badly educated public with a median IQ of 100 that, polls say, believe in ghosts and can’t name who was President during World War I. Like all elected officials, a President’s job is to do what is in the best interests of the nation, which is often to do the opposite of what the public says would be peachy.

Watch out for more Cohnism. On CNN’s New Day, former Philly police commissioner and senior CNN law enforcement analyst Charles Ramsay couldn’t imagine why there has been a wave of mass looting incidents at retail stores, saying,

“Many of the young people we arrested had no previous criminal records. And why they were getting involved in something like this I have no idea . . . So I don’t know what’s driving this.”

He doesn’t know! It’s a mystery! The biggest such organized raids occurred in California, where cities are engaged in a competition to see which can be more lenient toward shop-lifters, and elected officials are advocating emptying the jails. Ramsay seemed to understand this—The punishment for this kind of crime is very, very minimal. In most cases it’s a misdemeanor,” he said. “There are some DAs that have flat-out said they’re no longer going to prosecute shoplifting”— and he still said that he doesn’t know what’s driving the mob thefts.

Violent crime and murder are soaring in cities where police are demonized, a black perp resisting arrest in a threatening manner is a life-destroying trap for officers, and police forces are being cut as part of a “defunding” movement. Yet those crime rate jumps are “a bit hard to understand” for progressives.

They are similarly puzzled about why lifetime criminal Darrell Brooks drove his Ford Escape through an annual Christmas celebration in Waukesha, Wisconsin. How could such a thing happen? It’s a mystery. The progressive media can’t or won’t connect the dots to the extreme bail reform measures, designed to avoid discriminating against black sociopaths like Brooks, that allowed him to return to the streets repeatedly.

Brooks is a methamphetamine addict and a habitual domestic abuser prone to violence and threats who had used a vehicle as a weapon before. Facing 10 years in prison for firing a stolen handgun at his uncle, he was released in February 2021 on a $500 bail. Then, after he moved on to Wisconsin, where he again engaged in violent and illegal conduct and was charged with recklessly endangering safety, bail jumping, battery and disorderly conduct. Despite his previous record—including bail jumping!— he was released on $1,000 bail, meaning that he only had to pay $100 to be able to go to the Christmas parade.

I’m sure Nate Cohn finds it “a bit hard to understand” why people who told pollsters that they favored bail reform might be having second thoughts now.

11 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Week: NYT Pundit Nate Cohn

  1. Sort of relevant, but definitely worth sharing:

    Here’s the full article:

    • Hahahaha. Nothing to see here. All is well! All we need is MORE of the Biden administration, not less. Of course!

      From the article (a highlight of gaslighting): “A Harris-Buttigieg ticket would showcase two dynamic politicians and represent the breadth and diversity of the Democratic Party, and indeed the whole country, while not veering too far left and alienating key swing voters who Biden won in 2020.”

      She’s a nitwit and he’s a red diaper baby who makes Michael Dukakis look like William T. Sherman. Not veering too far left indeed.

    • That’s all well and good, but it just gives us two candidates for Vice President. Who are they going to run for President? Or will they just concede that to the Republicans?

      • No, no, DG. Kamala will be President and Pete will be her V.P. Don’t you remember her wildly successful presidential campaign? She’ll be awesome, not just as a candidate, but as President! Aren’t you paying attention? The voters lover her.

  2. This is the chaos the revolutionaries want. They invariably open up the jails as one of the first things they do. Cohn’s a useful idiot.

    This “It ain’t so bad” talking point has been getting a workout lately. Yesterday, I saw an article headlined, “Presidents are always unpopular.” Who knew?

  3. Regarding Darrell Brooks: of particular relevance is his use of his vehicular to run over his girlfriend, fracturing her ankle and dislocating her femur, in early November (detailed in the “habitual domestic abuser” link). One would think that alone would be enough to be locked away for a very long time.

  4. a badly educated public with a median IQ of 100 that, polls say, believe in ghosts and can’t name who was President during World War I.

    I’d make that WWII.

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