“We Need A Little Ethics”


After posting Jerry Herman’s insidiously cheery Christmas ditty from “Mame,” “We Need A Little Christmas” yesterday, the earworm kept me awake much of the night but with different lyrics. Consider this post as an exorcism of sorts…

Dust off your values
Revue those handy, dandy Pillars of Character!
Spruce up your conscience
You may get mocked by some but be a patriot now…
For we need a little ethics, right this very minute
Finding truth is tricky for the media will spin it
Yes, we need a little ethics, right this very minute

When they intimidate a jury, let’s help the jurors not to worry…

Re-read old Plato!
Make sure that Golden Rule is on your mind again;
Don’t be a weenie…
Don’t ever ask forgiveness when you’ve done nothing wrong!

For life’s grown a little rougher, grown a little meaner
So we must be all tougher while we keep our tactics cleaner
With our arguments put forward with a civil, fair demeanor
We need to sing this ethics song.

So no rationalizations and no “Everybody does it”
And no “tit for tatting” payback: you know why, and it’s because it
makes society turn rotten…let’s all find the rot and pause it.
We need a little ethics now!


3 thoughts on ““We Need A Little Ethics”

  1. I’ll be singing it all day! I love that you choose fun songs but that your own clever lines remove the memory of the original lyrics quite neatly. I can see why you’ve had such a successful career writing your ethics skits for corporations…it gives them something familiar yet thought-provoking to utilize when they need to apply it in their professional (and hopefully personal) lives. 🙂

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