Nah, Black Lives Matter Isn’t Racist! Whatever Would Give You That Idea?

BLM Boycott

Black Lives Matter is promoting a boycott of all white citizen-owned businesses, urging supporters to buy “exclusively from Black-owned businesses’ through New Years. “Move your money out of white-corporate banks that finance our oppression and open accounts with Black-owned banks,” the group said on Instagram.

“Racism” and “racist” have both been watered down to near meaningless by the Left’s wielding of them as all-purpose weapons against critics, but under any definition, setting out to harm a business because of the race of its owners is racist to the core.

Not that this should be remotely surprising, for Black Lives Matter has always been a racist, anti-American organization with a cleverly cuddly name that has proven sufficient to deceive the gullible and enable the cynical. Among the latter are major corporations who have funneled millions into a hateful, anti-capitalist group. Companies like Amazon, Intel and Microsoft that have donated to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Global Network Foundation have so far been silent regarding the group again showing it’s true <cough!>colors.

Do wave that meme above in the faces of your silly social media Borg friends and challenge them to explain why they don’t think it is what it is. The responses should be amusing, at least.


Pointer: JutGory

Source: BLM, Daily Mail

5 thoughts on “Nah, Black Lives Matter Isn’t Racist! Whatever Would Give You That Idea?

    • It’s one of their major tenets: Anti-white racism is required for an indefinite period of time to undo the effects of centuries of white supremacy and oppression. All the woke are in rabid agreement. Being anti-white is simply not racist. Only whites can be racist.

  1. So BLM wants black people to starve? Because I can guarantee that the vast majority of black people in this country do not have access to a black-owned grocery store. For that matter, there certainly isn’t enough food grown by black farmers to feed the black population. If people really did this, it would amount to a month-long hunger strike. Even if it wasn’t racist, it wouldn’t even remotely practicable for anyone who isn’t a self-sufficient homesteader. Obviously, they don’t expect anyone to follow their dumb boycott, they just want to stir up controversy and get headlines and TV appearances.

  2. So, one month of black nationalism? Frankly, I prefer the openly racist Black Muslims (aka Nation Of Islam) to the BLM/CRT followers. NOI teaches it followers to regard white people as inferior and literal manifestations of the devil and, therefore, advocates a complete separation from white society. At least with them I can hope to be left alone.

  3. I’m dreaming of a #whitexmas…build white, buy white, bank white.

    Either BLM should recognize its own boycott as racist, or declare my “boycott” above as not racist.

    Which is it?

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