Comments On Another IIPTDXTTNMIAFB Classic

Yes, President Biden really does seem to think the word is “expodentially.” Based on the way he uses it, the word the President means is “exponentially.” Now, normally I regard excessive attention being paid to an eccentric mispronunciation by a public figure as petty and unfair. Jimmy Carter famously pronounced “nuclear” as “nucular.” My father, an articulate and literate man, mispronounced “fiasco” as “fiesca” for some reason, no matter how many times I corrected him.

But if President Trump kept repeating a blatant mispronunciation of a word (for that matter if George W. Bush did) we would never hear the end of it. Comics like Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah would beat the mockery into a pulp by overuse. This would be have been cited as proof that Trump is a moron. Proof that he never reads. Proof that he should be removed via the 25th Amendment. Remember “covfefe”? Trump tweeted that once, and it was obviously a typo. Never mind: he was mocked about it for weeks.

IIPTDXTTNMIAFB is Ethics Alarms shorthand for “Imagine if President Trump did X that the news media is accepting from Biden.” It is intended to flag the news media’s hypocrisy, bias and double standards. The mainstream news media hasn’t uttered a peep about Joe’s little spoonerism, though now it’s working its way through the conservative websites. In their case, it supports confirmation bias: conservatives already are convinced Joe is a few more brain cell deaths from the Home for the Bewildered. (A lot of Democrats are too, which is why they are working so hard to ignore the evidence. “Expodentially” is the least of it.

The mystery is this: why doesn’t someone tell him? Jill? Ron Klain? It’s incompetent, cowardly and disloyal not to stop someone who depends on you from making a fool of himself the same way over and over. It is like not telling your boss that he’s going into a meeting with spinach n his front teeth.

19 thoughts on “Comments On Another IIPTDXTTNMIAFB Classic

  1. I would suggest that “nucular” for “nuclear” is due to a regional accent rather than a mispronunciation, remembering how my father — who grew up in Florence, S.C. and lived his entire life in the Palmetto State, one over from Georgia — used the word “nucular” his entire life as well.

    • Absolutely. Just a Southernism. Analogous to INsurance rather than inSURance in the Midwest. Growing up in South Florida, I probably heard nucular more often than nuclear. “Nucular submarines.” “Nucular power.”

  2. “My father, an articulate and literate man, mispronounced “fiasco” as “fiesca” for some reason, no matter how many times I corrected him.”

    “The mystery is this: why doesn’t someone tell him?”

    Maybe they have.

  3. I saw one commenter (not a Biden fan, but trying to be “fair”) on another site suggest that Biden’s problem might be a relic of his childhood stutter. Unless there are many more examples of him pronouncing “n” as “d”, that seems unlikely.

    It should also be noted that SloJo was pronouncing “omicron” as “OMNIcron” at a point when anyone who had been paying attention knew better. For my turn “to be fair”, I would offer that this could possibly be just his declining ability to comprehend what he’s parroting from the teleprompter.

  4. Worse yet, he said the EPA should look into the recent tornadoes in Arkansas to see if they’re related to climate change. No, NOAA and NWS would be your agencies for that particular job. I would probably more forgiving if he didn’t spent 40+ years in DC with these agencies. Joe, can you name 10 agencies and their purpose? Can you?????

      • His reference to the EPA is completely rational in his circles. The EPA is now tasked with eliminating CO2 from the environment to stop global warming in its tracks. That horrid Gina McCarthy woman is single handedly going to eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere. So, saying tornadoes are caused by global warming is well within the EPA’s brief. Dumb. CO2 is now a toxic substance to be controlled by federal regulators.

  5. One comment on the video: It annoys me when people create videos (or audio clips) like that where someone is repeating the same thing over and over endlessly. 20 seconds of that would be enough to make the point. 60 seconds is just abuse — both of the mockee and of the listener.

    And no, it really doesn’t matter who or what. And yes, it is a technique widely used these days by left and right (and I suppose center if there are fanatic centrists).

    • Well, it was the shortest one! (Another couple are even longer.) Though I found the sheer volume remarkable, and the endless repetition has its own comic effect. How many times has he SAID that?

      • Heh, I am grateful you chose the shortest version, but that illustrates my point.

        I suppose the repetition is akin to advertisements where they repeat the phone number at least half a dozen times. That always irritates me too.

        I actually understand why these things are done, but I just don’t think I need to be hit over the head 20 or 30 times to get the point.

        Your mileage may vary……

        • But isn’t the number of times he’s made the mistake noteworthy? I find it not only noteworthy but absolutely bizarre. I’m a collector of malapropisms (which I think this is, rather than a Spoonerism). Most people don’t use a malapropism this often. People only say “it’s a mute point” once or twice. Not forty times.

          • Maybe Joe thinks the word is “explodentially.” As in “exploding.” Maybe he slept through his ninth-grade algebra class on exponents?

            • In our family, the quintessential Spoonerism was the church usher saying, “Mardon me, padam, may I sew you to another sheet.” Which just cracked up my Irish school teacher aunts. Sounds being transposed. I consider malapropisms just butchered expressions: I used to listen to sports talk radio for them. I had entire sheets full of them, such as “You hit the nail on the coffin.” I think, “Hit the moot button” is my favorite.

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